Monday, October 11, 2010

More Advice I'd Like to Offer to Children and Other Young Persons Under Age 30

The following are some tentative suggestions and ideas I would like to offer to American children, teenage Americans, and other young Americans under age 30:

(1) Celebrate the birthday of some or several of the figures of American and world history whom you admire the most. If you do something special on that famous person's or culturally influential person's birthday, this will also enhance your own enjoyment of your studies in American history and world history.

Among the ways in which you could celebrate a famous or noteworthy person's life:

---To celebrate the birthday of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, you could find a recipe for a British culinary dish that Winston Churchill particularly enjoyed eating. You could then attempt to prepare that British dish in your own home, if you get prior permission from your parents for doing that.

---You could celebrate the birthday of Marco Polo, the famous world traveler from Italy, by visiting a retail store that specializes in offering imported goods from around the world. You could then travel the world in your imagination, by browsing through the various offerings from numerous countries. You should keep in mind, of course, that you are NOT required to purchase anything when you politely glance at the various goods being offered for sale inside that import house.

---You could celebrate the birthday of the American political leader Benjamin Franklin by choosing 10 wise sayings of his that you like the best. You could then type those wise sayings in your personal computer, or write them out in longhand. You could then post those favorite wise sayings of yours from Franklin near your personal desk inside your family's home.

---You could celebrate the birthday of a favorite professional tennis player of yours by inviting a friend of yours to play tennis with you or rally on a tennis court with you that same day or week or month.
Another possibility: You could visit a nearby public library and find a biography about that professional tennis player or an autobiography written by that professional tennis player. You could check that book out from the library and read the first chapter of that book as a way of honoring that tennis player on his or her birthday.

---You could do some research to learn the birthday of a favorite writer or author of yours. You could then celebrate that day by re-reading aloud or reading aloud a favorite essay or short story or poem or literary letter that was written by that author.