Wednesday, November 23, 2016


(1) Will you be willing to urge each and every public school in this entire nation to pose a "Vocabulary Word of the Day" display sign indoors where the largest number of students enter that school building in the morning?

Will you also insist that each public school's display sign provide a clear and simple definition of that vocabulary word, along with a sample sentence or two each containing the cited vocabulary word of the day in an easy-to-understand context?

(2) Will you make a point of using the metric system in all of your own public speeches that refer to measurements, with yourself possibly then adding a translation of that cited metric-system statistic into the traditional English system of measurements as part of your own personal mission to educate all Americans on how to make that conversion on their own?

(3) Will you ask Congress to provide financial incentives for all American corporations and business owners to make the conversion to the metric system as soon as possible in all of their own communications and business practices?

(4) Will you ask the National Football League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association to each redesign the football field using meters instead of yards, and will you also ask the NFL and NCAA to convert to the metric system of measurements in all reports that they issue to the news media and general public?

(5) Will you appoint a Presidential Advisory Commission to develop guidelines on how the percentage of all Americans classified as "medically disabled" or "handicapped" can be reduced significantly in a law-abiding and honorable manner over the next five-year or 10-year period?

(6) Will you insist that each and every department or agency of the federal government must feature an "Office of Innovation" or "Officer of Innovation" who or that helps to develop innovative new policies and programs for that federal agency that make it more successful in its mission and most cost-effective than it previously has been?

(7) Will you ask the federal government to investigate under which circumstances some or many of individuals previously employed by the U.S. Government, such as federal employees who are dismissed from their job duties, could conceivably comprise a national security risk for this country? Should there be a federal policy of some type that addresses this possible national-security issue?

(8) Should the federal government help finance research to develop new technologies that turn off existing outdoor-lawn-irrigation automatically-timed sprinkler systems on federally-owned properties during periods of significant rainfall, with the intent behind this new technology being to conserve water and save money to taxpayers?

(9) Should you as the 45th U.S. President ask Congress to approve a new law designating California as an "Endangered Cropland and Farmland State" with agricultural produce so varied and abundant and healthful and outstanding in quality that California is worthy of special protections from the federal government---such as through federal assistance to help with irrigation of cropland and farmland in California and prevent sale of cropland and farmland in that state to real-estate developers?

(10) Will you find the courage to appoint an advisory committee to help you decide whether sex-change operations in the United States should be discouraged or restricted or even prohibited, with one intent behind this proposed re-thinking of transsexualism involving actual castration of male persons being to investigate whether the sadistic and injurious nature of castration has been adequately explored, and also whether sex-change operations per se are ill-advised?

(10a) Will you insist on a federal review of laws in various states that currently authorize castration per se on some of the male persons who are convicted rapists? As part of that review, will you ask the federal government to examine whether any of the democratic nations, such as Sweden or Denmark or The Netherlands or possibly Great Britain, have found a way to avoid imposing court-ordered castration on male sex offenders in that nation?

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