Thursday, October 10, 2013


The following persons are among those individuals who definitely DO NOT qualify for prospective or actual membership in my non-Christian and permanently alcohol-free and still-one-member (myself, only) and fully-independent Progressive Prohibitionist Religion:

---Persons who have attempted to subject me to, or who have subjected me to, any alleged poisoning or deliberate contamination of my food or beverages at any time.

---Persons who have a felony-conviction criminal record.

---Persons who are current members of an "organized-crime family."

---Persons who have been fully aware that I myself am being victimized by crime against my wishes, and who have chosen not to report ANY crime evidence they themselves are aware of, or any rumors about those crimes that they themselves have heard or learned about, to ANY reputable official government law-enforcement agency with any possible jurisdiction on that type of crime case.

---Persons who have subjected me to any anonymous communications violating my own privacy rights at any time.

---Persons who have subjected me to the outrageous and very injurious sex crime of rape in a context victimizing myself.

---Persons subjecting me to any form of crime, including unauthorized and injurious "medical services," during periods in which I am asleep and unconscious.

---Persons who have knowingly inflicted pain on my legs or my anus or any other portion of my own my body during periods when I am, in fact, sleeping alone on my own bed inside my bolt-locked private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit.

----Persons who have knowingly and deliberately attempted to rob me of hundreds of hours of sleep inside my locked private bedroom of my rental apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in the period since April 15, 2011, in particular---sleep that I would have otherwise benefited from through a refreshed feeling I would have experienced upon waking up after a full night's rest of uninterrupted sleep each morning.

----Persons who have failed to acknowledge my legal and human right to myself enjoy full and complete celibacy, without ANY physical contact or ANY sexual contact from any other human being or any animal or beast, for that matter.

----Persons who have subjected me to any type of alleged personal injury crime.

----Persons who have deliberately and willfully attempted to injure me or handicap me or inflict a disability on me or harm my own medical health or undermine my own medical lifespan or my own creatively vital medical longevity.

----Persons who have subjected me to slander or libel victimizing myself.

---Persons who have subjected me to fraudulent or flagrantly false verbal communications or flagrantly fraudulent or false verbalized warnings to myself.

---Persons who have expressed or verbalized defiance of my own legal right and human right to myself EXCLUDE from my own life each of the persons whom I have already rejected from my own life.

----Persons who have allegedly spied on me in violation of my own privacy rights.

----Persons who subject me to verbalized death threats, or who sponsor verbalization of death threats that were inflicted on me by anyone.

----Persons who either attempt to subject me to a "snuff movie" in which I myself am or was ever previuosly targeted for "victim" status, or who themselves sponsor or conspire toward or make financial payments toward planned production of a heinously homicidal movie of that very infamous type.

----Persons who have allegedly stalked me, an outrageous and flagrant violation of the state penal code of Texas that a helpful police officer for the Denver City Police Department in Denver City, Texas, volunteered to me in person was allegedly or possibly occurring in a context allegedly victimizing myself in Denver City, Texas, in the year 1996, in particular.

----Persons who have knowingly subjected me to continuous and medically injurious noise pollution over a multi-hour period, a multi-day period, a multi-month period, or a multi-year period.

----Persons who have already been rejected by me from my own life.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Most Humorous or Noteworthy Insults and Ominous Comments and 'Back-Handed Compliments' That Other Individuals have Verbalized to Me

---"No matter where you go in Austin, you will be geting raped during your sleep!"---John Schlueter, a personal friend of mine and high-ranking television production team staff member for the Belo-owned and ABC-affiliated KVUE Television Station in Austin, Texas, with the kindly John Schlueter also expressing major concern to me in our cited February 2012 local phone conversation about alleged violations of my own privacy rights and other legal rights of mine in Austin, Texas, that allegedly exceeded legal-rights violations endured by ANY other Austin resident whom John Schlueter could recall having ever learned about at any prior time in his entire life, he helpfully pointed out.

---"There appears to be an attempt by many people in town to drive you out of the Austin area!"---David Ferris, civil probate director for the Travis County Clerk's Office of Travis County Government in the Travis County Courthouse in downtown Austin, Texas, during a 2001 phone call I made to his office from an apartment unit in northwest Austin I had moved into in August 2001. I was very surprised by that unsolicited "disclosure" to me by Mr. Ferris, particularly since I myself do not recall having ever met Mr. Ferris in person on any occasion in my entire life.

---"And when you decide to move out of Austin, give me a phone call before you leave town. I'd like to talk with you at that point about what your plans are." --- Austin (TX) Police Department (APD) Officer James Turner, the APD-designated "liaison" officer to myself during that period, in a 2012 or 2013 comment he made to me on the telephone, after I politely mentioned to Officer Turner that the alleged continued failure of the Austin Police Department under his apparent guidance during that entire multi-month period to diligently investigate any of my numerous criminal-law complaints I'd filed with APD in 2012 and 2013 about myself being victimized by one or more alleged illegal intruders inside my bolt-locked apartment unit in northwest Austin, might compel me to myself move out of Austin, Texas, at some future point on my own initiative. In response to Officer Turner's reply to me on the telephone in that possibly last-ever phone conversation I had with him, I politely pointed out that in view of Officer Turner's own alleged repeated failure to ever acknowledge to me that any of the crime evidence I had shared with him merited further investigation by APD, that evidence from me having included numerous infrared motion-sensitive camera photographs obtained on my own behalf from inside my locked private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit during my bedtime hours that I had sent him by E-mail, I would NOT be inclined to make any courtesy phone call to APD Officer James Turner before I move out of Austin, Texas.

---"These things can turn around very quickly, which often involves an out-of-court settlement."---Austin (TX) Police Department Officer James Turner, in a 2012 or 2013 telephone conversation he had with me while on duty for that municipal law-enforcement agency of the City Government of Austin.

The conversation I had with Officer Turner specifically related to my having filed numerous crime reports with the Austin Police Department (APD) ever since April 28, 2011, in particular, in which I officially complained to APD that I myself had been victimized during my bedtime hours by alleged anal-rape crimes and alleged personal injury crimes inside my bolt-locked and locked rental-apartment unit on a daily and year-round basis, with the exceptions of the mornings of the early morning hours of Saturday, September 3, 2011, and of Saturday, September 10, 2011, respectively.

----"And even if you do decide to move to another city or town in the United States, you will continue to perceive yourself as being subjected to personal injury crimes and anal rape crimes on a daily basis during your sleep inside your bolt-locked private residence." --- Austin Police Department Officer James Turner in a very surprising unsolicited comment he made to me in 2012 at my apartment complex in northwest Austin. Officer James Turner throughout a multi-month and multi-year time period was the APD-assigned "liaison" to myself in connection with the alleged continuous and continuing daily and year-round personal-injury crimes and anal-rape factual crime reports, accompanied by crime evidence I had provided to APD officers, that I had politely and diligently filed with the Austin Police Department throughout the entire multi-year period ever since and including April 28, 2011. My April 28, 2011, crime report to APD about my being a victim of anal rape during my sleep on a bed I own where I was sleeping ALONE (as always, I might add) inside my rental apartment unit, APD Crime Report Number 11-1180447, prompted APD to officially authorize a forensic medical exam on me on that one total occasion from the last two and one-half year period through the present (October 3, 2013). APD maintained that the results from the April 28, 2011, forensic exam on me found no evidence that I myself had been raped by anyone during my sleep. APD has repeatedly declined to authorize any subsequent forensic DNA medical exam on me on any occasion since April 28, 2011, even though I have repeatedly and politely requested official APD authorization of DNA exams of that type on myself in the multi-year period since April 28, 2011.

-----"I myself know you are intelligent, but some other people don't see you that way. They think you are stupid or mildly retarded, and they look upon you as someone who might make a perfect victim." --- Forrester Farris, a refreshingly candid coworker of mine at one of my restaurant workplaces in Austin, during an off-duty conversation he initiated with me that took place inside the first-rate chain restaurant where we are each employed.

----"One of our regular customers inside this IHOP 290 restaurant is a middle-aged woman who repeatedly states to me inside this restaurant that she suspects you of being a serial killer." ---Jed Cecil, then-general manager of an IHOP franchise restaurant near Interstate Highway 35 in central north Austin, in a very surprising disclosure he made to me in 2010 or 2011 during working hours for me at IHOP 290 restaurant. I myself am civil and law-abiding and DO NOT have any criminal-conviction record, as I have politely emphasized to employers and prospective employers in the Austin area on numerous occasions in recent years.

---"Your most recent report to me about citedly substandard conditions in the men's restroom of our IHOP 290 restaurant is yet another example of looney-tunes stuff from you! Who cares? The ONLY report from you I ever want to get is if you happen to find a dead body on our restaurant's property. And if you do find a dead body, just call 911 to report it! Don't bother telling me about it!" --- Jed Cecil, then-general manager of IHOP 290 restaurant in north central Austin, in a reply of this type he made to me on numerous ocasions during my period of employment there as a full-time waiter from 2009-2011.

