Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Among the many questions that the reported election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States of America, are:

---Is there any risk that Donald Trump's reported "coziness" with the Russian Government will possibly endanger the national security of the United States, such as if a President Trump hires ANY staff member who in a surreptitious manner files secret reports to the Kremlin about confidential matters?

Is there any additional  risk that if a scenario of that type occurs, in which one or more of President Trump's staff members are unmasked as "double-agents" endangering the national security of the United States, President Trump himself might then be charged with the federal crime of treason? 
And if President Trump while in office is eventually arrested by the FBI and charged with the federal crime of treason, does this also imply a possible scenario in which President Trump  might actually be convicted in a court of law of the federal crime of treason? 
Any such courtroom conviction would not only be fatal to the Presidential tenure of Mr. Trump, but could also (at least theoretically) result in the type of punishment imposed on ANY person in the United States who is convicted of treason (and my understanding is that that punishment can, in fact, be a federal-court-ordered 'death by electrocution').

---If President Trump does get formally charged with the federal crime of treason at some point during his term of office, would Mr. Trump be the first-ever U.S. President to be formally charged with treason during his tenure in The White House?

---Is there any risk that a female spy for a foreign government in Washington, D.C., will attempt to "seduce" President Trump during his term of office in The White House? If so, could any such seduction attempt by a female foreign spy be so successful for that foreign agent that it could seriously jeopardize the national security of the United States in a quasi-treasonous or treasonous manner?

---Will a President Trump strive to help revitalize the American economy partly through a phasing out of dubious industries that are either harmful to American society or do not benefit American society. Among those dubious industries are:
(a) the tattoo-parlor industry, which has played a major role in the widespread ugly-fication of millions of Americans, so much so that it is often difficult to avoid wincing with revulsion when presented with the spectacle of a typically-tattooed American of today.
(2) the hard-liquor industry.
(3) the marijuana-periphernalia industry.
(4) the so-called "legal" marijuana industry.
(5) the professional automotive-racing contests industry.
(6) the professional boxing industry.
(7) the gambling industry.
(8) the tobacco industry.
(9) the gratuitously-violent movies industry.

---Will President Trump exhibit the wisdom and foresight to insist on a federal role in helping to boost the following urgently-needed industries in the United States:
(1) the garbage-items recycling industry.
(2) the energy-conservation industry.
(3) the renewable-energy-sources-production industry.
(4) the lifelong-sports industry.
(5) the lifelong-education industry.
(5a) the documentary-films and documentary-television programs industry.
(6) the educational-games industry.
(7) the health-foods industry.
(8) the crime-deterrence industry.
(9) the infrastructure reconstruction or renovation industry.

---Can investigators for the Federal Bureau of Investigation keep up with all of the cases of Americans who will be seeking to "score points with President Trump, in the hope of getting special favors from Mr. Trump" by themselves paying lots of money to rent a room or apartment at a resort hotel or apartment complex owned by Donald Trump?

---Is there any risk that Donald Trump's verbalized hostility toward the Chinese government will put the United States at risk of a military conflict with China?

---What types of "trade deals" will President Trump attempt to make with the Kremlin, when it is not clear to many Americans which products or services from the Soviet Union will, in fact, be needed or sought in the year 2017, for instance, by American society?

---Will President Trump attempt to persuade Russian caviar-industry officials to help reduce sodium levels of caviar exported from Russia to the United States? This possible "role" by President Trump in Soviet-American relations could potentially help to reduce the heart-attack rate among Americans who enjoy eating caviar.

---In which ways will President Trump identify and help to promulgate "common ground" and "shared values" that might help to promote harmony between American society and Russian society?

---Will President Trump insist on a cultural exchange between Russia and the United States that will enable millions of Americans to attend at least one Russian-language movie in the U.S. that features English-language subtitles?

---Will President Trump insist that the Russian Government do more than it has to help control or help reduce the "Russian Mafia" organized-crime problem in Russian society and in American society?

---Is there any possibility that a President Trump's cited hostility toward China partly reflects a racial aversion toward Far East Asians by Mr. Trump, in which case any such "racially motivated" outlook toward China by the United States could be a major public-policy disaster for American society?

---Will President Trump insist on the signing of an "Anti-Hacking Pact" between American society and Russian society, if President Trump and the U.S. Congress conclude that an agreement of that type might be helpful?

---Is there any risk that President Trump will attempt to "impress" or "curry favor with" visiting Heads of State and foreign diplomats by offering them "special discounts" if they agree to stay at a Trump-owned resort when they go on a vacation?

---Will President Trump help to effectively promulgate the message to all Americans that they MUST respond to any and all challenges in their own life in a civil and law-abiding manner?

---Will President Trump and his Administration truly offer helpful, practical advice to teenage youths who are Hispanic or black, for instance, and who are under heavy pressure by other youths to "join an illicit youth gang or face violent retaliation if you don't agree to join that group"?

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