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(Subject:) 8-17-10 folo-up letter to Ernie Motloch (3)

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010 5:26 PM, John McMillan wrote:

Dear Ernie,

After sending you that hopefully-helpful and hastily-written brainstorming letter relating to how I can respond the most effectively to challenging circumstances in my life in Austin, Texas, I have decided to add several more possibilities, in the event that I haven't already shared with you at least one item that you regard as being particularly pertinent:

(1) Is there any question I have never posed to you so far, or any information I have never shared with you so far, relating to myself and my life circumstances and working conditions that you yourself believe might be pertinent?

(2) Is there any lawsuit that you definitely believe that I should file in a court of law against some person or entity or group of persons? Do you believe, for that matter, that any person of whom you are aware has significantly wronged myself in any context for which I could myself file a legal complaint against that person, if applicable, in the year 2010?

(3) Do you know of any person or organization or civic group or or club of whom you're aware who or that currently fails in any way to fully acknowledge that I myself am law-abiding and psychologically healthy and morally straight and intelligent, and who allegedly has an involvement of some type (or any type, for that matter) or authority of some type in any aspect of my own life circumstances or life or living conditions in Austin, Texas?

(4) Of my various relatives...(, who, IF ANYONE, do) believe or suspect may be currently wronging me or harming me or harassing me or stalking me or spying on me in any way?

(5) Do you yourself believe that I currently have a need to contact a private attorney and ask that attorney member of the State Bar of Texas to represent me in any way or provide me with legal advice in any way?

(6) Do you know what Charles Hilty, a former journalism instructor of mine at Washington University in St. Louis, referred to when he volunteered to me in 1992 or 1993, during a long-distance phone call I made to his home in Washington, D.C., from my rental apartment in Pampa, Texas: "Ask me (Charles Hilty) the right question, and I (Charles Hilty) will tell you the answer."

(7) Do you agree with the emphatic statement made to me by State Bar of Texas member John F. Campbell, a private attorney whom I consulted in person in the late 1990s and for a portion of the early 21st Century, that he suspects that ONE total person in the background, without Mr. Campbell ever at any time stating to me who that ONE total person was, might allegedly have been meddling in my own circumstances and harassing me in Austin, Texas, during that time period.

(8) Ernie, are you aware of any person or group of persons whom you suspect of attempting to censor me in any way?

(9) Ernie, do you have any reason to suspect that any person currently seeks to injure me or harm me or commit homicide in a context victimizing myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin? If so, would you be willing to tell me who that suspect might be.

(9) Ernie, are you surprised that my total adjusted gross annual income for all of calendar year 2009 was less than $11,000, and I believe it was closer to $10,400.

(10) Ernie, do you regard it as fair on the part of gay militants and transsexual militants and lesbian militants and their complicitors to attempt to undermine my ability to achieve full financial success for myself in my career in a context that is inclusive toward a significantly higher percentage of all heterosexual adult men and all heterosexual adult women than of all homosexual adult male persons, all bisexual adult male persons, all bisexual adult female persons, all lesbian adult persons, all transvestite adult persons, and all transsexual adult persons.

(11) Ernie, if you were in my shoes (and I only offer this question because you consistently show much kinder empathy toward me than other former work supervisors of mine and most other friendly acquaintances of mine), is there anything you would do differently from what I myself am currently doing? For instance, would you exclusively focus all of your energies during this period on trying to make as much money as possible from law-abiding and gainful employment, and trying to work as many hours at various workplaces as you possibly could, if you were in my shoes? Would you choose to not pursue ANY social life at all, or any leisuretime activities at all, in order to exclusively focus on your job-related life during this period?

(12) Is there any foreign nation that you believe has been more respectful toward myself than the United States has been?

(13) Ernie, do you believe that my legal rights should in any way be "compromised" or "restricted" based on the perception of others, such as John Broders of "Texas Monthly" magazine, that they regard me as being "strange" or "a nut" or "eccentric"? Do you yourself ever feel a bit frustrated with persons who label me that way?

(14) Ernie, is there any conduct by any other person in regard to myself, John Kevin McMillan, that you are angered by or dismayed by or alarmed by?

(15) Ernie, have you observed any evidence in 2010 that indicates that I myself somehow "lack" the power to myself successfully file lawsuits on my own behalf, or that I myself somehow "lack" the power to myself successfully file criminal-law charges on my own behalf?

