Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Weekly Press Conference with President Obama

If I were the only reporter attending a weekly press conference for President Barack Obama, I would ask him the following questions:

(1) Mr. President, why haven't you very candidly told the American people yet that we have an urgent need for a comprehensive nationwide recycling program on any and all disposable items that can be recycled?

(2) Mr. President, What are you doing to help lower the violent crime rate throughout the United States?

(3) Mr. President, have you fired any federal employee or federal official so far because you concluded that he or she had made a significantly dishonest statement to the American people that you have since identified as being flagrantly false? If not, why haven't you as our Chief of State fired anyone yet for that cited reason?

(4) Mr. President, do you sense that possibly the U.S. Government will be facing massive lawsuits from foreign nations or foreign-based environmental groups in which the U.S. Government is accused of having caused disastrous Global Warming Effect damage to that foreign nation? How do you plan to respond to those inevitable multi-billion dollar lawsuits against the U.S. Government that foreign-based entities will no doubt be filing in a court of law in the foreseeable future?

(5) Mr. President, why is it that neither you nor First Lady Michelle Obama has made any public statement thus far in your White House tenure in which either of you has urged the American people to decline to consume marijuana or any other illicit drug. Do you both possibly fear offending the illicit-drug subculture, and if so, why would a scenario in which either of you might offend our nation's illicit-drug underworld pose a concern to your Administration?

(6) Mr. President, do you believe that the U.S. Government currently has an adequate and comprehensive inventory of all reserve supplies of each and every category of mineral and other natural resource that might be found in the United States? If not, are you sponsoring a new system for updating that crucial information about our nation on a monthly basis, say?

(7) Mr. President, you have recently hinted that you would support a realignment of our national economy that emphasizes 21st Century priorities for our nation. Would you also be willing to take a public stand supporting the elimination of any current industries in this nation, such as the tattooing industry, that contribute nothing whatsoever to our nation's well-being, and that do significantly offend and harm many Americans each year.

(8) Mr. President, Have you observed any evidence of corruption in the federal government so far in your tenure in the White House? If so, did you immediately and without flinching share that criminal-law evidence with the U.S. Department of Justice? I raise that question because it seems to me that if a U.S. President obtains evidence of corruption in government, he is honorbound to himself file a legal complaint about that corruption evidence with the U.S. Department of Justice or some other law-enforcement agency.

(9) Mr. President, do you admire the trans-Canadian passenger-train service that our neighbor to the north, Canada, offers to its citizenry? If so, then do you have plans for a trans-American high-speed or "bullet" train service that might connect Los Angeles, California, with Washington, D.C., New York City, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts, for instance?

(10) Mr. President, much has been said about the dog you and First Lady Michelle Obama and your two daughters recently adopted. Inevitably that raises the question of whether you believe the U.S. Government does enough to monitor the total dog population and total cat population in this nation. Would you like to see a more successful population-control program established that would help to reduce the total number of dogs and cats in this nation---dogs and cats that, in a nation such as ours with widespread poverty, inevitably raise the question of whether human beings are suffering from neglect as a result of our nationwide devotion to dogs and cats.

(11) Mr. President, since you yourself are already one of the most famous current or former residents of Chicago, Illinois, in the entire history of that city, do you feel a special devotion to helping to reduce the rate of political corruption in Chicago, Illinois? How do you plan to achieve that goal for yourself during your years as our duly elected Chief of State?

Thank you, Mr. President, for your responses to each of these questions at this press conference you have kindly agreed to hold today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Human Right of Mutual-Consent Association

Among the human rights that you as a human being should savor and enjoy fully are the following Freedom of Association and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion legal rights that are fully protected by the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights:

---the Human Right of a Non-Smoker like yourself to associate in mutual-consents context with other Non-Smokers;

---the Human Right of a Complete and Year-Round Teetotaler (No Alcohol Consumption) such as yourself to associate in strictly-mutual-consent contexts with other complete and year-round teetotalers;

---the Human Right of a Gentleman such as yourself with no prior or current addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or any illicit drug, to yourself associate, in strictly-mutual-consent cases, with gentlemen who, like yourself in those very important ways, have no prior or current addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or any illicit drug.

---the Human Right of a Permanent and Complete Abstainer from any and all Illicit Drugs to associate in mutual-consent contexts with other illicit-drug-free persons;

---the Human Right of a Law-Abiding Gentleman with no Criminal-Conviction Record to Associate in Mutual-Consent Contexts with other Law-Abiding Gentlemen who, like himself, have no criminal-conviction record;

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who is consistently honest and almost never faulted by others for a cited "dishonesty," to himself associate in mutual-consent contexts with other gentlemen who, like himself, are consistently honest.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who drives his motor vehicle within the speed limit on the roadways to associate in mutual-consent contexts with other Gentlemen who, like himself, drive within the speed limit on roadways.

---the Human Right of a Gentleman who never drives a motor vehicle while under the influence of any alcohol or illicit drug, to himself associate in mutual-consent contexts with other Gentlemen who, like himself, never drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of any alcohol or illicit drug.

--the Human Right of a Law-Enforcement-minded Gentleman who fully supports enforcement of the various criminal-law laws prohibiting the production, sale, possession, or consumption of any illicit drug, to himself associate with other Law-Enforcement-Minded Gentlemen who, like himself, also support the state penal code in those ways.

--the Human Right of a Facially-Cleanshaven and Cleancut (no facial hair) Gentleman to Associate in mutual-consent contexts with other Facially-Cleanshaven and Cleancut (no facial hair) Gentlemen.

---the Human Right of a tattoo-less gentleman to associate, in mutual-consent contexts, with other gentlemen who, like himself, have no tattoo anywhere on their body.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who always keeps his hands to himself and never grabs or pinches or caresses or physically touches or physically pats or physically nudges another person in any in-person conversation with that person that's a strictly-platonic context or non-romantic context for that other person, to associate in mutual-consent contexts with other Gentlemen who are just as platonically polite as himself in those ways.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who strongly opposes the sex crime of pederasty or pedophilia, as it is often called, to associate in mutual-consent cases with other gentlemen who, like himself, strongly oppose the sex crime of pederasty.

--the Human Right of a consistently Clean-Talking Gentleman to associate in a mutual-consent context with other consistently clean-talking gentlemen.

--The Human Right of a deistic (neither atheistic nor agnostic, in other words) and religious gentleman to associate, in mutual-consent contexts, with other gentlemen who, like himself, are deistic and religious.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who seeks to help address the needs of a wide variety of children and teenage persons and all other persons under age 30, to associate in mutual-consent contexts with other persons who seek to help address a wide variety of younger persons' needs.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who chooses not to talk much about sex or sexual activities or sexuality themes or gender themes per se, to have conversations in mutual-consent contexts with other gentlemen who, like themselves, choose not to talk much about sex or sexual activities or sexuality themes or gender themes per se.

--the Human Right of a Gentleman who has been recently certified as being HIV-negative to associate in mutual-consent contexts with other gentlemen who, like himself, have been recently certified as being HIV-negative. It's noteworthy that the HIV-Negative Adult Gentlemen Community is among the observable communities or subcultures in American society today, with heterosexual adult men comprising an estimated 99 percent of all HIV-negative adult gentlemen in the United States of today. It is very likely, in fact, that a new non-profit advocacy group with a title such as "HIV-Negative Americans' Rights Association," an organization that might offer very affordable group health insurance policies to any of its dues-paying members members and thereby reward them for leading diligently HIV-negative lifestyles, will be formed in the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Possible Need for an Adult Celibate Rights Group

One of the minority groups facing societal discrimination against them in the United States are single adult persons who have been celibate for at least two consecutive months.

Members of a proposed new Celibate Rights Group could then raise funds for their non-profit group by doing stand-up comedy skits inside live-performance theaters about their lives as long-term celibate single adult gentlemen or ladies.

Those comedy skits might contain lines such as:

"My friends tell me I'm guaranteed of getting listed in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' as the one Single Adult Celibate Male Person in all of world history who has remained completely celibate for the most consecutive years. However, I'm not sure I'd want that kind of global fame. It might give me a chance to get interviewed on television by Jay Leno or David Letterman, but that would be rather traumatic. I wouldn't know what to say when David Letterman asks me what my secret has been for remaining completely celibate all these years. I think I'd tell David Letterman that my secret is that I did NOT want the celibacy. I have found throughout my life that whatever I did NOT want is what I get. I think God is a sadist and a pervert who likes to toy with me that way."

---"My whole life has been one big Elimi-Date Experience in which I was always the one getting eliminated from consideration. If I told the guy I was having a lunch date with that I'm a freelance journalist, he would immediately ask the waiter for the bill and threaten to sue me if I quote him on anything. I would get stuck at the dining table with this huge mound of guacamole all to myself. I'd gain five pounds every time the guy walked out on me in the middle of our lunch date."

---"I break into tears whenever I go grocery shopping, since I'm always staring at the two-word term 'expiration date' whenever I try to decide whether to buy a food product or beverage. I break into tears because I'll be age 99 before I land my first date, at the rate my social life is going. And at age 99, I'd be at risk of expiring, so to speak, in the middle of that romantic date for myself. The only consolation I can think of is that I wouldn't have to worry about whether she'd say yes to a second date with me."

---"I think my problem has been that everyone assumes I'm married, since I don't wear any wedding ring on my finger. If I wore a wedding ring, then everyone would assume I'm very available and eager for a hot date."

----"The longer I remain celibate, the more my friends assume I've got an incurable disease of some type. 'I just assumed you've always been celibate because you wanted to spare someone else from catching the medical disease you have,' one of my close friends told me the other day. 'Personally, I think it's very noble and kind of you not to put anyone else at risk of catching whatever that incurable disease is that everyone says you have.'"

---"I guess I've always identified with the late bloomer. I graduated from high school five years later than average. And now I'm expecting to graduate from virginity 30 years later than average."

---"In my wildest nightmare, I never thought I'd be identifying with Roman Catholic priests. But now that I've been an involuntary celibate for 12 consecutive years, my friends are saying I might as wll apply for the priesthood. 'At least that way, you can get paid by the Roman Catholic Church for the life of complete and uninterrupted celibacy you've already got,' as one of my male adult friends put it to me the other day."

---"One thing about a long-term involuntary celibate is that I spend so much money on Vaseline that I might as well invest in that company. But when I check the daily stock market report, I never find any company called Vaseline, Inc. So I guess I'll have to do some more research to learn the name of the parent company. And frankly, I'm not sure that I have the desire to pursue that research."

---"I like to joke with friends of mine that I'm not really a celibate. It's just that I'm experiencing a coitus interruptus that has lasted 12 consecutive years for me in Austin, Texas. But don't ask me which coitus of mine was interrupted, since whatever it was, was very forgettable. At this point, I'm not even sure what a coitus looks like."

---"I've been a celibate for so long that I'm terrified by the very idea of my ever owning a pet dog. If I bought a pet female dog, I'd be very worried that she might try to seduce me. And then the very next day, I'd pick up the 'New York Post' and find the brutal headline, 'Dog Owner Seduces Bitch.' They'd have to print a correction notice, saying that it was the female dog, or bitch, who seduced the dog owner, and not the other way around."

---"The celibate life is so lonely that I can't even find any male god from Greek religion who was celibate. Even the ancient Greeks found the very idea of a man remaining a virgin to be completely and utterly inconceivable."

---"Whenever I go out on a date with a guy, I invariably get someone who informs me over dessert that he has herpes. He emphasizes that his is a mild form of herpes, and he is taking proper medication for it, so my chances of catching herpes from him are very tiny. 'And even if you do catch herpes from me,' he invariably adds, 'it's nothing compared to the alternative. A lot of single guys these days are HIV-positive. They're hommes-fatale, if you get my drift."

---"I'm so old-fashioned about dating that I wear a chastity belt whenever I go out with a guy. I'll leave the key to my chastity belt in my apartment, and explain to the guy I'm dating that I can't go all the way with him, for that one reason. One guy tried to foil my strategy on that. He told me he's a professional locksmith, and he'd love to unlock my chastity belt for me inside his home. So I told him that I couldn't possibly visit his home until I was completely sure he's not a serial killer. After I said that, he seemed to lose interest in unlocking my chastity belt."

---"My dates always fall apart when the guy I'm dating starts to talk about his politics and religion with me. One guy told me that he is a Libertarian Atheist, and he is sure that all the world's environmental problems can be solved without any involvement by the government. I felt so turned off by that infantile comment, that I wanted to spank the guy I was dating. When I admitted that impulse of mine to him, he replied that he loves S&M! He would welcome a naughty mistress in his life, he said. 'How big is your paddle?' he then asked me. I was so disgusted by his question that I ended the date right there."

---"I should have known better than to date an artist. He told me I looked so lovely in the nude that he had to paint me before he would even think of touching my body, he said. He then ordered me to lie naked on his bed while he painted me. After five hours of that nonsense, I finally put a stop to the Involuntary Modeling Session. I told him I have no desire to be his 21st Century Renoir, and I fled from his bedroom untouched while he continued his art project."

--"I finally figured out why I've been celibate for 20 consecutive years. It turns out that some older guy I rejected ages ago has paid every eligible bachelor I've met ever since then to either fake friendliness and then act real cold toward me, or act real cold toward me from the very start. That older man I rejected never acknowledged my legal right to exclude himself from my own life. He tried to eliminate any new dating option for me through illegal bribery and extortionism that he sponsored. What's eerie about it all is that no one ever tells me they have accepted bribe money from that older man. He's like Citizen Kane, and he is the last person in the world I would ever agree to have any involvement with. So in practical terms, he's consigned me to a life of celibacy and living alone for the rest of my life. My only consolation is it's a lifestyle for me that's far preferable to any involvement with that very cruel and unattractive Citizen Kane."

--"I learned yesterday that I've now got an international reputation for being a long-term involuntary celibate gentleman. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from researchers for the University of Uppsala in Sweden, inviting me to be interviewed in person in Sweden about what long-term involuntary celibacy is like. It seems that long-term involuntary celibacy is so rare in Sweden that sociologists there thought it would be fascinating sociological rarity to explore."

