Thursday, August 25, 2016


There may be a need for a new non-fiction book that is dedicated to exploring the hobbies and pastimes of various Governors of Texas and First Ladies of Texas who lived with those heads of state in the Governor's Mansion as their spouse.

The proposed new book would offer inspirational ideas to children, high school students, and college students about hobbies or pastimes they might want to consider pursuing in their leisuretime. In this way, they might derive a lifelong benefit from reading the proposed new book.

The premise behind the book is that Governors of Texas and First Ladies of Texas are culturally influential and respected figures for all Texans, so children and high school students and college students --as well as other Texans---reading about those political and cultural leaders' law-abiding hobbies that are honorable might feel inspired and motivated by those factual accounts.

Unfortunately, when I think about Texas Governor Ann Richards, for instance, all I seem to remember is that she drank alcohol for years--but apparently she later quit alcohol after she developed alcoholism.

In any case, "drank alcohol for years" would not be all that impressive as a cited hobby or pastime.

Ann Richards did join and was an active member in numerous civic groups and at least one religious group (United Methodist Church, was it?), so those "hobbies" or "pastimes" of hers could of course be described in the proposed new book.

As for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, I was fascinated this year by a factual account I happened to read which stated that in his younger days he had a pastime of running outdoors during his leisuretime. I had not been aware of that about Governor Abbott.

Tragically, the account I read went on to state that in the middle of running (jogging?) one day in the Houston area, Greg Abbott had an incident that resulted in his being confined to a wheelchair.

At least with First Lady Laura Bush, the wife of Texas Governor George W. Bush, I do recall that she sponsored an annual event promoting the reading of books by all Texans. So possibly Laura Bush has the only hobby or pastime I can currently recall that was pursued by any First Lady or Governor of Texas.

It is possible, though, that Texas Governor Rick Perry took pride in emulating U.S. President Ronald Reagan by riding on a horse during Rick Perry's leisuretime. But at the moment, I don't recall any particular photo of Governor Perry riding a horse. It just seems likely that he might have concluded that if he had a public reputation for riding a horse during his leisuretime, this might help him to make a successful bid for the Presidency in the grand tradition of Ronald Reagan.

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