Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Advantage to Taking the Train

One advantage to riding a passenger-train----a sharp contrast to driving a motor vehicle-----is that the train passenger enjoys the glorious opportunity to read a book, magazine, or newspaper article, or pursue a crossword puzzle.

Riding a passsenger train to one's destination is educationally far more enriching than driving a motor vehicle.

It seems fair to conclude, then, that train-passengers, including subway system riders or light-rail transit riders, tend to be more thoughtful and more intellectually motivated than those who drive a motor vehicle to their destination.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Warning Signs of a Law-Breaking "Pedophile," Sexual Predator & Child Molester: PROFILE OF A POSSIBLE OR POTENTIAL PEDERAST

When you encounter an adult man who apparently exhibits keen interest in your child, you should ask yourself numerous questions that, depending on the answer to each of those questions, could indicate that the man you are evaluating is possibly a law-breaking and intrinsically-injurious pederast or sex criminal or pedophile.

Among the questions you might want to ask yourself about that adult man---questions that could yield insights for you about whether to yourself permit that adult man to have any current or future involvement of any type with your own child, and whether you might even want to consider reporting any tentative suspicions of yours about that adult man to a law-enforcement agency---are:

---Is the adult man someone who has ever consumed any quantity of any illicit drug at any time in the most recent previous 24-month (two-year) period?

--When you observe that adult man interacting with your child in your presence, do the terms "dirty old man" or "Pederastic Pied Piper" ever spontaneously pop into your head?

---Does the word "debauchery" ever come to mind for you when you reflect on that man's personal reputation from his alleged conduct toward younger persons?

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man is an illicit drug dealer or has any ties to organized crime, such as to any illicit prostitution ring?

--Is the adult man someone addicted to any licit drug or any licit drugs?

--If you yourself have ever visited that adult man's residence, did you observe any marijuana bong or other drug paraphernalia anywhere inside that private residence during your visit?

---Do you see any factual evidence from the skin or fingernails of that adult man that he possibly has a current addiction to one or more illicit drugs?

---If you yourself have ever visited that adult man's residence, or if a friend of yours who has a good record for accuracy and honesty has, was there any evidence that the adult man in question keeps any candy jar that he himself possibly owns either full or near-full with candy on a year-round basis inside his residence?

---Is the adult man someone who has consumed any drinking alcohol on at least one occasion in the most recent previous 24-month (or two-year) period?

--Is the adult man ever reportedly inebriated or under the influence of any illicit drug during any of his phone conversations, in-person meetings, or in-person conversations with your child?

---Have you yourself ever directly observed that adult man engaging in any conduct or activity at that time that you yourself knew to be in violation of the law.

---If you and your child have ever visited that adult man's residence, did that man exhibit an inordinately keen interest in showing one or more nude paintings of his to your child?

--Have you yourself ever observed that adult man abruptly grabbing a child (or an adult person, for that matter) in an impulsive or forceful manner after that adult man has become intoxicated from consumption of alcohol?

--Are you aware of, or have you heard about, any occasion in the most recent previous 10-year period in which that adult man ever at any time laid a hand on anyone, regardless of that individual's age, with impropriety or incivility.

---Is the adult man someone who was ever in any prior year previously addicted to either illicit drugs or alcohol? In other words, is he currently a recovering former illicit-drug addict or a recovering alcoholic?

---Does the adult man lead a bar-centered or nightclub-centered lifestyle?

---Do you have any reason to suspect or believe that that adult man has on his own initiative directly asked any single person in the most recent 12-month period if that latter individual would agree to have, or would be willing to have, mutual-consent carnal relations or mutual-consent sex with that adult man?

---Does the adult man in question repeatedly state or indicate that he believes he has "discovered the Fountain of Youth" in his own life, with that adult man possibly also declaring that he believes that he himself has "become biologically younger" in recent years.

---Does that adult man frequently complain that he was himself "robbed of my (that adult man's) youth" because of citedly unfair circumstances in his own life, and for that cited reason he hopes to "recover" for himself the youthful vitality he claims to have enjoyed during his early childhood or adolescent years?

--Does that adult man frequently get described by others as being "immature" and "irresponsible" and "sophomoric" in his own conduct?

---Does the adult man in question appear to be obsessed with every two to three years trading in his own motor vehicle, no matter how reliable it has been for him, for a brand-new motor vehicle in factory-mint condition that sparkles with the luster of newness.

---When that adult man orders lamb as a customer in a restaurant, do you observe that he is particularly insistent about himself ordering for his entree a "baby lamb," with himself praising it as "more tender" than older lamb?

---Does the adult man occasionally indicate that he regards himself as being "ageless" and "godlike" and "immortal," with that adult man then also insinuating that because of his own quasi-divine stature, as he sees it, he is himself "free" or "divinely empowered" to conduct himself as he wishes with "mere mortals," as he possibly regards all other human beings.

---Does that adult man state or indicate that he identifies extensively with the Greek God Zeus, who reportedly pursued virgin maidens in a relentless manner.

---Does that adult man state or indicate that he identifies extensively with the Greek God of Wine and Festivity, Dionysus?

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man in question is sexually promiscuous and engages in indiscriminate sexual activity with a wide variety of sex partners?

---Do you have any reason to believe that the adult man in question has been so unconscionable in his sexual practices that in the last 20-year-period he has either impregnated at least one girl or single woman out of wedlock, or he has himself infected at least one of his own sex partners with a sexually transmitted disease of any type.

--Do you yourself observe any medical evidence, or have you heard any report from another parent, indicating that the adult man currently has a sexually transmitted disease of any type, and, in addition, that either "Misery Loves Company" or "It is better to give than to receive" is a favorite saying of that adult man?

--Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man in question has ever been committed to confinement in, or has voluntarily been admitted into, any psychiatric institution, or any psychiatric-care unit of a hospital, at any time in the last 15-year period?

--Does the word "deranged" or "volatile" come to mind for you when you attempt to describe that adult man in your journal observations about himself?

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man in question patronizes or frequents any commercial sex parlors or any gay bathhouses where sexual activities in public places reportedly occur.

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man exhibits a contempt for strictly platonic personal relationships in life, and that he fails to adequately acknowledge that 99 percent to 100 percent of all personal relationships in life are, in fact, platonic (non-sexual) in nature?

---Does the adult man ever talk about his "romantic fantasies" or his own "sex life" or "my (that man's) sexual conquests" within earshot of, or while speaking directly to, your child?

---Does that adult man react to news stories about Roman Catholic priests convicted of pederastic crimes by himself making a statement such as, "Those priests obviously didn't do enough to hide the evidence, which explains why those priests got caught at it."

---Does the adult man own any artworks or other items on display inside his private residence or his workplace, for that matter, that highlight the female hymen?

--Does the adult man appear to look upon or refer to other human beings as "objects" or "things" or "possessions" of his or "toys" of his?

--Does that adult man strike you as being either "materialistic" or "very materialistic"?

---Does the adult man, such as through his body language and style of speaking, come across as physically intimidating or psychologically intimidating to your child or to other youths?

---Do you sense that your child appears to be afraid of the adult man in question? Have you asked your child why he or she appears to be afraid of that adult man?

---Does that adult man sometimes speak with a slang or argot that's readily identifiable as being sexually-motivated, sexually-obsessed, sexually-explicit, and sexually predatory on his part.

---Does that adult man have a history of being fired from one or more positions of employment because he allegedly sexually harassed a coworker?

--Does the adult man only rarely praise the intellect or creative talents or speaking skills or locution or manners of most of the persons under age 17, for instance, whom that adult man interacts with?

---Does the adult man frequently pursue gambling involving the expenditure of money on his part?

---Do you have reason to suspect that that adult man has ever reportedly invited a youth to "join me (that adult man) for a game of strip poker," or some other form of illicit gambling, regardless of whether any expenditure of money by the youth in that "game" was initially requested by that adult man.

---Does that adult man ever invite a minor to attend a party or other social event to be hosted by that adult man, only to have the minor after arriving at the "party" or "social event" site be informed by the host that all of the other "invited party guests," or some such wording, had "canceled last minute" or "weren't able to attend," according to that adult male host.

