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(From:) John McMillan (at e-mail address of: ""

To State Rep. Donna Howard Constituent Services Dr. Scott Daigle (at his official Texas Legislature e-mail address of "")

(Date and time: 5/15/12 at 1:42 p.m.

(Subject:) follow-up question for Scott re: crime case

On Monday, May 14, 2012 1:42 PM, John McMillan wrote:

Dear Scott,

I remembered today that you sent me a recent E-mail reply letter in which you indicated that you yourself have great confidence in the level of integrity and level of competence of the Austin Police Department in investigating my criminal-law complaints I've filed with APD ever since April 2011 about one or more alleged illegal intruders allegedly inside my bolt-locked apartment unit during periods in which I myself am sleeping and snoring and unconscious and I myself am sleeping alone (as always) on my Swedish bed.

Scott, in view of the very recent follow-up E-mail letter (see below) that I've written and sent to District Attorney Lehmberg and the attached photography evidence I've shared with her, do you still feel as you did before in regard to APD's handling of this crime case in which I am the victim?

Sincerely Yours from a law-abiding and honest, tax-paying, gainfully-employed, consistently civil, single adult male constituent of Rep. Donna Howard who myself lives alone and who myself is the ONLY approved leasee of my one-bedroom apartment unit that I always keep bolt-locked and locked whenever I am inside my apartment unit,

John Kevin McMillan,
11411 Research Boulevard (Wind River Crossing Apartments, an apartment complex owned by a for-profit corporation (Westdale?) headquartered along Commerce Street in Dallas, Texas), Apt. 325 (Building 3), Austin, Texas, 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.
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John Kevin McMillan

--- On Fri, 5/11/12, John McMillan wrote:

From: John McMillan

Subject: 5-11-12 appeal to District Attorney re: crime case

To: "Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg" , "Attorney General of TX Criminal-Law Division Captain Gregory Lucas" , "FBI National Academy Officials" , "U.S. Dept of Justice"

Date: Friday, May 11, 2012, 5:24 PM

Dear District Attorney Lehmberg,

A very distinguished attorney member of the State Bar of Texas has helpfully advised me today to contact your office in Austin and share with you several of the infrared-photography spy-camera photos I've obtained from inside my bolt-locked one-bedroom, top-floor, vaulted-ceiling apartment unit ever since I purchased my first-ever infrared spy camera in February 2012 here in Austin.

Attached, please find numerous examples of spy-camera photos taken on my behalf inside my bolt-locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in the time period since, and including, February 2012.

Please note that I had considerable difficulty with trying to set the times and dates for my infrared "Wildview"-brand spy-camera (and I have since purchased a second spy-camera of the same type that I'm also using, and for which I also have a receipt from a nearby Academy store in northwest Austin), so the cited dates and times on nearly all of these photos will not be accurate.

I am sharing this criminal-law evidence with you primarily because the Austin Police Department has stated to me in writing in a recent prior week, according to legal documents from official APD reports about criminal-law complaints I've filed, that ALL of the dozens of spy-camera photos and accompanying videocards that I have provided to APD officers in 2012 are photos of myself (John Kevin McMillan) only, and no one else, according to APD.

District Attorney Lehmberg, I feel very confident that the attached criminal-law evidence from myself contains several spy-camera photos that are definitely NOT of myself, and I wish to press charges accordingly.

Some of the attached photos may be of myself attempting to set up my spy camera or adjusting the location of my spy camera or grabbing my spy camera in order to examine the most recent photos it obtained for me.

However, you will notice a variety of facial sizes and facial features, and a variety of body sizes and body shapes, that underscore the accuracy of my emphatic contention that several of these photos are NOT of myself.

I never have any invited late-night guest or any invited late-night visitor inside my apartment unit after midnight. The photos are ALL or nearly all photos that were taken on my behalf between the hours of midnight and 9 a.m. in the morning, depending on the day when each of the attached spy-camera photos were taken from inside my bolt-locked apartment unit.

I would also like to point out that nearly every day ever since 2011, I have been collecting numerous hair follicles and other tiny odd items (including dark black specks and mysterious yellowish specks) from my Swedish bed that I find there shortly after I wake up in the morning.

That Swedish bed is a bed on which I have always slept alone ever since I purchased that bed in 2007, and on which NO ONE has ever at any time been authorized to be on that bed of mine.

