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- On Fri, 3/22/13, John McMillan wrote:

From: John McMillan 

Subject: 3-22-13 Wind River Crossing GM's reply re: crime reports from me

To: "APD Officer James Turner" , "Outback Asst Mgr Nick Burton" , "Trevor Glynn" , "U.S. Department of Homeland Security" , " Austin officeFederal Bureau of Investigation San Antonio Div." , "Jennifer McClearyTravis County District Attorney Major Crimes and Narcotics Division" , "Dayna BlazeyTravis County District Attorney Major Crimes and Narcotics Division" , "Richard Jalowy" , "Ernie Motloch" , "Asylum AssistancePhysicians for Human Rights USA" , "U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Devlpt (TX regional office)" , "Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs" , "CBS News '60 Minutes' Editors and Reporters" , "KEYE Investigative Reporter Adam Asracusin" , "KEYE TV Anchor Judy Maggio" , "Enrique Serrano" , "Austin Police Dept. Asst. Chief Troy Gay" , "Assistant City Manager Michael McDonald" , "Austin City Manager Marc Ott" , "U.S. Dept of Justice" , "U.S. Marshals Service (Justice Dept.)" , "Travis County DA's Office Open Records Coordinator Nicole Waggoner" , "Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg" , "Dallas County Attorney's Office" , "Fox Television News Editors and Reporters" , " TX) TV NewsFox 7 (Austin" , "KXAN Investigative Reporter Chris Willis" , "KXAN Investigative Producer Joe Ellis" , "WashingtonPostLettersEditor" , "Texas Attorney General Public Information Officers" , "Attorney General of TX Criminal-Law Division Captain Gregory Lucas" , "Texas DPS Online Services Webmaster" , "Travis County Sheriff's Office Paralegal Michael Lasorsa" , "CountyJudgeSam Biscoe" , "TexasSecofStateExecutiveOffice" , "StateComptrollerSusanCombs" ,, "Texas Real Estate Commission state agency" , "National Board of Realtors" , "Dallas - Fort Worth Realtors Association" , "Austin Board of Realtors-Govt. Relations" , "Texas Apartment Association" , "Austin Apartment Association" , "National Apartment Association Mgr. of State-Local Govt. Affairs Alison" , "National Apartment Association State-Local Govt. Mgr. Carly" , "Texas Tenants Union" , "ACLU of Texas" , " City of Austin (TX)City Attorney Karen Kennard" ,, "CBS News Story Ideas Editors" , "Houston ABC TV Station KTRK News Team" , "Dallas CBS Television News Team Channel 11" , "DMN Editor Bob Mong" , "DMN ME George Rodrigue" , "Belo Media CEO Dunia Shive" , "DallasMorningNewsState EditorMarkEdgar" , "San Antonio Express-News Letters to Editor" , "NewYorkTimesEditors" , "Texas Monthly Senior Editor Pat Sharpe" , "Channel 8 News Editors" , "Pedro GarciaKEYE TV" , "TRA General Counsel Glen Garey" , "KVUE Television Newstips" , "KVUE TV News Dir. Frank Volpicella" , "Houston Chronicle Letters to the Editor" , "Rep. Naishtat Chief of Staff Dorothy Browne" , "Jessica Boston" , "Kurt LiptakKVUE News" , "Kurt Verhulst" , "Texas Observer Editors" , "Texas Observer" , "Texas Medical Board state agency" , "Civil Rights Office Texas Health Human Services Commission" ,,, "Lacy" , "Daily Texan News Editors" , "KLRU TV News Editors" , "Dave Mildenberg" , "U.S. Dept of Commerce Civil Rights Div Officials" , "WallStJournalNewstips" , "Office of the Governor of Texas Criminal Justice Division" , "Open Records Administrator Governor's Office of Texas" , "Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell"

Date: Friday, March 22, 2013, 10:19 PM

John Kevin McMillan

On Friday, March 22, 2013 10:19 PM, John McMillan wrote:

A respectful FYI to each of you in regard to the following reply note I received today from Ms. Ann Coker, General Manager of the Westdale Asset Management-owned and Westdale Asset Management-managed "Wind River Crossing" Apartments along Research Boulevard in NW Austin.

The Westdale Asset Management corporation is reportedly headquartered in Dallas, Texas---the very same city where the Belo media corporation, parent company of "The Dallas Morning News" newspaper and KVUE Television Station of Austin, is itself headquartered.

I myself reside alone in Building 3 at the Wind River Crossing Apartments. Wind River Crossing reportedly does not provide any electronic surveillance of any portion of this entire complex, according to what a female manager here politely informed me in writing in a reply letter she wrote and sent to me in 2012 or possibly earlier this year.