---"I learned yesterday for the first time that I've got a reputation for being an involuntary celibate. I received a letter yesterday from an official of the Roman Catholic Church, congratulating me for having won a 'Monk of the Year Award.' It turns out that the prize in that contest is a year's supply of Vaseline. Now I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put all those jars of Vaseline."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Advice to an Imaginary Younger Brother

If I had had a younger brother, I would have wanted to share with him the following advice:

---"You might want to try not sprinkling salt on your food. You will get plenty of sodium from other sources. And it's good for your long-term medical health to avoid excessive consumption of sodium."

---"In your dietary lifestyle, you might want to consider making the conversion from mayonnaise to mustard or some other low-cholesterol, low-fat condiment. That conversion will help you to lead a healthier and longer life."

---"If you love pursuing one sport, but don't currently pursue any other sports during your leisuretime, you might want to consider adding another sport or two to your skills repertoire. This will give you more chances for meeting new people. Also, it will give you other sports to pursue if for some reason you cannot find an exercise partner in your favorite sport of tennis, for instance."

---"If you meet a girl or young woman who intrigues you, see if you can develop a good platonic rapport with her. Do you find that you enjoy your in-person conversations with her if you keep those conversations focused on non-romantic topics? Do her hobbies and pastimes and personal values and religious beliefs appeal to you? Do you feel relaxed and comfortable while chatting with her about her favorite sports or her favorite places, for instance."

----"Don't ever shy away from smiling at other persons. Most people do regard a smile as a sign that you are a true gentleman, and that you are people-friendly. Most people when they see you smiling will regard you as inspirational and inspired. You will suggest to them the term 'sublime beauty' when you smile at them."

---"Keep in mind that if you are consistently civil and law-abiding and honorable and hygienic and facially cleanshaven and clean-talking, people will describe you as being a true gentleman. They will appreciate this great trait of yours, and they will comment to you about how rare it is to meet a 'true gentleman' these days!"

---"If you want to enjoy the elegant and refined life of a gentleman, you might ask yourself whether any of your current mutual-consent male friends or any of your current mutual-consent male acquaintances strike you as being true gentlemen. The more that you choose to associate with true gentlemen, the greater your own ability to lead the life of a true gentleman yourself."

---"You might want to keep a personal file at all times in which you keep notes about each of your leading non-romantic or platonic sources of enjoyment and delight in your life. If you enjoy Spanish Renaissance architecture or public botanical gardens, for instance, by all means include either of those to your list. If you delight in reading about societal innovations in Sweden, you could also add that to your list. If you thrill to subway systems, you could add that to your non-romantic passions list. If you enjoy playing clay-court tennis, you could add that to your list as well. You could also add the names of each of your favorite popular songs and each of your favorite poems to that file."

---"If you meet someone you feel sure you might like to keep up with on a multi-year basis, you might want to ask that person to please tell you his or her middle name. If you have that person's first name, middle name, and last name, and you keep that information in your permanent address book, you will find it much easier to keep up with that person."

---"You might want to consider learning a fair amount about homemaking skills. I offer this advice partly because most men of the 21st Century will spend many years of their life either as a single person who has not yet married or as a person whose marriage failed and who is now a divorced person living alone. A single man has a great need to know how to cook for himself and perform some sewing work---how to sew a button back onto his shirt after a button has fallen off his shirt, for instance. A single man can save thousands of dollars per year if he has good home economics skills---including his household bookkeeping skills, I might add."

---"Look upon yourself as a Scholar-Athlete, and you will feel a happy and healthy harmony in your life. That harmony will spare you from the excesses of either intellectual elitism or, on the other hand, an anti-intellectual and crude muscularity to your personal style."

---"Strive to pursue reading during your leisuretime for at least 30 minutes every day. That daily reading discipline will be an enormous and pervasive benefit to you throughout your life."

----"If you don't enjoy reading, ask yourself whether you are reading about the topics and themes that intrigue or fascinate you the most. If you are intrigued by professional tennis players, for instance, but you never read about that subject, this might help explain why you find reading to be an unpleasant experience."

---"Keep in mind that every year you grow older, you are increasingly in the position of yourself being an adviser and counselor to persons younger than you are. Your identity as a younger brother will evolve into your new role in which you are expected to offer wisdom to others."

---"If you pursue a life in which you consistently abstain from drinking alcohol and from consuming any and all tobacco products and all illicit drugs, you will have a much happier and healthier life."

---"If you generally exclude persons who are addicted to alcohol or any illicit drug from your own life, you will find that you benefit emotionally and morally in a very pervasive manner. Acquaintances and so-called 'friends' who are themselves addicted to alcohol or drugs might otherwise have led you astray."

---"It is wise and prudent for you to learn a variety of career-related and vocational skills. This protects your ability to be financially solvent and pay all your bills throughout your life---even during periods in which there are lots of cutbacks of jobs in your primary career field."

---"If you exclude persons from your own life who exhibit a contempt or defiance of your own Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, or privacy rights, you will find that the persons whom you do agree to associate with are far more trustworthy, far kinder, and better for yourself as a human being."

----"Keep in mind that the vast majority of Big Brother figures out there are domineering, censorious, dictatorial, repressive, unappreciative, cruel, exploitative, unethical, dishonest, sly, intrusive, law-breaking, or sadistic male persons who do not merit your own fraternal camaraderie or Brotherly Love."

----"If the clubs or organizations you join are wholesome and law-abiding and creatively fulfilling, you are very likely to make several lasting mutual-consent friends from those civic group involvements of yours."

---"Always keep a file that cites each of the personal traits and attributes of yours that you love the most. It is particularly crucial for a younger brother to maintain a year-round file of this type, since younger brothers generally do not receive as many words of praise as the older siblings do."

---"Whenever you hear anyone mention to you that younger brothers tend to be 'under-achievers,' make a point of pursuing research about younger brothers of American history and world history who were, in fact, very prolific achievers. That biographical information will serve as a fine response to the many who claim that younger brothers are somehow pre-destined to incompetence and failure and a life of under-achievement."

---"Do not let anyone dictate to you what your own priorities should be in life. If you want to move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, because that prospective town for yourself has lots of public outdoor clay tennis courts, that is certainly your Freedom of Speech-protected legal right. If you want to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, because that city offers greater societal support for an alcohol-free, tobacco-free, illicit-drug-free, clean-talking, facially-cleanshaven, cleancut, hygienic, law-abiding, and law-enforcement-minded lifestyle such as your own, that is also your prerogative. You do not live in a communist nation, so you are free to move to any city in the country where you hold citizenship--the USA being that country."

---"Be particularly kind and generous and appreciative toward the gentlemen and ladies who politely pursue hobbies and sports with you that are emotionally healthy for you as well as medically healthful for you. Your nice tennis partners and your nice racquetball partners are true lifesavers for you in your own life. And you will find that many of your tennis partners and racquetball partners will also be persons with whom you enjoy sharing a meal and conversation or sharing tea and conversation. And on the birthdays of your tennis partners or racquetball partners, you might even want to buy those athletic partners of yours something special to show your appreciation--- a birthday cake shaped like a tennis racquet or racquetball racquet, for instance."

My Stand-Up Comedy Skit About Austin, Texas

If I were a stand-up comedian here in Austin, I would devote an entire stand-up comedy skit to the city of Austin. My skit might sound something like this:
"Austin, Texas, is the only city I know of where when you see smoke in the air, you immediately suspect it came from a marijuana party.
"Austin is so marijuana-crazed, in fact, that I have often wondered why we don't have any church building in this city that's shaped and painted to resemble a giant marijuana leaf.
"It would be the sort of new religion that regards a marijuana-induced high as being the greatest spiritual adventure that any member of that church could ever achieve during his lifetime.
"It would be the sort of church where the communion service consists of the pastor handing a marijuana reefer to the congregation. Each member would then be asked to inhale briefly and then pass that religious reefer on to the next member."
"The communion would also feature the passing of special divinely-blessed brownies on which the congregation members could munch with the greatest of piety."
"That communion would then be followed by a special 'Show and Tell' service in which each member of that New Religion congregation with a new tattoo on his body would be invited to stand in front of the congregation and reveal exactly why his body is now, more than ever, the Temple of the Lord.
"'My most recent tattoo on my chest shows Christ just before he was crucified,' that ardent Modern Religionist might declare. 'It makes me all the more devoted to being as Christ-like as possible throughout my life---no matter how many enemies I have trying to nail me to the cross.'"

The Search for Expiration Dates in the Supermarket

Whenever I select a food or beverage product in the supermarket that I tentatively plan to purchase, I first attempt to identify the expiration date on that food product.
And that search for the expiration date can be very difficult as well as time-consuming. Some companies put the expiration date near the bottom of their product; others put that expiration date near the top.
And often the expiration date is virtually impossible to read, since the type size is tiny or the expiration date information is stated in a very cryptic manner.
This is why I am hoping that the United States Congress will soon approve a new federal law requiring that the expiration date on each and every food item or beverage item must be placed in the same approximate area, and that certain clarity of communication and type-size standards must be met on each such expiration date being cited.

One possibility: Congress could require that the expiration date on a food or beverage item must always be provided near the very top portion of that food package or beverage container.

A federal "Consistency of Expiration Date Labels" requirement would save most American consumers dozens of hours of time per year.

That proposed new federal law would also help consumers to protect their own and their immediate family members' health.

The proposed federal law would do that by helping consumers to avoid purchasing a stale food or beverage product. After all, stale or spoiled food or beverage products could potentially be a source of food poisoning or otherwise harmful to the health of the consumer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Can't America Be Number One in These Categories?

Inevitably an America-Watcher asks himself why American society has yet to achieve the status of best in the world in any of the following categories:

---Least Incidence of Corruption in Government by public officials of any nation in the entire world.

---The Highest Level of Full and Honest Compliance by government-owned institutions with public-information requests, of any nation in the entire world.

--- Most Energy-Efficient Nation in the entire world.

----the Most Generous Nation in the entire world at providing practically beneficial foreign aid to other nations that helps them to become as energy-efficient as possible and to comprehensively recycle disposable items and to conserve natural resources as fully and comprehensively as possible.

---Lowest Total Number of Residential or Commercial Buildings that fail to provide full and adequate insulation from the cold and the heat.

---Highest Percentage of all Energy and Largest Total Quantity of Energy Produced each year by Renewable Energy Sources, including Hydroelectric Power, Wind Power, and Solar Power.

---Largest per-capita government funding for renewable-energy scientific research of any nation in the world.

---Best and Most Comprehensive Natural-Resource Recycling Program of any nation in the world.

--Highest overall participation rate by private citizens and business entities and government-owned institutions in natural-resource recycling of any nation in the entire world.

---Best and Most Effective Water-Recycling and Water-Conservation Program of any nation in the world.

--- Most Land-Conserving Nation in the entire world.

--- Least Noise-Pollution-Plagued Nation in the entire world.

----Most Environmentally-Protective Nation in the entire world.

---Highest percentage of all fresh-water rivers and lakes that are waterways in which it is safe for private citizens to swim.

--- Most Energy-Efficient nation for its network of transporting individuals from one place to another within that nation.

---Lowest Incidence of urban sprawl and accompanying unsightliness and wastage of land and energy than any other nation in the entire world.

----Most Extensive Mass-Transportation Network throughout that entire nation of any nation in the entire world.

---Safest roadways and highways for motorists and pedestrians and bicyclists and motorcyclists of any nation in the entire world.

--- Lowest Homicide Rate and Attempted Homicide Rate in the entire world.

---Lowest Incidence of Violence or threats of violence against government officials of any nation in the entire world, that particular index of violence being a crucial barometer of a nation's level of support for democracy and civility and law-abiding conduct at all times.

----Lowest Violent Crime Rate of any nation in the entire world.

----Lowest per-capita incidence of venereal diseases (STDs) and HIV-virus-infection and contraction of AIDS of any nation in the entire world.

----Lowest Child-Abuse Rate of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Rate of Pederasty or Pedophilia or Sex Crimes in which one or more of the victims are under-age minors, of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Incidence of Sex Crimes committed by clergymen of that country that victimize under-age minors, of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Spouse-Abuse Rate of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Percentage of all female pregnancies that are unwanted of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest per-capita incidence of congenital birth defects of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest percentage of all households in which the biological father abandoned the mother in that household without himself formally filing for divorce from his wife in a court of law within one month after he moved out of their home.

---Lowest total number of orphans waiting for an adoptive parent of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Alcohol-Addiction Rate of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Incidence of motorists Driving While Intoxicated of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Tobacco-Addiction Rate of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest per-capita incidence of minors consuming any tobacco product.

---Lowest Illicit-Drug Addiction Rate of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Licit-Drug Addiction Rate of any nation in the entire world.

---Most extensive network of successful and affordable treatment programs for addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and licit drugs, those addiction-treatment programs being so successful that the rate of recidivism (in which graduates of those programs later develop an addiction of that same type) is the lowest of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest total number of reported cases of fraudulent medical care services of any nation in the world.

---Highest percentage of all residents who are themselves covered by comprehensive health insurance policies throughout their lives.

---Lowest Per-Capita Incidence of Citizens who have lost a limb or who are classified as disabled or handicapped, of any nation in the world.

---Longest creative longevity or creative lifespan for citizens of the United States of America than for citizens of any other nation in the world.

---Lowest Incidence of Reported Dementia or Senility Among Senior Citizens of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Per-capita Incidence of addiction to gambling (involving the expenditure of money toward gambling or betting) of any nation in the world.

----Most extensive and successful network of gambling-addiction treatment programs of any nation in the entire world.

--- Lowest Illiteracy Rate of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Poverty Rate of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Poverty Rate in Single-Parent Households of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Poverty Rate among Senior Citizens of any nation in the world.

---Lowest Unemployment Rate of any nation in the world.

---Lowest per-capita incidence of personal bankruptcies of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest reported incidence of citizens cheating on their federal income tax statements of any nation in the entire world.

---Lowest Total Number of Homeless Residents of any nation in the entire world.

--Lowest Total Number of Teenage Homeless Residents of any nation in the entire world.

----Highest Voter-Registration Rate and Highest Voter-Participation (Turnout) Rate of any nation in the world.