---Does that adult man exhibit an all-controlling style toward any child or adult person (regardless of that person's age) in which that adult man attempts to keep any individual "isolated" or "alone" or "solitudinous," and that adult man also attempts to deprive any individual of his or her human and legal right to pursue and enjoy a full social life, including a full strictly-platonic social life, in a context involving mutual consent relationships, and, in the case of a child, in a context involving prior consent by that child's parent as well.

---Have you observed from that adult man's involvement in your child's life thus far that the adult man in question has thus far failed to directly and in person introduce your child to numerous honorable and law-abiding prospective new friends, including prospective new friends of the same approximate age as your child.

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man in question has ever failed to fully and promptly acknowledge another person's verbalized rejection of himself.

---Does that adult man ever state in conversations with yourself that "I (that man) won't take 'no' for an answer" and "I refuse to ever take orders from any work supervisor or anyone else."

---Does the adult man appear to flaunt his own financial wealth, such as by owning and driving a luxurious sedan that might greatly impress your child.

---Does that adult man frequently remind one youth or another that "you owe me some money," with the adult man stating to that male youth that the financial debt incurred by that youth to that adult man "could be repaid through some other means," or words to that effect.

---Does that adult man appear to be obsessed with power in the manner in which he interacts with other people?

--Would you characterize that adult man exhibiting a ruthlessly authoritarian personal style or career-related style?

---Does the adult man express contempt for religion, and also indicate that he himself is either an atheist or an agnostic or an anarchist or libertarian or Playboy or libertine?

---Do you have any reason to suspect that the adult man in question has been, or currently is, a dues-paying member of, or affiliated with, a notoriously dishonorable non-profit group---a group such as the infamous "North American Man/Boy Love Association," or NAMBLA, that's reportedly headquartered both in New York City, New York, and San Francisco, Calif.---that in an illicit manner condones the sex crime of pederasty and advocates annulment of laws that currently prohibit pederasty.

---Does that adult man ever state or boast to your child that that adult man has himself ever been a paying customer of an illicit prostitute at any time.

---Does the adult man emphasize his own cited need for "privacy rights" on a frequent basis, and does he exhibit a lack of sociability or gregariousness or friendliness toward the vast majority of all adult persons whom he encounters?

---Does the adult man have a reputation for having previously established personal relationships or mentoring relationships with children and other minors, and of having several of those intergenerational relationships end very abruptly and under circumstances that called into question that adult man's own integrity.

---Does the adult man ever indicate that he seeks to have a citedly "spiritual" or "religious" meeting alone with your child in order to receive "confidential confessions" from your child?

---Does the adult man ever indicate a desire on his part to "convert" or "enlist" or "recruit" your child to any cited cause or ideology or religious or political belief or lifestyle practice?

--Does the adult man admit or state or boast that he himself has "sinned," or that he himself "tends to be mischievous," in comments he makes that are overheard by, or are directly addressed to, your child?

--Does the adult man have a reputation for pulling pranks on others?

--Does the adult man have a reputation for "pulling surprises" on others?

--Is the adult man someone who currently consumes any tobacco products?

--Have you ever observed or heard about that adult man allegedly breaking the law by purchasing some cigarettes in a store and then giving or selling any minor one or more of those cigarettes?

--Does the adult man appear to exhibit any tendency toward abrasiveness or volatility, or any tendency to snap at you or your child with anger, if you or your child makes or make a comment to that adult man that he dislikes or objects to.

--Is the adult man someone who ever verbalizes profane or obscene language of his own or ever swears in the presence of your child or yourself?

---Does that adult man ever shoot the finger in an obscene manner as a way of showing contempt for, or defiance of, or hostility toward, one or more other persons?

---Does that adult man laugh delightedly at comments made by your child that the adult man appears to regard as risque "Freudian slips" or "clever double entendres" involving apparent sexual "innuendos," even when you yourself do NOT regard your child's comment that way and you feel confident that your child had NOT intended to make a sexually suggestive comment to that adult man.

---Does that adult man ever joke about sex crimes, such as pederasty or "pedophilia," or about sexual predators or rapists, or about "illicit sex" or "bestiality," for that matter, in any context, regardless of whether those "jokes" are verbalized within earshot of a youth under age 17 or 18.

---Does that adult man ever boast or joke about his having ever once participated in a sex orgy at any time in his own life?

---When the adult man in question praises your child, are that adult man's words of praise for your child generally focused on physical attributes of your child ("lovely eyes," "beautiful hair," "lovely skin complexion," "nice body," etc.).

---When the adult man gazes at your child, does that adult man ever appear to be gazing intently at your child's breasts or lips or midsection or behind?

---Does the adult man indicate that he approves of nudism and nudity, and that he regards nudism and nudity as being "very natural," as he might put it in a comment overheard by your child.

---Does the adult man in question have any history of voluntarily visiting and participating in nudism at any nudist colonies?

---Does that adult man ever "flash" persons of any age group, such as by deliberately and knowingly subjecting those persons to partial or full nudity by himself in a public place?

---Does that adult man have any history of having deliberately and knowingly "flashed" individuals under age 17 or under age 18, respectively, by subjecting them to any display of nudity by himself, whether at a public place or at a private residence.

---Would you describe the facial expression of that adult man when he looks at or gazes at your child as being possibly predatory and aggressive in nature toward your child?

---Would you describe that adult man as exhibiting a domineering or repressively censorious style toward your child?

---Does that adult man exhibit a lack of true and convincing support on his part
for the full Freedom of Speech rights, the full Freedom of Religion rights, the full Freedom of Association rights, and the full Freedom of Assembly rights of your child?

---Does that adult man ever state to you or indicate to you that "I (that adult man) support certain forms of slavery" or that "I (that adult man) am fond of Middle Eastern culture partly because I'm (that adult man) intrigued by slavery, and slavery traditionally was common in the Middle East."

---Does that adult man currently employ any person under age 17, and if so, is that adult man the only work "supervisor" of that under-age employee of his?

---Have you ever observed that adult man suggesting that your child play a cited video game together that features a kidnapping or slavery or sexual assault (rape) or child molestation or any other form of violence or illegal conduct victimizing a character under age 17.

--When that adult man plays a game outdoors with your child, does that adult man suggest that the two of them play "hide and go seek"?

--Does that adult man habitually when speaking to your child refer to the importance of having "secrets," and to that adult man's cited emphasis on "keeping secrets" or "honoring secrets"?

---Does that adult man strike you as possibly being "sly" or "deceitful"?

---Do you have any evidence indicating that the adult man in question is possibly spying on your child, secretly photographing your child, subjecting your child to any form of illegal electronic surveillance, or subjecting your child to any anonymous communications?

---Do you know whether the adult man is sending any E-mail communications to your child that you yourself did not directly pre-authorize and review the content of in advance?

---When the adult man in question is interacting with your child as well as other children in the same room or meeting place, does the adult man in question tend to ignore the other children while being fixated on your own child in a manner that appears to be far from avuncular, paternal, fraternal, or wholesome in nature.

---Does the adult man ever insist on offering your child gifts or presents?

--Does the adult man ever ask you how much allowance money your child receives from you every week or every two weeks or every month?

--Does the adult man express a stated interest in seeking to himself "hire" or "employ" your child in some manner involving that adult man's own "personal supervision" of your child?

--Does the adult man send E-mail letters or notes or handwritten letters to your child on a frequent basis?

--Does the adult man during his leisuretime habitually carry candy such as lollipops with him, and does he often volunteer that he would like to offer your child a lollipop?

--Does the adult man indicate an interest in spending lots of time "alone" with your child?

--Does the adult man indicate on his own volition that he would like to accompany your child on an "outing" involving "just the two of them"?

---Does the adult man emphasize to you that he particularly enjoys or would enjoy going on camping trips with youths?

---Does the adult man indicate that he would like to host a "slumber party" for your child?

--Does the adult man state or suggest to you that he himself feels "like a teenager" or "like a kid" or "young at heart" or "fun-loving" or "pleasure-seeking" or "adventure-seeking," or words to that effect.

---Does the adult man in question sometimes state that he likes to "experiment" a lot as part of his chosen lifestyle?

---Does the adult man frequently declare that "I (that adult man) like to teach young persons" in a manner and context that prompts you to wonder just exactly what he has, in fact, "taught" those young persons.

