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"No, thank you" (exact quote), replied Fox 7 Television News Story Assignments Manager "Jaime" (who chose not to state his own last name) at 12:15 p.m. Friday, November 25, 2016.

Jaime offered that surprisingly terse reply during a phone call I made to his TV station's news-gathering team in Austin, Texas, in which I had politely asked him, "Does your TV station want to receive additional updates from me about my being a victim of crime in Austin?" (approximate quote).

Jaime offered me his very unexpected reply on the telephone after I politely stated to him in that phone conversation that the CBS-affiliate KEYE Television News team in Austin, Texas, has directly informed me that their news-gathering team DOES want to continue receiving additional crime-report updates from myself.

I am referring to crime reports specifically about myself being a self-identified victim of daily-and-year-round-and-multi-year-anal-rape-crimes-and-personal-injury-crimes in Austin.

The unexpected "no, thank you" response from Fox 7 News came nearly five years after private attorney Jon Evans, a criminal-law specialist and member of the State Bar of Texas, advised me on the telephone from inside his Evans and Lusk law office at 806 West 11th Street in downtown Austin to myself contact Fox 7 News in Austin.

Attorney Evans stated to me during a January 16, 2012, legal consultation I had with him on the phone, or possibly during a very memorable moment of an in-person legal consultation I had with him inside his law office in 2011 or 2012, and that was been paid for in full by a first-rate legal-aid service in which I am a longtime paying member, that "Fox 7 News gets faster results out of the Austin Police Department (sic) than any of the other news media company here in Austin" (approximate quote).

"Channel 7 is 'ON YOUR SIDE'," Mr. Evans stated to me during a January 16, 2012, telephone conversation I had from inside my apartment unit with that highly-esteemed private attorney at his law office, with Mr. Evans having quoted cheerfully from a television commercial message for Fox 7 News, as my legal notes on that telephone consultation clearly indicate.

According to those same legal notes of mine I have kept for my legal records, during the January 16, 2012, telephone legal consultation I had with criminal-law attorney Jon Evans, he also stated that he himself as a private attorney was NOT willing to contact the Austin Police Department at that time on my own behalf in order to ask APD to process the doctor-ordered Dec. 22, 2011, forensic DNA-swabs rape-evidence kit, obtained from me at my request for APD Sex Crimes Case 11-3550615, that APD was reportedly storing at that time inside an APD facility in Austin.

Mr. Evans had emphasized to me during a previous in-person August 8, 2011, legal consultation one-to-one meeting I had with him inside his law office, a 2011 meeting that was definitely paid for in full by my first-rate "Texas Legal Protection Plan" legal-aid service, that he as an attorney could NOT be persuasive if he asked the Austin Police Department to actually investigate my allegations about being a victim of felony continuing daily-and-year-round-anal-rape-crimes-and-personal-injury-crimes in Austin, since APD would probably ignore or disregard any request he made of APD, Mr. Evans stated.

The same Mr. Evans during one of my in-person legal consultation meetings with him at his law office in 2012 or 2011 did politely choose to himself photocopy for his law firm's records two or three of the spy-camera photos I had obtained for myself during my sleep as I lay alone on my own bed inside my private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments, 11411 Research Boulevard, Building 3, Apt. 325, in northwest Austin.

It is possible that one or more of the spy-camera photos that Mr. Evans chose to photocopy on my behalf in 2012 or 2011 were still-photo images that had been obtained for me from a non-infrared motion-sensitive video recorder camera I had purchased in 2011 that I used inside my private bedroom of my apartment unit over a multi-week or multi-month period in 2011. I later purchased my first-ever infrared motion-sensitive camera, an inexpensive hunter's camera, at an Academy store in Austin in February 2012 for use as a spy-camera inside my locked private bedroom during my sleeping hours inside my bolt-locked apartment unit in northwest Austin.

