Friday, October 28, 2016


Absolutely nothing in the membership-eligibility criteria for my very selective and non-Christian "Progressive Prohibitionist Religion" excludes persons who happen to be a member of any particular racial group or ethnic group or who directly refer to themselves as being "homosexual" or "lesbian" or "gay" or "bisexual" or "transsexual" or "effeminate male adult" in sexual or gender identity per se.

However, it is also true that depending on the racially-defined or ethnically-defined subpopulation or self-identified "sexual identity" or "gender identity" subpopulation, a very high percentage (possibly more than 99 percent, in some cases) of all persons in any particular demographically-defined subpopulation would not qualify for prospective or actual membership in my own religion.

Reasons for the "Don't Qualify for PPR" finding by my "Honor Society" religion include:

---they knowingly withhold from a government law-enforcement agency with jurisdiction possible crime evidence information or rumors they have obtained or heard about an alleged possible felony crime or alleged possible continuous felony crime.

--they smoke.

--they consume other tobacco products.

--they consume drinking alcohol.

--they are either a current illicit-drug-addict or a recovering illicit-drug addict.

---they are either a current alcoholic or a "recovering" alcoholic.

--they have a beard or mustache or goatee.

--they verbalize profanity in everyday speech.

---they chose to have tattoos emblazoned on their own body.

--they consume marijuana.

---they chose to consume so-called "medical marijuana".

---they consume cocaine.

---they consume heroin.

--they consume methamphetamines.

---they consume any illicit drug.

---they do not exhibit a high aptitude for platonically-polite human relationships with others.

---they gamble.

---they are not conscientious enough.

---they support "sex change" operations.

---they are not honest enough for this particular "Honor Society" denomination.

---they are not law-abiding.

---they participate in prayer as part of their religion-related conduct.

---they are atheists.

---they refer to "God" or the "Almighty" frequently in their religious dialogues with others, and they thereby convey their own incompatibility with the "implicit deism" of my own Progressive Prohibitionist Religion.

---they do not express a convincingly sincere devotion to helping to address either the broader needs of society, or the needs of any and all future generations of American citizens.

---they do not exhibit a respectful and friendly and polite style toward under-age youths.

---they support or condone or fail to oppose "thought-control projects" that they themselves know are occurring.

---they support or participate in "anonymous communications" that violate the privacy rights of the individual being subjected to those anonymous communications.

---they knowingly participate in fraudulent communications or pranks or criminal mischief.

---they exhibit criminal intent, or "CI", toward myself or some other human being.

---they participate in vigilanteism.

---they fail to exhibit a full support for "Freedom of Religion", support that should NOT be contingent on whether they themselves "like" or "identify with" or "admire" any particular law-abiding religion or law-abiding religious group.

---they exhibit a censorious style toward individuals verbalizing fully-attributed (non-anonymous) communications whom they themselves disagree with or dislike the values or ideology of.

---they support or condone or fail to oppose the use of "rape" and "sexual assaults" or "violent crimes" as cited "punitive actions" or "reprisals" or "retaliations" or "negative reinforcements" against other persons, including persons whom they themselves dislike or dislike the religious or political or personal beliefs or conduct of.

---they fail to support the human right of any and all human beings to enjoy a full and natural medical longevity and creatively vital and fully ambulatory lifespan.

---they make frequent comments such as "A pox on him!" or "He can go to hell!".

---they verbalize death threats to others.

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