---Does that adult man profess to have a particular appreciation for young children who "learn best through the tactile method," as that adult man might put it in your presence, with that adult man possibly adding that "I'm (that adult man) also very much that way. I find that I only learn through grabbing and touching and holding an item."

---Does the adult man in question express an abnormally keen interest in carnal acts or physical acts that result in the loss of virginity to a young person?

---Does the adult man convey a lack of interest in learning the EXACT current age of your child.

---Does the adult man frequently or occasionally comment to you or others on how "grown-up" and "how adult" and "how mature" your under-age child is.

---Does the adult man fail to himself sincerely and convincingly deplore the sex crime of pederasty or statutory rape that involves victimization of minors by adult persons?

---Does the adult man extol the cited "virtues" of inter-generational personal relationships without himself ever expressing his deep and sincere concern about intergenerational exploitation of younger persons and law-breaking conduct by the older partner in many of those relationships.

---Does the adult man indicate a lack of interest in the significance of the number 17 or 18, depending on the U.S. state in which that man is residing at the time.

--Does the adult man seek to treat your child to a meal inside a restaurant or cafe that permits either smoking or the sale of alcohol?

--Does the adult man have any facial hair?

--Does the adult man have any tattoos on his body?

--Does the adult man have or wear any ear piercings or nostril rings?

--Does that adult man reportedly wear strong cologne or perfume, even, in the presence of your child?

--Is that adult man observed around town wearing clothing that you as a parent would regard as being either lewd or lascivious or sexually suggestive in nature?

--Does that adult man make frequent verbalized statements to others, or direct statements to your child, about that adult man himself being citedly "gay," as that man might directly refer to himself.

--Does that adult man ever make any comment indicating, or otherwise indicate, that he himself frequently has sex with an "anonymous sex partner"?

--Does that adult man ever make any comment indicating, or otherwise indicate, that he himself has participated in anonymous sex inside a public restroom at any time in his entire life?

--Does that adult man indicate that he hosts and attends lots of "parties" at which consumption of drinking alcohol or marijuana or tobacco products is permitted by himself or some other individual serving as the party host.

--Does that adult man indicate that he regards "marijuana brownies" as being innocuous and not posing a concern to himself?

---Does that adult man when he hosts a party of his own typically invite children and other youths under age 17 to attend, even though alcohol or tobacco products or illicit drugs or licit drugs are being consumed by several or many of the adult participants at that party?

---Is the adult man observably effeminate in his own personal style, including through the body language and locution that he exhibits in an ostentatious or flamboyant manner in the presence of your child.

---Does that adult man make numerous flippant comments in the presence of your child that strike you as being juvenile and irresponsible remarks.

--Does that adult man ever refer to himself having permitted another person to beat or whip himself, or to insert their own fist into his own anus, for instance; or, alternatively, does that adult man ever refer to having himself ever physically beaten or whipped or engaged in "fist-fornication," for instance, with another person at any time.

--Does that adult man ever verbalize speculations to others to the effect that a cited child or teenage youth "might become gay" or "could be manipulated into a gay lifestyle" or "could be bribed into leading a gay lifestyle" or "is already gay," in the stated view of that adult person.

---Does that adult man indicate to you that he himself has any criminal-conviction record? Does any observer of that adult man state to you that that observer suspects that the adult man in question has a cited criminal-conviction record?

---Does that adult man ever fail to drive his or your motor vehicle within the speed limit or ever fail to drive that vehicle in a very prudent manner when you observe that adult man driving himself or your child or anyone else to a cited destination.

---Does that adult man indicate to you that he in any way condones or supports so-called "romantic relationships" involving the physical beating or physical whipping or cited "enslavement" or cited subjugation of one or both partners in those cited "relationships"?

--Does the adult man give any indication that he himself currently owns more than a few X-rated movies inside his home or at his workplace?

--Have you yourself visited the private residence of that adult man? If so, would you characterize it as being so wholesome it's "G-rated," so to speak? Or, to the contrary, would you characterize that adult man's private residence and interior decor as being "shockingly X-rated" or "dismayingly R-rated" in nature.

---When that adult man cracks a joke in front of your child or in front of yourself, does that "joke" ever appear to be a double entendre featuring a sexual innuendo?

---Does that adult man frequently tell "dirty jokes" in front of or within earshot of youths who are under age 17.

---When that adult man smiles at your child, would you characterize that particular smile by that adult man as being closer to a sneer or a leer than a truly appreciative and warm and sincere smile toward your child?

--Does the adult man indicate that he likes to pursue videotaping of youths or taking photographs of youths as one of that adult man's cited hobbies or pastimes?

--Does that adult man spend a lot of his leisuretime at amusement parks and public swimming pools and other public places where youths are often found in a context without full and constant parental supervision of those youths.

---Does that adult man prefer to watch television shows featuring cartoons and other programs specially developed for children?

--Does the adult man indicate that many of his toys and games and reading material items inside his residence relate to sexual themes, with "sex toys," for instance, accounting for many of the items that the man in question collects inside his residence or at his workplace.

--Does the adult man indicate that "Lolita," by Nabokov, is one of the novels that that adult man has read and enjoyed the most?

--Does that adult man indicate that he himself identifies quite a bit with the leading male character in "American Beauty," a Hollywood movie about an American married man who romantically pursues an under-age female high school student.

---Does that adult man ever boast about the citedly large number of young persons who "lost their virginity" because of himself, as that adult man may declare with pride.

--Does that adult man use the term "rite of passage into adulthood" on a frequent basis, and does that adult man also indicate in a suspicious manner that he seeks to introduce youths to what "adulthood feels like."

--Does the adult man in question frequently refer to morality as being "relative" and to ethics as being "situational"?

---Do you have any evidence indicating that that adult man is a habitual or pathological liar?

--Do you know the career or occupation of the man in question, and do you have any reason to suspect that his employer is not wholesome or reputable or diligently law-abiding?

--Do you know of any older male youths or adults who are acquainted with the adult man in question, and who might be willing to offer you candid information about how that adult man conducts himself when interacting with children?

--What do other parents tell you about the level of obedience of the law of that adult man, based on what they have observed of his conduct?

--Does the adult man give any indication that he leads a lifestyle featuring lots of late-night hours after midnight?

--Does that adult man frequently wear sunglasses, including in a context when he's interacting with your child, and you have sometimes wondered whether the wearing of sunglasses was for a purpose other than protecting that adult man from excessive exposure to the sun.

--Do you observe that the pupils of that adult man's eyes appear to dilate whenever he is speaking in person to your child.

----Do you yourself ever observe any apparent protrusion in that adult man's pants emanating from his groin area when you observe him interacting with either your own child or any other under-age youth?

--Has the adult man been observed by you or your friends, or by any law-enforcement officers, frequenting any municipal or county park in your town after sundown?

---Does the adult man frequently rent a hotel room in the same city where he maintains a residence of his own? Would you characterize that hotel as being either seedy or sleezy?

--Does the adult man ever make statements in your presence that strike you as being dishonest or incorrect or contradictory or fraudulent?

--Does the adult man have any criminal-conviction record?

--Do you have any reason to believe that the adult man in question is an illicit "consumer" of "child pornography" in any context?

---Do you have any reason to suspect or believe that the adult man in question spends a lot of his leisuretime as a "customer" inside so-called adult bookstores while reportedly "shopping" for X-rated movies or sex toys to possibly either purchase or rent, or while allegedly searching for a prospective anonymous sex partner from among the other "customers" inside that establishment.

--Do you observe any evidence that the adult man in question does not diligently and promptly report to a law-enforcement agency any factual evidence that adult man ever obtains or receives about a cited incident noted by that man which involved possibly illegal conduct he observed.

--Does the adult man make any statements indicating he believes that individuals can simply "ignore" laws that they don't feel comfortable with?

---Does the adult man indicate that he himself has ever been a "customer" at an illicit house of prostitution, or that he himself supports legalization of prostitution, or that Reno, Nevada, a city where prostitution is reportedly legal, is a favorite city of his to visit?

---Does the adult man make frequent comments about his own admiration of "inter-generational relationships" in any cited context?

