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(Subject:) Fw: 2-8-08 follow-up cc: re: cited noise pollution damage to my hearing & medical health (2)

(From:) John McMillan (at e-mail address of: "")

To Travis County District Attorney

(Date and time:) 03/29/14 at 11:41 PM

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Dear Travis County District Attorney's Office Representatives,

I would like to call your attention, including the item below for an example on that, to the multi-year pattern I've noticed of myself filing a factually accurate criminal-law report with APD in which I cite myself as a victim of alleged crime, and APD officers then responding by promptly and generally without any investigation dismissing my crime report as additional "evidence" of myself, John Kevin McMillan, being citedly an "emotionally disturbed person" whose criminal-law complaint was dismissed as "delusional" on that basis, according to numerous APD officers in written reports that many of them have written and filed with APD through the years.

I hope this additional evidence on that theme is helpful to each of you. Incidentally, I am fairly sure the APD Commander Larry Oliver never on any occasion met with me in person at any time in response to the following E-mail letter I wrote and sent to himself---or in response to any other criminal-law complaint that I filed with himself.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan,
11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.
My Blog:

John Kevin McMillan

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From: John McMillan

To: APD Commander Larry Oliver ; Council Member Dunkerley ;;

Sent: Friday, February 8, 2008 4:21 PM

Subject: 2-8-08 follow-up cc: re: cited noise pollution damage to my hearing & medical health

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To: Austin Police Department Commander Larry Oliver, Office of Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Austin Police Department, City of Austin.

February 8, 2008

Dear Commander Oliver,

Thank you for kindly authorizing me over the telephone early this afternoon to share with you the following (attached) E-mail letter of mine to Dr. Larry Tobey, an ear, nose, and throat specialist who has helpfully informed me, this after examining my hearing and my ears on each of two separate occasions in the last few years, including this year, that noise pollution in Austin, Texas, is allegedly causing significant damage to my own hearing capacity.

Please note that I have signed an authorization form for Dr. Tobey that has authorized him to share his medical findings about myself with the Austin Police Department or any other law-enforcement agency, and with any media company or any attorney or other individual contacting Dr. Tobey about that legal matter.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan of Austin.
Phone: (512) 342-2295.

Note: forwarded message attached.

John Kevin McMillan


To: Dr. David N. Tobey, Jr., M.D.,
Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist,
Austin Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic,
11623 Angus Road,
Suite 20,
Austin, Texas 78759
Office phone: (512) 346-5562
Office FAX: (512) 346-8846

January 22, 2008

Dear Dr. Tobey,

I would like to thank you again for very kindly agreeing with me earlier today during my scheduled 10:40 a.m. medical appointment with yourself inside your medical clinic in northwest Austin that injurious noise pollution in Austin----and, you helpfully added, possible air contaminants at one or more of my workplaces in recent years ----appears to have caused the massive quantity of "beeswax" that you removed from each of my ears today during your medical examination of myself.

Today during your medical exam of myself inside your clinic, you helpfully pointed out that that beeswax buildup inside my ears today was much greater than expected, partly since you had last removed beeswax from both of my ears a few years ago inside that same medical clinic, you helpfully noted.

I would also like to thank you, Dr. Tobey, for your very kind stated willingness today to accept a photocopy of recent Open Records-related legal correspondence of mine with the City Government of Austin. That 30-page legal document, a copy of which your diligent staff member Shay has kindly added to my medical file with yourself, indicates that the Austin Police Department (APD) for reasons unclear to myself has thus far chosen to dismiss as irrelevant verbalized complaints of mine to APD officers about noise pollution in Austin, Texas.

"He (John K. McMillan) asked about filing charges," APD Officer John Nelson notes in a June 11, 2004, E-mail report he sent that day to APD Officer Gena Curtis in regard to my civilly-stated and lawful complaints of noise pollution victimizing myself that I'd verbalized to APD. "I explained that a citation similar to a traffic ticket could be written under certain circumstances. Also advised him that a citizen could file a complaint w/ municipal court."

In a follow-up June 11, 2004-dated E-mail letter in response to my own politely stated noise pollution complaints to APD, APD officer Van Cearley emphasizes to APD Officer Rudy Landeros that "we ran a history on Mr. McMillan and he has been handled as an emotionally disturbed person in the past." That same follow-up report also notes that "he (John McMillan) does not have a specific complaint at this time" about noise pollution, Officer Cearley stated in writing, this in a legal document that was included in the legal documents I added to my medical file inside your medical clinic today.

Even as of today, APD thus far has apparently chosen to ignore numerous complaints of mine about noise pollution in Austin, this despite the fact that that municipal law-enforcement agency in our capital city of Texas is legally responsible for investigating and filing legal charges in a court of law against any and all sources of noise pollution evidenced in Austin, Texas, that violate municipal law---or that violate any other law, I would assume.