--- Best-Educated Citizenry in the entire world.

---Highest Percentage of Citizens of that nation with first-rate enunciation, locution, and speaking skills, of any nation in the entire world.

---Best and Most Affordable Public Lifelong-Education System of any nation in the world.

----Most Educationally Enriching Television Program Offerings of any nation in the world.

--- Most Computer-Literate Citizenry of any nation in the entire world.

----Lowest Incidence of Viruses in Computer Systems of any nation in the world.

--- Lowest Profane-Speech Incidence of any nation in the entire world.

----Lowest Incidence of Fraudulent Communications of any nation in the entire world.

--- Most Socially-Responsible Innovative Nation in the entire world.

--- Highest Per-capita incidence of creative brainstorming, accompanied by the most creative and societally conscientious use of creative brainstorming, of any nation in the entire world.

---Greatest Financial Rewards for the largest number of Law-Abiding Creative Brainstormers of any nation in the entire world.

---Greatest Financial Rewards and Societal Acclaim for courageously whistle-blowing residents---residents of the United States who in a nobly vigilant manner contact law-enforcement agencies or a government official or a work supervisor to report evidence of possibly illegal conduct they have observed---than of any nation in the entire world.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obama Scholar Interviewed

I recently conducted a hypothetical or imaginary interview with a leading Obamologist, a Professor of Obama Studies, about the Obama Presidency.
The following is a transcript of that interview:

OBAMOLOGIST: "I continue to hope that increasingly we will come to view President Obama as a great Ideas Man in the White House."

JKM: "Does your observation suggest that you don't currently regard President Obama as a great Ideas Man?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "I would hate to offend the President by making a blunt comment of that type. After all, my career is devoted to studying President Obama's peformance in office. I would lose valuable contacts in the White House if I said 'yes' to your question."

JKM: "Can you name some good ideas that you associate with President Obama?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "His support for high-speed passenger train service is a good idea for our country. I might even rate it as a great idea, at some future point."

JKM: "Is that good, and potentially great, idea by President Obama accompanied by a strong devotion on his part to establishment and enhancement of passenger-train rail transit systems providing rail service exclusively within a metro area?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "You have just raised an awkward point, since it's obvious that even if you could travel from Dallas, Texas, to Houston, Texas, by bullet train, you'd find yourself rather helpless in Houston at that point. The light-rail transit system in Houston is minimal to the point of laughable."

JKM: "As a leading Obamologist, can you recall any speech by President Obama in which he has actually cited the American cities where he would assign highest priority for federal sponsorship of extensive rail transit systems within that city or metro area?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "I personally cannot, but I remain hopeful that our very popular President will publicize a list of the 20 American cities he would like to see getting top priority for that type of federal funding."

JKM: "And what about our President's mass-transportation message to rural Americans?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "Once again, as an Obama scholar I have yet to find an opportunity to congratulate him on his great ideas in this area."

JKM: "Is Obama a good Ideas Man, at least, for rural residents seeking mass-transportation services?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "Obama may well be willing to settle for 'good' in that category. Possibly the federal government will be financing some studies aimed at identifying the mass-transportation potential of small towns and medium-sized towns. Personally, I would love to see a wind-powered-and-solar-powered People Pusher in our small towns."

JKM: "You have just brought up the subject of pushers, and that raises another important question. Do you think it would be a great idea, or merely a good idea, for President Obama to remind everyone that he will NOT be willing to host any drug dealer or drug pusher, if you will, anywhere on the grounds of the White House at any time during his term of office."

OBAMOLOGIST: "That would qualify as a Great Idea. I think the American people will respect President Obama a lot more if he establishes a firm and unequivocal anti-pusher policy in his White House."

JKM: "Are you suggesting that the Welcome Mat placed in front of the Obama White House should declare, 'Cocaine Dealers Not Welcome Here'?"

OBAMOLOGIST: "If it would help to prevent yet another cocaine scandal in D.C., then I think President Obama should get credited with a 'Great Idea' for coming up with a courageous welcome mat wording of that type."

JKM: "But might there be a risk that the negative tone of that welcome mat message could seem inhospitable to a visiting dignitary from a foreign nation who insists that he himself never never snuffs, nor does he ever snort, for that matter."

OBAMOLOGIST: "Only future historians will know for sure whether that welcome mat message from President Obama, the one that everyone is expecting him to offer in the very near future, will be rated by those historians as a Great Idea or merely a Good Idea from President Obama."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urgent Need for a Guide to Technical Nouns Cited in Everyday Life

I still have not found a thorough and practically useful and fully illustrated dictionary or guide to each that clearly identifies and defines each of the technical nouns or technical terms that I have the most frequent need to cite in my everyday life.

Today, for instance, I was not able to think of the correct technical noun that describes the plastic weight contained in many bottles of prescribed medications.

That plastic weight, I was told tonight by a female pharmacist on the telephone, is designed to keep those medications as dry as possible.

Unfortunately, the current guidebooks to technical nouns often fail to provide the correct terminology for the objects and things that Americans in their everyday lives have a need to concisely refer to or describe.

Among those types of objects from everyday life that challenge most Americans' ability to refer to those items quickly, clearly, and with ease, and the related questions of language usage that arise, are:

---What is the correct term for each section of the printer to one's personal computer inside one's residence?

---What is the difference between a nameplate, placard, a nametag, or a lapel, for instance?

--What is the difference between a podium and a rostrum? Are there other, similar or related terms or nouns that are also used?

--Which technical noun or term refers to the stand where an on-duty host or hostess is normally stationed inside a restaurant?

---What is the difference between a "foyer," and a "lobby," inside a building?

---What is meant by the term "veranda"?

---What are the different types of terms used to refer to the various types of videocameras and television monitors situated inside a store that each film or offer televised images of customers as they enter that store.

---What is the term used to refer to each of the various types of non-electric items that dangle from the ceilings inside business establishments? One of those terms is "mobile"; but what about other technical terms used to refer to non-electric displays or items dangling from the ceilings inside stores?

---What term is used to refer to a large shiny item (a ball or dome, or some such item) that dangles from the ceiling inside some stores, and that is somehow used by that store for security purposes.

---What is a "retractable ballpoint pen," as distinct from a regular ballpoint pen?

---What is the difference between a "pin" and a "pushpin"?

---What is the generic term for each of the items inside one's home that we currently refer to using a manufacturer's name instead of actually describing or defining that type of item. What, for instance, is the generic term for a mini-card-file that many Americans refer to as being a "Rolodex," Rolodex being a company's name for that type of product.

---What is the term for the various alternatives to an attache case that are similar to an attache case without actually being one?

---Inside a gym, what is the difference between an elliptical and a treadmill?

---What is meant by the term "stationary bicycle"?

---Which technical nouns or terms refer to the personal-memorabilia object, such as a figurine of "Our Lady of Guadalupe," that dangles from the rear-view mirror near the driver seated inside an automobile?

--What is the term that most precisely refers to the mirror protruding outside from the right side and left side of each motor vehicle near the front passenger and the driver, respectively? Is "side-view mirror" or "side mirror" the correct term for that type of mirror?

---Which terminology is used to describe each category of "lamp" that might be found in one's home or workplace? For instance, which technical noun is used to refer to a lamp that dangles from the ceiling and is connected to a chain or link or cord?

---Which categories of calendars are there, in addition to a "wall calendar" or a "desk calendar," for instance?

---Which technical terms are used to refer to the various types of maps one might use in everyday living? For instance, do I refer to the map of the entire world that's posted on the wall of my apartment as a "wall map of the world" or a "poster map of the world"?

---What is the technical term to describe an object placed on one's desk that is used to hold pens? Is that a "pen-holder," a "pencil-holder," or something else? If I am storing pens inside a pencil-holder, would it be incorrect to refer to that as a pencil-holder?

--What are the various terms used to refer to the various types of notebooks one might purchase inside a stationery store? What is a bound notebook, for instance, and how does it differ from a loose-leaf notebhook or other types of notebooks?

---Which various technical nouns or technical terms are used to describe artworks that are replicas of actual paintings?

---Aside from the term "tea kettle" and "tea cup," which other technical nouns or technical terms are used in describing the process of preparing homemade tea or serving homemade tea?

---What is the semantic or connotational difference between a "tea cup" and a "coffee cup"? Is a tea cup generally smaller or larger than a coffee cup, for instance.

---What is the technical term that refers to food products or beverages that bear the name of the supermarket chain where those products are sold? Are they the "store brand," the "company brand name," the "house-brand name," or what?

--What are the various terms to refer to items of clothing or jewelry or the types of shoes that ladies or girls sometimes wear? What is meant by the terms "pumps" and "broach," for instance?

Lifelong Education Strategy: Develop First-Rate Reference-Books Library in Your Residence

One of the best ways to achieve a successful lifelong-education strategy in your own life, and in the life of any other members of your immediate household, is to establish a varied and extensive Reference-Books Library inside your residence.

Inside my own private residence in northwest Austin, I have made that goal a leading priority of mine during my leisuretime. I purchased nearly all of my one-volume reference books at a very low price, since they were either used books on sale at a store such as Goodwill, or used or new books I found at a Half-Price Books bookstore.

Among the titles of one-volume reference books, many of them paperbacks, that I currently own and am keeping on the bookshelves of my private residence are: "The Macmillan Visual Dictionary," "The Macmillan Visual Almanac," "Oxford Family Encyclopedia," "Ultimate Visual Dictionary," "The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual," "QPB Dictionary of Ideas," "Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac," "The Dictionary of Global Culture," "The New York Times Almanac," "The World Almanac," "Texas Handbook," "The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy," "The Cambridge Factfinder," "The Handy Science Answer Book" from Barnes & Noble, "The Oxford Picture Dictionary," "Time Almanac," "The Cambridge Encyclopedia," "Information Please Almanac," "Birds of North America" by Golden Press, "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," "Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations" from Barnes & Noble, and "Webster's Concise Dictionary."

My extensive home reference-books library enhances my ability to hone my intellect and glean fresh insights during a period of my life in which I am no longer a college student or graduate student.

My reference-books library also gives me invaluable reference materials I can consult or quote from when I pursue freelance journalism inside my residence. So the reference books library will help me to increase my total annual income---a very tangible benefit to me.

I hope to someday join an American Home Reference-Library Association that promotes development of a helpful and extensive personal reference library inside one's own residence.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proposed Children's Book Project: Profiles of Great Scholar-Athletes in U.S. History

One children's book project that I would love to contribute toward, if I ever find a book publisher that likes the idea, is a children's book offering wholesome profiles and mini-biographical accounts about 50 to 100 selected great Scholar-Athletes from American history.

A wide variety of female scholar-athletes and of male scholar-athletes could be profiled in the proposed new children's book.

The proposed book would contain numerous photographs and sketches to help convey to youths the sublime beauty and dynamic appeal of a life devoted to earnest excellence in sports and in athletics---including during one's early childhood and teenage years.

The proposed new book could particularly highlight the varsity college athletes---
including 1970s quarterback and Rhodes scholar Pat Hayden of the University of Southern California's varsity football team, which was coached in those days by Pat Hayden's father---who have each earned academic awards or made noteworthy intellectual contributions.

The proposed new children's book would encourage all youths to strive for a healthy balance between achievement in athletics and achievement in academics. In this way, those young persons can achieve a wise equilibrium helps to sustain them throughout their entire life, including during their retirement years.

The proposed children's book might even offer biographical information about achievements in athletics and intellectual pursuits that many of the profiled scholar-athletes have achieved during later periods of their life---during their middle-aged or senior-citizen years, for instance.

Also included in this proposed new book might be a brief history of the "scholar-athlete" ideal in world history. Factual information might be provided about the role of the scholar-athlete in ancient Greece, for instance.

The proposed new children's book might also include factual information from medical physicians about why physically fitness strengthens a human being's ability to achieve academically. The close relationship between physical fitness and mental healthiness would be explored at length in the proposed new children's book.

I am hopeful that the proposed new children's book would also help to inspire the establishment of many additional financial scholarships, financial awards, and financial grants for primary-level and secondary-level students, as well as for college students or graduate students, that financially reward many of those young persons in a very generous manner for their own personal devotion to achievement in athletics as well as in academics or intellectual pursuits.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Anthology idea: Excerpts from Witty Police Detectives

One new book anthology that I hope will be compiled, edited, and published soon, is a book with a title such as, "The Wit and Wisdom of Police Detectives."

I recently obtained from the Austin (Texas) Public Library some audio recordings of the 1950s radio series "Dragnet," featuring a Los Angeles (Calif.) Police Department law-enforcement officer called "Sergeant Friday."

I am finding as I delight in the blunt-sounding and accusatory interviews that Sergeant Friday conducted with criminal-law suspects that Sergeant Friday helped to transform the entire image of the so-called "straight man" in American humor.

Unlike most "Straight Men" of American humor, who are dry and stodgy and very formal and verbose, Sergeant Friday of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is often funny and witty and pithy. He is presented as being far more interesting than the "clever" and "entertaining" and "colorful" thieves, con artists, burglars, murderers, and other denizens of the criminal underworld whom Sergeant Friday interviews in person for LAPD.

The terse one-liner rejoinders to suspected criminals that Sergeant Friday of the Los Angeles Police Department verbalizes with pugilistic prowess elicit from listeners more chuckles and delighted laughter than do the vast majority of all professional comedians and entertainers. "How marvelous, to sense that Straight Men CAN be interesting, contrary to what the American news media generally indicate"--so the listener notes to himself as he listens to the latest memorable retort from Sergeant Friday.

In addition to his humor, of course, Sergeant Friday does present the invaluable societal message that the pursuit of crime is foolhardy, injurious to others, and self-destructive. For that, we can also be very thankful.

It would be interesting to find out whether the Los Angeles Police Department has erected a public statute honoring one of "LAPD's Finest and Greatest Officers: Sergeant Friday." Or possibly LAPD has sponsored a "Sergeant Friday" exhibit at a "History of LAPD Museum" somewhere in Los Angeles, California.