--Does the adult man ever make any statements you learn about in which he expressed a contempt for law-enforcement or a contempt for law-enforcement agencies?

--Does the adult man ever indicate that he himself owns a paddle or a whip or a chain, or that he sympathizes in any way with or identifies with sadomasochistic or S&M lifestyles?

--Does the adult man ever state or indicate that he would enjoy "spanking" your child or "being spanked" by your child in any cited context?

---Does the adult man ever indicate that he owns a weapon such as a gun or knife?

--Does the adult man make any statements indicating that he sympathizes with a cited well-publicized pederast (a famous person who reportedly had sex with minors)?

--Does the adult man ever lay a hand on anyone in any context that strikes you as being improper or inappropriate?

--Does the adult man repeatedly insist on "embracing" or "hugging" your child in your presence?

--Does the adult man ever physically touch your child, such as by "accidentally" bumping into" your child or patting your child on the head?

--Has the adult man ever patted your child on the behind, or pinched or grabbed your child without any apparent basis for any such physical contact.

--Does that adult man always pinch an under-age child on St. Patrick's Day, for instance?

--Has the adult man ever asked your child to play a sport or pursue an activity with that adult man that involved considerable physical contact between the two of them, such as might occur from "two-below" football?

--If the adult man in question does ever embrace or hug your child in your presence, do you sense that the embrace or hug involved more total seconds' duration or greater intensity from the adult man than you would regard as having been politely and platonically appropriate?

An Idea for Secondary Education

If a home-economics course entitled "Hail to the Chef" or some similar phrasing that might appeal to masculine students, were offered at the high school level, enrollment by male youths in home economics courses might increase dramatically.

And that, in turn, would help young men to save many thousands of dollars throughout their adult lives by providing them with basic home-economics skills.

Those home-economics skills would be of practical benefit to virtually any male student, particularly since the average per-capita total number of years in which American men are single and unmarried or divorced or widowed, appears to have risen significantly in the last few decades.

Among the skills that a home-economics class could teach male youths are:
---how to mend clothing after it becomes torn;
---how to keep one's residence as neat and hygienic as possible;
---how to develop and pursue a well-balanced dietary lifestyle guided by a strong sense of nutrition;
---how to practice preventive medicine through one's lifestyle at home;
---suggested techniques for washing clothes and ironing clothes;
---bookkeeping strategies;
---how to participate comprehensively in natural-resource recycling.

How Many Days Has It Been Since Barack Obama Last Smoked?

One of the questions that I hope President Barack Obama will address whenever he gives a public speech or holds a press conference, is simply this:


Each and every occasion in which President Obama publicly announces to the American people, and to people all over the world, that he himself has gone "tobacco-less and not smoked any cigarette for 1,001 consecutive days," for instance (with the actual number to be fully up-to-date for each such media event), will be a major boon to nationwide and worldwide efforts at promoting complete and permanent abstention from tobacco products by youths and other young people, and by older persons as well, throughout America and the entire world.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dishonesty of Those Who Profess to be Anti-Athletic

When I reflect on the peak emotional experiences of my own life so far, I find that pursuit of an athletic activity or outdoor recreation figured prominently in many of those peak experiences.

Inevitably I find myself questioning the honest of the millions of Americans who profess to not enjoy athletic activities or exercise or outdoor recreational activities.

Among my own all-time favorite "peak emotional" experiences were:

--riding an inner tube along the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels, Texas, during my youth, which was an exhilarating adventure for me.

--paddle-boating on the Colorado River at Big Spring, Texas.

---playing tennis on a clay tennis court for the first time in my entire life, a milestone for myself that I achieved in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the Holiday Park Tennis Center in the summer of 1979.

---eating wonderfully delicious nectarines dispensed from the fruit machine at a public swimming pool at Strawberry Canyon in Berkeley, California, during my second-grade year of elementary school.

---camping with my childhood family at Cripple Creek, Colorado, and chatting during my youth with a fellow camper at our campground who was herself a divorced single mother from Wisconsin s raising her two daughters on her own.

---thrilling during my youth to the delicious taste of eating fried abalone outoodrs while camping with my childhood family at Mendocino State Park in Mendocino County, California.

---delighting in the beautiful natural outdoor spring swimming pool at Colorado Springs, Colorado, during a childhood visit to Colorado Springs.

---delighting in the beauty of Ash Springs, a natural outdoor swimming pool in Nevada that was ecstasy-inducing for me.

Interview With Myself About American Society Today

INTERVIEWER: Why do you believe that a comprehensive nationwide natural-resource recycling program in each city, town, village, hamlet, and rural area of this entire country would help to realign and revitalize the American economy in a healthy way?

JKM: It's obvious that a society based on massive and pervasive wastage of natural resources is a society doomed to failure. People all over the world continue to look upon American society as the most wasteful of natural resources of any country in the entire world.
"America---that's the country that rapes the global environment more than any other nation," so many citizens of foreign nations say. Other foreign citizens are saying that "America is the biggest throw-away society in world history, and it seems to me that that Americans are throwing their own future into a trash can from it all." I don't blame foreign observers for feeling that way. So this proposed nationwide recycling program throughout the entire USA would greatly enhance our nation's credibility in the eyes of the entire world, including vis-a-vis the global economy.

INTERVIEWER: You have also stated that you believe a nationwide mandatory-participation natural-resource recycling program throughout this country would generate thousands of new jobs throughout the United States. Is that correct?

JKM: Yes, I feel very confident about that. I would refer to all of those jobs, by the way, as being "green jobs"---jobs in industries very healthy for our environment. America has a wonderfully Green Opportunity, if you will, to promote a great rebirth of American culture and American society in this way.

INTERVIEWER: That's a fascinating distinction you are alluding to, between what you call "green jobs," or "green industries," and, on the other hand, the new jobs that might otherwise have been generated in "red" or "black" industries---whichever color code you might choose to assign to them-----that you don't believe to be beneficial to our nation's and world's environment.

JKM: Unfortunately, President Obama has yet to promote and promulgate and enthusiastically endorse a new and enlightened "Green-Friendly" index of economic progress in this nation that adequately reflects criteria such as level of participation in natural-resource recycling, or the overall level of greenness of any given industry.

INTERVIEWER: Could you give me an example of that point?

JKM: I'd be happy to. Take the tattoing industry in the United States. Is there any industry more frivolous and hideously injurious than that one? I cannot imagine a more sickening perversion of our nation's economy than the damage inflicted on our entire nation by the tattoing industry.

INTERVIEWER: You have a point there.

JKM: What the tattooing industry tells me is that Americans are desperate for a way to start up a conversation with a new acquaintance. In lieu of posing thoughtful questions to a new acquaintance, Americans of today habitually roll up their sleeve---or take off their shirt, even, in some cases---and ask the new acquaintance, "So what do you think of my tattoo?"

INTERVIEWER: I see what you are suggesting. A pathetic way to initiate a conversation.

JKM: Particularly when you consider how vapid or violent or misanthropic many of the tattoo messages on human bodies happen to be. And let's not forget the increased risk of skin cancer for all too many Americans that results from their having their bodies tattooed like that.

INTERVIEWER: I sense that you are struck by a sense of urgency on the need for very prompt and salutary realignment of our nation's economy as soon as possible.

JKM: Yes, of course. However, you will note that President Obama has yet to declare that he would like to help preside over a salutary realignment of our nation's economy himself. It often seems as if he lacks courage in that way.

Suicide as Moral Indictment of Religious Groups

Whenever a human death by suicide occurs, that death comprises a very obvious moral indictment of the religious congregation or religious denomination in which the human being who committed suicide was a self-identified member.

I am very hopeful that some philanthropic non-profit foundation will help to fund a new study that attempts to determine the estimated per-capita incidence of suicide by religious congregation and religious denomination, respectively, in Texas and throughout the United States.

It seems to me very likely that the religious congregations and religious denominations that are the most permissive toward consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs, or tobacco products, or toward criminal and lawless conduct (verbal harassment of others involving profane speech, illegal electronic surveillance of others, and stalking of others, for instance) by their members, will also be the religious groups with the highest per-capita incidence of reported suicide that was committed by individual members of those religious groups.