Contained below is the text of a January 16, 2012, e-mail letter I wrote and sent to Fox 7 News in downtown Austin that directly referred to my January 16, 2012, telephone consultation with State Bar of Texas member attorney Jon Evans of Evans and Lusk Law firm in downtown Austin:

On Monday, January 16, 2012 7:23 PM, John McMillan wrote:

"Dear Fox 7 Investigates Reporting Staff and Story-Assignment Editors,

"A first-rate private attorney member of the State Bar of Texas (criminal-law attorney Jon Evans of the Evans and Lusk Law Firm in downtown Austin) helpfully advised me earlier today on the telephone to contact your award-winning television news team and ask for your help in providing myself and the Austin Police Department and Travis County District Attorney's Office with photographic documentation (such as through a videotape or through heat-sensitive infrared photography) on behalf of the sex-crime criminal-law complaint that I as the cited victim of that sex crime filed on December 21, 2011, with the Austin Police Department.

"The APD-assigned case number on that criminal-law complaint from myself is: 11-3550615.

"In connection with that criminal-law complaint from myself, a female forensic nurse in the early morning hours of December 22, 2011, did extensive DNA medical swabs on several parts of my body in the emergency room of St. David's Medical Center near UT-Austin.

"In the period since then, I have been very disappointed by the apparent decision of the Austin Police Department to NOT pursue any follow-up DNA medical testing on ANY of the approximately 10 or more DNA samples obtained from swabs of several organs of my body, including my anus and my penis, that were all done on Dec. 22, 2011, at St. David's Medical Center near UT-Austin.

"I have been informed by APD, in fact, that APD investigation of my criminal-law complaint has apparently been terminated or suspended.

"I received that apparent disclosure from APD through a 1:17 p.m. Wednesday, January 4, 2012, reply phone message from Detective David Silva of APD's Sex Crimes Unit that I received on my voice mail for my home phone line. The verbatim transcript of Detective Silva's words to me in that voice mail message he left on my home phone line on January 4, 2012, is as follows:

"'John, this is Detective Silva with APD. Just letting you know that we did receive your SAFE kit, although it was not approved. That's going to have to be dealt with with the hospital and yourself, for billing on that. There is no case at this time. I'm letting you know that there is no case at this time that we're investigating. And at this point, there's not any evidence to show that there is a case that is to be worked. OK? So I'm just letting you know that your case is being unfounded at this time. And if you have any questions, feel free to call me. 974-5526. Thank you.'

"I am a very law-abiding and honest and permanently alcohol-free as well as permanently illicit-drug-free criminal-law complainant who myself alleges that I have been subjected on a daily and year-round basis to alleged sexual molestation of myself and alleged sexual anal-rape of myself and alleged physical contact with myself by an illegal intruder inside my one-bedroom apartment unit during my nocturnal slumber on my Swedish bed, with myself always sleeping alone (and generally snoring, too, I would expect) on my Swedish bed during each of those alleged sex crimes victimizing myself.

"I myself have NO criminal-conviction record. I'm a former employee of several respective law-enforcement agencies in Austin (including the DPS), and I'm civic-minded and idealistic. In fact, I'm a former online blog author for and contributor to Fox 7 News.

"I have lost hundreds of total hours of REM sleep, or deep sleep, and hundreds of total hours of sleep, in 2011 and 2012 that directly resulted from alleged sexual molestation and alleged sexual torture of myself that woke me up throbbing sensation of pain in my anus at all hours of the early morning and morning as I lay alone on my Swedish bed.

"I am the only approved current occupant of the one-bedroom apartment that I am currently renting at a nice apartment complex in northwest Austin.

"As a former newspaper reporter who myself had a first-rate accuracy record in my reporting, I would also like to respectfully point out that I have been finding and collecting from my Swedish bed each morning numerous thick and very dark hair follicles that definitely DO NOT come from myself, as well as other hair follicles of a variety of colors and densities and various odd items (a large dried cranberry, for instance, when I myself DO NOT OWN any cranberries inside my apartment unit) that I maintain did NOT come from myself.

"I wish to emphasize that Norma Hilbig of the Travis County District Attorney's Office Strategic Prosecution Division did advise me on the telephone in late 2011 that I need to obtain photographic or videotape evidence of one or more alleged illegal intruders inside my bolt-locked apartment unit during my nocturnal slumber.

"I would be very grateful to your award-winning news team if you would be willing to help me to obtain the photographic or videotape documentation I need in order to convince the Austin Police Department of the need for full and thorough and comprehensive and fully relaible criminal-law investigation into this sex-crime case victimizing myself.

"Sincerely and Best Wishes,

"John Kevin McMillan,
"11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
"Home phone: (512) 342-2295.


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