Each morning or day when I collect that criminal-law evidence from my Swedish bed, I place those hair follicles and other items in a separate sealed envelope for each applicable date. Many of those hair follicles I've collected using tweezers are thick black or thick very dark hair follicles, sometimes with a reddish tint to those hair follicles.

My own hair color is brown and gray, and has no reddish tint at all, and my hair follicles are thin in texture, rather than thick. Also, many of the hair follicles I collect nearly every day from my Swedish bed are curly and appear to definitely be pubic hairs----this despite the fact that I always sleep with my underwear on.

I have been completely celibate throughout all of my waking or conscious hours in Austin, Texas, ever since December 1979. Also, I lead a completely illicit-drug-free (ever since 1984, in the absence of any prior addiction), completely tobacco-free (lifelong) and completely alcohol-free (ever since 1990, in the absence of any prior addiction), consistently civil, tattoo-less, facially-cleanshaven (no mustache or beard or goatee, etc.), clean-talking (virtually no profanity ever verbalized to others by me), and law-abiding lifestyle. I have no criminal-conviction record, and no pending charges against me, either.

I feel that I am a very strong complainant on my own behalf. I welcome the opportunity to testify in a court of law as soon as possible here in Austin about the hundreds of hours of sleep, including REM sleep, that I have lost ever since April 2011 because of one or more alleged illegal intruders who allegedly entered my apartment unit illegally and somehow woke me up in the middle of my sleep without their being directly visible to me.

I have often been awakened with pain in my anus, often so severe that it took me a half-hour just to recover from the pain in order to fall back to sleep on my bed in the middle of my sleep. I have also experienced pain in my anus when I get up in the morning, along with pain in my legs, pain in my hips, and pain in my abdomen on numerous occasions in recent months when I get out of bed. I have reported to the Austin police and showed police officers evidence of mysterious cuts and bruises to my legs and arms that I maintain I myself definitely DID NOT incur at any of my three restaurant workplaces (Outback Arboretum, situated virtually "across the street" from my apartment complex where I reside; Luby's Lakeline; and Denny's Lakeline), and that I did not recall having incurred on my own, either. I have a very strong will to live, and to enjoy a full and fully vital medical lifespan for myself; and I do not seek to harm myself or anyone else, I wish to emphasize.

I have lived alone inside my apartment unit ever since late May 2011. In late May 2011, I conveyed a permanent and irrevocable and law-abiding and civilly-stated rejection of my most recent previous roommate, a self-described "citizen of Indonesia" who stated that his name was "Sandjaja Utama." He reportedly was employed by Pearson educational testing services in northwest or north Austin during the period (from mid-April until late May 2011) in which he resided with me, and his cited "employment information" was provided to me in a letter I received from an HR officer for Pearson educational testing service.

I do not have any relationship of any type with Pearson, and neither Pearson nor any of its current or former employees are authorized to violate my own privacy rights in any way. I have not spoken with Sandjaja Utama or met with him in person or received any E-mail letters or phone calls from him or made any phone call to him, for that matter, on ANY occasion since he moved out of Apartment 325 at Wind River Crossing in late May 2011.

District Attorney Lehmberg, I would appreciate learning from you how you plan to proceed with this criminal-law case in which I am the sole victim. I emphatically allege that the continuous crimes involving physical injury and medical injury to myself by illegal intruders during periods in which I am sleeping and snoring on my Swedish bed inside my bolt-locked apartment unit do, in fact, comprise a felony crime by any and all of those illegal intruders.

I hope to hear from you soon about this major criminal-law case that poses a major legal liability for the City Government of Austin as well as for Travis County Government.

Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Austin Police Department has refused to do any lab testing on the extensive DNA medical swabs that were taken at my request from several parts of my body during the early morning hours of December 22, 2011, by a female forensic nurse inside the emergency room of St. David's Medical Center near the University of Texas at Austin. Those DNA swabs were taken from my body a matter of hours after I complained to APD on December 21, 2011, that I had been physically assaulted during my nocturnal slumber, with myself asleep and probably snoring at the time, inside my bolt-locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing.

It seems to me that the Austin Police Department may be allegedly or possibly guilty of obstruction of justice, because of APD's refusal to fully investigate this ongoing crime case in which I am the victim.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, a former full-time employee of the Texas Department of Public Safety state agency in Austin, a former full-time employee of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles state agency in Austin, and a former full-time employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice state agency in Austin.
My mailing address: 11411 Research Boulevard, Wind River Crossing Apartments, Apt. 325 (Building 3), Austin, Texas, 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.

John Kevin McMillan

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