Listening to audiotapes of Sergeant Friday also serves as a helpful reminder that there are some citizens of Los Angeles, California, who are, in fact, true to that city's name. Not only are they themselves law-abiding and honorable, but they seek to help lawfully and in a civil manner purge that Southern California city of "Los Diablos" (The Devils).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Advice to Youths and Teens: Do Oral History Interview of Each of Your Parents

One of the finest "presents" you can ever give yourself, and your family, is to each year conduct an oral-history interview of each of your parents.

You can then keep those oral-history tapes on a lifelong basis, which will serve as a fine inspiration to you and your descendants throughout their lives.

Among the many questions that a child or teenage person of today might want to consider posing in a respectful manner to your mother or father for a 2009 Family Oral History Tape, are:

---"What do you believe was the most difficult challenge or crisis that you ever directly experienced in your own life so far? How did you respond to that challenge or crisis?"

---"Which important decisions have you made in your own life that you now believe have had the biggest long-term effect on your own living conditions, quality of life, or life circumstances?"

---"We often hear about the turning point in a football game, for instance---the play on the football field that many observers believe to have largely determined the outcome of the game. In your own life so far, what would you identify as your most noteworthy 'turning point' or 'turning points'?"

---"Please tell me about what you regard as having been a bad habit of yours, such as nail-biting or gambling or smoking cigarettes or swearing, that you managed to overcome or at least partly overcome. How did you manage to discontinue or at least partly overcome what you now regard as a bad habit on your part?"

---"If you could live your entire life over again, what would you have done differently?"

---"During your youth or teenage years or college years, which careers or jobs did you hope to eventually pursue or have? Did you change your mind in regard to any of those expected future careers or jobs for yourself?"

---"What do you currently regard as your greatest creative accomplishment from your entire life so far?"

---"Which personal attributes of yours, or skills or talents or hobbies or pastimes of yours, do you feel the proudest of?"

---"If you were to someday win a nationwide award, in which category or for which accomplishment of yours would you most want to win that award?"

---"Which careers or vocations did you pursue in a prior year that you don't currently pursue? For instance, did you bag groceries inside a supermarket during your high school or college years?"

---"If you could describe what you would regard as being your ideal or best-possible career and your best-possible living circumstances or living conditions, what would they be like?"

---"Would you be willing to show me your current resume or vita? As an offspring of yours, I would love to learn more about you and your career-related accomplishments."

---"If you were to compile and then bury a time capsule about your own life that you'd be willing to share with Americans of the 22nd Century, for instance, what would you put in that time capsule"?

----"We often think of human beings' lives in terms of the rituals and traditions of theirs to which they were devoted for many years of their life. If you were being interviewed by someone who you agreed at that time to write a biography about you, what would you cite as your most noteworthy rituals and traditions from your entire life so far? Please describe each of those rituals and traditions of yours."

---"Which individual or individuals whom you have met in person were the most inspirational to you? What made that person or those individuals inspirational to you?"

---"Which teachers of yours or college professors of yours did you admire the most and like the most as human beings?"

---"Of all the persons whom you have become acquainted with in a strictly-platonic context, which persons have inspired in you the most consistently appreciative and relaxed and natural and spontaneous smiles toward themselves on your part?"

---"Of all the persons who have offered you criticism of yourself so far in your life, which individuals offered you constructive criticism that has helped you the most? Please elaborate."

---"Would you please describe to me some of the persons not related to you with whom you have had an inter-generational personal friendship? I am referring to a personal friend of yours who was either significantly older in age than yourself or significantly younger in age than yourself. Which of your inter-generational personal friends have you admired the most, enjoyed the most, or loved the most?"

---"When you have felt yourself to be at your most confident in a context not directly involving yourself and your current mutual-consent spouse, do you recall the context in which you felt that admirable high level of confidence in yourself?"

--"When you evaluate other human beings, which personal attributes are particularly important to you?"

---"Of the many individuals whom you have met so far in your life, which one person do you believe was the most honest and conscientious and kind and benevolent toward yourself? Was that individual your own biological mother, for instance?"

---"We often look upon true friends as persons who help to increase our own freedoms and opportunities and options in life. From that standpoint, which individuals do you believe have been your truest personal friends?"

---"Of the many fine compliments and words of praise for yourself that you have received so far in your life, which compliments or words of praise have inspired you the most and have been of the greatest practical benefit to you? Do you recall who offered you that praise, and the context in which that individual complimented you in that very memorable way?"

---"Of the various persons who were never a romantic partner or dating partner or spouse of yours, which individual have you praised the most frequently and the most consistently in your life so far?"

---"Have you written any letters of recommendation for anyone so far in your career or overall life? For which individuals did you write letters of recommendation?"

---"Of the many people you have met in your life so far, which one individual has been the most generous in offering you an abundance of sincere and thoughtful and insightful words of praise for yourself, whether in a personal context or in a career-related context?"

---"What are your most cherished memories about your mother and father? Did your mother insist on lending you her only scarf during a snowstorm in Iowa, for instance? Did your mother establish a very generous children's education fund benefiting each of her Iowan offspring? Did your Iowa-farmer father declare one day while traveling through the Sierra Nevada mountains of California with you, that "These mountains would be much more productive and useful as farmland, if only there were a way to level these mountains through a government-approved project by the Army Corps of Engineers," or words to that effect. Did your anti-alcohol father launch into colorful and endearing tirades denouncing all Iowans who consume beer or alcohol?"

---"Of all the advice that your own mother or father ever gave you, which advice do you now believe was the wisest?"

--"Of all the youths not related to you whom you have become acquainted with in your life, which youth have you personally admired the most and liked or loved the most? Have you ever considered introducing any of your own children to the youth whom you admired the most?"

---"Do you have any lifelong personal friends, or individuals who have been personal friends of yours in a mutual-consent context ever since your youth? Of those lifelong personal friends, which individuals do you currently admire and like the most?"

---"What have been the various nicknames for yourself that other persons have dubbed you or informally assigned to you so far in your life? Did you like and feel comfortable with each of those nicknames? Did you dislike any of those nicknames? If you disliked any of those nicknames for yourself that someone else assigned you, did you ask anyone to please refrain from addressing you or referring to you by that nickname?"

---"What do you regard as being essential elements in a lasting strictly-mutual-consent personal friendship?"

---"Of the famous people whom you have not yet met, which individual or individuals do you admire and like or love the most? Would you like to receive an autographed photograph of that famous person, and possibly post that photograph of that smiling individual on the wall inside your home?"

---"Of all the famous or widely-admired persons whom you have actually become acquainted with in person, which person or persons did you personally believe to be either unworthy of their fame or unworthy of their fine reputation?"

--"Of the various foreign nations of the world, which foreign country would you most like to visit?"

---"When you reflect on each of your own nations of ancestry from your own life, whether that be Great Britain and Germany or some other combinations of foreign nations, do you recall when you feel proudest to have ancestry from each of those respective foreign nations? Do you recall when you feel the least pleased about having ancestry from each or both of those respective foreign nations?"

---"If you ever had the opportunity to apply for a citizenship in a second nation as well, which foreign nation would you choose for your second citizenship? Would that foreign nation be New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Canada, or some other foreign nation?"

--"What do you like the best about The United States of America and American society in the year 2009? What do you like the least about the USA and American society in the year 2009?"

---"If you could change one aspect of American society in the 21st Century, what would you change?"

---"If you could be President of the United States of America for a day, what would be your first official action as our nation's Chief of State? Would you ask the United States Congress to approve a new law imposing strict penalties on anonymous verbalized communications violating the privacy rights of Americans in this country?"

---"Of all the political leaders whom you have directly observed or read about or heard about so far in your life, which political leaders have impressed you the most and inspired you the most?"

--"Not including the U.S. state where you are currently residing, which U.S. state is your favorite? What makes that other U.S. state a favorite of yours?"

--"Of all the cities or towns in the entire world that you have visited without residing there, which city or town is your favorite?"

--"In which cities or towns or nations that you have visited while traveling did you find the residents of that city or town or nation to be the friendliest and warmest and nicest toward yourself?"

---"How important has your own ethnic or racial heritage been for you in your own life?"

--"Of all the scenic routes highlighting natural scenery that you have traveled on or along, which scenic route by railroad or roadway delighted you the most? Which county or rural area or metro area in the United States where you have traveled has or had the finest or most glorious scenery?"

---"Of all the nature parks you have visited so far in your life, which national parks, state parks, county parks, or municipal parks have been your all-time favorites?"

---"What has your own relationship been to the very important political and societal and religious causes of environmental protection and natural resource conservation and energy conservation throughout the entire United States?"

---"Would you like to see American society become more frugal and more spartan and more idealistic, so to speak, which would also imply a rejection of the excesses we often associate with rampant materialism in this country."

---"What would you say either have been in the past, or currently are, your leading platonic passions in life, whether that be playing tennis or kneading and baking homemade bread or something else."

---"If someone were to ask you, 'What are your favorite things or animals?', how would you respond to that question? Would you cite gardenias or jasmine plants, for instance? Would you cite freshly baked and homemade multi-grain bread? Would you cite Bobwhite quail or miniature French poodles, for that matter?"

---"Which hobbies or pastimes have you enjoyed pursuing in your life so far, whether that be in your youth or during your adult years?"

---"Is there any hobby or pastime you have not pursued much, if at all, so far in your life, but that you would like to learn? For instance, would you like to learn how to play or pursue badminton or bridge or crossword puzzles?"

--"Which other skills for everyday living would you like to have, but have not yet mastered?"

---"Which philanthropic cause or civic group in which you were a member or invited guest or participant at the time, gave you the greatest and most sublime pleasure so far in your life?"

---"Do you agree with the German philosopher Nietzsche, and I am note quoting him directly on this, that a romantic personal marriage is like a long conversation, and that it is wise for a single person to select a marriage partner who makes for an enjoyable and fulfilling in-person conversational companionship."

---"Do you agree with the writer Joan Didion that if a husband and wife have a compatible sense of humor, this greatly enhances the chances of their marriage being successful. Do you and your spouse laugh at the same things?"

---"Of all the Wedding Anniversaries each year that you and your mutual-consent spouse have celebrated together so far, which wedding anniversary has been your most enjoyable and heartfelt?"

---"Do you remember your happiest or most joyous birthday of your entire life so far? What happened during that birthday celebration in your honor?"

---"Do you remember the happiest day of your entire life so far? Please describe that day to me, and what made that day so very, very special and joyous for you."

---"Which day of the year is your birthday? In which city or town were you born, and do you recall the name of the hospital where you were born? Do you recall the name of the physician in charge of delivering you in the hospital?"

---"What do you believe have been your most sublimely enjoyable 'peak experiences' of your life so far that occurred in a strictly-platonic, non-romantic context for you?"

---"Which subjects or topics do you particularly enjoy discussing in person with myself?"

---"Of all the restaurants where you have dined, which one or two restaurants are your all-time personal favorites?"

---"Which book or movie or theater play that you have read or watched or attended in person inspired you and delighted you the most?"

---"Which culturally-enriching outings have you most enjoyed pursuing with one or more of your children at any time during your life so far. For instance, was there a musical live-theater performance that you particularly enjoyed attending with your children and spouse? Was there an outdoor concert that you felt thrilled by when you attended that outdoor concert with one or more of your children, and possibly your spouse as well. Was there a family outing to an art museum or historical museum or other cultural site that, for you, was a favorite cultural-enrichment experience for you?"

---"Of all the Hollywood actors or actresses you know about, which actor or actress most reminds you of yourself? Which of those Hollywood actors or actresses do you like or love or admire the most?"

---"If your own life story were ever the inspiration for a novel or semi-fictionalized movie or theater play, what do you believe the title of that work of fiction should be?"

---"Which fictional writers or non-fiction writers or journalists have been your all-time favorites?"

---"What are your favorite aphorisms or wise sayings that guide you in your own life?"

---"What have been the live cultural events or live sporting events you attended in person that emotionally inspired you the most? Was that the finals of a professional tennis tournament, a symposium about how to achieve lasting world peace through world government, or some other live public event you attended in person?"

---"What have you learned in 2009 about your own life or about your own living conditions or quality of life ---or about anything else, for that matter ---- that you don't believe you ever realized or were ever informed about before this year?"

---"Do you recall the day or month or year when you believed you experienced the greatest joy or happiness of your entire life as of that time? Please describe that day or month or year."

---"What would you say are your leading pet peeves as a human being? For instance, does it upset you a lot when other motorists fail to signal before they change lanes on the roadway?"

---"Which conduct or accomplishment by any of your offspring makes you the happiest or brings you the most joy or pride as a parent these days?"

----"As a parent, when are you aware of feeling the happiest?"

---"In which ways have your becoming a parent and your being a parent transformed your own values and beliefs and lifestyle conduct?"

----"Of all the characters on television and in the movies who have portrayed a parent in a fictional show or fictional movie, which actors through their performances as parents have inspired you the most or impressed you the most?"

---"What do you believe has been the most difficult challenge you have faced as a parent? What do you believe has been the most difficult challenge you have faced as a mutual-consent spouse of another human being in your marriage?"

---"Are there any subjects or topics that you have wanted to discuss with me, but you have decided against discussing that subject or topic with me?"

---"Do you want to be a lifelong personal friend to each of your offspring? Or do you subscribe to the view that a parent's special relationship to an offspring can never be described as a friendship?"

---"In which ways do you as a biological parent of mine regard yourself as being very similar or similar to myself? In which ways do you as a biological parent of mine regard yourself as being very different from myself?"

---"As a parent, do you feel that each of your offspring have expressed an adequate amount of appreciation and love for yourself? Which types of traditions or conduct would you like to see your children pursue that conveys even greater appreciation and love for yourself?"

---"Which of your own parents do you feel the closest to emotionally, and why? Also, which brother or sister from your immediate family during your childhood do you feel the closest to today?"

----"Are there any stories or anecdotes that one or both of your own parents told you during your childhood, and that you regard today as having been particularly memorable or interesting stories or anecdotes from your own parents?"

---"How important have privacy rights been for you in your own life so far? Can you recall any occasion in which you sensed that some person had possibly violated your privacy rights? How did you react to that situation?"