I am a longtime celibate-by-choice single adult gentleman. I myself have not participated in any mutual-consent sex with any other human being on any occasion anywhere in Austin, Texas, or anywhere in the entire Austin area at any time since December of 1979. I have very strong platonic aptitude with and toward anyone and everyone whom I ever agree to associate with.
I lead an always-sober and law-abiding and civil and honest lifestyle in my own life in which I completely and permanently abstain from any and all consumption of drinking alcohol or marijuana or any other illicit drug, for instance.

I would welcome any and all government-ordered or landlord-provided secret or hidden electronic surveillance or secret or hidden videotaping of any portion of the outdoor balcony that abuts the front door of my apartment and also abuts the sliding glass door of the one bedroom of my apartment unit, as well as of the entire private bedroom of the top-floor, vaulted-ceiling, one-bedroom apartment that I am renting.

I have resided alone in Apartment 325 at Wind River Crossing Apartments in NW Austin ever since the afternoon of May 31, 2011. I have resided in Apartment 325 at Wind River Crossing ever since January 2002. My only roommate in Apartment 325, a self-identified male adult "citizen of Indonesia" who called himself "Sandjaja Utama," roomed with me from April 16, 2011, until May 31, 2011. My own relationship with that individual was, of course, strictly platonic throughout; and Mr. Utama agreed to always sleep on a separate bed I had purchased in April 2011, a brand-new Futon, throughout the entire time period in which he roomed with me. I myself always slept on my Swedish Tempurpedic bed throughout the entire period in which Mr. Utama roomed with me.

On May 31, 2011, Mr. Utama had his name permanently deleted from the lease agreement for Apartment 325 with the management team at Wind River Crossing. My current lease agreement with Wind River Crossing, an approximately 11-month contract that began October 1, 2012, cites only my name (John Kevin McMillan) as the only approved current tenant and only approved current leasee in Apartment 325 at this apartment complex.

Thank you in advance for your very kind interest in this very tangible human rights issue and privacy rights issue and personal-safety issue and medical-health issue and quality of life issue for this particular single adult tall and white non-Hispanic Anglo gentleman (myself) of English and Scottish and German ancestry who is mysefl a lifelong citizen of the United States. I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

My home address: 11411 Research Bouelvard, Wind River Crossing, Building 3, Apartment 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.

My home phone: (512) 342-2295.

My Blog:

John Kevin McMillan

--- On Fri, 3/22/13, Ann Coker (XWR) wrote:

From: Ann Coker (XWR)
Subject: RE: 3-22-13 follow-up question for Wind River Crossing GM Ann Coker
To: "'John McMillan'"
Cc: "Kara Stevens (XWR)"
Date: Friday, March 22, 2013, 9:48 AM

Of course we do not wish you any harm and wish for nothing but your health and safety. Moving may be the only resolution at this point. You are welcome to give your notice at any time, without penalty. We will not however, approach any of your neighbors regarding construction noise. What they do inside their dwelling is their business. It certainly does not have anything to do with your situation. Please know that you will be released from further liability of your lease agreement, upon receipt of your 30 day notice.

Thank you John!

o 512.346.1902 | f 512.346.2840 |
11411 Research Blvd. | Austin, Texas 78759 |

More than a place to call home...

From: John McMillan []
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 7:43 AM
To: Ann Coker (XWR); Kara Stevens (XWR); Jennifer McClearyTravis County District Attorney Major Crimes and Narcotics Division; Austin Apartment Association; Texas Apartment Association; State Comptroller Criminal Investigations Division Chief Martin Cano; Austin Board of Realtors-Govt. Relations; Austin officeFederal Bureau of Investigation San Antonio Div.; DPSTexas Rangers Division; APD Officer James Turner; StateComptrollerSusanCombs; Texas Medical Board state agency

Subject: 3-22-13 follow-up question for Wind River Crossing GM Ann Coker

To: General Manager Ann Coker and Assistant Manager Kara Stevens, Wind River Crossing Apartments, Austin, office phone: (512) 346-1902.

March 22, 2013

Dear Ann and Kara,

This morning (a Friday) I was abruptly awakened on my bed in the middle of a surprising nightmare I was having during my sleep on my bed at about 5:30 a.m. inside my bolt-locked one-bedroom apartment unit, Apartment 325 at Wind River Crossing. I had set my alarm clock for 6:15 a.m. today (Friday), the normal time when I would have awakened today.

