Sunday, August 21, 2016


(1) Mrs. Clinton, can you estimate what percentage of all federal employees of today are, in fact, addicted to one or more illicit drugs while working for the federal government? If you are not able to provide an estimate of that type, why have no made no attempt to obtain that information in a context applicable to any and all employees of the United States Government?

(2) Mrs. Clinton, do you strongly support random drug testing for any and all persons employed by the federal government, regardless of the agency or institution where they are situated? If so, why is it that many Americans, myself among them, cannot recall your making a very courageous public stand on that issue?

(3) Mrs. Clinton, do you believe that the U.S. President should preside over a public event or ceremony several times per year that honors the reputable employers anywhere and everywhere in this nation that have established an official random drug-testing program at their workplace for which any and all persons employed by that company or non-profit group or government-owned institution are subjected to mandatory random-drug testing on a semiannual basis?

(4) Mrs. Clinton, if you were to learn, hypothetically speaking, that as many as, say, 10 percent of all of the persons employed by the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Department of Defense are themselves addicted to one or more illicit drugs, would you regard that addiction as comprising a very clear national security risk for the United States?

(5) Mrs. Clinton, during your well-publicized tenure as Secretary of State of the United States Government did you in fact preside over and insist on achieving a significant reduction in the total percentage of all State Department employees or officials who might be classified as being illicit drug addicts?

(6) Mrs. Clinton, how would you respond to those who, however cynical toward you they may seem, possibly speculate that your apparent failure thus far in the campaign to promote random-drug testing at each and every workplace in this country, possibly reflects your strategy of "seeking to court the illicit-drug-addict vote," and "seeking to court the vote of ethnic and racial and sexual minorities, who account for a disproportionately high percentage of all of the drug addicts in this country," as you might note in a secret memo to on of your aides in which you seek to possibly explain your own decision NOT to emphasize random drug testing in your own campaign strategy?

(7) Mrs. Clinton, do you acknowledge the accuracy and insightfulness of those American citizens who maintain that if each and every employer in the United States were to establish a random-drug-testing program, this would help to trigger a significant reduction in the percentage of all Americans who are addicted to illict drugs, which in turn also would reduce the amount of direct and indirect funding by Americans of militant groups and organized crime groups all over the world, including in the Arab world?

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