---"You would not last long in prison, since you would get quickly identified as a snitch---and the other inmates hates snitches! You would never get out of prison alive!" --- Jed Cecil, then-general manager of mine at the IHOP 290 ACG-franchise-owned IHOP chain restaurant in along Koenig Lane near Interstate Highway 35, in a comment he made to me in 2010 while standing about five feet from the manager's office. Mr. Cecil made that particular comment to me during a workshift of mine at IHOP 290 as a waiter there.

---"I hope you never end up in prison, since you would never get out of there alive! The other inmates would identify you as a snitch, and they would target you for retaliatory punishment!" --- Jed Cecil, then-general manager of mine at the IHOP 290 ACG-franchise-owned IHOP chain restaurant near Interstate Highway 35 in north Central Austin, in a very surprising comment he made to me during a workshift of mine in 2010 or 2011 that probably occurred in response to one of my dozens of conscientious factual reports I had made to him over a multi-month time period about cited possible alleged impropriety by a coworker of mine at IHOP 290 restaurant.

----"You are a nut, but you do what your manager tells you to do. You would never have gotten re-hired by IHOP in the Austin area, since none of the general managers in my entire district were willing to work with you. The only exception to that was Jed Cecil at IHOP 290 in Austin, and he had major concerns about you. I had to beg him to give you a chance at IHOP 290!" --- Jason Kein, then the area director for ACG Inc., a franchise of IHOP chain restaurants that is itself headquartered in the Dallas area.

---"You're a very likeable person. As for whether you are lovable, that is outside of my area of expertise." ---- former Stephen F. Austin High schoolmate Bill Leach, during a friendly local telephone conversation I had with that personal friend of mine earlier this 21st Century.

---"I think about you not at all." --- Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biological brother, during a local phone call I made to his Austin-area home earlier this 21st Century.

---"It is very unlikely that anyone other than yourself has been inside your bolt-locked bedroom of your bolt-locked Wind River Crossing Apartments rental unit during your bedtime hours. I recommend that you proceed accordingly and focus on other matters instead" (approximate quote).---Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biological brtoher and a professional real-estate surveyor, during a 2013 phone call I made to him from my northwest Austin apartment unit.

---"If I ever win the state lottery here in Texas, I will give you a tiny percentage, such as one percent or one-half-percent, of what I myself win from that" (approximate quote). --- Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biolotgical brother, in a 21st Century comment he volunteered to me on the telephone during a phone call I made to him from my rental apartment unit in Austin, Texas.

---"Since you have not enjoyed any of the gay persons you have ever met in your life, I have signed a legal agreeent on your behalf that requires you to live with a heterosexual woman."---Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biological brother, duringa a 1995 local phone cvall I made to him in Austin, Texas, shortly before I moved to Baytown, Texas, to begin a full-time newspaper reporing job for the "Baytown Sun" general-circulation daily newspaper.

---"You are doing it all wrong." --- Arthur Rauch, a study-skills instructor for the University of Texas at Austin, in an emphatic comment he volunteered to me in person on at least three separate occasions in evaluating my own law-abiding conduct as a human being, this dring strictly-platonic and very minimal leisuretime meetings that I had with Mr. Rauch in restaurants of Austin, Texas, in the 1980s.

---"Sara and I like you, but we do not love you." --- Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biological brother, during a late 1990s or early 21st Century local phone call I made to that married couple's Austin-area home from an apartment unit I rented near the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"I am not aware of any conflict of any type between yourself and any member of the Temple Berth Israel Congregation that I represent here in Austin, and I say that partly because you do not reside near our synagogue these days." ---- Attorney Leon Barish, President of the Temple Beth Israel Reform Judaism religious congregation near UT-Austin, during a one-to-one legal-consultation meeting I had with him in the early 21st Century inside his law office along West Sixth Street in central Austin.

---"You can stay in Austin as many years as you like, for all the good it would do you. You can never develop a social life in Austin. I know how Austin is." -- Richard Goldsmith, during a phone call I made to him from my apartment unit near UT-Austin in the late 1990s or early 21st Century. The gentlemanly Richard Goldsmith, a married man, is a former work supervisor of mine who served as my news editor during the period of 1988-1989 when I worked full-time as a reporter for the "El Campo (TX) Leader-News" general-circulation newspaper in El Campo, Texas.

---"I would like to disembowel you!" --- Professor Misha Penn, a self-identified Orthodox Jewish gentleman and married man who served as my instructor in an anthropology course in which I was enrolled as a student during the summer of 1983 on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Professor Penn made that surprisingly unsolicited comment directed specifically at me, much to my surprise, one day in the middle of a class session that I had attended that day. Professor Penn's comment sparked immediate laughter from the other students in our anthropology class.

----"I realize that you try very hard, John. In fact, you are the most trying person I have ever met!"---then-schoolmate Bill Leach, during a 1970s phone conversation I had with him when each of us were attending Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas.

----"You are potentially likeable." --- Dr. Michael McMillan, my biological older brother, in an E-mail letter he wrote me and sent to me earlier this 21st Century from his private residence in Los Angeles County, California.

---"Your challenge in Austin, Texas, is to make the transition from your current status as a dislikeable eccentric to eventually becoming a likeable eccentric. That would be a good long-term goal for you, it seems to me." --- Kent Neal McMillan, my biological oldest brother, during a late 1990s local phone conversation I had with him from my apartment unit situated a few blocks from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"Can you blame the gay community for trying to harm you?" --- Sona Spear Nast, a former classmate of mine at Stephen F. Austin High School, in a question she posed to me after she initiated a conversation with me in the early 21st Century at a class reunion get-together inside the "North by Northwest" restaurant in northwest Austin. Sona posed that question to me immediately after I informed her that I had given televised speeches in Austin on behalf of my own one-member and non-Christian Progressive Prohibitionist Religion in which I had urged the government-ordered permanent closing of any and all commercial sex parlors in Austin, including any and all of the so-called "gay bathhouses" of Austin.

---"Your many comments to me about your being a self-identified victim of crime in Austin, Texas, reveal a lack of imagination on your part." --- Kent Neal McMillan, my biological oldest brother, during a local phone call I made in the late 1990s to his and his wife's Austin-area home from my rental apartment unit a few blocks from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"You are being victimized by crime in Austin, Texas, on a frequent and year-round basis!"---Cousin Jim Dane, a kindly farmer and married man residing near Iowa City, Iowa, during a late 1990s long-distance phone call I made to his family's farm from my rental apartment unit situated a few blocks from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"I hope that my son (Valerio Caldesi Valeri) has not poisoned you!" --- the self-identified biological mother of my male adult roommate at Viewpoint Apartments, "Valerio Caldesi Valeri" his self-identified name, who was himself a self-identified citizen of Italy and Classics scholar holding a teaching position in the UT-Austin Classics Department during that approximate time period during or shortly after the year 2000 on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. The woman and biological mother who made that unsolicited comment to me in late 2000 over dinner inside the Macaroni Grill chain restaurant near the Arboretum in northwest Austin was herself a self-identified visitor to Austin from Italy at the time of that four-person outing in which she and her husband, the president of a bank in Italy, and their gentlemanly son Valerio all accompanied me for an Italian-style meal inside the Macaroni Grill chain restaurant in Austin. The reference to "poison" by Valerio's mother was very surprising, and did not appear to have any context to it.

---"I cannot imagine you ever going to the restroom without devoting an hour to analyzing the manure you had left in the toilet!"---an apparently kindly male adult professor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, during a two-person meeting I had with him in 1984 or 1983 on the campus of that State of Minnesota-owned university.

---"I'm surprised to learn from this phone call you made to me today that you are still alive. I had just assumed that you contracted AIDS and were dead by now!" --- Dr. Susan Reynolds Herrington, a kindly medical doctor and former classmate of mine at Washington University in St. Louis, during an early 21st Century long-distance phone call I made at my own expense to her St. Louis-area private residence from my rental apartment unit near the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"You never annoy me, John. You don't have enough emotional effect on me to ever annoy me. You often irk me, but you don't ever annoy me." --- Kent Neal McMillan, my oldest biological brother, during a 1986 phone call I made to his and his wife's home in south Austin from my parents' home in Westlake Hills, Texas.

---"If you ever do get organized, you would be dangerous!" --- Dave Bernard, my news editor at "The (New Ulm, Minn.) Journal" daily newspaper in New Ulm, Minnesota, during an unsolicited in-person evaluation of me in 1980 or 1981 by Dave Bernard inside the newsroom of our general-circulation daily newspaper in southwestern Minnesota.

