Tuesday, October 25, 2016


(1) You might want to pursue some research to identify the names and locations of each of the nature parks in your city or town, along with information about which athletic activities you and your friends can pursue in each of those parks. This will enhance your self-confidence about the local geography of the community in which you live while boosting your dedication to lifelong-athletic pursuits.

(2) Try doing some factual research about other teenage Americans who wrote a book that got published. This might encourage you to keep in mind that even at age 16 or 17 or 18, you too can possibly become a published author during your leisuretime.

(3) Try writing a friendly note to each of your aunts and uncles and grandparents. In that note, you might ask each of them to please write back to you and tell you what their favorite hobbies and pastimes are, and to enclose in their reply note a photo of themselves pursuing any of those hobbies or pastimes or attending an event relating to a hobby or pastime they enjoy. That information from very influential relatives of yours might help you to broaden your own outlook on lifelong-hobby or lifelong-pastime possibilities for yourself as well---information that will help you immeasurably throughout your entire life.

(4) Study the history of your high school's official school motto. Who reportedly came up with your school's official motto, and what role has that school motto had for your school and its students or alumni throughout your school's history?

(5) Give some thought to any honorable activities or assignments or chores your mother or father asks you to pursue or accomplish, but that you currently decline to do much of the time. For instance, if your mother states to you that she would like you to attend religious services with her at your family's church, you might benefit if you said 'yes' to that request. This will give you more opportunities for a mutually-constructive and polite involvement with one or both of your parents. Years later, you will be glad you did honor your parent's request on that, which also gave you a chance to interact with your parent in a context that was a special source of emotional fulfillment for that parent.

(6) Make a list of the 10 or more schoolmates of yours who impress you the most as human beings, along with the traits or accomplishments of each of them that you admire the most. Then make a note to yourself about WHICH of those schoolmates whom you especially appreciate are also persons whom you have introduced yourself to this school year and also invited that person to have lunch and friendly conversation with you during a schoolday.

(7) Make a list of the places in the United States and other countries that you feel the most enthusiastic toward. Then go online to write to the tourism office of that city, county, region, or nation. In your online note, you might want to ask for a tourism brochure from that office. When you receive that tourism brochure in the mail, you can then add that to your personal files in your filing cabinet or mini-filing cabinet that you maintain for yourself inside your home.

(8) Consider visiting an imported-goods store in your community that sells items from at least one of the foreign nations that you admire the most. If you find an affordable item in that import store that you like, you can then add that to your desk display or wall display inside your home. And that country's inspirational addition to your desk display or wall display will help to boost your morale throughout your high school years.

(9) Consider asking your parents if they are willing to take your family to a restaurant in your community that highlights the cuisine of a foreign nation you particularly admire. When you dine in that restaurant with your parents and family, this will inspire in you a lifetime of fond memories from that experience, while also reminding you to someday make a trip to that foreign nation during your leisuretime.

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