---"Have you followed any particular guidelines or criteria for excluding persons from your own life whom you regard as being either dishonest or possibly capable of committing a crime? Are there any other types of persons whom you generally or almost always or always exclude from your own life? Please elaborate."

---"Of the various persons you have encountered whom you suspected of being addicted to either drinking alcohol or illicit drugs, are there any individuals whom you chose to exclude from your own life because they were, in fact, alcohol addicts or drug addicts during that period?"

---"Have you ever called 911 to report evidence of possibly illegal conduct that you have directly observed or heard about? What was that experience like for you? Did the factual information or hunch that you provided to a law-enforcement agency play an apparent role in the criminal-law apprehension and subsequent prosecution of anyone?"

---"Could you please name some examples of the types of conduct you regard as being immoral, and of individuals whom you regard as being immoral?"

---"Did you ever seek to befriend an individual whom you believed was being persecuted or stalked or harassed or abused in a context or manner that you regarded as unfair toward that individual? Do you recall how you sought to befriend that individual?"

---"Have you ever chosen to permanently exclude anyone from your own life because you suspected that that individual sought to censor you, or otherwise exhibited a lack of full respect toward your own Constitutionally-assured Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Association legal rights, or your also-Constitutionally-protected privacy rights?"

---"Of the various persons whom you have become acquainted with, which individual or individuals showed the greatest respect and appreciation for your own Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Association Constitutional legal rights?"

---"Are there any limits to your own tolerance of human diversity in the United States and American society? For instance, are you intolerant toward any form of human diversity that involves illegal conduct? Do you feel intolerant toward the emblazoning of tattoos on human bodies or toward S&M lifestyles involving the physical beating and physical whipping of one or both romantic partners in those so-called romantic relationships?"

---"Have you ever been victimized by fraudulent communications or pranks or criminal mischief that was perpetrated on you or sponsored by or financed by another person? If so, did you file legal charges against that person?"

---"Have you yourself ever felt victimized by prejudice or discrimination in any context? How did you respond to that possible evidence of prejudice or discrimination against yourself?"

---"Do you recall any occasion from your entire life so far in which you felt humiliated in public by another person? Please describe that experience."

---"Have your own views on religion or religious affiliation changed at all in the period since your youth?"

---"Please describe for me the role that your own directly-chosen religious denomination or directly-chosen religious beliefs have had or currently have in your own life."

---"Which cultural or political or religious leaders whom you have observed so far in your life have had the most inspirational and impressive moral vision, in your opinion?"

---"As a parent, do you observe much evidence of inter-generational exploitation of younger persons in the city where you currently reside? Which actions do you pursue as a parent to help prevent inter-generational exploitation of one or more younger persons by an older person---such as an affluent older person who might seek to intimidate and subjugate and exploit a younger person?"

---"Did you ever feel critical of either of your own parents during your youth? Did you ever discuss those critical impressions of yours with either of your parents?"

---"In your own life, have you ever sensed that you were receiving unwanted verbalized communications from anyone that violated your own privacy rights? Did you pursue a strategy for lawfully and in a civil manner terminating those unwanted communications to yourself?"

---"In your own life, have you ever been significantly wronged by another person on any occasion? How did you respond to that?"

---"In your own life, do you feel that you yourself have ever significantly wronged another person on any occasion? Would you be willing to recall for me and describe that incident?"

---"In your own life, have you ever identified any other person as being or having been a 'bully' toward yourself? How did you respond to that cited bully's verbal harassment of yourself and overall abuse of yourself?"

---"In your entire life so far, which individual or individuals have intimidated you the most or scared you or frightened you the most? Please elaborate."

---"In your entire life so far, is there any one person you've directly encountered whom you would identify as having been the most sinister person or the most evil person from your own life? Who was or is that person, and have you filed any criminal-law charges or civil-law charges through a law-enforcement agency or in a court of law against that person?"

--"In your entire life so far, which person or persons do you believe have been the cruelest or most sadistic toward yourself? Please elaborate."

--"Of all the persons who have told lies to you, does any one person stand out as having been or as himself or herself being the most pathological liar who victimized yourself through his or her pervasive and injurious dishonesty?"

---"Have you ever filed a lawsuit or criminal-law charge against anyone or any business entity or any non-profit corporation in a court of law? What was the outcome of any such legal action, if any, that you filed in a court of law?"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing Demand for Detective Services that Trace Source of Anonymous Communications

One private-sector industry in the USA that I feel very confident will be thriving in the very near future:

For-profit private detective services that promptly provide documented legal evidence to clients of theirs relating to anonymous communications.

Each of those clients might be seeking to identify the actual source of cited anonymous verbalized communications that had been inflicted on that client---whether in a public place or inside his (or her) private residence---against his wishes.

Those anonymous communications could have occurred in a variety of contexts and in a variety of media (E-mail letters, chain letters, anonymous death threat messages, pranks and criminal mischief, terroristic threats, television or radio media of some type, stalkers exhibiting harmful or criminal intent, hidden sound systems or hidden speakers, noise pollution for which the source is not readily apparent, etc.)

That factual evidence to be obtained for each client by a private-detection agency, might include:

---the cited name of the person or city, at least, that or who in an anonymous manner had inflicted a virus on the computer system of the client.

---the cited name of a media company or media entity that reportedly had videotaped or electronically surveillanced the individual in question without obtaining express prior written consent from himself, and without then formally and directly obtaining from that individual an additional authorization in writing every six or 12 months, say, for any and all such specifically-cited impingements upon the privacy rights of that individual.

That factual information would be invaluable in protecting the privacy rights of law-abiding Americans who value their Freedom of Speech-protected, Freedom of Religion-protected, and Freedom of Association-protected Constitutional right to set their own priorities and choose their own course in life. Law-abiding Americans whose political and religious beliefs differ dramatically from those of the majority of all Americans would particularly benefit from a private-detection service of this type.

---the cited name of the anonymous sex partner of someone who reportedly impregnated that female person or who reportedly infected the latter individual with a sexually transmitted disease (herpes, the HIV virus, syphillis, etc.).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Possible Dilemma From Glow-in-Dark Keyhole

I love the idea of a "glow-in-the-dark" keyhole to the front door of one's private residence.

That glow-in-the-dark keyhole would enable me to immediately find the spot into which I need to insert my key immediately before entering my private residence at nighttime.

(I also love the idea of my owning "glow-in-the-dark" keys, particularly for my motor vehicle and the front door to my private residence, respectively. That would enable me to immediately identify the key I needed in order to unlock the front door to my motor vehicle or unlock the front door of my private residence. And the immediacy of finding the right key could save one's own life, particularly at nighttime.)

It seems to me now, though, that if I ever did have a "glow-in-the-dark" keyhole to the front door of my private residence, that might also get noticed by any hypothetical would-be intruders who ever might attempt to break into my private residence.

It seems, then, that some of the precautionary measures aimed at protecting one's own personal safety and one's belongings might actually have the ironic effect of making it easier for a burglar to break into one's private residence! And this, in turn, might actually jeopardize one's own personal safety!

Domestic Violence Raises Health Insurance Premiums

Many libertarians and anarchists and self-identified "pleasure-seeking" sadomasohcists of Austin, Texas, apparently maintain that "If one partner in a marriage or sexual relationship chooses to physically beat or physically whip his or her partner in person inside their home or apartment or condo unit in a mutual-consent context, this is all privacy-rights-protected and is no concern to the government or to anyone else."

I would like to respond to that callous contention by many libertarians and anarchists and S&M "proponents" of Austin, with the following:

Contrary to what you claim, sadomasochistic physical violence inflicted by one "romantic" partner or "sex" partner upon another inside a private residence does undermine the legal and human rights of others.

It does that by inflicting numerous specific major medical problems on the individuals being victimized by sadomasochistic physical abuse inside their residence. When those individuals eventually seek medical treatment in a hospital or at a medical clinic for medically-observable physical damage to their own bodies resulting from those 'mutual-consent' beatings and whippings, that plays a role in an outrageous increase in the health-insurance premiums that they and many other Americans then have to pay.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Divorce Lawsuits & Gay Divorces from Same-Sex Marriages, Gay Marriages, & Lesbian Marriages, To Reveal Gay Spouse Abuse, Gay marriage scandals

The trend toward legalization of same-sex marriages will, among other things, provide major new legal precedents relating to the crucial human right and essential legal right of a partner from a marriage of that type, to himself (or herself) appear in a public divorce court and publicly as well as lawfully and in a civil manner request and formally obtain a legal divorce from his (or her) spouse.

Those divorce-court proceedings by same-sex marriage partners --- a significant percentage of those divorce-court trials to each involve many weeks or months of courtroom testimony for the plaintiff and for the respondent or defendant --- will inevitably bring with them horrifying and very tangible, factual legal evidence about the living conditions for each partner in those same-sex marriages, including:

---a divorce-court allegation by a "same-sex marriage" estranged spouse seeking $10 million from his defendant spouse for emotional duress, privacy-rights violations, alleged marital rape, and cited personal injuries to the plaintiff, that "a week after we got married, my same-sex-marriage partner confessed to me that he had a secret fetish for necrophilia, and that he wanted to hone his skills at necrophilia by sodomizing me every night while I was sound asleep in the bed where we slept together.

"He told me that since I'm a sound sleeper and could sleep through anything, his having sex with me every night during my sleep on our newlywed bed should not present any problem for me. He added that in a worst-case scenario for myself, I might feel sore in my anus when I woke up the next morning. Then a week later, my same-sex marriage partner informed me that he had decided to exclusively limit our conjugal-relations sex life to sex during my sleep, with no other sexual contact between us, he said. The defendant stated that he found me to be more enjoyably passive and more to his liking when I was sound asleep and completely still at the time. He stated to me that an ideal spouse is someone who offers him complete passivity and complete docility at all times. He also stated that because he found me to be much better in bed when I was completely unconscious, he as my self-described dominant partner had chosen to permanently discontinue any and all sex with me -- or any other physical contact with me, for that matter -- during any of my waking or conscious hours, he said.

"During the daytime and evening hours, the defendant would sometimes state to me that he wanted to have sex with me at that time. He would then immediately order me to take a sleeping pill in his presence, and to myself immediately lie in bed in our bedroom. When I woke up hours later, and often this was at about 11 p.m. when I normally would have gone to sleep, I often found semen in my anus and semen in my mouth. Sometimes the defendant would greet me at that time by stating to me, 'You were terrific in bed today! Too bad you missed all the fun I had with you!"

---a courtroom allegation by the plaintiff that "the defendant was repressive and grotesquely censorious and toxically heterophobic---he was a vicious straight-basher, and I disliked him intensely for that and other reasons. During the first week of our same-sex marriage, the defendant prohibited me from listening to any musical recordings inside our condo unit that were being sung by masculine heterosexual men or by heterosexual women. In fact, the defendant grabbed all of my 100 CDs and DVDs featuring masculine heterosexual male singers and heterosexual female singers, and he threw every one of them into the trash can with what he later admitted to have been 'gay capriciousness and gay rage on my part,' as he confessed to me a day later.

"At the time of his censorious conduct in that way, the defendant stated to me with viciousness in his voice: 'All of the music that I would ever permit you to listen to inside our condo unit must be music sung by effeminate male gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and bisexuals." Your Honor, I suffered severe emotional duress and increased blood pressure from being subjected to high-pitched, shrill, very unattractive gay and transsexual voices from the musical recordings that the defendant inflicted on me. I also found the defendant-approved lesbian singers' political and religious and philosophical messages to be repressively anti-masculine-male, repressively heterophobic, and very lacking in insight. I wanted a divorce from the defendant within 24 hours after we got married, and this was one of the hundreds of reasons why I am very comprehensively incompatible with the defendant. Your Honor, I am seeking today in this courtroom $1 million from the defendant in damages for the severe emotional duress and distress that he inflicted on me during the very traumatic and very injurious three-week period in which we lived together before I moved out on him and filed for this divorce."

---a courtroom statement by the plaintiff during a "same-sex-marriage" divorce proceeding that "I never agreed to be married to the defendant. Your Honor, I allege that the defendant secretly bribed a gay judge friend of his into granting him a marriage license citing myself as the spouse---all without my being given any say in the matter. In fact, your Honor, the signature of authorization for the so-called 'marriage' that the defendant claims he obtained from myself was fraudulent. I myself never attended any wedding ceremony, any wedding reception, or any honeymoon of any type that involved the defendant and myself in any way. Your Honor, I allege that the defendant did, in fact, kidnap me and hold me hostage inside his home. I further allege that the defendant repeatedly admitted to me inside his home where he held me hostage until I recently escaped, that he regarded me as being 'a rare breed of subhuman household pet that won't put me at risk of anyone accusing me of bestiality if I sodomize my pet in front of a VIP gay civic leader who is visiting me inside my home at the time.'"

--the transcript of a shocking statement in divorce court proceeding that "my spouse confessed to me during the third week of our same-sex marriage that he was an incurable sexaholic who had failed all three of the sexual-addiction treatment programs he had undergone in prior years. He also told me that he was so addicted to having indiscriminate sex with a wide variety of anonymous sex partners, that an ongoing relationship he was having with a nearby farm animal had made him unfaithful to me as of our second week of marriage.

"The defendant stated to me that in the first two weeks of our marriage, he had had carnal relations with a lamb on five separate occasions. The defendant also stated to me that during periods when I myself was away from our home, he would visit a nearby gay male farmer friend of his and then pay his gay farmer friend $10 in order to then sodomize a lamb owned by that gay farmer. The defendant also confessed to me that his rear-entry extramarital sexual experiences with the farm-animal lamb were far more enjoyable to him than having sex with myself ever was."

--a court-room confession by an estranged "spouse" from a "same-sex marriage" that he himself had long been physically and aesthetically and morally repulsed by, and repulsed by the personality and locution and political and religious ideology of, the individual who had pressured him into getting married to that individual. "I had to pretend I was looking at someone else in order to myself fake a smile at that unsightly and very unpleasant individual who claimed to be my spouse," the estranged spouse might well testify in divorce court.

"I was amazed that he never revealed any awareness of my being physically repulsed by himself. His vanity and solipsism were so pervasive that that he lacked the human capacity to comprehend any critical outlook toward himself by an honest human being such as myself."