(16) Ernie, are you among those adult Texan residents who is disappointed by my choice to myself lead a life in which potentially all or nearly all of my own male adult friends and acquaintances and coworkers or work supervisors will, in fact, be heterosexual or primarily heterosexual in sexual identity per se. In other words, do you agree with those Texans who maintain that I am somehow "obligated" to myself lead a life in which one or more of my own male adult friends, my own male adult acquaintances, my own male adult coworkers, or my own male adult work supervisors, is, in fact, homosexual or bisexual or transsexual or transvestite in sexual identity per se.

Ernie, I will be very, very pleased if ANY of these questions or observations or hypothetical scenarios strikes you as being particularly pertinent and helpful to me on behalf of my goal of improving my quality of life, enhancing my privacy rights, etc., as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your very kind willingness to quickly glance through this list of questions in order to identify the one question that you believe might be the most helpful on my behalf.

Sincerely Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.

John Kevin McMillan

--- On Tue, 8/17/10, John McMillan wrote:

From: John McMillan

Subject: 8-17-10 folo-up letter to Ernie Motloch

To: "Ernie Motloch"

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 12:33 PM

Dear Ernie,

Thank you again for kindly agreeing to provide me with a signed letter of recommendation on my behalf.

As for the time frame, you could mention that you were my general manager at Souper Salad Lakeline restaurant in 2003 and 2004. I find from my standard diary entries for 2005 that Rudy Woolf was cited as my general manager in February 2005, and I find a reference to you being the general manager at Souper Salad Lakeline in December 2003, according to my standard diary for 2003. I cannot find my standard diary for 2004, at the moment, but it seems to me that you must have been my general manager at Lakeline for some or all or much of 2004, too.

Ernie, your kind willingness to write a letter of recommendation for me has since reminded me that the basic type of letter of recommendation I most need from you is a character reference, if you would feel comfortable about doing that for me.

Among the questions that a character reference for me could address might be:

----Am I customer-friendly and polite?
---Have I been honest and diligent in my statements to you through the years?
---Have I exhibited researching skills on the Internet that you were impressed by, such as through the research on my own initiative that I've pursued for you and your Mac Haik colleagues in recent years.

---Have I exhibited a determination to go beyond the call of duty?

---Have I been conscientious toward you and toward any job duties or projects I chose to pursue that were designed to help you in your career?

----From a career-related standpoint, are you impressed by the fact that I have no criminal-conviction record and am law-abiding and vigilant and illicit-drug-free, tobacco-free, hygienic, facially-cleanshaven, and alcohol-free?

----Am I trustworthy and dependable?

----Do I show a good work ethic?

Ernie, I would also be very grateful to you if you would please let me know as soon as is convenient for you which one (or two) questions or topic areas of the following very tentatively-worded questions or themes I am posing to you or sharing with you today, strike you as being the questions or themes that you believe will help me the most in my striving to improve my quality of life and living conditions and my own ability to pay all my bills promptly:

1) Do you believe I have any reason to move from Austin, Texas, to another city or state?

(1a) Do you agree with Travis County Government Civil Probate Division Director David Ferris's late 2001 observation to me on the telephone that "There seems to be an effort by many people in Central Texas to drive you (John Kevin McMillan) OUT of the Austin area."

(2) Do you agree or disagree with my biological mother's (Phyllis McMillan) comment to me in 1991, during a long-distance phone call I made to her Westlake Hills home from my rental home in Cuero, Texas: "You (John Kevin McMillan of Texas) may be hearing voices the rest of your life, John."

(2a) Do you have any reason to believe that if I moved to or visited a favorite city of yours, Colorado Springs, Colorado, a city that is presumably more humane than Austin, and if I then established residency there, the "background voices" I do not want in my own life would suddenly and immediately be terminated?

(2b) Do you happen to know a "Mike Laur" who in the 1990s resided in Colorado Springs and who himself professionally pursued photography for a daily newspaper based in Colorado Springs? Mike Laur is a former coworker of mine at "The Daily Texan" student newspaper on the UT-Austin campus.

(2c) Do you happen to know or have you heard about a "Jann Snell Schwab" or a "Jann Snell" who was a coworker of mine at "The Daily Texan" studnet newspaper back in the 1970s, and who was directly cited to me by name by (former Daily Texan coworker) Mrs. Mararet Watson of Dallas, Texas, in a surprising long-distance phone call to me that Margaret Watson made to me in 1990 or 1991, during a period in which I lived in Sweetwater, Texas, in which Margaret Watson stated, "Jann Snell always did have a thing for you (John Kevin McMillan). I raise this question because Jann Snell and her husband, Mr. Schwab, reportedly resided near Denver, Colorado, in the 1990s, and I definitely do not keep up with her or her husband.

