Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Advice to Obama: Do More to Promote 'Home Security Audits' Throughout U.S.A.

When United States President Barack Obama someday makes a long-distance phone call to me from The White House in which our nation's head of state politely asks me for advice on how he can more effectively lead this entire country, I would be sure to reply with the following:

----One of the most important civil rights that President Obama can help protect for all American citizens is the civil right to enjoy full freedom from crime inside their own private residence.

In this way, President Obama can help to promote and strengthen the civil right of each and every American citizen to enjoy a full and healthy and happy and year-round sense of hearth inside his or her own home.

As a consultant to President Obama in that phone-call from The White House scenario, I would also urge Mr. Obama to publicly promote the "Home Internal Security Audits Industry" at the earliest opportunity.

President Obama could do that in part by urging all Americans throughout this entire nation to please pursue an effective crime-prevention strategy by paying a fully bonded 'home security audits' professional service to inspect their own home or apartment unit as soon as possible.

As part of that on-site inspection, the Home Internal Security Auditor could identify each and every possible point of entry into that home or apartment unit or condo unit that could conceivably be entered illegally by a would-be burglar or would-be rapist or other criminal person.

That full inventory of any and all possible points of entry into that home or apartment unit or condo unit could then suggest strategies on how to make that private residence as safe and fully secured and burglary-proof and crime-free as possible.
This, in turn, could help to significantly reduce the crime rate throughout our entire nation, which would also boost Americans' well-being and medical health and creatively-vital productivity level in a very pervasive and felicitous manner.