Sunday, November 13, 2016


(1) Will President Trump attempt to persuade each department of the U.S. Government to obtain funding (if legal) from a non-profit, non-partisan foundation that would be used for providing generous financial rewards for first-rate ideas submitted by any American citizen, including any government official, that are expected to help save a significant amount of money each year for that department of the U.S. Government?

(2) Will President Trump attempt to follow the lead of President Jimmy Carter by insisting that the thermostat in the White House be kept at an energy-saving temperature that still offers comfortable conditions for persons visiting or residing in or working in the White House?

(3) Will President Trump insist on the establishment of a "Sunset Committee" that attempts to identify which federal bureaus, offices, or departments should, in fact, be abolished? For instance, has the Faith Office, or some such similarly named office, that was established at the request of President George W. Bush, really contributed enough to justify its continuation?

(4) Will President Trump insist that the Mexican Government preside over the establishment of a nationwide network of sanitary sewage systems and first-rate water-treatment facilities throughout Mexico that also help to make it safe for Mexican citizens as well as for American tourists visiting Mexico who seek to drink the water and eat the food there?

(5) Will President Trump insist on a significant increase in the number of scholarships available for American college students who seek to pursue college for one semester or one school year at a campus situated in Canada?

(6) Will President Trump propose a new type of "Vigilant Americans Lottery" that exclusively and solely rewards courageously vigilant Americans by automatically placing their name in a "lottery pool" for a monthly grand prize after any of those noble Americans submit a crime tip to a law-enforcement agency in the United States about an alleged possible felony crime that leads to the actual arrest of at least one crime suspect on a felony charge?

(7) Will President Trump acknowledge publicly that continuous felony personal-injury-crimes are a very alarming category of crime often overlooked by local law-enforcement agencies, for which there may be a need for the establishment of new federal research institute, such as a "United States Continuous Felony Crimes Research Center"?

(8) Will President Trump support proposed legislation by the United States Congress that would offer generous financial incentives  or corporate-tax deductions to restaurants that choose to participate in recycling of trash items generated at their restaurant or by their restaurant chain?

(9) Will President Trump identify any specified type of public service in regard to which the federal government needs to establish minimal standards that each and every U.S. state, regardless of whether that state is Mississippi or North Dakota or Rhode Island or Nevada, must be required to meet?

(10) Will President Trump insist on a prompt and speedy conversion of American society, including all business enterprises in the United States, to the metric system of measurements---a system that reportedly is far more precise than the traditional English system still being generally used today by American society.

(11) Will President Trump find the courage to offer a public-service announcement on television in which he describes the various ways in which his own reported drinking-alcohol-free lifestyle has benefited himself and his family in his own life?

(12) Will President Trump help to promote lifelong sports throughout the United States by recommending the establishment of an "American Lifelong Sports Championships" event in Washington, D.C., in which an overall champion for the entire event---the competitor who had placed first or second in the largest number of lifelong sports events at that tournament---would be crowned as the "American Lifelong Sports Champion of the Year"?

(13) Will President Trump insist on the sponsorship of an "White House Conference on Ideas Persons in the American Economy" that helps promote creative innovation in American business enterprises?

(14) Will President Trump insist on the sponsorship of an annual award for "Most Improved American Business of the Year" that rewards first-rate American companies for addressing major challenges that company has recently faced?

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