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(Subject:) Review sought on APD's 'no investigation, no arrests' policy on continuous-rape-crimes case (5)

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Subject: Review sought on APD's 'no investigation, no arrests' policy on continuous-rape-crimes case

August 19 (correction on this date inserted 8-19-16 11 p.m. Central Time by author, jkm), 2016

To: The Five Total Current Respective Members of the Austin City Council, Including Mayor Adler, Who Have Very Wisely and Definitely Agreed to Authorize Me to Send Each Of You Written Communications From Time to Time About My Being a Victim of Alleged Continuous Anal-Rape-Crimes and Other Personal-Injury Crimes Inside My Locked Private Bedroom of my Bolt-Locked Apartment Unit in Northwest Austin.

Dear Very Insightful and Honest Austin City Council Members of High Integrity,

Kristen, a first-rate female attorney for the Texas Advocacy Project anti-rape non-profit group in Austin, Texas, very helpfully advised me on the telephone yesterday that according to city ordinances of Austin I myself have the legal right to file a complaint through Austin's mayor and City Council members about my being a victim of alleged felony home-invasion crimes, alleged felony-anal-rape-crimes, and other felony personal-injury-crimes in Austin for which no arrest of any crime suspect has been made by any officer of the Austin Police Department at any time.

Please let me know in writing as soon as possible if there is a form I need to complete in order to myself help prompt an official review this month by Austin City Council of APD's alleged failure to currently investigate the alleged daily and year-round felony personal-injury-crimes case in which I am still, to this very morning, a victim of alleged felony rape-crimes in Austin.

I might add that I have also followed helpful legal advice from Kristen of Texas Advocacy Project to myself follow the proper chain of command at APD in appealing APD's alleged failure to currently investigate this crime case. The most recent APD official whom I have contacted as I've gone through that proper chain of command is Commander Michael Eveleth of the APD Violent Crimes I Unit, who impressed me several years ago with his fine integrity when he stated to me on the phone that Officer Eveleth agreed it would be appropriate for APD to accept cited crime evidence from me from my locked bedroom at that time (I forget now whether the cited issue was soiled bedsheets of mine or some other item) for apparent lab analysis by APD. I have not heard back from Commander Eveleth as yet in regard to my cited appeal through the APD chain of command.

Would each of you and the Austin City Council please review the longstanding "no investigation, no arrests" policy toward my cited continuous-and-continuing-crimes case by the Austin Police Department?

Also, would each of you please contact the Austin Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit and ask a detective there if APD would immediately inform the staff of the forensic lab to whom my Dec. 22, 2011, rape-evidence kit for APD Sex Crimes Case 11-3550615 was reportedly submitted by that APD unit on June 2, 2016, that since my own rape-crime case is a very rare alleged continuous daily and year-round felony-crimes case in which I as the victim have incurred numerous medical injurious inflicted on me by alleged home-invasion crimes perpetrators over a multi-year period while I was sleeping ALONE on my own bed inside my locked bedroom each and every night, APD and the City Government of Austin insist that the cited lab assign highest possible priority to immediately processing that particular rape-evidence kit.

Those urgently-needed DNA-trace results will then enable myself, with help from the Austin Police Department, to immediately press felony criminal-charges against each and every human being (regardless of whether 10 or 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 persons are thereby implicated) for whom a DNA trace was made on that human being who allegedly physically abused me or raped me or injured me or physically tortured me or molested me during my sleep as I lay alone, unconscious, on my own bed inside my locked private bedroom.

I have repeatedly pointed out to the Austin Police Department officers over a multi-year period that any DNA trace from my own body that can be made to a human being other than myself, is very solid crime evidence in a court of law in Austin that that human being raped me during my sleep.

During my own conscious or waking hours, I myself have never participated in any act of anal intercourse, or been subjected to any act of anal intercourse or anal rape or any type during my own conscious or waking hours, on any occasion anywhere in the entire world since the late 1980s. Also, I myself have been completely celibate throughout any and all of my own waking and conscious hours, with ZERO sexual contact between myself and any other human being, ever since and including the day when I moved to northwest Austin in August 2001.

I might add that I lead a permanently illicit-drug-free, permanently alcohol-free, dependably civil and law-abiding, platonically polite (I keep my hands to myself) lifestyle in which I have never directly stated to any person at any time since or including the day when I moved to northwest Austin in August 2001, that I myself ever at any time "agreed" to have sexual contact or genital contact of any type with that human being. Also throughout that entire cited 15-year time period, I never at any time asked any person to have sex with me.

Thank you in advance for your very kind and potentially life-saving assistance to me on this very important legal-liability issue currently facing the City Government of Austin.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

criminal-law complainant John Kevin McMillan.
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