---"Eric Schwarz (a former coworker of mine in the newsroom of the 'Patriot Ledger' daily newspaper in Quincy, Mass.) hates your guts!" --- a bespectacled tall and slender Anglo male reporter for the "Patriot Ledger" daily newspaper, Jason Seiken, in a very emphatic oral disclosure that Jason made to me in person in downtown Quincy in 1986 or 1987.

---"Kathy Cabble(then a photographer reportedly employed at the St. Petersburg (FLA.) Times and Independent daily newspaper in western Florida, and a former coworker of mine at the 'Daily Texan' student newspaper on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin) really despises you, John!" -- Lynne Dobson, a friendly high-ranking executive of the Whataburger restaurant chain headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, during a 1988 unsolicited disclosure to me on the telephone that Ms. Dobson very courageously made to me in a local phone call I made to Ms. Dobson's home from a pay telephone near the UT-Austin campus in Austin, Texas.

---"Your parents will not be around much longer, and after they pass away at some future point, I won't be able to offer you any financial help. At that point, you are at dire risk of turning into a ward of the State Government of Texas." --- Kent Neal McMillan, an unsolicited January 1996 warning he verbalized to me on the telephone during a period in which I resided in Baytown, Texas, as a full-time sports reporter for "The Baytown Sun" general-circulation daily newspaper, and I had just accepted a position as a full-time editor and reporter for "The Denver City (TX) Press" general-circulation newspaper in Denver City, Texas.

---"You have sponged off your parents for years, and you are a loafer." --- Kent Neal McMillan, in a late 1990s or early 21st Century comment to me on the telephone during a local phone call I made to his and his wife's Austin-area home from my rental apartment unit situated a few blocks from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

---"You always were a pest during your childhood."---Kent Neal McMillan, in a 1994 comment that my oldest biological brother made to me on the telephone during a long-distance phone call I made to his and his wife's Austin-area home from my "Snyder Daily News" daily newspaper workplace in Snyder, Texas.

---"Howard Goldberg has a low estimation of you." -- Kent Neal McMilan, in a 1990 or 1991 observation that my biological oldest brother made to me on the telephone during a long-distance phone call I made to Kent and his wife's Austin-area home.

---"Howard Goldberg seems to be changing his mind about whether he is willing to let you live in Texas for the rest of your life. He seems to be more accepting of that outcome for you than he previously was." --- Kent Neal McMillan, in an unsolicited disclosure about a cited northeastern U.S. male adult person that Kent verbalized to me in the middle of a summer of 1991 long-distance phone call I had made to his and his wife's Austin-area home from the rental home in Cuero, Texas, where I was residing during a period in which I reported full-time as a bureau reporter for the "Victoria (TX) Advocate" general-circulation daily newspaper.

---"I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with you!...Don't ever call me again!" --- Julie McMillan Lechtenberger, my biological younger sister, during a long-distance 2013 phone call I made to her Houston-area home from my northwest Austin rental apartment unit, a phone call in which I politely provided my only biological sister with factual details about alleged personal injury crimes and alleged sex crimes allegedly victimizing me inside my bolt-locked northwest Austin apartment unit where I was living alone during that particular time period.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Observations on American Society of Today

Ours is a nation with a dire need for a televised speech from our head of state in which he urges everyone in this entire country to ALWAYS pursue a law-abiding and civil response to every challenge or conflict they experience in their own life.

Americans of today subscribe to the view that they should write their autobiography at age 25 in the form of a series of gaudy and obscene confessional tattoos that they have emblazoned on their own body. "Whatever I did, I did obscenely and in a very public manner!" Americans of today might as well declare to the entire world.

For all the public speeches that United States President Obama has delivered in recent years, a nationally televised speech in which he cites 10 solid factual reasons for NEVER consuming ANY cocaine is the one address that he never offers the American public. And that very nationally televised speech from our nation's head of state would save more American lives than any other speech that Mr. Obama could ever give.

The majority of Americans under age 30 exhibit a baffling contempt toward the traditional English handshake, favoring instead the hyper-dramatic "High-Five", as it is called. The High-Five, unlike the English handshake, suggests that American young people are eternally eager to slap each other in the guise of expressing a "friendly" affinity for their cited "brother" or "sister."

Americans under age 30 are eternally eager to reveal any and all tattoos emblazoned beaneath their own waistline to first-time acquaintances who inquire about those cited points of pride on their own body.

Americans who are victimized by continuous personal-injury crimes on a daily and year-round and multi-year basis have the consolation these days that if they write extensively about those crimes in E-mail letters to friends or government officials, at least the President of the United States is certainly very familiar with that continuous-crimes case and might, at some point, actually ask the FBI to come to the rescue.

If you ask an American of today to please tell you which U.S. state has contributed the most toward conservation of fossil fuels and of natural resources in this nation, your listener would offer you a perplexed look on his face. "I know which U.S. state has the best college football teams, and that is all," the American would tell you in response.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Ours is a nation with two classes of people: those who own debit cards and those who own credit cards.

Americans define losers as those who either don't own a cell phone or those who, if they own a celll phone, fail to declare in person to an acquaintance or friend at least 10 times per day: "Excuse me for interrupting our conversation, I have this urgent cell phone call I have to take right now."

Americans say they are interested in recyclicng of aluminum and paper products. But if you ask them whether they are interested in factual statistics about rapid depletion of American reserves of minerals and other natural resources  inside this country, they will ask you why you can't discuss a more cheerful topic?

Americans' failure to identify urban sprawl as a major political issue in U.S. Presidential campaigns reveals a sobering void in our national political dialogues.  Urban sprawl is very harmful to our environment and deprives our nation of millions of acres of valuable cropland and ranchland and forestland. Nowhere in America is there any municipality I'm aware of that greets visitors with a sign that proudly declares, "Welcome to America's Most Pedestrian-Friendly City!"

Americans profess to believe strongly in platonic love. But 90 pecent of the Hollywood movies they choose to watch are about non-platonic and flagrantly sexual lust.

Americans who agree to ride as passengers in an automobile in which the driver chats on a cell phone as he drives, are contributing to that societal problem. They are contributing to the problem by failing to complain to the driver, and by failing to also state to the driver that unless he discontinues those cell phone conversations immediately, they refuse to ride in his car with him.

Nearly all of the Americans who travel to Mexico complain about unsanitary conditions there. But virtually NONE of those same American visitors to Mexico ever donate money toward helping to establish a nationwide sewage system throughout Mexico or higher sanitary standards throughout Mexico.

Americans of today frequently complain about widespread illicit-drug-trafficking violence in Mexico. But few of those same Americans ever give a public speech in which they urge their fellow Americans to help stop drug-trafficking in Mexico by permanently discontinuing any and all consumption of marijuana in their own lifestyle.

Americans who complain about illicit-drug-related violence in Mexico overlook the sobering fact that Americans are indirectly sponsoring the civil-war-like conditions in Mexico through their own purchases of illicit drugs from our neighbor to the south. The financial profits that druglords in Mexico reap from American clients go toward those druglords' purchase of guns and ammunition that are then used inside Mexico to kill noble and courageous opponents of  illicit drug activities.

One of the best ways to stump an American is to ask him what he admries the most about his country's neighbor to the north, Canada. 
Some Americans will say they like the fact that commercial trade with Canada has increased in recent decades. Others will say they  are grateful for Canada's contributions to the sport of ice hockey. Still others will say that they are very glad that Canada has produced a heroic super-star singer for the 21st Century, Justin Bieber.  
If you ask for elaboration, though, you find that the American observer of Canada will beg to switch the subject. "Can't talk about Canada," the American will quickly comment with irritability in his voice and facial expression.

Americans who say they oppose abortion almost never add that they will gladly donate $100 toward providing safe and affordable vasectomy surgeries for American men that can spare thousands of American women from ever being subjected to an unwanted pregnancy by any of those men.

One of the keenest insights about the level of support for law and order in an American city can be found through a study of the facial expressions and demeanor of residents of that city whenever they hear a police car's siren blaring within 1,000 yards of themselves.
Many of those private citizens appear panic-stricken and very nervous and agitated or appear to be on the verge of  suddenly and very abruptly attempting to drive or run to a side street. Many of those same panick-stricken Americans may well be criminal persons fearful that their own criminal identity had somehow been "discovered" by the police.
"Have the police finally learned about the violent felony personal-injury crimes and sex crimes I commit on a daily basis in this city?" the panic-stricken citizens might as well be asking aloud to everyone around them in those very revealing "special moments" that say a lot about the mindset of an entire city.

Americans claim that their nation's economy is healthy whenever the unemployment rate is low.  Those same Americans fail to acknowledge that their nation's economy is inherently ill and diseased and weak if a significant percentage of the citizens of that nation are holding jobs in industries that are injurious to themselves and others.
The often-injurious industries include the tobacco industry; the tattooing industry; the marijuana industry; the gambling industry; the alcohol-production industry; the professional boxing industry; the gambling industry; organized crime; the heavy-metal rock music industry; the electric-guitar music industry; and the like.