---a courtroom allegation by the plaintiff from a same-sex marriage divorce-court proceeding that "the defendant repeatedly physically beat me and physically whipped me and verbally assaulted me using profane language in retaliation against myself after I very honestly and in a civil manner on my part stated my honest opinion to my same-sex marriage spouse that I myself am physically repulsed by male adult effeminacy, by the stench of the perfumes worn by many effeminate male adult persons, by cross-gender-dressing on the part of male adult persons, by sadomasochistic practices, by any and all facial hair on male adult persons, by baldness atop the head in male adult persons, by the vast majority of all adult male persons older than myself in age, by adult male persons who are prematurely aged, by alcoholics, by tattoos on human bodies, by nostril rings, by tongue rings, by ear rings on male adult persons, by jewelry on male adult persons, by male adult persons who smoke or consume any tobacco products, by male adult persons who repeatedly consume illicit drugs, and by habitual profane speech on the part of the defendant and other persons."

---a formal divorce-court statement by the plaintiff form a same-sex marriage that "my allergy specialist doctor determined for me within the first month of my marriage to the defendant that I was, in fact, allergic to him from a documented medical standpoint. He was like a sly and feline cat, and I myself was very canine, and cats and dogs do not mix. I sneezed and wheezed and coughed repeatedly and incessantly in the defendant's presence, and my skin broke out in hives from exposure to my same-sex partner. My allergy specialist physician asked me to bring samples of my same-sex partner's hair follicles and perspiration, including a workout suit that my partner had worn during strenuous exercise, and photographs of my partner. My allergy specialist then determined through diligent medical testing of myself at his medical laboratory that I am, in fact, physically and medically allergic to my spouse. Even after my spouse agreed to change his brand of soap and his underarm deodorant, the results from medical testing by that allergy specialist were exactly the same. Your Honor, I am asking for $500,000 in damages relating to the emotional duress I was subjected to from marrying someone who had specifically told me he refused to meet with my allergy specialist in my presence before the wedding took place. Had the defendant agreed to be tested by my allergy specialist in my presence before the scheduled date for our wedding, that marriage ceremony would never have occurred. This would have spared me from lots of needless suffering that I endured from being married to the defendant."

---a formal courtroom allegation by a plaintiff in a same-sex marriage divorce-court proceeding that "the defendant verbally harassed me with obscene speech, a violation of the state penal code of Texas and a criminal offense on his part, every day of our multi-month marriage. Your Honor, I am seeking $5 million from the defendant for emotional duress, character assassination, and violations of the state penal code he victimized me with through his incessant verbal abuse of me in which he chose to verbalize profane speech directed at myself."

--courtroom confessions and allegations in divorce-court legal proceedings about an addiction by one or both "spouses" in that "same-sex marriage" to their paying money to frequent gay bathhouses or other commercial sex parlors and engage in anonymous sex there with a wide variety of anonymous sex partners;

--divorce-court confessions and allegations about participation in sex orgies involving indiscriminate sex with a wide variety of sex partners by one or both partners in any given same-sex "marriage", with the cited lubricant of Mazola oil generally being poured all over the floor of their condo unit by the defendant as he prepared to host an orgy party;

--divorce-court confessions and allegations by one spouse or both that during their years of "same-sex marriage" together, one or both of those spouses repeatedly paid a "prostitute" money in exchange for that sexual prostitute having sex with either himself or his self-described "marriage partner";

---a divorce-court statement by the plaintiff from a same-sex marriage that "he had told me repeatedly over our multi-week period of dating each other that if I agreed to marry him, I would definitely be the sole and exclusive beneficiary of his entire estate. That was the only reason for marrying him that he ever offered me during the entire three-week period in which we dated as new acquaintances who'd never met before. Then after those three weeks ended and we got married and were living together, the defendant suddenly informed me that he had changed his mind. He had decided to leave all of his estate to his favorite art museum, which he said is named after his own all-time favorite artist, Andy Warhol----a famous drug addict, if you don't mind my saying so, Your Honor.

"Your Honor, I am alleging today through this $1 million lawsuit I've filed against the defendant in this court of law that it was very mentally cruel and fraudulent advertising on the part of the defendant to have repeatedly promised me his entire multi-million-dollar estate just before we got married, only to himself then pull that rug under my feet very abruptly.

"The defendant knew perfectly well that before I agreed to marry him he had repeatedly assured me that his doctors had told him that because of his own cited terminal illness, he'd only have six more months to live, meaning that I could enjoy being a happy widower later that same year. That repeated promise from the defendant was the only thing that made his marriage offer at all palatable to me. I could barely eat or drink while sitting across from him, since his gaunt and prune-faced presence always reminded me of a corpse on display at a wake inside a Catholic church. And the defendant did state to me several times that 'I can see you don't find me appetizing, but hopefully the green you'll soon be into, with my help, will whet your appetite just six months from now. I hope this six-month waiting period before you get your money will strike you as being only a minor inconvenience.'

"Your Honor, I also allege in this court of law that the defendant is guilty of fraudulent advertising, and that he owes me $1 million on that basis as well as part of our court-ordered divorce settlement."

---a divorce-court allegation by one estranged "spouse" from a "same-sex marriage" that the individual being sued in that divorce court proceeding "was very intolerant of and contemptuous my own lawful and platonically polite form of heterophilia, in which I felt comfortable with, felt calmer around, and agreed to myself associate with a significantly higher percentage of all masculine heterosexual adult men and of all heterosexual adult women, than of all homosexual adult male persons, gay adult male persons, effeminate male adult persons, transvestite persons, transsexual persons, or lesbian adult female persons. The defendant refused to take any phone messages for me that came from anyone whom he labeled as being either 'straight' or a 'hetero.'

"That repressive censoriousness toward myself by the defendant severely undermined my own quality of life and level of happiness as a human being. Also, the defendant habitually deleted from the inbox of my own personal Internet mail on my personal computer any friendly E-mail communication to me that ever was sent to me by a heterosexual adult man or a heterosexual adult woman. 'Breeders are a bane to my existence!' the defendant would shout with rage in his voice. I never once heard the defendant say anything nice in my presence about anyone whom he labeled as being a breeder, straight, or a hetero."

---a divorce-court statement from a plaintiff from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant repeatedly ridiculed me for being very generous and friendly and kind to youths under age 17. 'The only relationships that count are the ones involving genital contact and orgasms,' the defendant would declare. 'You are foolish when you spend so much of your leisuretime being nice and polite to youths. It makes no sense for you to spend any time with under-age youths, since they're irrelevant. The only persons who count, as any gay activist will tell you, are the ones you can have sex with inside a gay bathhouse and not get arrested for it. Everyone else you encounter is a nobody, from a true gay vantage point. Children are interesting only when they reach legal age. Until they have blown out 17 or 18 candles on their birthday cake, children are a subpopulation I completely ignore. They don't exist, in my eyes, until it's legal to get lewd with them, if you get my drift.

"It infuriates me," the defendant continued, "that you continue to show a very unnatural avuncular or brotherly or paternal, sometimes maternal, devotion to male youths, and to some female youths as well! It's as if you're trying to turn our same-sex marriage into a disgustingly wholesome and G-rated Walt Disney movie! The whole point of our same-sex marriage was to produce a scandalous year-round porno movie that could still, but just barely, keep each of us out of jail.

"That, to me," the defendant stated, "is the whole point of a gay lifestyle: Be outrageous, immoral, and offensive at all times, but somehow avoid going to jail, since you know how to be technically---but just barely----in compliance with the law."

---a divorce-court statement from the plaintiff from a "same-sex marriage" that "the defendant joined a gay terrorist group without my prior knowledge or prior consent n a week after we got married. He and his gay terrorist group members then developed a secret 'enemies list' of each and every noteworthy individual residing in their metro area whom that gay terrorist group had classified as being either 'homophobic' or 'anti-gay.' That gay terrorist group would then target each and every person listed on that 'enemies list' for constant and year-round verbal abuse, including anonymous death threats being hurled at those cited 'enemies of gays' on a year-round basis, and other acts of vicious reprisal on a year-round basis."

---a divorce-court statement from the plaintiff from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant assured me when he married me in our same-sex marriage that he would not try to force a sex-change operation on me. After he married me, though, he repeatedly accused me of 'not being passive enough or effeminate enough,' and the defendant would beat me with a whip and chain 'to make you more passive,' as he would put it. The defendant also repeatedly made verbal threats to me that he would somehow get power of attorney authority over me, and would then force a sex-change operation on me by court order.

"'Once your penis is removed by court-ordered surgery, that should make you passive and very submissive, and more receptive to me in our condo unit when I'm in the mood for S&M,' the defendant would then state to me with a sneer in his facial expression."

---a divorce-court allegation by the plaintiff that "the defendant at our same-sex wedding ceremony inserted a huge and gaudy ring on my index finger that featured a two-word message which glows in the dark. That two-word message was 'F-ck me!'. I turned beet red at the wedding ceremony, Your Honor!"

---a divorce-court statement by the plaintiff from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant in one of his many dramatic whims suddenly announced that he would name one room of his mansion as 'Jay's S&M Room.' The defendant, Jay, would resolve any verbal argument I had with him by dragging me kicking and screaming into his S&M Room. There, he would beat me with a whip until I fell unconscious. At that point, he would sodomize me while I was still unconscious. The defendant repeatedly stated to me that "my S&M Room was created by me to domesticate you, since you're a wild gay animal that needs to be tamed. Until you cease to ever disagree with me about anything, and until you instead nod your head at me in complete and passive agreement with me whenever I talk to you, you will always be forcefully dragged by me to my S&M room for additional torture.'"

---a divorce-court allegation by the plaintiff from a failed same-sex marriage that that "five days after he met me, the defendant asked me to marry him ASAP. He proposed marriage to me despite his having never chosen to ever once state to me his own religious affiliation, his own political ideology, his own racial or ethnic identity, his actual legal age, his full legal name, his nation of birth, his complete medical history, his expected lifespan or longevity, his favorite pastimes or hobbies, or which personality traits he sought in a spouse.

"Your Honor, I can also state for the record that the defendant never once posed to me any question on any occasion before we got married. He presented everything, including the marriage proposal, in command form,
since he took pride in being the strong silent type who is very domineering and intimidating. He repeatedly stated to me that he admired and emulated Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the defendant repeatedly boasted to me that he, too, is good with a gun. In fact, the defendant pistol-whipped me on my face during our Honeymoon night inside our hotel room. He did that while shouting at me that my oral-sex-sodomy performance with him, in which he alleged that I had left tooth marks on his penis, had been inexcusably unsatisfactory on my part.

"Your Honor, I finally found the courage to reject him two days after our wedding ceremony, and I feared for my life when I did finally speak up. He glared at me with very intense hatred, and then the defendant angrily stated to me that I was required to live up to the terms of our five-year marriage contract that he had gotten me to sign the day before our wedding. He then stated that he planned to sue me in a court of law for failing to comply in full with the five-year marriage contract agreement that I had signed."

---a divorce-court confession by an estranged spouse from a failed "same-sex marriage" that "at no time during our courtship period leading to our marriage was either of us sober for more than five consecutive hours. We were both either high on drugs or alcohol, or experiencing an awful hangover, throughout the entire courtship period.

"Your Honor, I am now humbly asking you today to please rule that our marriage contract is null and void. Each of us was drunk as a skunk when we signed that legal contract, and both of us at our wedding ceremony were so high on alcohol and drugs that we could have been on top of Mount Everest at the time. Your Honor, I maintain that the vows we exchanged at our wedding were fraudulent and illegitimate, since neither of us could have passed a sobriety test at the time."

---a divorce-court statement by the estranged "spouse" from a failed same-sex marriage attempt that "after we got married, I suddenly noticed a hidden camera in our bedroom and near our living room sofa. It turned out that my 'spouse' was a paid professional actor who had signed a special 'Reality Television' professional-services contract with ABC Television Network, aimed at broadcasting to the entire world a sensational series of 'juicy vignettes' from a same-sex marriage.

"Your Honor, I ask you today to please rule that the defendant's flagrant defiance of my own privacy rights, along with what I now maintain was his actual career identity as a paid professional actor who faked everything we ever did together in our marriage---and I now suspect, your Honor, that even the defendant's orgasms during our marriage were completely fraudulent and slyly faked on his part----render our entire marriage contract null and void."

--a divorce-court statement by one estranged "spouse" from that "same-sex marriage" that his "spouse" had illegally obtained power of attorney authority over himself in their marriage, and had illegally committed him to a psychiatric institution for a multi-year period "because the defendant alleged that I exhibited a greater emotional and intellectual and political and religious and personal and aesthetic-based affinity toward, and greater overall human identification with, a significantly higher percentage of all heterosexual adult men and all heterosexual adult women than of all gay male adult persons, all homosexual adult male persons, all effeminate male adult persons, or all lesbian adult persons.

"And during that multi-year period of psychiatric confinement for me, the defendant added 500 new sex partners to his black book, based on what he himself stated and showed me in his black book after I was released from psychiatric commitment."

---a shocking courtroom statement by an estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage in divorce court that "the defendant assured me that in our mutual-consent marriage we would both get to vote on any and all major decisions relating to our household. Not until after we got married did he then explain that he alone held the authority to resolve any of our tie votes, since he owned the condominium unit in which we were living.

"What I particularly dreaded was the tie vote we had that led to a tie-breaker vote from himself, making every Saturday inside our condo unit an S&M Day. On that day, I would consider myself very fortunate if he spanked me only 80 times, rather his customary 100 times on S&M Day every Saturday. He told me repeatedly that spanking me gave him more pleasure than anything else he ever did with me."

---a shocking courtroom statement by an estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage in a divorce-court proceeding that "the defendant incorrectly claimed to me on a repeated basis that he held legal authority over me, when in fact he had no such legal authority. Also, he repeatedly forbade me from ever myself associating with any masculine men. I was told by the defendant that only the effeminate or very effeminate male adult persons or female or transsexual persons were permitted by the defendant to associate with myself in any aspect of my life.

