Monday, March 13, 2017

Should TX Legislature Strengthen existing Anti-Stalking Law?, my most recent 'Austin Rants and Raves' Craigslist online posting asks in writing at 12:11 a.m. March 13, 2017

Should TX Legislature Strengthen Existing Anti-Stalking Law in TX? (Austin) 

Back in 1996, during a career-related newspaper interview I conducted with a new police officer for the Denver City Police Department in west Texas, he volunteered to me that he believed I as a resident of Denver City at that time was apparently being victimized by one or more alleged possible stalkers.

The state law most applicable to my own living conditions in Denver City during that period, he said, was the anti-stalking law that the Texas Legislature had approved in the 1990s.

Also in the 1990s, during a long-distance phone call I made to a former "Daily Texan" student newspaper coworker of mine, Margaret Watson of Dallas, she stated to me that she did not believe I had to worry about ANYONE stalking me or harassing me anywhere in Texas.

"None of the people you have ever met before in your life want to keep up with you," she stated to me from her and her husband's home in Dallas.

The very same Margaret Watson of Dallas had volunteered to me in 1990 or 1991---during a very surprising unsolicited long-distance phone call she made to my rental apartment unit in Sweetwater, Texas, in which she also volunteered the name of a female former coworker of mine and Margaret's from "The Daily Texan" student newspaper, "Jann Snell", as someone who "always did have a thing (sic) for you, John" --- that  "There are lots of people in this state (Texas) who are currently trying to straighten (sic) you (John) out," Margaret Watson stated.

Those three conversations I had in the 1990s in Texas have since prompted me in the year 2017 to pose these two follow-up questions:

---Is existing state law in Texas strong enough to fully protect all Texans, including myself, against any risk of their ever being stalked by any person or group of persons?

---Can stalking occur in a context in which the victim of the stalking is NOT someone whom the stalker "wants to keep up with" in a personal or social or other context, and instead is someone being targeted by the stalker in a ruthless manner for personal-injury-crimes or sex crimes or thought-control projects?

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