In my own fully independent religion, a non-proselytizing alcohol-free religion with very strict eligibility requirements in which I myself am the only current member, I am proud to say that the suicide rate will always be zero. That is one statistical fact about my own fully independent and non-Christian religion that gives it a distinct moral advantage over any of the religious groups of which I am aware that have more than one member.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crimes Most Frequently Committed From Ignorance of the Law

Of all the violations of the law that I regard as sobering and tragic, crimes committed unknowingly by otherwise-law-abiding persons who are ignorant of the law may well rank at the very top.

For that reason, and partly because my own independent religion emphasizes consistent obedience of the law, I have chosen to establish a blog I'll be updating from time to time that cites the state and federal laws that Texans are most likely to violate without their being aware of it:

--If you receive 20 letters in your mailbox that were each addressed to the same cited person other than yourself (or any other member of your household, for that matter), and if you write "incorrect address" and forward that letter to the Postal Service 19 consecutive times, but after receiving the yet another letter with that same person's name cited as recipient on a 20th occasion, you then toss that 20th letter into a trash can either out of exasperation (no forwarding address was apparently provided by the recipient, you note with frustration) or absent-mindedly, you have allegedly committed a federal offense. That violation of federal law is mail tampering, a Balcones Post Office staff member named Stephanie stated to me on the telephone on March 21, 2009.

--The crime of complicity in crime. If you happen to know or believe that someone else has committed a crime, but you choose not to share that information you are privy to with a law-enforcement agency, you may possibly be guilty of a form of complicity in crime, since you allegedly withheld pertinent criminal-law evidence from a law-enforcement agency.

--Many adult Texans are apparently unaware that they are in fact prohibited by state law from themselves ever romantically dating or having carnal relations with any person who is under 17 years of age. (In other states, such as New York, for instance, state law reportedly prohibits any adult person from romantically dating or having carnal relations with any person who is under 18 years of age.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Travis County's Agricultural Crops a Mystery to Many

I recently spoke with an intelligent, thoughtful Central Texan man who told me that he does not know which agricultural crops are being raised on farms in Travis County, Texas.

It is obvious that the vast majority of Travis County residents, myself among them, would also be stumped on that subject.

Travis County, Texas, has an apparent need for a special new museum exhibit or library exhibit that highlights and profiles each of the agricultural crops being raised by farmers in Travis County these days.

According to the entry about Travis County by Vivian Elizabeth Smyrl that is found in the authoritative and copyrighted "The Handbook of Texas Online" by the Texas State Historical Association, sorghum, hay, wheat, and cotton in the early 1980s accounted for about 70 percent of the approximately 94,000 acres harvested in Travis County during that time period.

Other crops being raised by farmers in Travis County in the early 1980s were potatoes, sweet potatoes, peaches, and pecans, according to "The Handbook of Texas Online."

Unfortunately, the otherwise-impressive "Handbook of Texas Online" entry for Travis County has not yet been updated to state which agricultural crops are currently being raised in Travis County by farmers.

The online entry about Travis County, Texas, may be found at the following website address:

My Advice to Young Children

If an 8-year-old male youth or female youth were to ask me for advice on how they could make the most of their life at that age, I might respond by asking them:

---Do you keep a daily or weekly diary or personal journal for yourself?
---Are there any pastimes or hobbies or sports or games you would like to learn?
---Which board game do you enjoy the most? Would that be checkers, chess, dominoes, a card game of some type, or some other board game?
---Which subjects or persons do you enjoy the most?
---Of all the famous persons you have read about or heard about or seen on television or in the movies, which individuals do you like or love the most? Have you considered doing some research on the Internet about each of those famous persons?
---When you feel bored, which activity do you find is the most likely to help you put an end to that boredom?
---What do you like or love the most about your mother or father, or your brothers or sisters?
---What do you know about the town or city in which you live? Have you considered doing some research about your town or city on the Internet, or at your local library?
---Have you done research to identify each of the museums and libraries and art galleries and other cultural places in your city that you might to visit, if one or both of your parents are willing to take you there?
---If you were asked today which job you want to have as an adult, what would you say? Have you done any research to learn more about that type of job?
---How often do you write letters to friends or relatives of yours?
---When you eat dinner with your family, which subject do you enjoy talking about the most?
---Which vegetable do you enjoy eating the most at dinnertime? Are there any creative or new dishes featuring that vegetable that you might like to help your mother or father prepare?
---Which vegetable do you least enjoy or dislike? Have you considered putting some ketchup or mustard on that vegetable before you eat that vegetable? Does that help the flavor of that vegetable, do you find?
---Do you expect to become famous someday? If so, what do you think will make you famous?
---Do believe you are a good person?
---How do you decide who to become friends with?
---Is there any person you don't like? Why don't you like that person?
---Of all the grown-ups you know of, is there any grown-up whom you fear?
---Do you ever cry? When that happens, what are you thinking about or feeling?
---Do you get an allowance from your parents? If so, do you often spend all of your allowance money on the same day? Do you sometimes wish you had saved some of your allowance money for another day?
---If you have a major problem in your life, do you ask your mother or father for advice?
---If you were President of the United States today, what would you do today?
---How would you like to see your country change?
---Is there any classmate of yours whom you believe is a bully?
---Do you know why that classmate of yours acts like a bully?
---Have you talked with your mother or father about any bully you know about at your school?
---Do any of your classmates ever talk with you about drugs or tobacco or alcohol? Do any of your classmates ever try to pressure you into trying drugs or tobacco or alcohol? If so, have you complained to your mother or father or your teacher about that classmate?
---Do you ever get in trouble with your parents? Do you know why you sometimes get in trouble with your parents?
---Which teacher of yours is your favorite so far? Have you talked with that teacher about what it's like to be a teacher?
---Is there any teacher of yours who scares you or frightens you or gets you upset in any way? If so, do you find that you generally don't raise your hand and ask questions of that teacher? Have you asked your mother or father to meet with that teacher and talk with that teacher about your concerns?

Legal Precedents for Victims of Anonymous Communications

One of my most fervent hopes is that a factually-reliable website on the Internet will soon be established that cites and describes legal precedents that have been established, and government actions that have occurred, on behalf of protecting the legal right of law-abiding Americans to enjoy full freedom from unwanted anonymous communications.

The proposed new website on the Internet might, among other things, note lawsuits that have been filed against the alleged perpetrators of, and alleged financiers of, anonymous communications to which an American citizen or foreign visitor to the United States was subjected against his wishes.

As a law-abiding, non-stalking, and consistently honest single adult American citizen who myself diligently abstains from any participation in anonymous communications of any type with anyone else, I take great pride in accurately citing my full legal name in this Internet blog, for instance. That personal accountability, I might add, is crucial in a truly benevolent democratic nation where individuals speak with sincerity and moral courage and a devotion to the truth.

Anonymous communications, by contrast, are often accompanied by stalking and other criminal intent, contempt for the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion rights of others, sinister slyness, injurious malice, prevarication, and fraud.

Anonymous communications not directly authorized by the individual being subjected to them are intrinsically injurious, and comprise a pervasive indictment of the institution or group of individuals or individual sponsoring them. This is so regardless of whether that institution is a government-owned entity, a religious group, an atheist group, a political group, a so-called "educational" institution, a media company, or a business entity of any type, and regardless of whether the sponsoring group of individuals or sponsoring individual is reportedly "admired by many" or "respected by many" or "liked by many" or "someone with lots of power and prestige and socioeconomic status," etc.

Institute for Study of Corruption in American Government

If I were financially wealthy, I would welcome the opportunity to donate money toward establishment of a non-profit Institute for the Study of Corruption in American Government.

Ours is a nation where news about scandalous conduct by government officials and candidates for elective office are an all-too-frequent and near-daily occurrence.
Those scandals make a mockery of those who boast about American society has the greatest integrity and loftiest ideals, and the greatest legal and political and governmental system, of any nation in the world.

American society has an urgent need for a non-profit research institution dedicated to studying and evaluating factual evidence of corruption involving conflict of interest or alleged violations of the law for which government-owned institutions, current and former elected officials, or candidates for elective office at the local, state, and federal levels, could be held blameworthy.