(3) Do you agree with my own view that an individual or business entity that or who deliberately or knowingly harms the hearing capacity and medical health of another person by subjecting him to incessant, continuous, and year-round noise pollution, should be charged with a crime or should face a lawsuit from the injured party (myself)?

(3a) Ernie, is there any circumstance in which I could ever persuade you to accept from me a photocopy of the medical reports that Dr. David Tobey, an Ear, Nose, and Throat medical specialist has compiled about me over a multi-year period since he began examining my hearing capacity in 2005? Dr. Tobey did volunteer to me inside his medical clinic about one year ago that permanent damage to my own hearing capacity and medical health had occurred resulting from noise pollution at my workplace (and at other places, too) over a multi-year period since 2005 that I myself did not cause or generate or authorize, he said.

4) Do you know why my biological mother, Phyllis McMillan of Westlake Hills, Texas, assured me on the telephone in 1986, during a period in which I resided in New York City, New York, and attempted to pursue a career there, that "It (your circumstances and living conditions and informational services you have direct access to) will get realer (more realistic, more honest toward yourself) with time, John."

(5) Ernie, have you ever heard of a case in which an individual has "gone deaf" from being subjected against his wishes to continuous and year-round noise pollution over a multi-year period that he did not want. Do you know of any government official in Texas who has expressed particular concern about noise pollution's injuriousness to human health?

(6) Which government entity, whether that be the City of Austin, the City of Quincy, Mass., the State Government of Massachusetts, the Governor of Texas, the Attorney General of Texas, the University of Texas System, the Texas A&M University System, the City of Cedar Park, Travis County Government, Williamson County Government, the State of Texas, or some other government-owned entity, has been the most (or the least, for that matter) helpful and friendly toward myself, from what you have observed?

(7) Do you know which religious groups or political groups in Texas support or condone thought control projects or brainwashing attempts? Would that be a Southern Baptist group, an Libertarian group, a Republican Party group, a Democratic party group, an Independent Baptist group, a Judaistic group, a Christian Science group, a Unitarian group, an Episcopalian group, a Lutheran group, a Roman Catholic Church group, a Metropolitan Community Church gay religious group, an Anglican Church group, a Jehovah's Witnesses group, a Mennonite group, an Amish group, a Quaker group, a Hindu group, a Moslem group, an atheist group, or some other religious or anti-religious group?

(8) What do you believe my biggest strengths or assets are in my struggle to pay my bills, stay as medically healthy as possible, obtain a good health insurance policy, and develop a strictly-mutual-consent personal social life, in Austin?

(9) Do you know which media company John Broders of "Texas Monthly" magazine referred in 2000 when he interrupted a comment of mine to him on the telephone about anonymous rumors I'd heard in Austin to the effect that "Temple Beth Israel" reform Judaism congregation of Austin, Texas, reportedly was violating my privacy rights and reportedly or allegedly was verbally harassing me in some manner, by John Broders emphatically stating to me on the telephone: "No, no, that's not it; but there may be an unethical media company harassing you in Austin, John." Was that media company a Cox-owned media company, an Emmis Communications media company, the Texas Triangle gay media company, a Belo-owned media company, ABC Television, or some other media company?

(10) You stated to me earlier this year on the telephone that schizophrenia is "living a lie." Your comment has since reminded me that Michael Stephens, a former news editor colleague of mine at "The Daily Texan," told me on the telephone in 1988 that I had acquired a public reputation with the news media for myself being citedly "schizophrenic," as of 1988, he stated to me during a long-distance phone call I made to his home in Lockhart, Texas, from my parents' home in Westlake Hills, Texas. Is there any way in which you suspect that some people regard me as "living a lie" in some way?

(11) Do you regard it as unfair on the part of any business entity or media entity or organization or labor union or political group or government-owned institution to attempt to punish me or attempt to restrict me in any way (given the understanding that I am, of course, consistently law-abiding) based on that entity's outlook that I myself definitely identify with a significantly higher percentage of all heterosexual adult men than of all bisexual adult male persons, all homosexual adult male persons, or all transsexual or transvestite adult persons.

(11a) Do you think it's unfair of various persons or entities to seek to punish me or restrict me because I myself am physically repulsed by male adult effeminacy?

(12) Do you have any reason to suspect that some entity or individual or group of individuals have or has illegally claimed to hold powers to "punish me" that under the state laws of Texas the criminal justice system does, in fact, exclusively hold toward persons who are in fact convicted of a crime, I definitely not among those persons.