"The restrictions and prohibitions on my own lifestyle by the defendant were so arbitrary, severe, and repressive that several of my masculine men friends whom I'd known before I got married, decided to fake effeminacy on their part whenever they were observed in public with myself. This was the only strategy they knew for protecting me against the risk of my being beaten and whipped and spanked 100 times by the defendant after I returned home from a social outing with a masculine male adult friend of mine."

--a shocking courtroom statement in divorce court by the estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant was so intrigued by snuff movies that he would order me to pose as 'the victim' in a home movie he was making inside our condo unit that was designed to replicate a snuff movie while keeping the victim still alive, he repeatedly assured me. During one of those snuff movie-inspired home movies he produced with me, he cut me real badly with a kitchen knife.

"He then explained that he had forgotten that he was doing a 'just pretend' version of a snuff movie with me, and that he was willing to pay for my emergency visit to the hospital on that. Fortunately, I only needed 50 stitches for that injury."

---a courtroom statement by one estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage in a divorce-court proceeding that "the defendant told me during our Honeymoon just after we got married that his leading goal in life was to own a Black Book that contained the names of 5,000 sex partners of his, along with his evaluation of how each of them rated during the sex act.

"He also told me during our Honeymoon, for the first time ever, that I was his 500th sex partner, and he had chosen to marry me because he liked the number 500 quite a bit. However, he still felt very determined to reach 5,000 total sex partners over the course of his lifetime, and he planned to divorce me at some future point in order to marry his 1,000th sex partner, he admitted during our Honeymoon. 'I love the idea of marrying my 1,000th sex partner,' he stated to me at one point."

---a courtroom confession by the plaintiff from a failed same-sex marriage attempt in a divorce-court legal proceeding that "the defendant told everyone who visited our condo unit during our years as a married couple that his own favorite hobby was collecting dildos. He would always tell each guest inside our condo unit that he savored the phallic symbolism of dildos. He would always add that he wanted his dildo collection to be 'very unique', as he put it, so he had a tradition of buying one new dildo within a week after he had added one more sex partner to his 'gay black book,' as he called it.

"The defendant would name each new dildo he'd purchased after his most recent extra-marital sex partner. When he couldn't remember that sex partner's first name----which happened frequently, such as when he had just had anonymous sex inside a public men's restroom at Penn Central Station in New York City----he would simply invent a fictional name for that sex partner out of thin air. A bit like the way weathermen name hurricanes, except that all of his personal hurricanes, so to speak---those new dildos he purchased with glee--- bore the first names of men."

---a divorce-court allegation by the complainant, an estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage that had failed, that "the defendant blackmailed me into marrying him. He did that by repeatedly warning me that if I refused to marry him, he would contact the local police department and the local prosecuting attorney's office, the county attorney's office, the FBI, and the Internal Revenue Service. He'd then immediately turn over to each of those government agencies all the criminal-law legal evidence on me that he had secretly obtained, including through secret videotapings of me he had paid for surreptitiously.

"He warned me that that criminal-law evidence about me would prove that I myself was addicted to illicit drugs, I myself was a drug dealer, I myself had cheated on my income taxes, and that I myself had committed at least five felony sex crimes in the most recent 12-month period, he repeatedly emphasized to me. I agreed to marry him only because I feared going to prison from being convicted of those crimes. I feared going to prison because I knew I would have gotten raped in prison. Our wedding and marriage was a complete farce, since I would NEVER have agreed to marry that sadistic and repulsive older man had it not been for all the "dirt" he had on me that he used against me in that very ruthless, nasty, and heavy-handed manner!"

---a divorce-court allegation by the plaintiff from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant ordered me to go on a liquid diet during our same-sex marriage. The defendant stated to me that if I was on a liquid diet in which I abstained from consuming any solid foods, this would spare my spouse from ever encountering any manure when he sodomized me during anal intercourse. He stated to me that it was a turn-off to him to encounter manure in my anus during anal intercourse. After I complied in full with his liquid-diet demand, I lost 50 pounds over a four-week period and was so thin that the defendant stated he found me unappetizing. He then ordered me to put on 40 pounds ASAP. He stated it was a 'turn-off' for him to have anal intercourse with a 'human skeleton,' the defendant stated."

---a courtroom allegation by the complainant estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage, this in a divorce-court proceeding, that "the defendant admitted to me during our Honeymoon five hours after we got married in a civil ceremony that 'the only reason why I married you is that it will help me in my business career. It will lend respectability to me as a businessman, since you yourself have a reputation for being honest and civil and hygienic and HIV-negative and law-abiding, and you also have a reputation for not being a drug addict or alcoholic, which is quite rare these days.
"'Everyone will assume we're monogamous together, but I need to let you know from the start that I'll be playing musical beds on all of my out-of-town business trips. The only thing I can promise you about my many out-of-town business trips to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York is that I will always use a condom. I hope you find that reassuring. I can also promise you that during my in-town business trips within the metro area where we live, I will make every effort to not embarrass you. That's as far as I can promise you at this time. I'll be discreet about whatever I do away from our condo unit, if that's any consolation to you.'"

---a courtroom statement by a same-sex marriage partner complainant in a divorce-court proceeding that 'the defendant was so sex-crazed that during our wedding ceremony, he insisted on reading a poem he had written about his own deep love for condoms and the orgasms that condoms have enabled him to achieve.

"His poem was entitled 'Condom Copulation Joy.
' I found it embarrassing to hear him recite his poem aloud at our wedding ceremony, particularly since he made no statement about loving me myself, as a human being, at our wedding ceremony."

---a courtroom allegation by a same-sex marriage partner complainant in a divorce-court proceeding that "the defendant habitually attended weekly all-male strip-poker games hosted by a gay friend of his, with the identity of the players in that parlor game varying from one week to the next. Not only did the defendant in calendar year 2008 lose $10,000 of my own money during those strip-poker games, but he admitted to me later that he enjoyed losing those games, since it gave him a chance to show off his 'beautiful bod', as he put it.

"He also admitted to me that whenever he had stripped down to his underwear at those games, the other gay male strip-poker players found him irresistible. 'I don't blame them, either,' he used to tell me each week. 'I have a terrific bod, and I would get turned on myself when another player would strip down to his underwear.' It turned out that the defendant added five new cases of gonorrhoea, syphilis, and chlamydia and herpes last year to his medical history. His excuse each time was that it would have been 'unnatural' for gay men to play strip-poker together without an orgy resulting from it all, he used to tell me."

---court-room confessions by one spouse from a "same-sex marriage" that he had ordered his "spouse" to engage in the crime of sexual prostitution with one or more male persons as the illicit customers, with the resulting payments of money from those illicit customers then being used to pay that household's monthly bills.

---"courtroom testimony by the estranged spouse from a "same-sex marriage" that "the defendant literally held me down and forced me to endure vulgar and degrading tatoos he had emblazoned all over my body, including on each of my arms, that each stated, 'I'm a Sex Slave of My Spouse!", 'I'm Property of My Spouse', 'I'm a Sex Toy of My Spouse,' and 'S&M Turns Me On! I'm Gay!' I felt like a head of cattle being branded by a ruthless rancher who owned me, and who planned to have me slaughtered at some future point!"

--confessions by one spouse in that "same-sex marriage" that he had had carnal or sexual relations with five other male persons during his "honeymoon trip" with his new spouse. And that honeymoon trip had begun a few hours after those two male adult persons had gotten married to each other at a wedding ceremony.

--divorce-court testimony by one "spouse" from that "same-sex marriage" that "my spouse spent all of our money on gay bathhouses, illicit services from sexual prostitutes, sex toys, X-rated movie DVDs and CDs, and X-rated magazines that he purchased on a frequent basis, which left us without any money left to pay for our household's rent and food and other living expenses";

---divorce-court testimony by one "spouse" from that "same-sex marriage" that he or she had observed direct evidence that his "spouse" in that "marriage" had an illicit involvement with organized crime, such as through illicit ties to an illicit "nightclub" or an illicit gambling casino or an illicit "resort," or otherwise violated the law and committed a felony crime, such as through shockingly illegal and injurious pederastic sexual involvements with minors or through deliberate cheating on their own income taxes.

---divorce-court testimony by one "spouse" from that "same-sex marriage" that the other "spouse" had allegedly pursued a law-breaking career as an illicit-drug dealer over a multi-month or multi-year period that occurred during their "same-sex marriage";

---divorce-court testimony by one "spouse" from that "same-sex marriage" that the other "spouse" had "pressured me into trying the illicit drug cocaine, and then I (the plaintiff) got addicted to cocaine. I am suing my spouse in this divorce court for $5 million in damages relating to my personal addiction to cocaine that he inflicted on me during our marriage."

--divorce-court testimony by one partner in that same-sex marriage that his "spouse" allegedly had either deliberately or otherwise infected him with the often-fatal HIV virus, or with some other significantly injurious sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, chlamydiae, syphilis, or gonorrhea.

--courtroom confessions by one partner or the other in any given "same-sex marriage" that "I failed to inform my same-sex partner before marrying him that I was fully aware of myself being HIV-positive for a multi-month period or multi-year period before we got married";

--divorce-court testimony about addiction to alcohol or tobacco products or illicit drugs or licit drugs, or gambling involving the expenditure of money, by one or both partners in that cited "same-sex marriage";

--sadomasochism and accompanying violence involving the beating and whipping and first-fornication and rape of one or both partners in those same-sex marriages;

--testimony by an estranged spouse from that "same-sex marriage" that "my partner repeatedly insisted on dressing up as a Nazi prison guard inside our home. He would then strike me with an electric prod, and he'd warn me that if I didn't do whatever he ordered me to do, I would be forcefully taken to Auschwitz."

--testimony by one estranged spouse that "my same-sex marriage partner repeatedly forced me to eat my own excrement inside our home. It was one of the most disgusting experiences of my entire life! He repeatedly declared that it was his way of proving that he ruled over me at all times. He was the slave master, and I was the slave, he repeatedly stated to me."

---testimony by one estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant subjected me to non-stop verbal abuse throughout our entire marriage, hurling epithets at me such as "You're a Nazi," "a-hole," "b--thole!", "b-stard,"
"bi-ch," "Go to hell," "You're insane," "You're a freak," "I hate you," "You're a Fascist," "A pox on you," "I hope you have a fatal accident," "I hope you have a heart attack," "You're mentally ill," "you're very dislikable," "You are very financially motivated!", "You are a sycophant," "All of Austin finds you uniquely undesirable," "you are a public nuisance," "you are a national security threat," "you are too aggressive for my tastes," "you are hated by most Christians," "You are racist," "You are anti-Semitic," "you are hated by most Jewish people," "You are a liar," "you are very similar to Adolph Hitler," "You are very similar to Mussolini," "You're an idiot!", "You're like Caesar, and I'm the Brutus who seeks to stab you."

