Friday, March 3, 2017


(1) Are there any ways in which you feel that you are currently under-appreciated, or not appreciated enough by others, or underestimated as a human being?

(2) Do you believe in the concept of a natural high, and one example of this might be the "runner's high" that we so often hear about, for instance? If so, when was the most recent occasion in which you experienced a natural high in your own life?

(3) If you could write an autobiography or novel about your life at this point, what title would you give to that literary work by yourself?

(4) Of the skills you would like to learn but don't currently have, such as the ability to sew buttons onto shirts or the ability to cook an omelette or the ability to hit an overhead smash in tennis, which skills would you most like to learn sometime this year?

(5) Do you remember the last occasion when you experienced an intensity of fear that you later concluded may have been unjustifiable fear on your part?

(6) In which specific ways, if any, do you have difficulty identifying with or empathizing with, persons over age 30?

(7) How do you respond when a young person tells you that he "hopes he never has to experience the trauma of turning age 30" or he "hopes he never has to look at himself in the mirror and sense that he is unattractively ancient-looking"?

(8) Which period of American history intrigues you or fascinates you the most, and why?

(9) Which period of world history intrigues you or fascinates you the most, and why?

(10) Which annual holiday or cultural celebration, if any, do you dread the most, and among the possibilities on this are of course Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.

(11) Do you ever sense that any of your current acquaintances are possibly devil-worshipers or members of a satanic cult? If so, what prompted you to come to that tentative conclusion?

(12) Do you believe in the concept of sin, and if so, which types of sins are you most aware of committing?

(13) How often, if at all, do you worry about whether your own expected afterlife (if you do in fact believe in a possible afterlife) will somehow be unfavorable to you?

(14) Do you ever sense that possibly you have a "scandal" about yourself that only you know about, or that there may be a possible "skeleton in your closet", so to speak?

(15) When was the last time you had a truly wonderful evening or day in which you were sober and not high throughout that entire day or evening?

(16) Which strength of yours or personal attribute of yours do you believe most people tend to overlook or not notice, when you feel very confident that that particular strength of yours or personal attribute of yours is in fact phenomenally impressive, in your opinion?

(17) When persons older than you have disappointed you or wronged you in the past, which types of actions did they pursue that offended or annoyed or irked you?

(18) Which short-term goal or long-term goal of yours is a goal that you sometimes fear or sense you may never achieve, though you want very much to achieve that goal?

(19) When you are writing your memoirs someday about your own life, what do you plan to highlight in that planned book?

(20) Who is the most honest person you have ever met who is also a law-abiding person? Is that person a close personal friend of yours at present? If not, would you like to become a close personal friend with that individual?

(21) Of all the cruel or sadistic persons you have encountered in your life so far, who would you rank as the all-time cruelest or most sadistic of the persons you have actually met in person in your own life?

(22) Have you ever met a pathological liar, and if so, how did you respond to that situation?

(23) If you meet someone for the first time and you get an uneasy feeling about that individual, does this sometimes reflect your impression that he or she might be capable of committing a crime of some type that victimizes yourself or others?

(24) Of all of your current friends or acquaintances or neighbors or roommates or housemates, which one individual, if any, is the person you believe to be "most likely" to appear someday on an FBI Most Wanted List or on a list of terrorism suspects cited by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security?

(25) Are there any scenarios you ever rehearse in your own mind in which a news media company contacts you and asks you to comment publicly on whether you had had any indications at any prior time that the cited individual whom you had identified as a "friend" or "roommate" or "friendly acquaintance" or "neighbor" of yours, might later commit an alleged mass murder or might later be identified as an alleged serial killer?

(26) If you could have a one-to-one meeting in the Oval Office of The White House with our nation's current head of state in Washington, D.C., what would you tell President Trump?

(27) Do you ever feel good and energized and revitalized around any particular individual whom you believe has a good and healthy emotional effect on you?

(28) Do you believe in platonic love, and if not, do you at least agree that you have felt a strong sense of emotional fulfillment, such as in your upper chest, in the presence of and while interacting with at least one individual whom you had only minimal physical contact with, if at all, with any such physical contact not involving your or the other person's genitalia in any way?

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