(13) Do you know which persons or group of persons in the Austin area or elsewhere might most resent or most be alarmed by my own lawful form of heterophilia in my life, including in my personal life? By "heterophilia," I am referring to my own identification with, and my choice to significantly befriend and be lawfully and genially inclusive toward, a significantly higher percentage of all heterosexual masculine adult gentlemen than of all heterosexual effeminate adult male persons, all homosexual masculine adult persons, all homosexual effeminate male adult persons, all bisexual masculine adult persons, all bisexual effeminate adult persons, all transvestite adult persons, or all adult transsexual persons?

(14) Do you believe that a religious group or political group or media company that knowingly seeks to harm my own hearing capacity through year-round and continuous noise pollution that it inflicts on myself against my wishes, is guilty of a crime? If so, why is it that the Austin Police Department and the Travis County District Attorney's Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety and the FBI have so far shown no apparent interest in ever identifying me as a victim of any crime at present and pressing charges against a cited source of that injurious noise pollution?

(15) Ernie, do you sense that I will have to move to a foreign nation, such as France, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, or Spain, in order to myself achieve a lawful termination of these voices to which I have been subjected against my wishes ever since May of 1987 when I resided in Quincy, Mass.?

(16) Ernie, do you know why a family-law attorney whom I consulted in Austin, Mr. Rob V. Robertson, office phone number (512) 335-0208, office address 13740 Research Boulevard, Suite J-5, Austin, TX, 78750, stated to me during a legal consultation I had with him in 2008 or 2009 that if I want to put an end ot the voices that began for me against my wishes in May of 1987 when I resided in Quincy, Mass., I would need to hire an attorney based in the Boston area of Massachusetts to myself file a legal complaint for me in Massachusetts, Mr. Rob V. Robertson advised me orally during one in-person consultation I had with him in 2008 or 2009 for which I paid him with a check made out to either the Travis County Lawyer Referral Service or the Central Texas Lawyer Referral Service.

(17) Ernie, one former Stephen F. Austin High School social studies teacher of mine, Bernie Owen of Austin, told me on the telephone in 1992 that I had acquired a public reputation as of that time for allegedly being prejudiced. Mr. Owen did not specify the type of prejudice to which he referred. Ernie, do you know of any legal restriction that might ever have been, or that could ever be, imposed on me by any person or group of persons or entity based on their own perception of me as allegedly being "prejudiced"?

(18) Ernie, I have heard anonymous allegations hurled at me on millions of occasions in the period since 1987, and particularly while residing in Austin, Texas, on a continuous basis ever since 1997, which alleged that I myself am allegedly "anti-Semitic," and that I myself am allegedly "very similar to Adolph Hitler." Do you regard those types of allegations as being unfair to myself? Do I have any legal recourse against the source of those allegations? Also, do you find it surprising that I have sometimes wondered whether a Jewish person or Jewish group of some type, possibly with ties to the foreign nation of Israel, allegedly has exhibited malice toward me and allegedly has slandered me and allegedly has subjected me to character assassination in Austin, Texas?

(19) I have indicated to you before that at least one of my relatives, Michael McMillan, a chemist employed by the University of Southern California Medical School, has repeatedly stated to me over a multi-year period that he regards my own anti-alcohol and law-enfrocement-minded and anti-illicit-drug religion (Progressive Prohibitionist Religion) as being "Hell on Earth" and "Fascist", in Dr. Michael McMillan's emphatically stated view. That same relative of mine has repeatedly stated to me in writing that he believes I will always be poor and that I am not living frugally enough, he has repeatedly emphasized to me in writing and on the telephone. Michael McMillan offered me that emphatic advice in 2009, for instance, a calendar year in which my gross adjusted income was about $10,400 (significantly less than $11,000, anyway, and I forget at the moment whether it was $10,300 or $10,400), according to my completed tax return prepared for me by an American Association of Retired Persons income-tax expert inside a church in Austin, Texas----a gross ajusted income for me in 2009 that the IRS later confirmed as accurate. Do you have any reason to believe that any relative of mine or "friend" or "associate" or "acquaintance" of mine has possibly meddled in my own life, and has possibly played a role in my not having access to my own total financial wealth?

(20) My oldest brother, Kent McMillan of Austin, in 1994 volunteered to me on the telephone that I had accumulated a sizable financial wealth over the course of my life as of that time, he stated to me during a long-distance phone call I made to him from my "Snyder Daily News" newspaper newsroom where I was employed as a reporter. Kent McMillan indicated in that phone call that I myself did not have access to my own cumulative financial wealth, as of that time. Ernie, do you have any suggestions on how I could gain access to my that financial wealth of mine, which would enable me to continue my current Blue-Cross Blue-Shield health insurance policy that would help me in the event of a worst-case scenario, since it offers a maximum lifetime payout of $6 million, with a $10,000 deductible each year on that policy.

