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John McMillan (at e-mail address of: "mcmillanj@att.net")

To Evans, Roxanne (herself a former "Austin American-Statesman" reporter and later, in 2015, an assistant to Assistant City Manager Rey Arellano, at her official City of Austin E-mail address of "Roxanne.Evans@austintexas.gov")

(Date and time:) 4-13-15 at 1:30 p.m.

On Monday, April 13, 2015 1:30 PM, John McMillan wrote:

Dear Ms. Evans,

Thank you for your very prompt and encouraging reply note to me about this alleged continuous-and-still-continuing daily-and-year-round and multi-year felony personal-injury-crimes and felony anal-rape-crimes case involving alleged infliction on me during my sleep on a frequent basis of unwanted and unauthorized and medically injurious and harmful "medical services" and alleged anal-rapes and alleged personal-injury crimes by criminal persons unbeknownst to me.

It is a very alarming and very major felony-crimes case in which I remain a single adult permanently alcohol-free and civil and law-abiding and honest, non-Christian white male victim of those alleged felony crimes during my sleep inside my double-bolt-locked bedroom in Apartment 325 at Wind River Crossing.

I snore, I always sleep ALONE on a bed that I myself own, and I myself have been completely CELIBATE, with ZERO sexual contact or intimate physical contact between myself and ANY person or any creature or animal, for that matter, throughout any and all of my own conscious or waking hours, anywhere and everywhere where I have been or visited or been stationed, ever since and including the day in January 2002 when I moved into my current top-floor, vaulted-ceiling rental unit, Apartment 325.

I wish to politely emphasize again that NO ONE other than myself is authorized to be physically present inside my bedroom during periods when I am actually sleeping.

Also, I myself NEVER at any time invite or permit any overnight or late-night guest or guests into my designated bedroom of my apartment unit at any time after midnight or late at night, with the sole exceptions in prior recent years of on-duty EMS employees or on-duty APD officers and solely in response to a 911 or 311 phone call from myself.

I often sense that my current apartment management-team-approved "roommate", who states his name as "John Douglas Martin," and who states his "date of birth" as "8-28-52," (according to what Mr. Martin declared aloud in my presence in the living room when APD Officer Broomhall posed some questions to Mr. Martin during an on-duty visit Officer Broomhall made to our apartment unit on October 23, 2013), (possibly or) allegedly has (possibly) aided and abetted alleged intruders or otherwise been an alleged (possible) accessory to the alleged personal-injury-crimes and alleged anal-rape crimes victimizing myself, John Kevin McMillan, during my sleep.

If any crime evidence of that type is ever obtained by APD, I definitely seek to myself press immediate criminal-law charges against Mr. Martin in a court of law in Austin.

Mr. Martin, incidentally, stated to me several months ago in the living room of this apartment unit that he himself previously had a job involving "medical technology", I believe he said. Mr. Martin stated that he pursued work duties in that field when he was previously employed in Thailand by the United States Air Force of the United States Armed Services, he said.

My own involvement with Mr. Martin has been and continues to be, of course, strictly platonic at all times, which he agreed to in March 2013 when I interviewed him inside a nearby Schlotzsky's corporate-owned restaurant as a prospective new roommate for myself.

Thank you again, Ms. Evans, for your very kind conveyed support for diligent and very professional investigation by APD of this especially alarming continuous-felony-crimes case.

With your kind help on this, I feel very hopeful now that the DNA rape-evidence kit from late December 2011 will finally get processed in full by APD.

That will enable me to then file immediate and automatic criminal-law charges against any and all persons other than myself---regardless of whether they are current or former relatives or roommates or housemates or neighbors or acquaintances or coworkers or work supervisors or teachers or associates --- whose DNA trace is identified through that APD lab processing of the cited Dec 21-22, 2011, DNA-swabs anal-rape evidence kit. I am referring to the rape-evidence kit for APD Case 11-3550615 that is reportedly currently being stored at an APD substation in Austin.

And, as always, I would welcome ANY and all interviews, any and all "lie-detector tests," any and all APD-supervised 24-hour-a-day-electronic surveillance of my bedroom and the outdoor balcony abutting my bedroom, any and all blood tests or urine tests, and any and all DNA-swab forensic exams on my own anus and mouth and buttocks and genitals, and any and all seizing for APD lab-analysis of any my own current DNA-evidence-stained bedsheets or pillowcase or portions of my bed with stains on it, underwear, etc., that APD is willing to authorize for me at any time.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, a dependably civil and law-abiding and honest single adult white male crime victim and criminal-law complainant.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.

John Kevin McMillan

On Monday, April 13, 2015 12:27 PM, "Evans, Roxanne" wrote:

Hello, Mr. McMillan.

Your documents have been sent to the Police Chief’s office.

I do not know that he will review them personally; he is more likely to refer them to an investigator in one of the divisions.

Thank you.

Roxanne Evans
Assistant to Assistant City Manager
Rey Arellano
(512) 974-2194 (office phone)

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