Friday, August 26, 2016


---Mrs. Clinton, do you agree that it is truly outrageous when hard-working permanently tobacco-free and permanently alcohol-free Americans are told by their employer that the only 401-K retirement savings plan option available to them through that employer involves extensive financial investment in the tobacco industry and alcohol industry?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you believe the U.S. Congress should approve a new law that requires any employer which offers its employees a 401-K retirement plan option to also offer those employees the option of registering for a 401-K retirement plan through that same employer that involves ZERO INVESTMENT OF MONEY IN THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY OR ALCOHOL INDUSTRY?

---Mrs. Clinton, does it ever cross your mind that if the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church were to do more to actively support a variety of honorable birth-control measures in Latin America, including vasectomy surgery upon request, the influx of poverty-stricken Latin Americans seeking to emigrate to the United States might diminish dramatically? Isn't it fair to note that the current heavy influx of immigrants into the U.S. from Latin American nations reflects overpopulation in that region resulting from the failure of the Catholic Church and Latin American governments to aggressively promote the honorable goal of zero population growth in each and every Latin American country?

---If you are elected President of the United States, do you plan to ask the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church to preside over a special globally-publicized "birth control demonstration educational workshop for Catholics" that shows them how a male Roman Catholic Church member can place a condom over his own phallus in preparation for sexual intercourse? The type of globally televised Catholic workshop that comes to mind is one in which the Pope might humbly stand beside a naked plastic male mannequin (sp?) featuring a protruding or erect male organ. with the Pope then placing a condom over that simulated organ in order to convert his followers to the cause of contraception.

---Mrs. Clinton, how would you respond to those American consumers who say that each and every time they purchase a product manufactured in mainland China, which for most Americans is thousands of times per year. those same American consumers are indirectly financing a massive military build-up in China that could result in Chinese invasion of Taiwan or South Korea and American-owned territories at some future date?

---Mrs. Clinton, we have all heard about major corporations that create special positions of employment for individuals whom they classify as "Idea Persons". However, it often seems that our federal government at present does not have any counterpart, in the way of positions of employment with the U.S. Government that are specifically for the purpose of generating innovative ideas and policies on behalf of progress for American society. If you are elected President, would you insist on both increasing the number of employment opportunities with the federal government for "Idea Persons," and on increasing financial compensation to those holding positions of that type with the federal government? Also, in your own role as President would you insist on frequently publicizing and praising the contributions being made to the federal government by those much-admired "Ideas Persons" on the federal payroll?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you believe the U.S. Government should each year compile statistics on the total number of al federal employees who in the most recent applicable calendar year asked for and were granted a medical leave of absence that directly related to their being either a drug addict or an alcoholic?

----Mrs. Clinton, have you ever heard of any cases of real-life drug dealers who enter the workplace of a federal agency or federal institution in order to attempt to sell illicit drugs to federal employees situated at that workplace? Which public policy strategies do you recommend for keeping drug dealers AWAY from federally-owned workplaces?

----Mrs. Clinton, do you support some type of amnesty program for current drug dealers that would invite them to turn themselves in at a federal agency and dedicate themselves to an honorably law-abiding alternative career with help from the federal government? How successful have programs of that type been so far, and is there a risk that drug dealers who pledge to "turn over a new leaf" might get murdered by former clients of theirs or former rival drug dealers of theirs, or by former illicit-drug suppliers of theirs?

----Do you believe the U.S. Government should spend money to attempt to determine whether the trajectory of the Earth as it travels around the Sun is being affected in any way by the Global Warming Effect and the accompanying massive loss of ice at the North Pole, for instance?

---I recently read in a non-fiction book that Bill Clinton for much of his Presidency was regarded by millions of Americans as a great Father figure. If you are elected President, do you want millions of Americans to look upon you as a great Mother figure?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you believe the federal government should help Americans living in apartment units or condominium units to select indoor plants for the interior of their own home that feature leaves offering a naturally pleasant fragrance from six feet away, say, inside each such home on a year-round basis?

---Do you agree that if Americans participate in aromatherapy on a daily and year-round basis inside their own rental unit or home, they might be less likely to commit an act of physical violence as a result? Do you agree, in other words, that federal promotion of natural sources of aromatherapy throughout this nation could help to reduce the per-capita incidence of violence in this nation?

---Mrs. Clinton, would you as President of the United States appoint an official White House Aromatherapy Services Coordinator who would each week consult you on the natural fragrance or natural aroma of the week that would be highlighted throughout the entire White House for that week-long period? This question is based on the assumption that you as President would want to help promote a natural approach to aromatherapy inside each and every American household or workplace.

---Mrs. Clinton, I'm sure you have heard of the very influential nationwide magazine named "Prevention," and of that publication's emphasis on preventive strategies that help Americans to avoid contracting major medical problems. Do you believe that the U.S. Government should also be pro-active about promoting preventive strategies for American society that help to anticipate and prevent major public health crises and public safety crises and other societal crises?

---If you were President of the United States today, what unwanted pregnancy rate in our nation, or percentage of all pregnancies in the most recent calendar year that might be classified as unwanted, would you regard as an acceptably low rate? Would that be .1 percent, 1 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, or some other percentage?

---Mrs. Clinton, do you believe that any interior hallway leading directly into a hotel room or apartment unit in the U.S. should be kept well-lit at all times? Do you believe the landlord is partly responsible if a woman attempting to enter her hotel room or apartment unit directly from an interior hallway is suddenly grabbed by a rapist who had been hiding in that dimly-lit hallway?

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