"He also repeatedly stated to me each of the following: "You are a sadomascohist," "You are a masochist," "You're too transsexual for my tastes," "You call the police too often to report evidence of illegal activities you've observed during your leisuretime, when everyone hates a snitch!", "You're mentally disabled," "you're illiterate," "you're a queer basher," "You're guilty of a deplorable hate crime against gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and effeminate male persons, that occurred through your thought processes, nocturnal dreams, personal perceptions, impressions, and public policy writings!" "You are homophobic and anti-gay!", "You're a pest!", "You are a genetic mutant," "You are a freak of nature!" "Special laws have been approved by the Texas Legislature that were specifically designed to restrict you and deny you of full and immediate access to your own cumulative lifelong financial wealth and property wealth!", "You are in a battle for survival, and I refuse to help you survive, since the sooner I get access to your estate, the better for myself!", "Special punitive laws were approved by the Texas Legislature that were specially and specifically designed to punish yourself!", "You are a public menace, according to a recent vote of the Texas Legislature!", "You are a terrorist!"; "You are a mercenary!", "You are a year-round source of distress to me!", "You are a threat to my own existence and livelihood!", "You are too self-absorbed, which proves you are narcissistic!", "You have been classified as a security risk for several government agencies!", "I do NOT acknowledge your legal and Constitutional right to exclude from your own life and life circumstances any and all of the persons whom you have already rejected from your own life and life circumstances," "You are too radical leftist for my tastes," "You are sadistic," "You are repressive," "You are too aggressive, you take too many initiatives," "You are too aggressive and too masculine to fit in among transsexual women!", "You are too bold and unpredictable for me! You are mentally unstable and deranged!", "You have no talent and job-related skills, and that's the only reason why you are always low-income in your career-related pursuits," "You are so notorious that millions of people are blacklisting you on a lifelong basis," "You are violent, even though you claim otherwise," "You are too neurotic for my tastes!", "You are too prejudiced for my tastes," "You are not liberal enough for my tastes, you are repressively conservative!", "You are eccentric, you are strange and unorthodox!", "You are deplorably solipsistic," "You ask too many questions," "You're an eyesore," "You're very undesirable," "You are a whore!", "You are a potential servant for soemone, at most!", "You are a prostitute!", "If you weren't living with me because of my kindness and decency, you would be homeless, since you are out of touch with reality!", "Many people have asked me whether you are psychotic or neurotic, that's the primary question they ask me about you!", "You are too nervous for my tastes," "You are a pariah to everyone in this entire urban area, and that's another reason why you can't earn a decent income here," "A very influential attorney despises you and is determined to make your life circumstances and life as hostile toward you and stressful and poverty-stricken for you as possible, since you wouldn't know which attorney is meddling in your life, and this prevents you from filing a legal grievance against that attorney through the State Bar of Texas and the American Bar Association!", "You're ugly," "You should be executed in an electric chair at Huntsville," "You are inferior," "You are a moron," "You are being stalked by persons you've rejected, since I want to give them every opportunity to torture you the rest of your life while invading your privacy rights every day of your life!", "You are a witch or warlock, and you would have been burned at the stake if you had lived in Salem, Massachusetts!", "You are evil," "You are very similar to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin!", "You are a blight on humanity," "You are a traitor," "You are a cancer on the body politic," "You're a retard," "Prepare to be capitally punished by electric chair, since you've been convicted in abstentia of the federal crime of treason," "I'm hoping to drive you insane, and then have you committed to a mental institution," "I hold power of attorney over you, and I have pleaded guilty on your own behalf in a court of law to numerous criminal charges against you that you're not aware of," "you have no control over your own intellectual property, since I own all of that myself," "You criticize the gay subculture too much, when you are very similar to nearly all gays," "You are an imbecile," "You're decadent," "You are very lazy!", "You're a child, so the government does not even acknowledge your asserted legal status as an adult, and the votes you cast in elections are always thrown into the trash can for that reason!" "You're immature," "You're a fool!", "I despise you!", "All of your relatives and acquaintances hate you, and they all have current access to your total cumulative lifelong financial wealth that they draw from whenever they wish, and your relatives plan to file a financial claim against your estate after you die young from a heart attack or from a fatal accident I'm hoping you will have in the very near future!," "You are a dolt," "You are an under-achiever," "You are an alcoholic," "Drop dead!", "My unhappiest day of the year is our Wedding Anniversary, since it means I'm still stuck with you after 12 more unbearable months of living with you!", "You are unhygienic," "You have a criminal-conviction record that no one has told you about, and you are about to be executed for a murder you claim you didn't know about or commit, without any right to an appeal ever being granted to you!", "You are too straight for my tastes," "You are too masculine for my tastes," "You have no legal right to yourself exclude any and all persons older than yourself in age from your own romantic life or sex life!", "You are required by me to only associate with persons whom you yourself regard as being physically repulsive or medically ill or having an unpleasant personality, since that is one means I have for punishing you and denying you the opportunity to enjoy life," "I married you primarily in order to subject you to endless reprisals and retaliations in response to law-abiding actions you have pursued that I hated very intensely!", "Shut up!", "You are being punished by me because you are fervently anti-atheist and anti-communist," "You are being punished by me because you're personally and religiously and politically incompatible with socialists and socialist groups," "You are being punished by me because you reject biological determinism very emphatically," "I do not acknowledge your own Freedom of Religion rights, or your Freedom of Speech rights, or your Freedom of Association rights, or you Freedom of Assembly rights," "You have no legal right to yourself file any criminal-law charge in a court of law against any cited gay person, any cited effeminate male adult person, any cited homosexual person, any cited bisexual person, any cited lesbian person, or any cited transsexual person, since the legal system in the United States specifically prohibits you from filing any legal complaint fitting that description! The only persons whom you are permitted to ever complain about must, by law, be heterosexual persons, since the government maintains that you have no legal right to ever oppose any action or activity by any other persons or groups affiliated with them", "You are too ambitious for your talent level and skill level, when your station in life and your socioeconomic status is that of a servant or slave, at most," "You are inferior to me because my IQ level is higher than yours," "You are hated by most intellectuals!", "You are a bore," "You are guilty of verbally harassing myself and others," "You stalk people," "You invade others' privacy rights," "You have no friends," "You are an irksome irritant," "You complain too much; you are whiny," "You are ugly," "You're obnoxious," "You're odious!", "You are psychotic," "You are going to hell," "You've been miserable for so long," "You are too honest for my tastes," "You are the Anti-Christ, most Christians agree," "You have ties to the Devil, most Christians agree," "You have asked and authorized me to verbally harass you non-stop," "You are legally prohibited by law from ever having the opportunity to yourself file a legal divorce against myself in a court of law and from ever yourself lawfully excluding me and my associates from all aspects of your own current and future life," "You're insufferable," "Die," "I'd like to strangle you," "You are guilty of public lewdness!", "You are Frankenstein!", "You are a misfit," "Your anti-Libertarian views are very offensive to most Austinites of today, since Libertarianism is very fashionable in Austin these days," "You have always been the scourge of all young people," "You are offensively prudish," "You are far too self-righteous for being so immoral and leading a despicable lifestyle!", "I myself would never protect you against anyone else on this planet choosing to verbally assault you or verbally harass you or stalk you or subject you to any unwanted communications in any context! You brought all that criticism upon yourself, by being far too outspoken and pushy for your very limited skill level and your very minimal talent level!", "You don't even have a PhD, and you claim to have stature!", "You have no power to yourself file legal charges through a law-enforcement agency, since I myself hold full power of attorney for you, and I was recently given that authority by a judge in Texas without your knowing about it," "I'm the dictator who gets to impose orders on you for the rest of your life," "You are currently confined to a mental institution, and I put you there, even though you may think you are in the free world," "You have been denied access to reliable news and information services, and it's all because I don't like your political and religious beliefs and worldview," "You are being punished because you're very incompatible with a media company or business entity or university or school or school system or religious group or political group or student organization or civic group that I myself have a relationship with or own," "You're narcissistic," "You are being punished by me because Unitarians such as myself don't acknowledge your legal right to have a fully independent and non-Christian religion of your own that is NOT affiliated with Unitarianism," "You have a need for lots of additional intellectual development, so I have enrolled you without your express permission in a lifelong 'educational-services program' featuring year-round public disparagement of yourself and year-round chastizement of yourself because of your cited incompatibility with the gay community and with the transsexual community," "You are a case study in abnormal psychology for psychiatrists and psychologists to evaluate, and that is all your entire life amounts to!", "You have no privacy rights at all, because the federal government has made the official determination that you alone among all American citizens should be deprived throughout your life of having any privacy rights at all," "You are the victim from the fictional short story 'The Lottery' about someone who gets stoned to death by fellow villagers!", "You have no privacy rights, and I seek to control your throught process, since I own you---you're mere property of mine like a slave or like a piece of cattle," "It alarms me that your nocturnal dreams indicate you feel a greater emotional and overall human affinity toward a higher percentage of all heterosexual adult men, than of all gays or all bisexual adult male persons or all effeminate male adult persons," "I'll kill you," "Our same-sex marriage is based on my expectation that you will die long before I do, and that I'll get to enjoy my life only after you have died and I can then seize your estate at that point," "You are too honest for me, and you are too honest for the people of the city where you are residing," "You are too wholesome for my tastes," "Your claims about being morally and aesthetically straight are offensive to me," "I'm involved with organized crime, and I can wipe you out in a New York minute if you ever provoke me in any way," "You are a NARC," "You are an FBI agent," "You are a spy for a foreign nation," "You are a communist!", "You are an atheist," "Many atheists despise you, since you are very opposed to atheism," "You are a paranoid-schizophrenic," "You are manic-depressive!", "You are very gullible," "You are too young for me," "You are too old for me," "You have the sexuality of a teenager, and you do not have an adult sexuality at all----you are a disgusting case of arrested psychosexual development," "You are repressively authoritarian and anti-anarchist," "Your support for proposed court-ordered capital punishment for the felony crime of murder or for the felony crime of attempted homicide, makes you anathema to myself and my friends," "The Mafia despises you, since you are fervently anti-crime," "Your alcohol-free lifestyle is very offensive to me and my friends and associates," "You are reckless and immature and whim-prone, and that is the only reason why you are heavily in financial debt!", "Your support for Prohibitionism and a complete eventual nationwide ban on the production and sale and consumption of drinking alcohol is Fascism!", "You are not an intellectual, nor are you intelligent," "You enjoy children and you smile at children, so I regard that as 'proof' that you are an alleged potential pederast," "You are too friendly toward everyone, you should be more like me," "You are too enthusiastic toward new acquaintances you meet, you should be more aloof like me," "Your speaking style is too clean and prissy, I'd respect you more if you used foul or vulgar or off-color or cynical or flippant language instead," "You are too diplomatic, you should try being blunt more often," "You are too nice for my tastes," "You give me a headache---you are annoying!", "You are too polite, and that's very offensive to me," "You are being subjected to celibacy against your wishes as punishment because you are incompatible with myself and others like me," "I don't agree that you have a legal right to any strictly-mutual-consent and law-abiding sex life involving yourself and someone whom you WOULD be receptive toward, since you exist only for the sake of your intellectual property being extracted from your brain and your thought processes being monitored and studied and appropriated by myself and others," "You don't have the legal right to divorce me," "You are a snitch," "You are not liked by the other residents of this city, state, and nation, so I hope you'll move to another city, state, or nation," "You invite persecution of yourself by others in Texas because you actively seek out controversies and conflicts!", "Many Quakers hate you and seek to censor you," "I take pride in censoring you as much as possible, since your personal views, philosophical views, religious views, and political views are so repugnant to me," "You are too law-enforcement-minded for my tastes," "You are naive," "You are being punished by myself and others because you're incompatible with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party of the United States, when you have no legal right to exclude any political party that claims to 'own' you and claims to 'own' your own intellectual property," "I married you primarily for the sake of changing you and molding you to my own needs, since you obviously were not likable or lovable when we exchanged wedding vows," "You are rude," "You are White Trash," "You are very inconsequential," "You're a nobody," "Your only hope is if you would apply for membership in a local religious group that would help to protect your legal rights, even though you do not agree with their own religious or political ideology," "You are a criminal," "You are infamous," "You'll get poisoned and contract cancer as a result if you continue to dine out in restaurants during your leisuretime, since you are hated by so many of the local residents who work in restaurants," etc.
"The defendant also claimed that he was a former or current Gestalt therapist or theologian, and that Gestalt therapists and theologians habitually hurl verbal trash at lesser human beings such as myself. He also claimed that he was a certified attorney, and he stated to me that the State Bar of Texas state agency in Austin has permitted him to verbally abuse me as he wished, because it is considered legal in Texas for an attorney to verbally harass and publicly disparage and pervasively violate the privacy rights of and attempt to brainwash his own client, he repeatedly stated to me. However, he later admitted to me that he himself had harmful intent or criminal intent toward myself, and that he hoped to seize all of my sizable estate, including all of my millions or billions of dollars worth of property wealth, after I died young, since he was sure that no one would blame him for seizing all of my estate in tha scenario."

--medically injurious conduct that one "spouse" from a same-sex marriage pursued toward the other "spouse" in that same-sex marriage, such as through one partner's deliberate pursuit of cited "rough sex" with his spouse, possibly involving the forceful insertion of a foreign object into that spouse's anus;

--intergenerational exploitation of the younger partner in a same-sex "marriage" by his comparatively affluent older "spouse" --- an older man who is, in fact, revealed through divorce-court testimony to have been an infamous and sadistic "Sugar Daddy" figure very injurious to the emotional, psychological, medical, moral, religious, and intellectual health of the younger "spouse" in that "same-sex marriage."

--mental cruelty exhibited by one same-sex-marriage spouse toward another;

--confessions by one "spouse" in a "same-sex marriage" that "I regarded my same-sex marriage partner as so intellectually and culturally inferior to myself and so weak as a conversation partner, and so unpleasant to me, that I almost never spoke with him or went on social outings with him.

"Nearly all of the time I spent with him during my waking or conscious hours was limited to the sex act per se, which was about 15 minutes per day, at most. Any other activity with him would have been inconceivable to me. He was a guaranteed sex partner for me, and that was all."

--confessions by one or both "same-sex marriage" partners that they had had frequent verbal and physical fights or altercations with each other throughout their weeks or months of marriage together;

--testimony indicating that one or both spouses in any given "same-sex marriage" were, in fact, pathological liars;

---a divorce-court confession by one estranged partner in that same-sex marriage that he had gotten married to the other male person "primarily because he had a very good comprehensive health insurance policy, and he had promised me I could get full coverage under his policy if I agreed to marry him.

"After we crossed the altar together, though, he suddenly told me that he now expected me to get my own health insurance policy. He said he wanted me to be as self-reliant as possible, in case our marriage were to fail. So I ended up with no health insurance at all, and my complete certainty that I'd been betrayed by him from day one!"

---divorce-court testimony by one estranged partner in that same-sex marriage that "I agreed to get married to him only after he repeatedly threatened to kill me if I didn't. He repeatedly warned me that if I didn't agree to his demand that I marry him, he would do everything in his power to cause me to die young. He threatened to poison me himself or pay someone else to poison me.

"He also threatened to tailgate me on the highway until he had triggered a fatal motor-vehicle accident for me. He also threatened to subject me to non-stop noise pollution until he triggered a fatal heart attack from me."

--the divorce-court allegation by the estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage that "the defendant frequently stated to me that whenever he was angry with me, he would enter my anus twice as fast as usual during sodomy with me. He stated to me that he entered my anus fast on those occasions because he wanted to inflict severe pain on me. 'I am doing this in order to punish you and teach you a lesson!' he would shout at me during high-speed sexual penetration of my anus. 'You are my slave, and you must be totally submissive toward me at all times!', the defendant would state with anger in his voice."

---testimony by one estranged spouse from a same-sex marriage in divorce court that "he promised me just before we got married that he has no involvement of any type with any illicit drug. Then one week after we got married, I suddenly discovered his Big Bong Collection hidden away in his bedroom closet. It turned out he had been collecting marijuana bongs as his favorite hobby for the last 10 years, and he never told me about that before we tied the knot.

"He told me he regards Marijuana Bongs as the Ultimate Phallic Symbol. When I asked him why he had lied to me, he replied that he hadn't. He told me he doesn't consider marijuana to be an illicit drug, since medical doctors sometimes prescribe marijuana for their patients in states like Oregon and California, he said."

----divorce-court confessions by at least one partner from a same-sex marriage that he did not love or even significantly like the other individual at the time when they got married, and that he himself had in fact been pressured or forced or compelled into marrying the other individual, whether through financial vulnerability on his own part, or because he was victimized by blackmail, bribery, extortionism, threats of retaliation against himself, or victimized by kidnapping, hostage-taking, entrapment, illegal or unauthorized electronic surveillance, or stalking, that, in each such case, had been perpetrated against himself by the other individual, or by associates or relatives of that individual.

---divorce-court allegations by the estranged lesbian partner from a lesbian marriage in which she states to the court that "my female spouse was addicted to collecting dildos as her primary pastime, and she would spend hundreds of dollars a month on purchasing new dildos to add to her collection. She owned 10,000 dildos of a wide variety of sizes, and she frequently stated to me that she would not be happy until she owned at least 1 million dildos ranging in length from five inches to 20 inches. I nearly went into bankruptcy because of my female spouse's dildo-crazed spending sprees. Your Honor, I am alleging in this divorce lawsuit that my female lesbian partner exhibited mental cruelty and infidelity toward me in that and other ways."