Many Americans profess to deplore the barbarous cruelty of the Coliseum and Emperors of Ancient Rome. But few of those same Americans protest when they sit in a football stadium and witness yet another college football player or professional football player grimacing in pain fronm an injury on the football field after he sustained a major injury in the middle of a game. And only a tiny percentage of Americans protest when they witness boxers bloodying each other during a televised boxing match in the United STates.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Among the warning signs that the person you just encountered for the first time ever consumes the very dangerous and illicit drug marijuana and is someone whom you should consider excluding from your own life on that basis:

---Does he state to you that he seeks a "liberal" person as his roommate?

---Does he comment to you that "I'm often late for work, but my boss is very cool about it"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I just assume that all the single men in Austin get high on a frequent basis from smoking marijuana"?

---Does he ever comment to you that the Mexican song "La Cucaracha" is a personal favorite of his, and that he especially enjoys the lyrics of that folks song that declare,  "ya no puede caminar, porque no tiene, porque le falta, marijuana a fumar"?

---Does he comment to you with no apparent context to his observation and a peculiar grin on his face,  that "I find it eerie that the shape of Michigan on a map resembles a marijuana leaf; that entire state might as well declare to outsiders, 'Potheads are welcome here!"?

---Does he ever joke to you that "I'd rather be a pothead than a cheesehead or a meathead"?

---Does he confide to you that "I'm a Canadian citizen of divided loyalty---every morning, I salute the Maple Leaf; every evening, I salute the Marijuana Leaf"?

---Does he ever confide to you that "whenever I gaze at our Canadian national flag I am secretly hoping the maple leaf would disappear and get replaced by a marijuana leaf"?

---Does he ever admit to you that "I enjoy partying so much that I often forget when my next scheduled workshift begins at my workplace"?

---Does he ever confide to you that "I'm very lucky, since no one at my workplace can ever tell if  I'm high while on the clock there; I have this amazing ability to come across as straight, even when I'm completely and shamelessly stoned!"?

---Does he ever joke with you that "If I were a botanist, the only type of plants I would ever want to collect for research purposes would be plants that I could smoke"?

----Does he emphasize to you repeatedly that he's "thrilled that the city we live in is a big Party Town!"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "it's not true that I have a one-track mind: Some of the time I'm thinking about Marijuana; some of the time I'm thinking about Cannibis; some of the type I'm thinking Grass; and some of the time I've got Weed on my mind"?

----Does he ever comment to you that "marijuana has a grand and noble history as a fabric known as kemp, and it's only in modern times that our prudish American society has chosen to classify marijuana as harmful"?

---Does he ever confide to you that "I spend a lot of my time in headshops"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "I'd love to attend a Kemp Fashion Show where the announcer suddenly declares in the middle of that show that 'Everything you see on this stage came from the marijuana plant'---it would be very funny to see the reactions he would get from the ladies attending that fashion show"?

---Does he react in a surprising manner when you politely inform him that you've heard that a "Joint" Session of your state's Legislature will be convened in the near future, with the former individual replying to your factual statement by declaring: "I'll bet they plan to all get together and throw a huge pot party featuring lots of marijuana joints being passed around! That sure sounds like major progress for our state government! They might even vote more intelligently if they are all high at the time!"?

----Does he ever declare to you that "it would be impossible for you to ever find a roommate for yourself who completely abstains from marijuana, since all the single men I know of smoke pot"?

---Does he refer to himself as being "cool," and does he repeatedly emphasize that he prefers to associate with other persons whom he regards as being "cool"?

---Does he ever state or indicate to you that he himself would never call the police to report possible evidence he has observed of a neighbor or coworker or acquaintance or complete stranger, for that matter, allegedly consuming or allegedly possessing or allegedly purchasing or allegedly selling any quantity of marijuana?

---Does he confide to you with a possible smirk on his face that "I have some vices in my lifestyle, some of which may technically speaking be in violation of the law"?

---Does he exhibit sudden bursts of intense fearfulness, accompanied by angry accusations he might hurl at you or some other person in your presence, such as, "You're a NARC informant for the police department, aren't you?"

---Does he ever exhibit sudden flashes of fearfulness bordering on hysteria in which he very abruptly glares at you with angry suspicion in his eyes and facial expression and demeanor, and then he then very emphatically states to you: "Prove to be that you are NOT an undercover cop!"?

----Does he ever ask you in an accusatory voice "if you are secretly videotaping me as I chat with you today, and if so, who else will be reviewing that videotape"?

---Does he react in a surprisingly hostile or unfriendly manner when you politely ask him if he would like to meet a personal friend of yours who happens to be employed as a police officer?

---Do you detect the possible scent of marijuana on his body or on his clothing?

---Do you detect the scent of marijuana on his breath?

---Does he appear to be someone who participates in indiscriminate sex with a wide range of sex partners?

---Does he state to you that he thrills to attending live outdoor electric-guitar rock concerts, and that he wishes he had been alive at the time in order to attend the famous Woodstock rock concert in either upstate New York or Vermont, and he's not sure which of the two U.S. states hosted that live outdoor rock concert featuring lots of celebrations of every type by rock music fans at that historic rock concert?

---Does he ever confess to you that "I've gotten high so often in my life that I find it impossible to imagine what it is like to  be fully sober and straight for 24 consecutive hours."

----Does he ever joke in your presence that "Marijuana is Mexico's leading contribution to American society"?

----Does he ever comment within earshot of you that "one of my leading fantasies as a foodie here in Austin, Texas, is to eat 10 marijuana enchiladas in one 24-hour period that were each made from whole-wheat tortillas"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I don't classify consumption of marijuana by the Bong Method as illicit. The use of a bong makes the entire marijuana-smoking experience much more neat and tidy and elegant, in my opinion, and there is nothing the least bit improper about it"?

---Does he appear to be very passive and sedentary and fatigued for prolonged periods, when he is generally aggressive and physically active and energetic at other times of the day?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I wonder why I never see any stained glass window in the church I attend that features the outline of a marijuana leaf"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence, such as after sipping copious sips of margaritas while chatting with you, that "The one girl I love the most is a girl named Juana; and in fact I want very, very much to MARRY JUANA"?

----Does he ever confide to you that "to me, a hot date is synonymous these days with consumption of marijuana, since marijuana brings out the nymphomaniac in just about every single lady, and marijuana also makes me all the more virile and powerful in bed"?

----Does he ever respond to a question from you by himself asking you, "To what do you REEFER?", when he had in fact intended to ask you, "To what do you REFER?", with that gentleman then blushing beet red over what he suddenly senses at that very moment was a very revealing Freudian slip that he has just stumbled upon in your presence?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "the girl I married is someone I call 'Juana', and I always joke with my wife that 'I'm very merry around you, Juana, so much so that I plan to write a love poem in your honor that is entitled, 'I'm Very Merry Juana'"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "If you want to get merry, smoke more juana"?

----Does he appear to be addicted to alcohol?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "When I write my memoirs someday, I plan to devote an entire chapter of that book to offering my deep gratitude to a man I only knew on a first-name basis who made home deliveries to me on a weekly basis"?

---Does he describe his own political ideology and lifestyle as "liberal"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "I decided long ago that I am not seeking to get nominated to the Supreme Court, if you get my drift"?

---Is he under age 40 and single, and he describes his own political ideology as "liberal Democrat"?

---Does he ever comment to you with a possible smirk on his face that "I like to get wasted during my leisuretime"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "I love her dearly; she is so passionately hooked on marijuana that her first name might as well be 'Mary',  her middle name might as well be 'Juana'"?

----Does he ever admit to you that "whenever I confess my sins to my priest, I make a point of never mentioning marijuana, since my priest would prefer to hear about sins I commit after I drink alcohol----alcohol puts a smile on my priest's face, since he's recalling that he used to promote it quite a bit through communion"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I don't consume any illicit drugs;  to me, there is nothing at all illicit about the monthly marijuana brownie-eating tradition that my friend and I pursue before we attend a symphony orchestra performance here in our city"?

---Does he ever boast to you that "I consider myself to be a gourmet snacker, since my most enjoyable dining experiences all occur for me when I'm experiencing the munchies"?

---Does he ever state or indicate to you that he "admires the goals and activities of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws," a group also known as "NORML"?

---Does he ever comment in your presence that "I always have a designated driver whenever I attend a party with friends of mine; I am very conscientious about getting high, since I definitely agree that I should not be behind the wheel when I'm high"?

---Does he ever state to you that he admires The Netherlands "because the Dutch are very enlightened in their outlook toward marijuana"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I deplore the way American society demonizes marijuana, when if you visit Amsterdam in The Netherlands, for instance, you find that purchasing marijuana there is a perfectly legitimate and honorable activity"?

