Monday, November 7, 2016


(1) Mrs. Clinton has experience at governance. Her Republican opponent does not.

(2) Mrs. Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, will of course serve as a leading advisor to her if she gets elected. And Bill Clinton has a proven record from his own prior period as our nation's Head of State at keeping the United States Armed Forces out of overseas military interventions as much as possible.

(3) Mrs. Clinton has professional training as an attorney. This gives her a strong discipline at analyzing factual information in a rational manner, including in regard to helping to minimize or reduce legal liability for the United States Government.

(4) If the next President does get impeached and removed from office by the U.S. Congress, and if Mrs. Clinton is that head of state who gets removed from office in that manner, then Mrs. Clinton's vice presidential choice would probably make a more humane, more generous, kinder, friendlier president than the vice presidential candidate chosen by Mrs. Clinton's Republican opponent.

(5) Mrs. Clinton is very aware that if she does a poor job as United States President, she will significantly undermine the ability of other women and girls in the United States to pursue the Presidency in future years. This historical "burden of proof that a female head of state can do it" would rest squarely on Mrs. Clinton's shoulders throughout her one-total term of office, and should help to keep her more honest (or more honest by her standards, at least) than she otherwise might have been as our nation's chief of state.

(6) Mrs. Clinton is far less likely than her Republican opponent to ever be directly involved in any sex scandal involving allegedly inappropriate physical contact by the U.S. President during that individual's one total term of office in The White House. It is virtually impossible to imagine Mrs. Clinton ever having sexual contact or truly intimate physical contact with anyone, which helps to explain why she, at least, should always be completely scandal-free from that one noteworthy standpoint throughout her entire four-year term of office in The White House.

(7) Mrs. Clinton has a sense of what it is like to be a midwesterner (she was born in Chicago, I recently learned, which explains why her accent sometimes sounds midwestern in a surprisingly Chicago-sounding way), a New Yorker, a Washington D.C.-area resident, a New Englander (she attended college in Massachusetts, I recently read in a magazine), and an Arkansas resident (she previously served as First Lady to Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton). This means that there is virtually no region of the country, other than the far west, in which Mrs. Clinton is unable to claim a heritage and affinity of her own. That multi-regional affinity can enhance her ability to serve any and all regions of the United States.

(8) Since Mrs. Clinton will be very aware from the very start that she can only serve as a one-term president (four total years, at most), this should encourage her to pursue a bold and courageous political agenda that reflects her finest moral values (moral values that she has often chosen not to publicly reveal in her pre-Presidential years). For instance, she might begin her tenure by appointing a Presidential Commission to develop public-policy recommendations on how to reduce the injury rate by 50 percent in high school varsity football, collegiate varsity football, and professional football, respectively.

(9) Mrs. Clinton is far more likely than her Republican opponent (whose business career as a gambling casino business owner thrived on the unhealthy addictions to alcohol and gambling by millions of Americans) to insist on the development of a truly comprehensive nationwide network of affordable illicit-drug-addiction-treatment and alcohol-addiction-treatment and tobacco-addiction-treatment programs that any applicable American citizen would have the option of enrolling in.

(10) Mrs. Clinton is less likely than President Lyndon Johnson to practice "arm-twisting" of members of Congress who do not support proposed legislation she herself favors. In this way, her comparatively freedom-loving style as U.S. President might eventually garner admiration toward her by Republican members of Congress and other members of Congress whose political and religious beliefs are often a world apart from those of Mrs. Clinton.

(11) Mrs. Clinton is far more likely than her Republican opponent to insist on the establishment of a truly comprehensive nationwide recycling program for any and all disposable trash items, including trash items generated in American restaurants and retail stores and factories.

(12) Mrs. Clinton is far more likely than her Republican opponent to help address the global environmental crisis, including the internationally disastrous Global Warming Effect, as promptly as possible.

(13) Mrs. Clinton is far more likely than her Republican opponent to preside over a dramatic reduction in the nationwide marital divorce rate. She, unlike her Republican opponent, has a proven record of being in a mutual-consent personal marriage over a multi-decade period that continues to this very day.

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