Findings and recommendations from that proposed new research institution---an institution of the finest integrity that would not be affiliated with any political party or religious organization-----could help to restore confidence in the American political and governmental system.

The proposed research institution might, among other things, house archives and a research library relating to lawsuits or criminal-law investigations and prosecutions that have been filed or pursued against officials of cited political party organizations in the United States.

Recycling Demonstration Centers Needed

I find it very sad to sense that in the 21st Century year 2009, I myself still have not read or heard about any federally-sponsored or federally-endorsed "United States Recycling Demonstration Center" situated in our nation's capital city.

Washington, D.C., should hold the distinction of being our nation's premier showcase city, and a city where the very finest of American ideals are found and exemplified in abundance.

Any American citizen or foreign visitor to Washington, D.C., should enjoy the option of visiting a Model Home and Model Workplace demonstration center being used to help educate the general public on a year-round basis.

Trained "tour guides" and educators could help to point out each of the techniques and strategies that each household could diligently pursue to participate fully and comprehensively in natural-resource reycling of all trash items generated inside that household's house, condominium unit, or rental apartment.

In a different section of that proposed U.S. Recycling Demonstration Center in Washington, D.C., trained educators could politely describe the various ways in which each employer could diligently and comprehensively on a year-round basis participate in natural resource recycling at the workplace.

This is just one of the ways in which our federal government could be doing more than it currently is to promote comprehensive nationwide participation in natural-resource recyling on a year-round basis by all American citizens and all other residents of the United States.

And that massive expansion of our nationwide natural-resource recycling industry, in turn, could serve as a major boon in a salutary realignment and revitalization of our nation's economy.

Those who recycle convey the message that they believe in the future of this country. They also convey the message that they reject the widely-held view of people all over the world that American society is doomed to failure because of the "throw-away" and "toss it all into a trashcan" mentality that has pervaded American life ever since the mid-20th Century.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Strategy for Promoting Excellence in U.S. Economy

I've come up with a modern religious strategy for helping to promote excellence in the products and services from businesses operating in the United States, and for thereby helping to promote a salutary realignment of our nation's economy in a manner that truly rewards excellence.

As a religious tradition, I plan to regularly add to and revise and update a personal list of consumer goods and services that I particularly enjoy and admire and regard as first-rate in caliber.

Some examples of prepared foods and beverages I have particularly enjoyed eating or drinking, and that I have purchased in supermarkets or ordered in restaurants or cafes in Austin, Texas, in the last approximately 10-year period:


---the delicious and healthful H.E.B. Supermarkets-brand "Rio Red" Grapefruit Juice that's "Not from Concentrate," as the front of the carton states. This brand of pastueurized 100 percent grapefruit juice is made exclusively from Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, raised along the Rio Grande River Valley. By far the most delicious of all the grapefruit juices I have purchased in the supermarket. It feels good to note that this is one Texan item that appears to be best in the nation for that consumer-goods category.

--a delicious prepared Turkey Salad featuring Apricot and Almonds as major ingredients, offered for sale in the deli section of at least one supermarket in Austin, Texas, of the San Antonio-based H.E.B. Supermarkets. I find that combination very tasty, and I also know that the apricot and almonds and turkey found in that product are healthful ingredients.

--a delicious and creative "Curry Chicken," a canned-good item, that is "ready to eat." Southerners will be pleased to note that this canned-good item was produced by "Crider, Inc.," in Stillmore, Georgia---a city that I myself had never previously heard about or read about, so I plan to consult the online Wikipedia soon to learn more about Stillmore, Georgia. This curried-chicken product is so lean that it contains only 1 gram of fat per 2-ounce serving, and features zero saturated fat and zero trans fat, and only four grams of sugar per serving. One minor awkward point: the ingredient label notes that this product's ingredients include "partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil." Many American consumers these days are attempting to generally avoid purchasing commercially-processed food products that contain any partially hydrogenated oils, if at all possible.

---the delicious and healthful Cranberry and Concord Grape Juice blend from Ocean Spray that does not contain any corn syrup, and with no sugar added, either.

---the Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fiber, large whole-wheat tortillas produced commercially by La Tortilla Factory of Santa Rosa, California, and being sold retail in supermarkets. Each tortilla contains 12 grams of fiber, 18 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams of protein, 0 saturated fat, and only 1 gram of sugar

---the Kuner's of Colorado "Southwestern Jalapeno Black Beans with Lime Juice." This side dish canned-good item has very good flavor to it, and is delightfully spicy. One serving (one-half cup) of this item contains 1.5 total grams of fat, zero grams of saturated fat, and 0 grams of trans fat; 8 grams of fiber; only 2 grams of sugar; and 7 grams of protein. Sodium level is 520 mg per serving. One serving reportedly contains 15 percent of the minimum daily requirement for iron, and 6 percent of the minimum daily requirement for calcium.
This product is distributed by Kumer-Empson, a division of Faribault Foods Inc. of Faribault, Minnesota.

---Bigelow-brand "Green Tea With Mint." I am finding that when I prepare a cup of hot tea for myself using these wonderful tea bags from the Bigelow company based in Fairfield, Connecticut, the tea is not only pleasant to my palate but also relaxes and soothes my throat. This has a good calming effect on me, I find. I would like to see the package for this product quantify the antioxidant benefit from sipping this hot tea; I'm hopeful that that statistic would be very impressive.


---the Hibiscus Tea offered at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas. Hibscus Tea inside Kerbey Lane Cafe is consistently delicious.

----the delicious Turkey Sausage offered as a menu item at the Java House coffeehouse near the intersection of West 12th Street and North Lamar Boulevard in central Austin.

---the Asian Chopped Chicken Salad and Pei Wei Spicy Chicken Salad offered at Pei Wei chain restaurants. I myself customarily order each of those salads without any crispy noodles or crispty wontons.

---the delicious Chicken and Shrimp Oriental Salad, and the also-delicious Hawaiian Salad, offered on the menu at Cheddar's chain restaurants.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Aphorisms and Observations for Daily Living

One of my religious beliefs is that I should regularly revise, update, and add to a special blog of mine I share with others that contains suggested principles for living or aphorisms for living, based on what I have observed in my own life:

---Many Americans say that they prefer not to pursue athletics or exercise, since that physical activity would increase their risk of sustaining a medical injury.
But the alternative, a sedentary lifestyle, is even more injurious in the long run. A sedentary lifestyle harms a person through the internal "injury" to the body resulting from the hardening of the arteries and resulting heart disease.

---If I were a woman and I encountered a handsome and medically healthy, youthful adult gentleman who appealed to me, I would immediately ask myself, "What would my reaction be if I had an unwanted pregnancy from having mutual-consent sex with this gentleman in which the contraception failed?" If my reaction would be one of considerable indignation and dismay and anger, I might choose not to even consider agreeing to have a romantic date with that gentleman. I might instead choose a strictly-platonic personal relationship with him, provided that he is receptive to it; and then, several months down the road, I might be able to better determine whether romantic receptiveness to him would be appropriate at that future date.

---Always remember that in your own life, regardless of your age, you are the most important person. This is true regardless of what media companies tell you, regardless of what the President of the United States tells you, and regardless of what your relatives or housemates or professional associates tell you. Your awareness about being the most important person in your own life should not in any way undermine your ability to be fully empathetic, fully generous, and fully appreciative of others, or your ability to respect and honor the legal rights of others.

---Freedom of speech and Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion, freedoms that the U.S. Constitution assures you of having, help explain why you enjoy full freedom of self-determination in your own life. You can set your own priorities, and live a very good and happy life accordingly.


Urgent Need for Heart-Healthy Mexican Restaurants

One of my own "pet causes" in Texas is the urgent need for a new Mexican restaurant chain throughout our entire state that exclusively serves trans-fat-free and heart-healthy, vitamin-rich, mineral-rich, cuisine.

It would be the type of Mexican-style restaurant chain in which no customer could ever make a "wrong choice" from any item on the menu. The entire menu would be "foolproof," from a medical-health standpoint.

Each and every one of the menu options would have been certified in advance by a panel of cardiologists and other medical physicians as being either good or very good or excellent for the medical health and creative lifespan of Texan diners.
It would be a Mexican-style restaurant chain so conscientious that it would even publicize the name and credentials of each of the cardiologists who had been appointed to serve on that restaurant chain's panel of expert consultants.