Dr. Tobey, please note that I did complete and sign and provide to Shay inside your medical clinic a legal authorization form that gives you my express permission to share with the Austin Police Department or any other government entity, or any attorney, or, I added seconds later in an oral comment to Shay, any media company anywhere in the world, --- or, I might add at this time, any individual who contacts your medical clinic about it --- any and all information or findings or opinions you yourself wish to share with that entity or individual or company that relate to noise pollution (and, you've indicated, air pollution as well) that's been, and continues to be, appallingly injurious to my own medical health in Austin, Texas.

In that regard, I have chosen to carbon-copy this follow-up letter to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, partly because I sensed from chatting in person today with APD Officer Will Monte at about 2:15 p.m. this Tuesday inside your medical clinic (a conversation I had with Officer Monte in a context relating to a lost-and-found report from myself to APD today that I informed your polite staff members about before I made that polite 311 phone call from your office to APD), that Officer Monte appeared to also be concerned about the alleged role of noise pollution apparently violative of the law that allegedly has been and continues to be harmful to myself in Austin, Texas.

Incidentally, the APD number assigned to the lost-and-found report I filed over the telephone today from your medical clinic is: 085003893. I filed that report at 1:24 p.m. today, according to Angela, the APD telephone operator who accepted that report from myself relating to a rain-drenched $20 bill I had discovered lying on the ground in front of my parked car near your medical clinic building at about 1 p.m. today. I had made that surprising discovery today seconds after I had driven back to your clinic's parking lot in front of your building in order to provide yourself with a photocopy of the recent noise-pollution-related legal correspondence of mine with the Austin Police Department --- correspondence that contains APD records about their decision to not investigate those stated complaints of mine---and to return a "Southern Living" magazine I had borrowed from your office earlier today with your staff's permission.

Thank you again, Dr. Tobey, for your very professional and courageously empathetic style as my ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan,

11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
Phone: (512) 342-2295.

cc: Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, APD headquarters, Austin.

KVUE Television News Editor, KVUE Television News, Austin.

City Manager Toby Futrell, City Manager's Office, City of Austin, Austin.

Carter Center for Human Rights, the human right to enjoy freedom from injurious noise pollution apparently being among the human rights championed by that institute at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, under the supervision of First Lady Rosalynn Carter and President Jimmy Carter.

Officials of Action on Smoking and Health, a non-profit group in which I am a dues-paying member.

Officials of the National Council Against Health Fraud, including Dr. Baratz, the NCAHF being a nationwide non-profit group in which I have been approved for membership and that I assume would strongly oppose unhealthful living conditions in which human beings (myself, for instance) are subjected to injurious noise pollution against their wishes.

Mr. John Broders, Story Assignments Editor, "Texas Monthly," who several years ago did very kindly verbalize concerns of his to me over the telephone about alleged cited "harassment" of myself, including in the form of verbal harassment of myself, he indicated, by a media company operating in Austin, Texas, he said.

Mr. Ian Arnold, General Counsel, EMMIS Communications, the Indianapolis-based parent corporation that owns "Texas Monthly" magazine and several radio stations in the Austin area, Mr. Arnold having helpfully assured me in writing that his media company and its employees fully honor my own privacy rights in Austin, Texas.

National Writers Union Official Miryam Williamson, New York City, New York, I being a dues-paying and law-abiding member of that AFL-CIO labor union.

Texas Faculty Association, I being a law-abiding and dues-paying member of that noble labor union organization as well.

Earth Justice, I being a law-abiding member of that nonprofit group combatting noise pollution and other types of pollution.

State Bar of Texas General Counsel Elizabeth Rogers, State Bar of Texas state agency, Austin.

Texas Attorney General Gregory Abbott, Office of the Attorney General, State of Texas, Austin.

Colonel Thomas Davis, Texas Department of Public Safety state agency headquarters, Austin.

Travis County County Judge Sam Biscoe, Travis County Government, Austin.

Mr. Chris Barbee, a former work supervisor of mine at and current Editor and Publisher at "The El Campo Leader-News" general-circulation newspaper in El Campo, Texas, who has himself kindly stated to me in writing that he fervently opposes anonymous communications of the type that I have complained about to himself.

Travis County District Attorney Ronald Earle, DA's Office, DA Earle having presided over the establishment in January of 2006 of a massive criminal-intent or harmful-intent legal evidence that exclusively contains tentative legal evidence that one or more persons allegedly seek to commit a crime victimizing myself, John Kevin McMillan, with anonymous communications and noise pollution and verbal harassment victimizing myself being frequently cited in that criminal-law prosecution file on my own behalf in Austin, Texas.

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