Friday, October 21, 2016


At about 9:35 a.m. Friday, October 21, 2016, Sergeant Sandra Benningfield of the Austin Police Department Sex Crimes Unit offered the following helpful reply on the telephone to a question from Austin resident John Kevin McMillan in regard to whether there are any specific circumstances that might prompt the APD Sex Crimes Unit to approve a forensic sexual assault exam on himself?

"Yes, sir," APD Sex Crimes Unit Sergeant Sandra Benningfield stated from her end of the phone line. "If you report a sexual assault and there is evidence of a sexual assault, we will definitely authorize a sexual-assault exam for you" (near-exact quote).

Sergeant Benningfield emphasized that I as the complainant am expected to promptly share with APD factual crime evidence from my ADT pulse cameras' surveillance focused on my bed inside my locked private bedroom. That ADT video clips evidence is what I need to actually trigger an authorization from the Sex Crimes Unit, Sgt. Benningfield indicated.

I did mention to Sergeant Benningfield in our phone conversation this morning that possibly another also-reliable source of factual information or informant for APD (and possibilities for that might include another law-enforcement agency, an official of the nationwide Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, a current or former coworker or roommate of mine, a neighbor of mine, a current or former employer of mine, a current or former landlord or a realtor, a current or former maintenance staff member at one of the apartment complex properties where I have resided, a current or former friend or acquaintance or relative of mine, a City of Austin or State of Texas or Travis County Government official, a media company, a member of the clergy who has very fine credibility, or a non-profit group, for instance) might also politely contact her APD Sex Crimes Unit and offer factual information that prompts her unit to initiate a rape-evidence exam on me in this alleged continuous-sex-crimes-and-personal-injury-crimes case in which I am the victim.

The office phone number for the Austin Police Department Sex Crimes Unit in Austin, Texas, is: (512) 974-5230. The e-mail address for APD Sex Crimes Unit Sergeant Sandra Benningfield is: "". The e-mail address for administrative assistant Susan Carrizales of that APD unit is: "". Mrs. Carrizales often answers the telephone on behalf of that APD unit and then routes calls to the appropriate detective or supervisor, as Mrs. Carrizales very helpfully did for me this morning when I made a polite phone call to her APD Sex Crimes Unit.

I would welcome that rape-evidence exam on myself at any time, with the clear prior understanding that lab testing on the DNA traces from forensic medical swabs of my anus and buttocks and mouth would obtain traces for any and all rape-crime evidence that originated as far back as 190 days before the exam. That 190-day retroactive analysis time frame was cited to me in May 2011 by another APD Sex Crimes Unit detective, Detective David Silva.

Sergeant Benningfield also emphasized in our phone conversation this Friday morning, October 21, 2016, that there is NO official policy by her Sex Crimes Unit that prohibits that unit from authorizing a rape-evidence exam on myself, John Kevin McMillan, at any time, including this year, she indicated.

Sergeant Benningfield also stated that she would like to find out which APD officer somehow misinformed me on that subject, with Sergeant Benningfield indicating that any previous statement to me by any APD officer about a cited Sex Crimes Unit-imposed 'prohibition' or 'ban' on rape-evidence exams for myself, John Kevin McMillan, did not accurately reflect the policies of her APD unit.

Also in that phone conversation, Officer Benningfield very helpfully invited myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin, to provide her with the names of each and every APD officer who had previously stated to me (whether in person or in a written document, she apparently indicated) that the APD Sex Crimes Unit has a policy of refusing in advance to ever at any time authorize a rape-evidence exam on myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin.

I myself have repeatedly informed APD officers ever since 2011, for instance, that I am a longtime celibate single adult gentleman. I have not had any sexual contact or intimate physical contact between myself and any other human being, or any beast, for that matter, on any occasion---regardless of where I was situated or resided or traveled or visited or was stationed---ever since and including the day when I moved to northwest Austin from the UT-Austin campus area in August 2001.

I am also a gainfully employed always-sober white lawfully-non-Christian gentleman with very high aptitude for platonic (non-sexual) relationships other human beings, who has myself never consumed any quantity of drinking alcohol at any time since the late summer of 1990, or any quantity of any illicit drug on any occasion since the late fall of 1984. I might add that I have never at any time in my entire life ever once consumed any illicit drug other than marijuana. I might add that I am NOT a "recovering" or "former drug addict", nor am I a "recovering alcoholic" or "former alcoholic".

And unlike the majority of Austin's and Travis County's single adult men, I myself do not have any criminal-conviction record.

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