I've been told by other Texans for decades that they enjoy dining in Mexican restaurants in our state. However, many of those same Texans have also confided to me that the menu items they consumed in those Mexican restaurants were probably harmful to their own medical health.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Idea of What A Religion Should Be Like

I love the idea of a new and modern religion that has stringent eligibility requirements that reward the honorable.
The type of religion for the honorable that I would like to call my own might be limited to:
---persons who strive for tactful honesty as much as possible, and obedience of the law, on a year-round basis;
---persons who are permanently alcohol-free and tobacco-free and illiict-drug-free at all times;
---persons who have no prior addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs;
---persons who support the overall eventual societal goal of a world without human consumption of drinking alcohol or tobacco or any illicit drug, with the obvious exception of alcohol used in cooking that enhances the flavor of food without any alcohol actually being present in the food or ingested by a human being after the cooking process;
---persons who are dismayed by legalized as well as illegal forms of gambling involving the expenditure of money, and who support a nationwide prohibition on any and all forms of gambling in this nation.
---persons with no criminal-conviction record, or, as a possible alternative membership requirement, persons with no felony-conviction criminal record;
---persons opposed to sado-masochism who themselves lead non-sadomasochistic lifestyles (they don't physically beat or whip their mutual-consent romantic partner or sex partner, for instance, and they don't permit their mutual-consent romantic partner or sex partner to physically beat or physically whip themselves.)
---persons politely dismayed by the lack of facial cleanshavenness on the part of many men and male youths (while of course fully acknowledging that the law generally protects a man's right to grow facial hair on his own body), it being clear to members of this honorable and empathetic modern religion that facial hair not only spreads germs and bacteria, but also undermines the facially hairy male person's ability to present an open and honest and fully friendly face and facial expression to others;
---persons who are dismayed by anonymous communications and fraudulent communications and pranksterism, and who refuse to participate in anonymous communications or fraud of any type or pranksterism;
---persons who are dismayed by the use of "noise pollution" as a weapon on behalf of political or religious persecution or "punishment" or harassment of an individual, regardless of the political or religious beliefs of the individual being victimized and medically and emotionally harmed by unwanted noise pollution in his life;
---persons who are dismayed by the over-emphasis on piano music and electric guitar music in post-Baroque Era music, and who seek to promote and help highlight music that is less intrusive and not as shrill or strident or abusive of the eardrum, the clarinet, the saxophone, the trombone, the trumpet, the flute, the bassoon, the classical guitar, the harp, and the harpsichord being among the gentler or more pleasant-sounding musical instruments that members of this new religion will seek to promote instead;
---persons who generally honor the privacy rights of others, and who do not spy on others or stalk others and subject others to anonymous communications;
---persons who are conscientiously vigilant, and who in a noble manner report evidence of possible illegal conduct they directly observe to a law-enforcement agency, this as an admirable religious lifestyle tradition of theirs.
--persons who support court-ordered capital punishment of legal-status-adult male persons or legal-status-adult female persons who were convicted in a court of law of the heinous and barbarous crime of either homicide or attempted homicide, with a possible proposed requirement that compelling DNA evidence must be obtained before court-ordered capital punishment per se could be justifiable, with help from a possible revision of the state penal code on that;
---individuals who assign highest priority in their religious life to helping to befriend children and many other young persons under age 30, including through educational workshops or exhibits such as wholesome Hobby Fairs and Lifelong
Sports Festivals that might help to introduce young persons to a wide array of law-abiding, creative, and enjoyable pastimes and hobbies and lifelong sports (among those being paddle-boating, croquet, badminton, shuffleboard, journal-writing or diary-writing, photography, developing a pen friendship with a young person in another country, theme-related stamp collecting (collecting postage stamps relating to nature and environmental protection, for instance), rowing, table tennis, racquetball, tennis, collecting picture postcards from throughout one's state or region of the country, etc.)
---individuals with a commendable devotion to helping to protect the global environment, and helping to conserve natural resources in a comprehensive manner, including through participation in natural-resource recycling.
---individuals who emphatically reject the outlook of many that human identity is primarily sexual in nature, or that human identity is primarily gender-related in nature, it being very clear that 99 to 100 percent of all human relationships, including personal relationships as well as career-related relationships, in life are, in fact, platonic in nature, and that it's crucial for each human being to strive to achieve platonic inter-personal credibility with other people, including members of the opposite sex;
---individuals who are kind-hearted and generous, and who exhibit a very kind empathy and generosity and strong support for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association toward law-abiding individuals of a wide variety of religious backgrounds and ideologies;
---individuals who are generously devoted to helping to reward law-abiding persons who are "whistle-blowers" reporting wrong-doing and corruption to a law-enforcement agency;

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bathroom-generated Recyclables Overlooked

I realized recently inside my private residence that my own level of participation in natural-resource recycling varies dramatically depending on the room of my residence where a trash item is generated.
In my bathroom, unfortunately, I have yet to install a recyclables bin separate from my trash can in that room of my residence.
My only recyclables bin that I'm currently using is a 13-gallon recycles bin that I have placed inside a closet in my kitchen. I strive to empty that bin twice per week by placing recyclables at public outdoor recyclables bins that are situated nearby.
I plan to purchase a small recyclables-collection bin in my bathroom, and then toss into that bin for future recycling such items as:
----an empty plastic container of alcohol-free mouthwash;
----an empty plastic bottle of contact lens solution;
----an empty plastic bottle of bath oil;
----the plastic lid to my can of shaving cream;
----the plastic cap to a tub of toothpaste;
----the plastic cap to the disposable razors I purchase;
----possibly the plastic disposable razors I purchase (though they are an item with some metal that possibly could be recyled separately);
-----possibly the plastic deoderent dispenser I purchase.
One reason why many of the bathroom items tend to get overlooked as recyclable items is that the manufacturers of those bathroom products often fail to clearly state on the packaging for those products that "this is a recycable PLASTIC ITEM, PLEASE RECYCLE!," OR WORDS TO THAT EFFECT.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Legal Precedents Needed Against Those Harboring Stalkers

I hope that some opponent of the crime of stalking will soon establish a new website on the Internet.

That proposed new Internet website would exclusively contain factual information about the most recent legal precedents that have been achieved on behalf of punishing institutions or businesses (media companies, for instance) or individuals who or that are officially determined to have harbored or aided and abetted a law-breaking stalker.

The harboring of a stalker by a governnment-owned institution or by a business entity or non-profit group or individual, for that matter, should be denounced as flagrantly illegal complicity in crime.

It also seems obvious to me, as the widespread current incidence of stalking in American society underscores, that major nationwide progress at deterrence of stalking will require numerous legal victories in a court of law against cited businesses and government-owned institutions and cited employers that or who are each accused, in each such case, of having habored or aided and abetted a law-breaking stalker.

Stalking is a form of terrorism all too often occurring in American society on a daily basis. And business entities or non-profit groups or government-owned institutions (public universities or public school districts, for instance) that harbor or employ stalkers should be held fully accountable in a court of law for their truly outrageous complicity in and legal liability for that deplorable form of terrorism.

Recycling Recommendation for U.S. Government

I would like to see the United States Congress approve a new federal law as soon as possible that requires the manufacturer of any product to clearly state on that product the category of recyclable item of that manufactured good.
At present, millions of Americans under-participate in natural-resource recycling partly because they are uncertain as to whether the packaging for any given product they've purchased (a Twining's tea bag wrapper, for instance) would be easily processed as a "mixed-paper" recyclable item.
I and many other Americans get confused about whether the texture or color of the paper, for instance, should have any bearing upon whether it can be recycled successfully.
Also, if one has used a paper towel and it has been wadded up a bit, can that item still be recycled successfully?
This reminds me that the U.S. Government should assign top priority to sponsoring or cosponsoring a nationwide educational television program, to be televised at least once per month, that would help to educate all American citizens on how they can particpate fully and comprehensively in natural-resource recycling.
And that observation reminds me that if this has been Great Britain, by contrast, the British Broadcasting Company would no doubt have already presented an educational program of that type, answering and addressing each of the questions arising from participation in natural-resource recycling by individual Britons, and by British business owners, that the British Government regarded as being pertinent or helpful.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Defense of a Pro-Masculine-Male Heterophilia

Among the questions I get asked the most often in Austin, Texas, Travis County, Texas, and Williamson County, Texas, throughout each year of my 21st Century life can be paraphrased as follows:

"Why is it that you, John Kevin McMillan of Austin, identify with, favor, and are more humanly receptive toward, a higher percentage of all of the heterosexual adult men of Austin, of Texas, and of the United States as being prospective or actual friends or friendly acquaintances or professional associates or roommates or housemates or coreligionists of yours, than of all other comparable male adult subpopulations?"

