Monday, March 27, 2017


---Law-abiding heterosexual men who strongly support freedom of speech and freedom of religion for anyone in a context in which that speech or religious activity does not involve anonymous communications being inflicted on someone against his wishes, and that does not involve thought-control projects of any type.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who feel comfortable with the fact that I myself am religiously independent, I am the ONLY approved member of a non-proselytizing new religious denomination that I have founded, that I myself do not pray as part of my own religious activity, and that I am lawfully non-Christian and implicitly-deistic and very definitely NOT atheistic myself.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who, like me, believe that if someone tests HIV-positive in a medical report at any time, that HIV-positive individual should feel fully honorbound to completely and permanently abstain from any sexual contact or any exchange of any bodily fluids with or any intimate physical contact with any other person throughout the entire duration of the time period, regardless of how many years or months that might involve, in which the cited HIV-positive person is identified as currently having that medical status.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who, like me, believe that individuals who infect others with the HIV virus should face criminal-law prosecution in a court of law for that unconscionable crime.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who like the fact that I myself do NOT have any criminal-conviction record, and that I am vigilant and law-abiding and law-enforcement-minded myself, and that I do speak up, with help from reputable law-enforcement agencies pressing charges on my own behalf, for my own legal right to sleep ALONE on my own bed inside my locked private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit without ANYONE other than myself being physically present anywhere inside my own locked private room at any time during my sleeping or bedtime hours.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who strongly support my own legal right and human right to myself get a full and uninterrupted night's rest every night, with my goal being to sleep for eight consecutive hours whenever the time I set on my alarm clock would normally allow me for that amount of total sleeping time or I otherwise schedule for eight full hours inside my locked private bedroom in which I am the ONLY person authorized to be inside that room at nighttime.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who like the fact that I myself have a personal tradition of myself getting tested approximately every six months for the HIV-virus, despite the fact that I am a longtime celibate person throughout any and all of my own conscious or waking hours, and that I take pride in being a member of the law-abiding HIV-negative Americans community in the United States, a community in which approximately 98 percent or 99 percent of all of the other male adult members of that noteworthy community of mine are, of course, heterosexual in sexual identity per se.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who like the fact that in prior recent years (though I have been diverted from that in recent years because of my being a victim of alleged personal-injury-crimes and alleged anal-rape-crimes inflicted on me by illegal intruders during periods when I was asleep inside my locked private room in Austin, alleged felony crimes that forced me to focus instead on filing crime reports for law-enforcement agencies in my capacity as an honest and factually accurate criminal-law complainant) I have had a tradition of providing my restaurant-industry employer or my government-agency employer with a copy of my most recent HIV-negative medical test results. Those results were provided in a one-page report I provided to my employer that cited my own legal name and my birthdate and possibly my social security number in some cases, since I insisted on obtaining fully reliable medical test results from a cited medical-services provider that did not "hide" or "disguise" my own legal name of John Kevin McMillan or John K. McMillan.

--Law-abiding heterosexual men who appreciate my own strong intellect and my moral values and honesty, and who like and value the fact that I myself exhibit high platonic-relationships aptitude (such as through my refraining from ever grabbing or pinching or pouncing on or physically touching others, with the exception of occasional handshakes I might possibly initiate) toward anyone and everyone, including law-abiding heterosexual men and any and all minors, whom I myself associate with in person.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who like the fact that I myself do not verbalize profanity or obscenities in my everyday conversations with anyone, and that I almost never talk about sex per se or sexual identity per se or gender identity per se with anyone.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who support the legal and human right of any human being, including myself, to set his own course in his life.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who enjoy conversing in person with other honorable and polite gentlemen, including myself, about a wide range of topics, and who exhibit a devotion to helping to address the broader needs of the city, county, state, nation, or world in which they live.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who respect and like the fact that I myself lead a lifestyle in which I am permanently alcohol-free, permanently-illicit-drug-free, permanently marijuana-free, permanently-tobacco-free, always-facially-cleanshaven (no beard or mustache or goatee on my own face, which enhances my ability to express appreciation and affinity for others through my full-face facial expressions) permanently jewelry-less, and permanently-tattoo-less.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who like the fact that I myself am NOT a "former alcoholic" or "recovering alcoholic" or "former drug addict" or "recovering drug addict", and that I generally prefer to associate in my personal life with individuals who are neither drug addicts nor former drug addicts nor alcoholics nor former alcoholics.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who admire the fact that I myself do NOT patronize or enter nightclubs or houses of prostitution or "bathhouses" where sexual activities occur in public places.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who feel comfortable with the law-abiding form of heterophilia that I myself express in my own personal life and religious life, the aspects of my own life in which I have the greatest amount of control over my circumstances.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who feel comfortable with the fact that I myself get along better overall with a higher percentage of all heterosexual adult women than of all lesbian women, bisexual women, transsexual women, self-identified "gay male adult persons", self-identified "homosexual male adult persons", self-identified "effeminate male adult persons", self-identified transvestite persons, or self-identified "bisexual male adult persons".

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who are comfortable with the fact that I myself am very definitely NOT affiliated with or a member of any "gay" group, I am NOT employed by any "gay media company", I am NOT a member of or affiliated with any "gay religious group", I am NOT a member of or affiliated with any gay-dominated "labor union" or any other labor union, for that matter, and that none or virtually NONE of my own male adult personal friends is homosexual per se or bisexual per se in sexual identity per se.

---Law-abiding heterosexual men who are comfortable with my very emphatic choice to myself press immediate criminal-law charges against any and all "gay persons", any and all "homosexual persons," any and all "bisexual persons", any and all drug addicts, any and all drug dealers, any and all alcoholics, any and all organized-crime members, any and all criminal persons, any and all illegal aliens, any and all lesbian persons, and any and all transsexual or transvestite persons, who allegedly are ever identified, such as through DNA-trace laboratory analysis with help from an honest and reputable law-enforcement agency, as having allegedly been physically present inside my own private locked bedroom WITHOUT my own explicit prior written permission applicable to ANY such visit at that time by anyone fitting any of those descriptions.


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