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(Subject Heading for the following e-mail letter that I, John Kevin McMillan of northwest Austin, wrote and sent to Austin Police in March 2013:)
3-20-13 (alleged) crime evidence for you in hostile reply to a Craigslist ad of mine

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:35 AM, John McMillan wrote  (and sent the following e-mail letter to Austin Police Department Senior Police Officer James Turner and others):

To Austin Police Department (APD) Officer James Turner in your capacity as the APD-designated "Liaison to the Austin Police Department" for myself, with your assigned role being to turn over to crime investigators for APD any and all applicable crime evidence that I ever provide to you or that you ever obtain on your own. Office phone number for APD Officer James Turner: (512) 854-3444.

March 20, 2013

Dear Officer Turner,

The following (below) very surprisingly hostile reply E-mail note I received this morning in response to a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad of mine might offer the Austin Police Department an indication about which Austin residents, if any, are hostile toward me.

If the individual who wrote that note to me is someone exhibiting alleged criminal intent toward me of any type, I hereby insist on pressing criminal-law charges against that individual with help from a law-enforcement agency.

It seems to me that criminal-law investigations by APD of anarchists, libertarians, atheists, hippies, and persons advocating the legalization of marijuana, as well as any and all illicit-drug dealers in Austin, would yield helpful factual evidence about which Austinites are exhibiting a contempt for and defiance of my own privacy rights and my own Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion legal rights and other Constitutional rights in Austin, Texas.

The Central Texan male adult person Eliseo Perez Sr., a "notorious underworld figure" who is heavily involved in illicit-drug trafficking, according to a Texas DPS spokesman who talked about that organized-crime figure with me on the telephone in 2005, has an officially documented history of himself having wronged me and violated the law in the process.

As I have mentioned to you before, Mr. Perez paid an out-of-court settlement to me of about $300 in 2005 after I filed a small-claims complaint against him in a court of law in Austin, Texas, in 2005 in which I indicated in my formal complaint that I had discovered through factual research that Mr. Perez had somehow stolen a money order on my own behalf that I had placed in a stamped and correctly addressed envelope in the Wind River Crossing Apartments-provided mail-deposit slot for a planned deposit into my University Federal Credit Union checking account. Mr. Perez then allegedly altered that money order to turn it into a payment of $300 in his own name at his cited Bluebonnet Electric Coop electricity-service account in Giddings, Texas, according to factual information I obtained in 2005 from the Minneapolis-based money order company I had used for what I had intended to be my own money order deposit into my own checking account.

...I have been flooded with hundreds of obviously fraudulent replies and some surprisingly hostile replies and numerous replies from members of the alleged criminal element in response to my wholesomely-worded and polite Craigslist roommate ads in recent years. ...

Finally, I would also like to note that many of my roommate-wanted ads and other notices I've posted on Craigslist in recent years have been very promptly "flagged for removal", which is grounds for concern on my part. In fact, my "Conservative Left-Wing Roommate Sought" ad that I had posted earlier this morning has already been flagged for removal, according to an E-mail notification I received this morning from Craigslist.

My Craigslist ads and notices are lawfully worded, in my opinion, and do not contain any obscene or profane language. Also, as you of course already are very aware, I do not seek to harm anyone or myself, so my ads and notices on Craigslist definitely reflect and convey my own very solid lack of criminal intent toward myself or anyone else.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,
John Kevin McMillan, a former full-time Texas DPS state agency employee in Austin who is also myself a self-identified victim of alleged personal-injury crimes and deliberate-sleep-interruption-crimes and alleged anal-rape crimes during my sleep (I ALWAYS sleep alone, and I snore) inside my bolt-locked apartment unit on a daily and frequent and year-round basis, including this particular morning (a Wednesday), ever since and including the morning of April 17, 2011, inside Apartment 325 at the "Westdale Asset Management"-owned and "Westdale Asset Management"-managed Wind River Crossing Apartments. The Westdale Asset Management Corporation is reportedly headquartered in Dallas; and I did find through online factual research that one of the highest ranking officials of a possible subsidiary of Westdale Asset Management is himself a resident of the foreign nation of Canada. I myself do not have any ties to Canada, and I am a citizen of the United States.

I would also like to take this opportunity to emphasize to your law-enforcement agency in Austin, Texas, that as a law-abiding single adult gentleman living alone, I would welcome any and all temporary multi-day truly comprehensive electronic surveillance by any government agency, including the University of Texas System or Texas A&M University System or Texas Tech System or the Sunset Valley Police Department or the State Comptroller's Office or the Texas Rangers Division of the Texas DPS or the Texas DPS or the Attorney General of Texas state agency or the Travis County Sheriff's Office or the Travis County District Attorney's Office or the FBI or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security any reputable and crime-deterrence-minded news media organization willing to promptly share crime evidence it obtains with a law-enforcement agency, for that matter, inside the entire private bedroom and, if need be, the two bedroom closets of my one-bedroom, top-floor, vaulted-ceiling, bolt-locked apartment unit featuring a massive and very tall always-locked-by-me sliding glass door leading directly into my private bedroom from an outside balcony, at Wind River Crossing Apartments. That criminal evidence would, in a matter of hours, yield first-rate and convincing crime evidence that could then be used in a court of law in Austin (and possibly elsewhere as well).

My home address: 11411 Research Boulevard, Wind River Crossing, Building 3, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
My home phone: (512) 342-2295.
My Blog:

John Kevin McMillan

--- On Wed, 3/20/13, TX`Dog Star <5a2a6db429693d17a071bf80321026a9""> wrote:

From: TX`Dog Star <5a2a6db429693d17a071bf80321026a9"">

Subject: $300 / 480ft&sup2; - Conservative Left-Wing Roommate Sought (Duval and Research, NW Austin)


Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 8:41 AM

So nothing about the unit just about the thought police that occupies the unit
nothing about what you like but just a spew about what you deplore ... their is nothing left wing about the police state you wish for ... I recommend you move to North Korea.
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