In response to that all-too-frequent question that I get asked all too often in Austin, I would point out that I identify with, and I of course also prefer to associate with, adult men who are:

---very opposed to anonymous communications, fraudulent communications; criminal mischief, and pranksterism, many of the anonymous communications and pranks perpetrated on American citizens being very unwanted by them or injurious to them, and tantamount to acts of terroristic violence against them in that way;
---consistently law-abiding and privacy-rights-respectful (non-stalking, for instance) and consistently civil, and who keep their hands to themselves in involvements with others that are regarded as being platonic (non-sexual, in other words) involvements for themselves and the other persons;
---admirably vigilant, so much so that they have the courage and integrity to contact a law-enforcement agency and report instances of posssible illegal conduct that they have observed, even if they themselves are not directly victimized by any such illegal conduct, since they honorably refuse to be guilty of COMPLICITY IN CRIME;
---morally and aesthetically straight (consistently honest and conscientious and empathetic, for instance) in human identity;
---at least as good-looking and youthful and medically healthy and disease-free and psychologically healthy and philosophically-minded and polite as myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin;
---believers in the human capacity for the platonically sublime, including through smiles that are sincerely warm and people-friendly, and that are refreshingly lacking in the predatory rapacity toward other human beings that is often associated with what is sometimes identified as "cruising."
---refusing to directly participate in physical beating or physical whipping of any romantic or sex partner of themselves, or to permit any romantic or sex partner of themselves (or anyone else) to physically beat or physically whip themselves;
---dismayed by sadomasochism or S&M, the honorable gentlemen I agree to myself be asociated with being englightened gentlemen noted for a straightforward, people-friendly and humane style, by contrast;
---dismayed by the so-called "Sugar Daddies," or notorious older persons of financial wealth who ruthlessly attempt to exploit the financial vulnerability of adult younger persons (or youths, even) by subjecting the latter individuals to bribery or extortionism aimed at compelling them to have a "romantic" or sexual relationship of some type, or a compelled-speech relationship of "compelled-career" or defacto indentured servantship of some type, with that sadistic older person.
---protective of the personal medical health of other individuals, regardless of whether those individuals are complete strangers to such gentlemen, through a variety of logical actions pursued by such gentlemen that underscore the conscientious style of such gentlemen;
---dismayed by "lifestyles" that on a year-round basis are centered on a series of one-night or one-hour stands featuring frequent anonymous sexual involvements or indiscriminate sex with complete strangers or first-time acquaintances.
---dismayed by any and all houses of prostitution and commercial sex parlors or "bathhouses" featuring sex in a public place between and among strangers, and also dismayed by the nefarious and injurious activities of paid sexual prostitutes, regardless of the gender or sexual identity of the prostitute or house of prostitution.
---dismayed by any form of sexual activity occurring in a public place, regardless of whether that public place is a public restroom or a public municipal park or some other public place.
---exhibiting a high level of empathy toward persons of a wide variety of backgrounds;
---fully supportive of the Constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Strictly-Mutual-Consent Association, and privacy rights, that should be enjoyed by any and all American citizens;
---dismayed and appalled by the repressive conduct of "subcultures" or "communities" or "civic groups" or "political groups" that or who attempt to censor the stated beliefs and opinions of individuals whose beliefs happen to be different from or incompatible with their own;
---fully supportive of the legal and Constitutional right of any American citizen to in a civil and law-abiding manner criticize or deplore a cited gay media company; a cited gay group; a cited gay activist; a cited adult person who happens to be gay, homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transvestite, effeminate adult male or transsexual, for that matter, in sexual or gender identity per se; the gay subculture; the gay community; the lesbian subculture; the transsexual subculture; the bisexual subculture, etc., in any context, it being the case that any and all such civilly-worded and law-abiding speech by any such critic of any such individual or entity is Constitutionally and legally protected in full in a democratic nation such as the United States of America;
---fully honorable about acknowledging the legal right of another person to reject oneself without ever again being contacted by oneself at any time, unless in the case of a civilly-worded legal follow-up letter clarifying that the rejection and terms of that rejection were of course mutually applicable in nature;
---consistently friendly and cheerful and polite and good-humored and consistently genial or congenial toward a wide range of people;
---permanently and year-round illicit-drug-free at all times, in the absence of any previous addiction to any illicit drug;
---gentlemen who, like oneself in that very important way, have no prior or current addiction to either alcohol or tobacco products;
---permanently tobacco-free at all times, it being the case that adult men who completely abstain from tobacco products exhibit a self-love and self-esteem and devotion to hygiene and personal medical health in themselves that is much appreciated, and that adult men who refrain from smoking also have more pleasant voices as a result, the contrast their melodious voices present to smokers' scratchy and raspy voices being quite dramatic in nature;
---facially cleanshaven, and presenting an open and honest facial expression in which they are not hiding behind facial hair in any way;
---understandably repulsed by facial hair, facial hair on adult men being among the leading sources of unsightliness in human beings and an unhygienic source of germ-spreading and disease-spreading that's a public-health issue as well;
---wearing no jewelry on their own body, and particularly no nose rings or tongue rings or gaudy jewelry;
---wearing no tattoos or virtually no tattoos on their own body, and thereby exhibiting pride in the natural appearance of the body they were born with;
---politely aggressive (as distinct from passive, passive-aggressive, militant, or abrasive);
---medically youthful and as good-looking or handsome, and having a personal appearance that is naturally smile-inducing and felicitous;
---either permanently alcohol-free on a year-round basis or, at least, show consistent restraint with any consumption of drinking alcohol that they might ever pursue;
---hygienic and medically healthy, they being gentlemen exhibiting a devotion to taking good care of themselves throughout their lives;
---so conscientious that they either are not a member of any high-risk group for the HIV virus or for AIDS, or, alternatively, they are admirably conscientious gentlemen who diligently get tested every six months for the HIV virus, using their reliable legal name and birhtdate, with those admirable gentlemen insisting on being provided with a reliable, certified, medical-test result on each such testing that he can then present to any prospective dating partner or to any employer of that conscientious gentleman of valor;
---fully supportive of criminal-law prosecution of, and lawsuits being filed against, any person who infects another person with the often-fatal HIV virus, or who who infects another person with a permanently injurious medical problem (such as herpes, for instance).
---talented in a wide variety of sports, and supportive of the ideal of the "Scholar Athlete";
---consistently clean-talking and gentlemanly;
---possessive of a philanthropic and clean (as distinct from cynical and X-rated) sense of humor;
---noteworthy for their absence of malice toward others, and for their strong disagreement with the viciously vindictive style exhibited by all too many Americans of today;
---capable of congenial platonic relationships with persons of a wide variety of backgrounds;
---fully appreciative of the philosophy and outlook and worldview that human identity is NOT primarily sexual in nature, and that 99 percent of all human relationships in life are, in fact, non-sexual or platonic in nature;
---exhibiting a nice and felicitous voice modulation and vocal depth, a voice modulation that does underscore a Freedom of Speech-related choice they made to eschew monotonicism or faked shrill-voicedness;
----interested in helping to comprehensively and generously address the needs of youths and adult younger persons, both in this generation and in all future generations, and exhibiting a fatherly or avuncular or brotherly devotion to all children and the vast majority of all persons significantly younger than oneself in age, without any "quid pro quo" being established or conveyed through that generosity toward younger persons;
----interested in helping to comprehensively address the needs of as many biological women and biological girls as possible;
----appreciative in a philanthropic manner toward a wide variety of biological women and girls;
---interested in helping to address the broader needs of their own city or town or rural area or county or state or nation or world.