(21) One personal friend of mine in Austin, the kindly and candid John Schlueter, advised me last month to drop my $197-per-month (premium cost to me) health insurance policy with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, since it's unlikely I will ever meet the deductible and also because Blue Cross-Blue Shield currently isn't paying much on my doctor bills. I have also mentioned to John that my Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy does not cover for blood-pressure-related medical problems at all. Do you still believe that I should do everything I lawfully can to continue with my Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy, as Tami Dove, my health-insurance agent, has advised, partly because having that continuity in creditable coverage will be invaluable to me, she has indicated.

(22) Ernie, do you think I have done a good enough job of explaining to yourself and others why I regard myself as being a "morally and aesthetically straight gentleman," and why I myself am more receptive as a human being toward a significantly higher percentage of all heterosexual men and all heterosexual women than of all homosexual adult male persons, all bisexual adult male persons, etc.

(23) Ernie, do you know what prompted John Broders of "Texas Monthly" magazine to state to me in a recent prior year on the telephone that he supports my legal right to myself file a lawsuit against a gay media company (that unethical media company possibly being "Texas Triangle," "Bay Windows," "The Advocate," or some other gay media company) that I definitely do not want to have any involvement in my own life.

(25) Ernie, do you know what prompted Michael Crothers, a fiction writer based in Minneapolis during that period, to state to me in 1990 or 1991, during a long-distance phone call I made to his mother's home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from Sweetwater, Texas, where I was employed as a newspaper reporter at the time, to state to me that "your circumstances in Texas are dishonest (sic) toward you," with Michael Crothers adding that my writing and personal style as a human being revealed me to be emotionally transsexual in human orientation, he said. He added in that next-to-last (?) phone conversation I had with him, with my last phone conversation wth him having also been in the early 1990s, that I should not be ashamed of my pervasive emotional transsexualism of that type, with Michael Crothers indicating that my own much greater emotional affinity toward a higher percentage of masculine heterosexual gentlemen than of all other subpopulations of adult men or male adult persons, is a soruce of considerable creativity and joie de vivre and happiness for me, he indicated.

(25) Ernie, are you aware of any person or persons or entity that or who seek to "change" me in some noteworthy way?

(26) Ernie, do you know what prompted Margaret Watson of Dallas, Texas, to volunteer to me in 1991, during a surprising unsolicited long-distance phone call she made to my residence in Sweetwater, Texas, that "There are lots of people in this state who are trying to straighten (sic) you out". She made her comment with no apparent context to it.

(29) Ernie, have you been aware of ANY source of outside interference in my own life in any context here in Texas?

(30) Ernie, do you have any reason to believe that I would enjoy greater privacy rights for myself if I were to move to another U.S. state? Which state would that be? Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, or some other state?

(31) Ernie, do you know of any person with whom I'm somehow legally required to have a relationship of some type? Are you aware of any restriction on my own legal right to exclude (or, for that matter, include) any cited person or entity from my own life?

(32) Ernie, are you completely sure that I have not offended you on any occasion? If so, why do you think it is that I am subjected to anonymous background rumors all day from persons who claim to find me "very offensive," and who repeatedly and incessantly state to me through anonymous background verbalized warnings to me, including during working hours for me inside my Luby's Lakeline and IHOP 290 workplaces, "Prepare to be capitally punished."

(33) Ernie, are you surprised that the Travis County District Attorney's Office in Austin, Texas, in January 2006 established a criminal-intent or harmful-intent criminal-law evidence pre-prosecution legal file strictly for my own benefit, with that file to be promptly consulted by the DA whenever anyone at some future point commits a felony crime victimizing myself, according to Ms. Norma Hilbig, a paralegal employed in the Strategic Prosecution Division of the Travis County DA'S office in Austin, Texas.

(34) Ernie, do you know of any person age 54 or older, or any other person, for that matter, who is intolerant of or who disagrees with my asserted legal right to myself limit my own dating or my own sexual romantic life, when applicable, to myself dating legal-status-adult persons my age or younger, with the sole possible (though very unlikely) exception of persons born April 27, 1956, through April 26, 1957. I myself was born on April 27, 1957.


Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan,
l 11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin,Texas, 78759.
Home phone; (512) 342-2295.
Blog: htp://
John Kevin McMillan

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