Tuesday, March 7, 2017


(1) President Trump has prompted many Americans to reflect on whether the British system, of providing for mandatory resignation of the head of state if the national governing body at any time offers a vote of no-confidence in that head of state, might be preferable.

(2) President Trump has provided numerous freelance-consulting opportunities for legal scholars with expertise on impeachment of a U.S. President.

(3) President Trump has helped to promote considerable new and interesting dialogues on the subject of what should, in fact, comprise an impeachable offense by an American head of state.

(3a) President Trump has prompted many Americans to ask about the circumstances in which it could be an impeachable offense if a President knowingly tells a lie to the general public.

(4) President Trump in his first few months in the Oval Office has fostered and inspired and provoked more total discussion by a greater variety of American citizens, including on the Internet, about the American Presidency and what the proper role of the President should be, than possibly any other modern U.S. President in his first 2 months in that elective office.

(5) President Trump has sparked a massive surge in interest by the general public in satirical and humorous television skits about the American head of state.

(6) President Trump has helped American comedians to find a topic that is guaranteed of eliciting laughter from the audience. In this way, President Trump possibly ranks as an all-time "best friend to comedians" through his own style and demeanor in the Oval Office that has provided a big boost to the careers of hundreds of professional comedians and comedy writers.

(7) President Trump has helped to demystify the office of the Presidency by eliciting from many commentators the stated opinion that Mr. Trump is unworthy of any respect. Mr. Trump has reminded many of the famous comedian, Don Rickles (?), who once famously declared that "I get less respect than a hockey puck", or words to that effect.

(8) President Trump has sparked lots of dialogue about what the proper relationship should be between the United States and foreign nations.

(9) President Trump has prompted lots of dialogue about the difference between leading a for-profit corporation and leading a government.

(10) President Trump has given lots of consulting opportunities for psychologists and psychiatrists, many of whom have been paid by media companies to comment publicly on whether they believe that Mr. Trump is, in fact, insane.

(11) President Trump has exhibited a flair for entertainment, since he insists on having something new and bold to say each and every day of the year, and Americans appear to be intrigued by the spectacle of it all.

(12) President Trump's unpredictability has spawned an addiction to "surprise announcements from Trump" in millions of Americans. Those Americans actually read Trump's latest tweets and indicate that they are not bored, since the sheer unpredictability of Trump's most recent words from the White House makes it hard to be bored, as those Americans see it.

(13) President Trump has sparked a revival of interest in the Presidency of Richard Milhaus Nixon, since Trump and Nixon are being compared to each other on a frequent basis. Trump's declaration that the news media are evil, for instance, reminds many Americans  of similar statements by President Nixon in the early 1970s or late 1960s.

(14) President Trump has prompted some Americans to hope that the expected future Presidential Library in Trump's honor will someday be located in a seaside city of Florida where a hurricane will blow that entire museum away.

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