Immediately after I was awakened while lying alone on my bed (I always sleep alone), I noticed pain in my anus and constriction of my anus. Even though I once again immediately sensed that I had been molested and physically harmed during my sleep, I did not call 311 or 911 because the Austin Police Department has discouraged me from calling 311 or 911 unless I have very dramatic, very tangible evidence such as a bloody wound on my body or a broken sliding glass door into my bedroom that I could cite as the alleged illegal point of entry into my bolt-locked apartment unit. My sliding glass door was, in fact, locked and not busted, and I always keep it locked at all times.

I had taken a bath immediately before going to bed at about 11 p.m. or 11:30 p.m. this Thursday, and I had not noticed any such tightness in my anus or anal pain when I took my bath.

Ann and Kara, the problem of my being subjected to unwanted anonymous communications, including personal injuries to my body during my sleep and anal rape of myself during my sleep, inside the private bedroom of my bolt-locked top-floor, vaulted-ceiling, one-bedroom apartment unit---an apartment in which I live alone and never have any invited overnight guest or any invited late-night guest after midnight, and where I am the only current approved leasee or tenant inside Apartment 325----has continued on a daily and frequent and year-round basis.

As each of you is no doubt very aware, I value having the very best possible medical health and the very best possible full and natural creatively vital lifespan and medical longevity for myself.
I am writing you today to respectfully ask whether you are still willing to give me the option of myself possibly giving you 30 days' notice at any time and then possibly vacating my apartment unit by the end of that 30 day period without my being penalized in any way, such as through penalty fees or other fees or fines imposed on me, for vacating my unit (Apt. 325) before the end of my current 11-month contract period.

Also at this time, I would like to politely ask your permission to myself designate a friend or acquaintance of mine whom I trust to himself politely knock on the front door of Apartment 324 in Building 3 at Wind River Crossing and politely state to the male adult tenant inside that unit that I myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin and a tenant in Apt. 325, do not want to have any involvement of any type with that particular male adult person, or with any of his own friends or relatives or "associates", at any time. I mention this partly because I noticed immediately after being awakened this morning at 5:30 a.m.---some 45 minutes before my alarm clock went off, an alarm that I had set for 6:15 a.m. this morning----that I heard the sounds of loud voices emanating from a nearby apartment unit.

Incidentally, I have been told by Danny, who lives in Apartment 315, that in a recent day he heard the sounds of apparent construction work that he later figured out was emanating from the other side of Building 3, and I believe that Danny indicated that possibly that loud construction work was occurring near or in Apartment 324 on the other side of Building 3. I myself have often over a multi-month period heard the sounds of someone doing nailing an item to the wall or near the wall that appeared to originate in Apartment 324. So I would like to raise the question of whether the tenant in Apartment 324 is possibly pursuing some type of "renovation" project or "construction" work inside his unit that possibly was not authorized by your apartment management team.
In regard to the loud voices I heard this morning at about 5:30 a.m., I am not completely sure whether they were emanating from Apartment 324, which abuts my own unit from the other side of Building 3. Those loud voices at about 5:30 a.m. this Friday morning may have occurred inside Apartment 315, a unit reportedly occupied by a man named "Danny", whom I have spoken with on two separate occasions in a context when he stood outside of his apartment unit and near Building 3; or possibly inside Apartment 314, a one-bedroom apartment unit that in a recent prior year was identified to me by Ryan, a restaurant-waiter tenant who resided during that time period in Apartment 322, as housing a "large Chinese family," as Ryan put it to me one day in 2011, I believe it was.

I wish to politely emphasize that I myself am not a personal friend or relative or associate of anyone residing in any of those three cited apartment units in Building 3, and none of the persons residing in any of those three respective units at Wind River Crossing has ever been authorized by me at any time to ever enter my own apartment unit or to be physically present inside my apartment unit at any time.

Thank you in advance for your very helpful reply note in response to the two hopefully-polite questions I posed to you in this follow-up letter today.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, a longtime celibate-by-choice, always-sober ([permanently illicit-drug-free and permanently marijuana-free and permanently drinking-alcohol-free), single adult, gainfully-employed, law-abiding and civil, white Anglo non-Hispanic gentleman who values my privacy rights inside my bolt-locked apartment unit, including during periods when I am sleeping or napping on my bed inside the private bedroom of my apartment unit, with the clear understanding that I am willing to permit the government or Wind River Crossing or any reputable media company to electronically surveillance the private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit on a temporary basis during this time period, if that will help the government and the Austin Police Department to identify who has been allegedly violating my legal rights and privacy rights during periods in which I am sleeping ALONE (I ALWAYS sleep alone) on my Swedish Tempurpedic bed inside my bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit.
My home address: 11411 Research Boulevard, Wind River Crossing, Building 3, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.
My Blog:
John Kevin McMillan

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