Monday, November 14, 2016


(1) Please ask Congress to approve a new federal law that reduces the total overall percentage of fictional television programming that highlight felony crimes being committed. In this way, with your help Congress can be encouraged to help foster more creative, more cheerful, more constructive, more optimistic television shows that each explore law-abiding Americans at their noblest and most conscientious.

(2) Please consider establishing and promulgating a new Dress Code at The White House that, if legal, can significantly limit the number of body piercings and tattoos and nostril rings and tongue rings on the bodies of any and all of your staff members and colleagues. The White House through its trend-setting employment practices can help to promote a wholesome, cleancut, polite, hygienic style in as many workplaces as possible throughout the United States.

(3) Make sure that your Administration establishes a very clear and effective policy that does successfully prohibit and prevent the use of private e-mail servers in any and all official communications to and from White House staff members or officials and staff members of your Administration.

(4) Propose legislation to the United States Congress that terminates and prevents "thought-control projects" and "anonymous communications projects inflicted on law-abiding Americans" and "continuous-noise-pollution-infliction harassment and persecution projects" of the type that, for instance, the state-capital city of Austin, Texas --- a famously "liberal" and famously "marijuana-crazed" and famously "Democratic Party" city where illicit drug addiction and tobacco addiction and alcohol addiction and often-unhygienic hippie-style lifestyles run rampant---has acquired global notoriety for.

(5) Propose legislation to the United States Congress that protects a worker from being subjected to punitive actions against himself or reprisals against himself by his employer or any of his coworkers if that worker has a personal religious tradition of providing his employer with a certified recent medical record containing his full legal name and stating that the cited worker had very recently tested HIV-negative.

(6) Propose to the United States Congress that a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution shall declare publicly that NO American citizen in the United States can be legally deprived of full and year-round access to reliable and honest news and information services for any period of time throughout his entire life.

(7) Please stand up for the legal right and human right of law-abiding Americans (persons such as myself) who (like me) lead marijuana-free, medical-marijuana-free, illicit-drug-free lifestyles, to themselves associate in mutual-consent contexts with OTHER law-abiding Americans who also lead marijuana-free, medical-marijuana-free, illicit-drug-free lifestyles.

(8) Please stand up for the legal right of law-abiding Americans who completely abstain from consumption of drinking alcohol (myself among those Americans) to associate in strictly-mutual-consent contexts with other law-abiding Americans who fit that description.

(9) Please support additional technological research to develop safer taser guns that can help to temporarily immobilize a crime suspect so that he or she can be arrested without the arresting officer or arresting officers being at risk of violence against them by that crime suspect.

(10) Please support financial incentives through the federal tax system for employers that diligently sponsor random-drug testing on all of their employees and work supervisors, as well as on the owner or owners of that business. Those random-drug-testing employers help to deter illicit-drug-consumption throughout the country by warning anyone seeking employment at that workplace that "If you want to work here, you will have to lead a straight, honest, law-abiding lifestyle!"

(11) Give a public speech praising the American employer that in the most recent 12-month period or two-year period, say. fired the largest percentage of its workforce for having tested positive twice or three times in a row on random-drug tests that had been ordered by that employer. Employers exhibiting this type of noble and courageous "Zero Tolerance for Illicit Drug Addicts as Employees Here" policy could be publicly praised by yourself in an outdoor ceremony near the White House.

(12) Please sponsor a special banquet at The White House which honors several of the companies and corporations of this nation that have led the way in the field of Random-Drug-Testing of employees at their workplace. Employers exhibiting this type of admirable anti-illicit-drug commitment deserve high praise by yourself as Chief of State.

(13) Consider offering a Presidential Award and accompanying financial prize to the individual or group of individuals who in the most recent 12-month period contributed the most toward creative, societally beneficial, innovation or inventions in American business enterprises or the American economy.

(14) Consider establishing an advisory Presidential Commission on how to help reduce the corporate bankruptcy rate in American society today.

(15) Make a public statement in which you clearly and unambiguously announce the estimated percentage of all Americans teenage or older in age who are addicted to marijuana or at least one other cited illicit drug, by category. You could then offer your very emphatic view that the alarmingly high percentage of all adult and teenage Americans who are illicit drug addicts comprises a major and pervasive harm to the economic vitality of this entire nation. You could then explain the expected "economic multiplier-effect benefits" from successful treatment for even one total illicit-drug-addict in the United States that cures him or her of that individual's addiction to one or more cited illicit drugs. 
You could then emphasize in a public speech that every dollar spent toward first-rate and affordable illicit-drug-addiction treatment programs in the United States will earn the U.S. economy X (you provide the statistic on that) times that financial amount in long-term benefit to the American economy and level of productivity of the American economy. And that, in turn, would be invaluable toward helping to reduce the national budgetary deficit, you could then emphasize in a convincing public address you could make from The White House.

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