Thursday, October 10, 2013


The following persons are among those individuals who definitely DO NOT qualify for prospective or actual membership in my non-Christian and permanently alcohol-free and still-one-member (myself, only) and fully-independent Progressive Prohibitionist Religion:

---Persons who have attempted to subject me to, or who have subjected me to, any alleged poisoning or deliberate contamination of my food or beverages at any time.

---Persons who have a felony-conviction criminal record.

---Persons who are current members of an "organized-crime family."

---Persons who have been fully aware that I myself am being victimized by crime against my wishes, and who have chosen not to report ANY crime evidence they themselves are aware of, or any rumors about those crimes that they themselves have heard or learned about, to ANY reputable official government law-enforcement agency with any possible jurisdiction on that type of crime case.

---Persons who have subjected me to any anonymous communications violating my own privacy rights at any time.

---Persons who have subjected me to the outrageous and very injurious sex crime of rape in a context victimizing myself.

---Persons subjecting me to any form of crime, including unauthorized and injurious "medical services," during periods in which I am asleep and unconscious.

---Persons who have knowingly inflicted pain on my legs or my anus or any other portion of my own my body during periods when I am, in fact, sleeping alone on my own bed inside my bolt-locked private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit.

----Persons who have knowingly and deliberately attempted to rob me of hundreds of hours of sleep inside my locked private bedroom of my rental apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in the period since April 15, 2011, in particular---sleep that I would have otherwise benefited from through a refreshed feeling I would have experienced upon waking up after a full night's rest of uninterrupted sleep each morning.

----Persons who have failed to acknowledge my legal and human right to myself enjoy full and complete celibacy, without ANY physical contact or ANY sexual contact from any other human being or any animal or beast, for that matter.

----Persons who have subjected me to any type of alleged personal injury crime.

----Persons who have deliberately and willfully attempted to injure me or handicap me or inflict a disability on me or harm my own medical health or undermine my own medical lifespan or my own creatively vital medical longevity.

----Persons who have subjected me to slander or libel victimizing myself.

---Persons who have subjected me to fraudulent or flagrantly false verbal communications or flagrantly fraudulent or false verbalized warnings to myself.

---Persons who have expressed or verbalized defiance of my own legal right and human right to myself EXCLUDE from my own life each of the persons whom I have already rejected from my own life.

----Persons who have allegedly spied on me in violation of my own privacy rights.

----Persons who subject me to verbalized death threats, or who sponsor verbalization of death threats that were inflicted on me by anyone.

----Persons who either attempt to subject me to a "snuff movie" in which I myself am or was ever previuosly targeted for "victim" status, or who themselves sponsor or conspire toward or make financial payments toward planned production of a heinously homicidal movie of that very infamous type.

----Persons who have allegedly stalked me, an outrageous and flagrant violation of the state penal code of Texas that a helpful police officer for the Denver City Police Department in Denver City, Texas, volunteered to me in person was allegedly or possibly occurring in a context allegedly victimizing myself in Denver City, Texas, in the year 1996, in particular.

----Persons who have knowingly subjected me to continuous and medically injurious noise pollution over a multi-hour period, a multi-day period, a multi-month period, or a multi-year period.

----Persons who have already been rejected by me from my own life.