----Does he ever comment to you with a smirk on his face that "I would like to develop an annual tradition of celebrating the birthday of the person who invented the marijuana cigarette"?

----Does he ever refer to being he owner of "rolling papers" in any cited context?

----Does he ever comment or indicate to you that he approves of a major recent political trend in the U.S. state of California, since the scope of government-endorsed farming there has been widened to include one particular crop that he especially adores?

---Does he ever confide to you that "If I ever do become a farmer, the only crop I'd want to raise on my farm would be marijuana"?

----Does he ever comment to you with a devilish grin on his face that "Honey, the ONLY type of smoking I ever do is of the NON-TOBACCO type"?

---Does he ever confide to you that "when I get high, I can never decide whether to hold my reefer in my right hand or my left hand---I'm ambidextrous, you see"?

---Does he ever joke to you that "I wish I were terminally ill, so I could smoke marijuana and get high all the time without getting arrested for it"?

---Does he ever confess to you that "I like to party a lot in my leisuretime"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "that actor is so natural in his performances that I sense he gets high on marijuana before he does his thing in front of cameras; and I myself refer to that as Marijuana Method Acting-----I'm very impresssed by the dazzling results these actors get with that strategy of theirs for enhancing their performance"?

---Does his short-term memory appear to be significantly impaired?

---Does he ever comment to you with a smile on his face while watching a professional tennis match with you that "the way he miss-hit the ball just then suggests to me that he's playing this singles match under the influence of marijuana."

---Does he ever boast to you that "I once worked an entire workshift at my workplace while I was high, and no one noticed"?

----Does he ever joke with you that "some people like to share Swiss Fondue with their friends; myself,  I prefer to share a reefer or bong with my friends, that's my preferred outlet for sharing, if you will"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I collect bongs as one of my hobbies; I consider them to be very attractive enhancements to my interior decor inside my home"?

---Does he ever ask you whether you also sense that "when someone's high, he's more likely to verbalize the F-word"?

---Does he ever state or indicate to you that "smoking marijuana is a lot less harmful to you than smoking tobacco cigarettes"?

---Does he ever state or declare to you that "at least with marijuana, there's no sharing of a needle; this is what makes marijuana smoking so much safer for you than if you and a friend shoot up with heroin together, since many of the needles get infected and this can spread the HIV virus if you and your friend are not careful"?

---Does he emphatically declare to you that "I look upon marijuana as a soft drug, while cocaine is a hard drug; and I of course stay away from hard drugs like the plague"?

---Does he smoke or consume any tobacco product?

---Does he ever hint or state or declare to you that he supports legalization of marijuana in any cited context?

---Does he ever confide to you that "my heart goes out to those innocent young persons who end up in prison merely because they smoked marijuana in their home, and that prison time completely ruined their lives"?

---Does he ever state to you that "The worst type of societal discrimination I know of is the discrimination against honorable persons who happen to smoke marijuana for pleasure as a leisuretime activity of theirs"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I strongly oppose random-drug testing of employees at the workplace, since it would violate my own privacy rights"?

---Does he ever state to you or indicate to you that he regards criminal-law investigations by police departments of individuals suspected of marijuana-related activities as "a waste of taxpayers' money, when the police should instead be spending their time and energy investigating major crimes such as murders and rapes"?

---Does he ever state to you that his lifestyle tends to be "wild and crazy"?

----When he attends a church service with you, does he suddenly ask you in the middle of the sermon, "Wouldn't it be interesting to find out how this clergyman would conduct himself if he got high on marijuana"?

---Does he ever state to you that "smoking marjuana works especially well for me at the sex orgies I attend here in Austin, since I'm always turned on sexually the entire time I am there"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "My girlfriend and I own His and Her Bongs"?

---Does he ever boast to you that "I'm at my most profoundly philosophical at 2 a.m. in the morning"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "wouldn't it be lots of fun to get high with someone and then tape-record our entire conversation after we're both stoned off our gourds"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "I would love to have my nocturnal dreams monitored during my bedtime hours inside my home; I'm very sure that my nighttime dreams would offer very favorable PR material for the 'Marijuana Community', as I like to call that favorite community of mine"?

---Does he ever state or indicate to you that  "I could not possibly in good conscience ever vote for any candidate for elective office who admits that he supports enforcement of current laws that classify the production, possession, sale, distribution, and consumption of marijuana as a crime"?

---Does he ever state to you that "anyone who smokes marijuana is a friend of mine; in fact, I have never met any marijuana smoker whom I personally dislike---it's our Marijuana Smokers' Solidarity Movement, very revolutionary, you see"?

---Does he ever state to you that he regards marijuana as a "harmless" or "innocuous" illicit drug?

---Does he ever state to you that "my favorite foreign countries are the nations where marijuana is produced and exported in the biggest quantities, and this is why I keep the national flags of Mexico and Colombia on permanent display inside the living room of my home"?

----Does he ever state to you at your workplace that "as an immigrant from Mexico now living in Texas, I feel that the police here are too tough on arresting people for marijuana-related activities; back in Mexico, I could smoke marijuana all I wanted and the police there would never arrest me"?

---Does he ever sketch the outline of a marijuana leaf when he doodles on paper?

---Does he ever state to you in an apparently sly manner that "I love tea, but not the type of tea that you actually drink"?

---Does he ever state to you in a seemingly jovial manner that "Some of my best friends are potheads"?

---Does he ever state to you with anger in his tone of voice that he is very sure that smoking  marijuana does not damage the brain in any way, and definitely does not destroy any brain cells?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I find it fascinating how my friends do these very creative monologues after they get high; and it's all so fun to listen to that dialogues disappear"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "The only thing that Paul and I agree on is the guy we each chose as our dope dealer; and I'm amazed that Paul and I even agree on that much"?

---Does he ever confess to you that "many of my own emotional peak experiences have been occasions when I got high smoking marijuana; there's something very special about the intimate camaraderie among marijuana smokers sharing a joint together in the same apartment"?

---Does he ever verbalize to you fantasies of any type relating to marijuana, such as if he comments to you in the middle of your conversation with him about another subject that "I'd love to write a biography about the world's very first marijuana-dealer, as I'm sure that would turn into a best-seller overnight here in the United States"?

---Does the interior decor of his apartment or home feature any sketch or photograph of a cannibis plant?

---Does he ever confide to you that "I own a DVD recording of the movie 'Marijuana Madness', and every year I host a huge Marijuana Madness Party in my home where my friends and I will all watch that hilarious movie while laughing our fannies off the entire time"?

----Does he ever joke to you that "whenever I learn that a hurricane is about to strike the area of Florida where I live, I always throw a huge Hurricane Madness Party in my home where my friends and I all get high and laugh ourselves silly over Ted or Sally, or whatever the most recent hurricane has been named by the meteorologists, and I always like to point out that no one knows the last name of Ted or Sally, they're like high-risk one-night stands to my friends and me"?

--Does he ever declare to you in a seemingly flippant manner that "Timothy Leary was the greatest professor in the entire history of Harvard University, my only quibble with him being that I would not have chosen LSD as my own drug of choice"?

---Does he ever state to you that he personally believes that smoking marijuana is "less harmful to you than drinking alcohol," as he may put it?

---Does he ever comment to you that "whenever that professional tennis player is not playing as well as usual, I myself just assume she got high the night before at that pro tennis tournament"?

---Does he ever confide to you that "the one professional tennis player I could identify with the most was Jennifer Capriati, and it isn't because we both have Italian ancestry"?

---Does he ever declare to you that "marijuana is so very, very natural, since after all it grows in the wild and is thereby endorsed by God as a botanical plant intended for cultivation and consumption by human beings"?

---Does he ever state to you that "Jesus Christ smoked marijuana, so it's a Biblically and divinely endorsed activity"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke in your presence that "I'd love to participate in an oral-history interview in which I'm stoned off my gourd and I am talking for 60 straight minutes about myself and my entire life, I feel very sure it would all be entertaining as hell to listen to later!"?

---Does he disagree with you when you state to him that you are very sure that smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer?

---Does he ever state to you that "my favorite restaurants are the ones open at 2 a.m. in the morning that cater to the Munchie Crowd here in Austin!"?

---Does he ever declare to you that "to me, nothing is more fun than to enter a restaurant at 2 a.m. and sense that all the other customers are also there because they've got this powerful craving for Munchies!"?

----Does he ever declare to you that "nowhere in the Bible does it say that smoking marijuana is a sin, and that proves to me that smoking marijuana cannot POSSIBLY be sinful!"?

----Does he ever state to you that "anything that comes from nature cannot be sinful, and marijuana is all from nature so smoking dope cannot possibly be a sin"?

