Monday, February 6, 2017


I hereby revise my own last will and testament in a manner that automatically excludes from receiving any monetary amount or any property or any intellectual property from my own estate:

any and all persons or religious groups or political groups or universities or colleges or schools or school districts or city governments or county governments or state governments or other entities that or who failed over a multi-year period during my own lifetime to acknowledge in writing that I myself have been and am still a victim of continuous daily-and-year-round personal-injury-crimes in Austin, Texas, or who failed to very clearly and unambiguously oppose those personal-injury crimes DURING my lifetime, such as through their promptly contacting a law-enforcement agency with legal authority and demanding to know why that law-enforcement agency has not made any arrest of any actual crime suspect--regardless of any likely suspect's racial identity or ethnic identity or ancestral identity or asserted "relation" to myself or "sexual" identity or "gender" identity or nation of "citizenship" or cited "religious" identity or identity as a professional "actor" or professional "entertainer"--- at any time in connection with that truly outrageous personal-injury-crimes case in which I myself am the single-by-choice, longtime-celibate-by-choice, dependably civil and law-abiding, lifelong NON-Christian-by-choice and lifelong NON-Judaistic-by-choice, non-atheistic-and-implicitly deistic white adult male victim.

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