Wednesday, August 24, 2016


--Mrs. Clinton, can you explain why most Americans are not aware of any major renewable energy wind-power-generating projects currently occurring in the very city that traditionally has been identified as "The Windy City"---and I am referring, of course, to Chicago?

---Should there be a systematic attempt to identify each of the counties and cities and towns of the United States where the potential for harnessing wind power as a renewable source of energy is the greatest? If so, then why has no such systematic attempt apparently been pursued by the federal government thus far?

---I have been told in Texas that the Austin Police Department here is NOT willing to pursue and apprehend individual drug-addicts who consume cocaine or marijuana, for instance, in flagrant violation of the state penal code of Texas. From what I have been told, the Austin Police Department here in this capital city of Texas is focused on getting the drug dealers arrested, but not the clients of those drug dealers. Do you believe the drug addicts themselves, the ones actually making outrageously illegal payments of money to drug dealers in cities such as Austin, should somehow be "exempted" from criminal-law prosecution in a court of law?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you believe that employers should have a legal right to ask a job applicant during an interview, "Do you currently consume any tobacco product," with a "yes" being grounds for selecting another applicant--- someone who offers an honest "no" to that question. I raise this question because, as I'm sure you must be very aware, employers understandably prefer to hire someone who is NOT flagrantly-self-destructive---as tobacco consumers obviously are.

---If you were elected President, would you support a change in federal law that would require all American children to each enroll in at least one class in home economics before they graduate from high school that teaches them how to cook, for instance?

----Mrs. Clinton, what would your response be to the 'Dallas Morning News' reporter, Victoria Loe Hicks, who stated to me in downtown Dallas during her and my leisuretime in the late 1990s that she urges me to NEVER report to the Austin Police Department any illicit drug activities that I myself directly observe or hear about in Austin. She emphasized to me that if I report a crime of that nature to the police here in Austin, it would lead to an increased risk of violent retaliation against me by members of the criminal element here in Austin.

----In the late 1990s, I had lunch in downtown Dallas with a "Dallas Morning News" reporter, Victoria Loe Hicks, who volunteered to me that day that "the overall caliber of landscaping services here in Dallas is way behind the caliber of landscaping in San Jose, California", or words to that effect. Victoria Loe Hicks indicated to me that the cited lack of imagination by Dallas-area landscapers significantly undermined Victoria's morale as a resident of the Metroplex. Mrs. Clinton, do you believe that the federal government should do more than it currently does to help promote imaginative, creative, innovative, and attractive landscaping services in cities throughout this country---including in Dallas?

---Do you believe that the United States has an urgent need for a comprehensive lifelong-sports development program throughout this country? If so, would you agree that it would make sense to exclude boxing and rock-climbing and sky-diving and race-car driving from the list of lifelong sports that the federal government would seek to help promote?

---Mrs. Clinton, if you could somehow eliminate professional race-car contests from this country, does it impress you to sense that you would save our entire nation millions of gallons of gasoline every year from that change?

---Which federal agency currently has the lowest percentage of all employees of that agency who are current illicit-drug addicts? Do you know why that federal agency has been more successful than the others at excluding drug addicts from their workforce?

---Which federal agency has the most successful drug-treatment program and alcohol-treatment program for employees of that federal agency who are addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol? What accounts for the success of that particular addiction-treatment program serving current employees of that federal agency?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you remember the most recent occasion when you personally filed a crime report to a municipal-law enforcement agency that led to the arrest of a crime suspect? Do you regard it as a civic duty for each and every American citizen to report any noteworthy crime evidence they observe or hear about to their municipal law-enforcement agency or, if that local police department appears to be corrupt, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

----Do you support a new federal law, or a new Constitutional Amendment, that would grant any municipality or county anywhere in the United States the legal option of imposing a permanent ban on the production or sale of any and all alcoholic beverages anywhere and everywhere within that city or county, the hope being that this new federal law or new Constitutional Amendment would foster an increase in the number of cities and counties throughout our entire nation where production or consumption of alcoholic beverages is either prohibited or strongly discouraged by law.

---Mrs. Clinton, do you know which U.S. state has the most successful and fully enforced anti-stalking laws that protect the residents of that state from their ever being spied on in violation of their own privacy rights or subjected to anonymous communications violating their own privacy rights or subjected to any stalking of themselves by individuals whom those residents have already permanently and irrevocably rejected from their own life.

----Do you fully support freedom from stalking for any and all American citizens, including myself?

----Which U.S. state to you believe has the strongest and most successful anti-stalking law at present? What prompts you to cite that particular state's anti-stalking law as being the very best that you are aware of?

----Mrs. Clinton, if you were to learn that a specified religious congregation or civic group or law firm or media company or city government, county government, or state government in the United States had allegedly and deliberately served as a spawning ground for alleged stalking of a targeted individual---myself, for instance--would you strongly support the legal right of that stalking victim (myself, for instance) to then file criminal charges and a lawsuit on that basis against any such religious congregation or civic group or law firm or media company or city government or county government or state government that allegedly aided and abetted the very sinister cited stalker? Would you also support the legal right of the stalking victim in that scenario to EXCLUDE that religious congregation, civic group, law firm, media company, city government or city, county government or county, and state government or U.S. state, from all aspects of his own life, including by denying any such entity any access to any of his own intellectual property.

---You emphasize good locution in your career in public service. Do you believe the federal government should do more to require speech classes for any and all youths attending public schools in this nation? Also, in which ways would you like to see speech-education programs revised or expanded or improved in primary and secondary-level public schools of this nation?