---Does he ever state to you that "I am very sure that no one goes to Hell for smoking marijuana now and then, and in fact nowhere in the Bible will you find any passage saying that if you smoke marijuana, you will go to Hell"?

---Does he emphatically state to you that "I'm very sure that smoking marijuana will not trigger an addiction for you, since marijuana is one drug that can be consumed without ever developing an addiction to it"?

---Does he routinely refer to marijuana as "a very fine recreational drug, and after all, I love to spend my leisuretime pursuing recreational pleasures of every type, if you get my drift"?

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "I plan to emulate President Bill Clinton by smoking marijuana without ever inhaling"?

---Does he ever state to you that "smoking marijuana is not even a skeleton in your closet these days, look at Bill Clinton who got elected President  of the USA after he smoked marijuana"?

----When he is asked to cite the names of the famous persosn whom he admires the most,  do you find that one or more of the famous persons whom he cites was famous in part for having consumed the illicit drug marijuana on a frequent basis?

---Does he ever state to you that "I cannot imagine ever having sex with my girlfriend without both of us being high at the time"?

---Does he ever joke or half-joke to you that "the reefer  I hold in my hand is my ultimate phallic symbol when I'm on a date with my girlfriend; she finds it very suggestive, so the reefer works very well in my foreplay repertoire"?

---Does he ever opine to you that "most marriages would completely fail if it weren't for the aphrodisciacal benefit from marijuana that holds the marriage together, since the pot makes it posible for the man to get an erection in the bedroom"?

----Does he ever comment to you that "marijuana is the one thing that has saved my romantic relationship, since I never have an impotence problem when I'm getting high with my girlfriend"?

----Does he ever confess to you that he was arrested at least once on a charge of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of a foreign substance?

---Does he state or indicate that he enjoys baking or eating brownies, and you sense that his own cited affinity for brownies is somehow unsavory or illicit in nature?

----Does he ever state or confess to you that "when I attend a social party, I tend to say 'yes' to whatever the party host offers, since I like to be agreeable and I like to have fun"?

----Does he ever confess to you or joke in your presence that "many of the best trips I've been on occurred right in my own home"?

---Does he indicate or state that he has at least one regular or frequent visitor to his own home who possibly has ties to organized crime?

---Does he introduce you to one of his cited "friends" who knocks on his front door on a weekly basis by only stating that person's first name, and never identifying him by his last name?

---Does he frequently joke about marijuana, and does he appear to evaluate your own reaction and facial expression in response to those jokes of his about marijuana?
---Does he own any books or pamphlets or magazines in his home that appear to offer a flattering outlook toward marijuana?

---Does he ever cite to you the name of a famous person he admires who is also someone noted for having been a frequent consumer of marijuana?

----Does he ever state in your presence that he heartily approves of the lifestyle of Willie Nelson, the country-western singer and musician who reportedly resides in Central Texas?

----Does he ever comment to you that "I wish that Willie Nelson would write a new song praising marijuana, as I would love to sing that song to friends of mine whenever we're getting high together here in Austin"?

---Does he ever state to you that "it doesn't bother me if a friend or neighbor or coworker of mine smokes marijuana, since it doesn't affect me in any way"?

---Does he never once state or indicate to you that he himself has been victimized by marijuana in a context in which he was subjected to the scent of marijuana cigarettes being smoked by other persons a matter of feet or yards or inches from himself?

---Does he never himself express concern that the problem of "passive smoking" can also be applicable to tenants at an apartment complex whose next-door neighbor smokes marijuana inside that neighbor's apartment unit?

---Does he never once express concern to you that "the sweet fragrance of marijuana being smoked in the background can be tragically misleading, it seems to me"?

---Does he ever on any occasion state to you that "to me, mellowness is the one trait I look for the most in prospective friends. They have to be mellow and cool, or I couldn't possibly be their friend."

---Does he ever state to you that "I don't smoke marijuana myself, but if someone else wants to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their own home, that is perfectly fine with me"?

---Does he ever state to you that "I think you should celebrate your birthday by smoking a joint of marijuana"?

---Does he ever declare loudly in your presence that "I have a sweet nose, you might say---I'm naturally very drawn to anything that smells sweet; and marijuana has a wonderfully sweet fragrance \to it that is positively heavenly"?

---Does he ever comment candidly to you that "I plan to write to Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz and ask her whether her endorsement of aromatherapy also includes sniffing the fragrance of marijuana beiug smoked, since marijuana has a wonderfully sweet scent to it that I feel very sure has to be good for my health"?

----Does he ever state to you that "some of my best friends have been drug dealers"?

---Does he ever state to you that he is particularly fond of Mexico and Colombia, yet he appears evasive when you ask him what in particular makes him especially fond of the Latin American nations of Mexico and Colombia?

---Does he ever state to you that "I want the United States to be on very good terms with Mexico and Colombia at all times, since a peaceful relationship with those two countries makes it possible for us Americans to enjoy a free flow of heavenly imported goods from Mexico and Colombia, if you get my drift!"

---Does he ever joke in your presence that "if the United States ever declares war on Mexico, I hope that none of the battles take place in cropland areas, since that could destroy my all-time favorite crop from Mexico!"
---Does he ever appear to have a smirk on his face when he boasts to you that "I do everything I can through my lifestyle to boost the economy in Mexico and Colombia, my two favorite countries in all of Latin America"?

---Doe he ever confide to you that one of his favorite correspondents is a "friend" of his in Southeast Asia who frequently mails to him big packages full of "goodies," as he puts it while attempting to conceal the apparent slyness of the smile on his face?

--Does he ever invite you to "get high" with him?

---Does he ever boast in your presence that "I'm especially good at philosophy when I'm getting high with my friends"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I'm getting the munchies, and I'm craving some snack food right now"?

---Does he ever state or indicate to you that the famous movie "Reefer Madness" presents an "unfair" outlook toward marijuana and its effect on human beings?

----Does he often appear to be "spaced out," in that he is not capable of focusing on one subject for any length of time?
----When you observer him pursuing his assigned duties during working hours for him at his workplace, does he appear to move in slow motion at all times?

---Does he ever state to you that "marijuana is an effective aphrodisciac, so it is good for your sex life"?

---Does he ever state to you that he likes living in a city or town that is "mellow" and "tolerant" and "liberal"?

----Does he state or indicate to you that several or all of  his own favorite cities or towns are well-known resort towns?

----Does he express a keen interest in "achieving an altered state of consciousness" as a cited goal of his?

----Does he ever confide to you that "in my personal life, I like to rebel against the status quo"?

---Does he ever state to you that he regards it as very unjust when a law-enforcement officer arrests someone on a marijuana-related crime charge?

----Does he ever indicate to you that he likes to attend or host social parties where "everyone gets high"?

---Does he frequently comment to you that "I would love to see what she is like when she is high"?

----Does he state or indicate that he owns any rolling papers, but states or indicates that he does not use those rolling papers for rolling tobacco cigarettes?"

---Does he own a bong, or does he use the term "bong" in everyday conversation?

----Does he ever state to you that his all-time favorite Bob Dylan song was the song in which Bob Dylan croons that everyone should "get stoned"?

---Does he state or indicate to you that persons who get arrested for smoking or selling marijuana are also persons who did not wrong anyone, in his opinion?

-----Does he frequently comment to you that "legalization of medical marijuana is a favorite cause of mine, since I feel that it is very humane to terminally ill persons if they are given the opportunity to get high on marijuana on a frequent basis"?

----Does he ever state to you that "many of my own peak emotional experiences of my own life have been occasions when I was a guest at a marijuana-smoking party"?

----Does he ever comment in your presence that "one of my own favorite fantasies is to be a dope dealer, since I'm already a connoisseur of marijuana and I would love to get paid for it"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I have never heard of any case when a person who was high on marijuana actually committed a violent crime; marijuana has a mellowing effect on everyone, and I feel that if everyone smoked marijuana, we would enjoy world peace and harmony everywhere"?

----Does he ever state to you that "the guys who sell marijuana are a breed apart from the ones who sell cocaine, for instance; the marijuana dealers tend to be very polite and gentlemanly, in my opinion"?

----Does he ever state or indicate to you that he believes that "societal discrimination against those who consume marijuana bothers me a lot"?

---Does he ever state to you that the "minority group in this country who face the most unjustifiable discrimination against them are the persons who smoke marijuana"?

----Does he ever state to you that "getting high on marijuana is revolutionary," in his opinion?

----Does he ever comment to you that "you are too uptight, and I feel that if you smoke marijuana with me, you can loosen up and enjoy life more"?

----Does he ever state or indicate to you that he is a "libertarian," and for that cited reason he opposes laws that attempt to "legislate morality," in his view, when it is very clear to him, he then adds, that "consumption of marijuana is not something the government should attempt to restrict or prohibit in any way"?

