Friday, March 17, 2017


The alarming incidence of home-invasion crimes in Austin, Texas, raises the question of whether the Austin Police Department Victim Services office should sponsor a "Home-Invasion Crime Victims Support Group". 

Possibly in other cities of the United States, support groups with that sole focus are being sponsored by the Victim Services unit of municipal police departments. 

The City Government of Austin takes pride in being a "progressive" and "innovative" and "humane" and "enlightened" and "healthful-living-minded" city. 

So one would expect the City Manager's Office in Austin, upon request from the "very concerned" and "crime-deterrence-minded" and "law-enforcement-minded" and "public-safety-minded" Austin City Council governing board for the City, to conduct a study identifying which other municipalities of the United States (such as New York City or Boston or Quincy, Mass., or Cambridge, Mass., or Houston or Dallas or Minneapolis or Chicago or St. Louis or Miami or San Antonio or Tampa or St. Petersburg, Florida, or San Francisco or Los Angeles or Phoenix, Arizona, or Louisville, Kentucky) already sponsor or co-sponsor at least one "Home-Invasion Crime Victims Support Group" in that city.

I was reminded of the truly outrageous nature of home-invasion crimes in Austin, Texas, when after being awakened abruptly in the middle of my sleep early this morning at roughly 4 a.m., I suddenly recalled a very kind and encouraging e-mail reply letter I received in 2016 from a very influential and incisive clergyman for a highly-regarded Episcopal church in Austin. 

That clergyman very helpfully expressed to me his own opposition in writing to the alleged "home-invasion crimes" that I alleged have been repeatedly victimizing myself inside my rental apartment unit in northwest Austin on a year-round basis.

That very impressive clergyman, Rev. Christian Hawley of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, also met with me in person inside his office at his church last year to discuss with me my ongoing alleged Home-Invasion Crimes criminal-law complaints I have filed on dozens of occasions with the Austin Police Department ever since April 28, 2011.

That first-rate clergyman is the only member of the clergy anywhere in Austin who has sent me any e-mail letter or reply e-mail letter directly citing alleged "home- invasion crimes" in writing as a category of crime that I myself am being allegedly victimized by inside my locked private bedroom (where I always sleep ALONE on my own  bed, with no one but myself ever at any time being directly observable by me with my own eyes inside my locked private bedroom during my sleeping hours) of my bolt-locked two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental apartment unit (an apartment in which I am rent-paying official tenant that I currently share with one total apartment-management-team-approved official new roommate for me, an official tenant here ever since early January 2017 who is an older Hispanic divorced man and biological father with his own private bedroom on the other side of our apartment, and who is himself a proud and diligent Texas Real Estate Commission state agency-licensed current real estate agent occasionally handling real-estate transactions inside this apartment unit as part of his career, he has politely mentioned to me, and who has also directly stated to me with commendable honesty that he occasionally opens the bolt-locked front door of our apartment to let visitors for himself only, enter this apartment during periods when I am myself asleep --- I myself am often actually asleep and lying unconscious on my own bed at 2:30 a.m., for instance --- during the early hours of the morning, inside my locked private bedroom) in northwest Austin.

Below is the exact verbatim text of a inspirational and kind reply e-mail note I received from Father Hawley in 2016:

Christian Hawley 


04/21/16 at 11:15 AM

Greetings John,

I hope this finds you well and dry. 

 I received a message from our front desk here at St Matthew’s that you asked for a priest’s email, so here I am. 

There was also some mention of a home invasion, which is distressing. 

I hope you’ve contacted the police regarding this incident, but please feel free to contact me for further discussion of this event.

My peace and prayers are with you,

Fr Christian Hawley

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