---Mrs. Clinton, I'm sure you can vividly recall many of the slanderous or otherwise unflattering nicknames and epithets that high school students and junior-high students sometimes inflict on one another. If you are elected President, would you politely ask each and every public school district in this country to sponsor one "Nicknames Can be Harmful" symposium or workshop each year at which all students of any given public school or any given grade level at that public school are required to attend?

----If you are elected President, will you insist on posting a sign on display inside each and every room of the White House that promulgates your own view that profane or obscene speech by White House staff members or visitors to the White House are strictly forbidden by yourself and the federal government?

----Mrs. Clinton, many people still think of you as a former First Lady of Arkansas. In which ways, if any, would you like to see American society become more like Arkansas?

----With all of the terrorism alerts occurring nearly every day in the White House these days, do you believe the U.S. President should insist that all White House staff members, including the President, refrain from consuming any drinking alcohol on a 24-hour-a-day basis throughout their tenure as persons employed in the White House in Washington, D.C.? This question is based on the assumption that the terrorism crisis demands a consistently sober response at all times by American society.

---In view of the catastrophic global warming effect that has been well-documented, would you as U.S. President insist on a study aimed at identifying inland areas to which persons currently residing in coastal cities or towns could possibly relocate?

---In New York State, for instance, which upstate or inland city do you believe has the greatest potential for accommodating all of Manhattan's population, should the global warming effect ever necessitate a mass migration of all of Manhattan's residents into an inland or upstate area of New York State?

---You are reportedly a former Republican activist who made the conversion into becoming a Democratic Party activist. Do you recall the moment in which you "saw the light," as you may see it now, and you suddenly decided to make a permanent allegiance transfer from one political party to the other?

---If you are elected President, what would you do to help promote organic farming in this country? For instance, would you preside over a National Organic Farming and Ranching Day? Would you host a White House Conference on Organic Agriculture? Would you require that only organic foods be used by White House chefs in preparing meals for yourself and your family and staff on at least one designated day of the week, such as on Sundays? Would you make a point of visiting outstanding organic-agriculture farms in order to promote organic farming? Would you confer a special Presidential award on the "Outstanding Organic Farmer of the Year in the United States"?

----Mrs. Clinton, are you alarmed by the fact that a leading exporter of agricultural goods and processed foods to the United States, the foreign nation of Mexico, is also a country where the sanitary standards remain deplorably low, such as from lack of sewage systems, from what I have been told. Does this put our nation's citizenry at unnecessary risk of a public health crisis being triggered in the U.s. because of allegedly contaminated fruits or vegetables from Mexico, or because of allegedly contaminated food or beverage products from Mexico that were sold to Americans in supermarkets of this country?

----Mrs. Clinton, would you as President of the United States insist that the Surgeon General of the United States also publicly address any noteworthy gynecological issues that you believe he or she should issue advisory opinions on?

---You as a female candidate for President may recall a recent "Time" magazine article in which a biological female American citizen was quoted as saying that she worried that you as President might experience gynecological problems that would undermine your ability to successfully lead the American people and interact with foreign heads of state. What is your response to that woman's concerns?

----Mrs. Clinton, you must be very aware that the American news media tend to refer to the 1960s and 1970s as decades of phenomenal idealism in American society, after which no future decade could presumably ever achieve any comparable strength of that type. Do you agree or disagree with the American news media organizations which bluntly declare that "idealism in this country died in the 1960s or 1970s"?

----As I'm sure you are aware, traffic congestion in American urban areas has for decades been a leading concern of many Americans. Could you name five U.S. cities or urban areas or towns that have significantly reduced traffic congestion during rush hour traffic periods or overall?

----Mrs. Clinton, does it ever alarm you to sense that many Americans refer to you as if you were somehow a female "anti-Christ" figure? What response would you offer to those Americans who believe, whether rightly or wrongly, that you are allegedly the "anti-Christ" that they have been warned about in their Bible study sessions at their church?

----Do you believe that anyone and everyone labeling you as "the female Anti-Christ" is guilty of alleged misogyny toward you, or do you regard most of those who label you as "The Anti-Christ" as well-intended and sincere and law-abiding individuals reflecting religious or philosophical beliefs of theirs that, whether rightly or wrongly, have identified you as a "She Devil", if you will.

---As a Presidential candidate, do you ever worry that self-identified religious Americans who label you as a "She Devil" or "Female Anti-Christ Figure" might possibly put you at risk of a possible assassination attempt against you at one of your campaign rallies?

---Have you ever attempted to hold a private or public meeting with several of those members of the clergy in the U.S. who have publicly stated that they regard you as being either a "She Devil" or a "Female Anti-Christ Figure"? Also, how would you attempt to allay the concerns that those clergymen have about you?

----I'm sure you will recall that our nation's very first First Lady, Martha Washington, was famous in part for being a good seamstress, if I'm not mistaken----but it may well have instead been Betsy Ross, who was not a First Lady, who was the primary famous political lady cited for her skills as a seamstress. I believe she stitched together an American flag that was a great historic moment in the history of this country. Mrs. Clinton, observers of yours sometimes sense that their inability to cite your own leading pastimes or hobbies or skills inside the home, prompts those American observers of yours to be suspicious toward you. It is impossible to imagine you replicating the great feat by Martha Washington when she knitted or stitched together a new American flag to put on public display. Do you ever sense that because few people could cite your own leading skills in the home, as most can with First Lady Martha Washington, this somehow triggers doubts about your own sincerity and level of human-ness, if you will.

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