-----Does he ever state or indicate to you that "legalization of marijuana would boost our nation's economy, since it would create lots of jobs in the process"?

----Does he complain to you that a cited individual is "too straight for my tastes," or words to that effect?

----Does he ever appear upset in response to those who criticize drug dealers, with himself possibly declaring that "drug dealers are merely good business persons who are at the very heart of our capitalist system, since they are providing a helpful service and useful product for which considerable demand exists"?

----Does he ever verbalize the word "weed" or "grass" or "roach" in a context that does not appear to refer to his own gardening habits outdoors on the property of his home.

---Does he ever state to you that one of his leading career ambitions is to own a chain of "marijuana munchies" snack-foods shops that exclusively cater to persons who describe themselves as "having the munchies" and seeking to satisfy their sudden craving for snack food during late-night or early-morning hours.

---Does he ever state to you that he himself is "tolerant of everything going on here in Austin, and the only thing I'm intolerant toward is intolerance; in fact, I despise intolerant people!"?

---Does he hever state to you that he will only vote for a candidate for elective office if that candidate supports legalization of marijuana in some context?

---Does he ever state to you that "the finest social parties are parties where everyone gets high, and no one is left out of the fun that way"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I like to try everything at least once, and that includes sources of pleasure that everyone knows about here in Austin"?

----Does he ever state to you that "Straight people miss out on all the fun in life"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I couldn't handle a straight person as a roommate, since I do lots of partying and there's always a bit of weird stuff going on at the parties I attend or host"?

----Does he ever state to you that "to me, the best social parties are parties that go on until 5 a.m. in the morning; that's when you really see the heart of a party, at 5 a.m. in the morning"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I enjoy pursuing recreational sex with a wide variety of anonymous sex partners, it makes my life intriguing to have lots of variety that way"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I don't trust anyone who is straight all the time"?

----Does he ever state to you that "I hate it when someone takes life seriously, life is supposed to be fun and bold adventure on a frequent and year-round basis!"?

---Does he ever state to you that "My girlfriend and I get along the best when we're both high, and I don't know exactly why that is; maybe we have more of a sense of harmony with each other, like we've suddenly merged in a very beautiful way when we're high"?

---Does he ever state to you or indicate to you that he would like to study published poems that each explore what it is like to get high from smoking marijuana?

----Does he ever state to you that he is planning to write a paper for a government class at his high school or college in which he presents the advantages and disadvantages to legalization of marijuana?

----Does he ever joke to you that he would like to see the outline of the marijuana leaf added to the official flag of the United States of America?

----Does he ever ask you which would make a better name for a proposed new city---Marijuanaville or Cannibis City?

---Does he ever state to you that "my favorite professor in the college I attend is the one who is so cool that he even smokes dope with his students"?

----Does he ever comment to you that "I like the state of Maryland primarily because its name always reminds me of my favorite leisuretime activity"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "I don't claim to be an expert on the subject of marijuana; I couldn't tell the difference between Mexican or Colombian or Costa Rican----all I care about is whether I get high?"

----Does he ever comment to you that "When the psychological theorist Maslov wrote about peak experiences by human beings, I'm sure he had marijuana in mind"?

----Does he ever comment candidly to you that "If you asked me wheher I would rate marijuana above having sex in my list of everyday pleasures, I would have to say 'yes' to that"?

-----Does he ever comment to you that "I prefer marijuana over sex, since with sex so much of your time is wasted with foreplay; with marijuana, you can jump right into it very quickly"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "The poem title that I would most like to see is 'Ode to a Reefer'?"

----Does he ever confide to you that "I have loved some of my reefers so much that I have even given them names as if they were favorite loves from my own life; but in the end, I always have to part company with that loved one; the reefer vanishes over the course of an evening"?

---Does he ever comment to you that "smoking marijuana is the best way to feel naked when you've still got your clothes on----it's fascinating how marijuana frees me from all of my inhibitions"?

---Does he ever joke in front of you that 'I would like to get a PhD in Cannibis Studies, since I would definitely have the first-hand knowledge I need for a career in that field'?

---Does he ever comment to you that "After you've eaten your first marijuana brownie, you will never again want to eat a straight brownie for the rest of your life"?

----Does he ever confide to you that "Personally, I find it a bit awkward that the Girl Scouts have a group of yonng girls known as Brownies, since these days whenever I hear the term 'brownie,' all I ever think about are marijuana brownies, and  I definitely oppose consumption of marijuana brownies by young girls, since I feel that they should be at least age 18 before they even think of eating a marijuana brownie"?

----Does he ever confide to you that "I'm least aware of feeling bored whenever I get high"?

----Does he ever comment to you that "the trend toward legalization of medical marijuana suggests that marijuana is just what the doctor ordered"?

Thursday, May 16, 2013














--- On Sun, 7/29/07, Acevedo, Art [APD] wrote:

From: Acevedo, Art [APD]

Subject: RE: 7-27-07 reply sought re: four criminal-law issues in Austin

To: "John McMillan"

Date: Sunday, July 29, 2007, 9:54 AM

Dear Mr. McMillan,

Thank you for your note. I expect our members to enforce violations of law as required. Reports to Council will be made consistent with past practice and statute.



Chief of Police

Austin Police Department


From: John McMillan []

Sent: Fri 7/27/2007 12:28 AM

To: Acevedo, Art [APD]

Subject: 7-27-07 reply sought re: four criminal-law issues in Austin

To: Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Austin Police Department, City of Austin, Austin, Texas.

July 27, 2007

Dear Chief Acevedo,

Congratulations on your very influential new position as Chief of Police for the City Government of Austin.

As a resident of Austin ever since mid-March of 1997, most recently, I am writing to ask you:

---whether you have any plans to request that the Austin Police Department (APD) compile and share with the Austin City Council at a designated public meeting of the Council, a monthly or semiannual or annual APD report providing statistics and other factual information about APD's most recent efforts at enforcing any and all applicable laws, including any municipal ordinance, prohibiting or restricting noise pollution in Austin.

---whether you believe that the Austin Police Department at present adequately enforces any and all applicable laws prohibiting or restricting certain types of anonymous communications in any and all contexts that might ever arise for which a criminal-law implication deriving from those anonymous communications might ever be cited or alleged.

----whether the Austin Police Department should have any role in helping to deter fraudulent or obscene verbalized communications by any media company or any cited business entity or non-profit organization or government-owned entity operating in Austin, Texas.

---whether you believe that the Austin Police Department currently does enough to compile statistical data relating to, and also investigate, alleged cases of verbal harassment or alleged terroristic threats being verbalized in Austin, Texas, in which alleged slander or alleged verbalization of death threats, for that matter, allegedly occur as well.

Thank you in advance, Chief Acevedo, for your very helpful responses to these four hopefully-polite questions from myself.

Sincerely and Best Wishes from a law-abiding and honest, clean-talking, non-stalking and consistently civil, teetotaling and alcohol-free, tobacco-free, facially cleanshaven, tattoo-less, former full-time clerical employee of the Texas Department of Public Safety state agency in Austin,

John Kevin McMillan,

11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.

Phone: (512) 342-2295.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


----- Original Message -----

From: "Michael R. Levy"

To: "John K McMillan"


Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 5:18 AM

Subject: RE: reply to House Chairman Eissler re: Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

Mr. McMillan:

While I appreciate that these issues are important to you, they are not appropriate for my attention and consideration, so I would appreciate  your not referencing or cc'ing me in any future correspondence on these matters.

I hope that you understand.

And I do wish you well.


Michael R. Levy

-----Original Message-----

From: John K McMillan []

Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 12:28 AM


Cc: Michael R. Levy

Subject: Fw: reply to House Chairman Eissler re: Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

Dear Public Information Coordinator Melissa Sabatino at Austin Independent School District central administration offices, I hope very much that the following E-mail correspondence of mine relating to the proposed "Vocabulary Word of the Day" project at AISD campuses (please
see the very last letter, below, for which I have not yet received any reply letter from Superintendent Forgione) will also be of interest to yourself and your AISD colleagues.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

Stephen F. Austin High alumnus John Kevin McMillan of Austin.

Phone: (512) 342-2295.

cc: Mr. Michael Levy, Founder and Publisher, "Texas Monthly" magazine,  Austin.

----- Original Message -----

From: "John K McMillan"

To: "Rob Eissler"

Cc: "Superintendent Forgione"

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 7:13 PM

Subject: reply to House Chairman Eissler re: Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

To: House Education Committee Chairman Rob Eissler, Texas House of  Representatives, Texas Legislature.

June 4, 2007

Dear Education Committee Chairman Eissler,

Thank you for your very kind interest in this proposed new year-round educational display for each of Austin Independent School District's school campuses.

I am hopeful that with help from local and state financing and private foundation support, this type of educational offering can become a year-round feature at all or many other public school campuses throughout Texas as well.

 Incidentally, Chairman Eissler, I have decided to share your nice reply letter (see below) to myself with Superintendent Forgione of Austin Independent School District. I still have not received any reply E-mail letter or reply letter from Superintendent Forgione about this matter, but I'm hopeful he will eventually extend that type of simple courtesy to this particular taxpaying and gainfully employed resident of his public school district in Austin.

Thank you again for your nice reply E-mail letter to myself. Your thoughtful reply letter brightened my day considerably.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, a Stephen F. Austin High (AISD) alumnus and University of Texas at Austin alumnus.

11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.

Phone: (512) 342-2295.


cc: Superintendent Forgione, Austin Independent School District Central Administration offices, Austin.

Senator Florence Shapiro, Distinguished Chair of the Senate Public Education Committee of the Texas Senate.

Mr. Chris Barbee, a conscientious and polite former work supervisor of  mine at the newspaper in El Campo who is the people-friendly and education-minded managing editor of "The El Campo Leader-News" newspaper in El Campo, Texas, in Wharton County.

Texas Education Agency Commissioner Shirley Neeley, TEA state agency headquarters, Austin.

Mr. Michael Levy, Founder and Publisher of "Texas Monthly," who  has kindly written and sent me two friendly reply E-mail letters of his own on behalf of his Austin-based statewide magazine in the last several days.

Mr. Fred Zipp, Managing Editor, "The Austin American-Statesman", Austin.

Ms. Alberta Phillips, Editorial Page Writer, "The Austin American-Statesman," Austin.

Mr. Richard Oppel, Editor in Chief, "The Austin American-Statesman," Austin.

Mr. Arnold Garcia, Editor of the Editorial Page, "The Austin American-Statesman," it being my hope that Mr. Garcia will not regard my stated concerns about obscene speech in Austin, Texas, that I've shared with yourself, Chairman Eissler, as being another example of the type of citedly unjustifiable "whininess" attributed to myself by Mr. Garcia that he complained about to me in a reply E-mail letter addressed and sent to myself on November 30, 2006, the text of which I have kept on file and in my computer system as well, Mr. Garcia's exact words to me in that reply E-mail letter having been: "Don't waste my (Mr. Arnold Garcia's) time with any more of your whining. Clear enough?"

"Dallas Morning News" Editorial Page Editor Keven Ann Willey.

"Dallas Morning News" Editor in Chief Bob Mong, who has sent me several polite E-mail letters from Dallas in recent prior years.

Chancellor Bob McTeer of Texas A&M University System, a State of Texas-owned university system whose very distinguished General Counsel, Mr. Delmar Cain, in the late 1990s chose to write an entire two-page memorandum addressed to another Texas A&M System official on the subject of whether the Texas A&M University System could justifiably offer myself, John K McMillan of Austin, any legal assistance of any type in response to my own written complaints to Texas A&M officials about obscene verbalized communications allegedly victimizing myself in Austin, Texas, with that two-page A&M System memorandum about myself in that context having been included in an official response to an Open Records request of mine that  Texas A&M University officials in College Station provided me in a recent prior year.

State Comptroller Susan Combs, State Comptroller's Office, Austin.

Texas Attorney General Gregory Abbott, Office of the Attorney General of Texas state agency, Austin.

Colonel Thomas Davis, Texas Department of Public Safety state  agency headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Austin Police Chief's Office, Austin.

City Attorney David Smith, City of Austin, Austin.

 Travis County County Attorney David Escamilla, County Attorney's Office, Austin.

Travis County District Attorney Ronald Earle, DA's Office, Austin.

Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe, Travis County Government, Austin.

University of Texas System Chancellor Mark Yudof, UT System Administration, Austin.

News Editors, "The Houston Chronicle," Houston, Texas.

News Editors, "The Dallas Morning News," Dallas, Texas.

News Editors, "The San Antonio Express-News," San Antonio, Texas.

KVUE Television News Editors, Austin.

Fox 7 Television News Editors, Austin.

----- Original Message -----

From: "Rob Eissler"

To: "John K McMillan"

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 11:18 AM

Subject: RE: note to House Committee on Public Education re: Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

John: I like your idea as well as your indefatigable persistence.

I will admonish any who perceive it as illusory.

It is a daunting task, but it should result in a decrease in profanity.


Rob Eissler

---Original Message-----

From: John K McMillan []

Sent: Mon 6/4/2007 9:41 AM

To: Rob Eissler

Cc: Bill Zedler

Subject: note to House Committee on Public Education re: Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

Dear House Committee on Public Education Chair Eissler and Vice Chair Zedler, I hope that your House Committee will be interested in the following public-policy letter of mine to Superintendent Forgione of Austin Independent School District.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

former education-beat newspaper reporter John Kevin McMillan of Austin, Texas.

Phone: (512) 342-2295.

 ----- Original Message -----

From: "John K McMillan"

To: "Superintendent Forgione"

Cc: "AustinHighPrincipalHudson"

Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007 12:13 AM

Subject: 6-3-07 Proposed 'Vocabulary Word of Day' Sign

To: Superintendent Forgione,

Central Administration Headquarters

Austin Independent School District,

Austin, Texas.

 June 3, 2007

Dear Superintendent Forgione,

As a clean-talking and law-abiding descendant of the Reverend William Brewster, who was the head chaplain on the Mayflower, I am very dismayed by the widespread evidence of vulgar or obscene or profane or scatological language being verbalized these days in Austin by youths who attend a public school of Austin Independent School District.

 I would like to suggest that Austin Independent School District,  with help from your conscientious Board of Trustees, consider requiring each and every school campus of Austin ISD to establish a "Vocabulary Word of the Day" sign to be situated indoors near each of the primary entrances to each of those public school campuses of your school district.

The highlighted word---"sagacious," for instance---might be followed by a concise definition of the word and a sample sentence designed to illustrate proper use of that word in everyday writing or conversation.

The intent of the "Vocabulary Word of the Day" year-round tradition for each and every public school campus of Austin ISD would be to politely remind all students enrolled at an AISD campus that they should strive to expand their vocabulary and make greater use of clean and incisive and
wholesome and polite and philanthropic vocabulary words that can enable them to communicate better in all aspects of their lives.

 The National Honor Society and other student groups, such as the Student Council, at each campus could be invited to submit proposed vocabulary words to be included in that year-round indoor exhibit greeting any and all students of Austin ISD campuses.

The "Vocabulary Word of the Day" exhibit could help all AISD students to achieve a higher verbal score on their Scholastic Aptitude Test than they otherwise might have had.

The year-round vocabulary-word exhibit would also help to remind all AISD students that language skills and literature as fields of study and career fields as well are very important.

That type of public statement is crucial for AISD, it seems to me.  In recent years, there appears to have been a very harmful imbalance at AISD schools  in favor of math and science as the leading priorities in public  school education, while the Humanities and Government and public speech and communications and journalism fields appear to have been  woefully neglected
in Austin public schools.

 The "Vocabulary Word of the Day" exhibit might also help to remind  all  AISD students of the supreme importance of civility and polite obedience of the law at all times. And that, in turn, can help to reduce the crime rate by Austin-area youths as well as the high-school dropout rate by AISD students.

Finally, Superintendent Forgione, I am very hopeful that private foundation support and possible donations to AISD from local business owners toward this type of annual display sign inside each public school in Austin would help to make this proposed project as inexpensive as possible for AISD taxpayers.

 I am very hopeful that you will like this tentative proposal, and I  hope to hear from you soon about this suggestion for AISD.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, former Salutatorian of Stephen F. Austin High School and president and founder of the Austin-based and currently one-member (myself) and non-proselytizing Progressive (Prohibitionist) Religion.

Home mailing address: 11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.

Phone: (512) 342-2295.


cc: Stephen F. Austin High School Principal John Hudson, Stephen F. Austin High School, Austin.

Dr. Shirley Neeley, Texas Education Agency Commissioner, TEA state agency headquarters, Austin.

Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs, whose state agency in Austin might also like the idea of promoting a "Vocabulary Word of the Day"  year-round indoor exhibit inside each of the public primary and secondary schools throughout Texas.

State Senator Kirk Watson, Texas Senate, Texas Legislature, Austin.

State Rep. Donna Howard, Texas House, Texas Legislature, Austin.

Congressman Michael McCaul, United States Congress.

Austin City Council Member Betty Dunkerley, City Council, Austin.

Austin Mayor Will Wynn, City Hall, Austin.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, care of a cited E-mail address for a very distinguished and conscientious attorney, Ms. Chelsea Thornton, who is employed in the Office of General Counsel for the Governor's Office in Austin.

Texas Attorney General Gregory Abbott, Office of the Attorney General, State of Texas, Austin.

University of Texas at Austin President William Powers.

Texas A&M University Chancellor Bob McTeer.

Austin Community College President Stephen Kinslow.