Wednesday, February 22, 2017


(1) Remind him that there are many fuel-efficient smaller automobiles being offered for sale these days that each feature full airbag-safety support for the driver and all passnegers, and would be MUCH safer vehicles for him to ride in or to drive.

(2) Remind him that many people admire him, including yourself, and that if he were to get permanently injured or fatally injured in a motorcycle accident, he might deprive those individuals of the opportunity to become friends of his who can jog with him, run with him, roller skate with him, play fully ambulatory tennis with him, play fully ambulatory racquetball with him, play fully ambulatory squash with him, go swimming with him, etc.

(3) Remind him that if he is permanently injured in a motorcycle accident, the "joy of freedom" and "delight in adventure" and "sense of fun" he derives from his motorcycling-centered lifestyle could immediately turn into a bleak scenario of very limited mobility, such as if he is paralyzed for life and confined to a wheelchair.

(4) Remind him that if he does get permanently injured in a motorcycle accident, which occurs to a significant percentage of all motorcyclists, this could undermine his ability to pursue his career and cripple his financial earnings capacity.

(5) Remind him that if he is permanently injured from a motorcycle accident and then gets classified as "disabled," the disability checks, if any, that he might receive from the government would be very minimal compared with what he COULD have earned on his own during his days BEFORE the accident.

(6) Remind him that anyone who ever at any time drives a motorcycle or rides on a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet, is at increased risk of sustaining major medical damage to his brain or skull if his motorcycle is involved in an accident on the roadway.

(6a) Remind him that many motorcyclists are secretly self-destructive or suicidal, in your opinion, and ask him if he is completely and fully and 100 percent sure that he himself is NOT among the persons fitting that description?

(7) Remind him that the odds are very high that someone will eventually steal his motorcycle when he parks it at a public place or in front of his home or in the parking lot at his apartment complex. His choice to own and ride a motorcycle increases his risk of losing his vehicle on any given day because of theft. It is much easier for a criminal person to steal a parked motorcycle than to steal a parked car.

(8) Remind him that even if a lady he himself admires believes it is "very romantic" or "sexy" for him to ride a motorcycle, that same lady might not be willing to go out on a "hot date" with him if she learns that he has just been crippled for life because of a motorcycle accident.

(9) Remind him that whenever he stops his motorcycle at a traffic light, he is at risk of a criminal person or some criminal persons attempting to shove him off his motorcycle and then grab control of it and drive away from him with malicious glee.

(10) Remind him that if he insists on driving or riding in a two-wheel vehicle, he might be safer if he rode instead on a motor scooter at a much lower rate of speed than that of the in which he is currently riding.

(11) Remind him that if he often exceeds the speed limit while driving a motorcycle, or if he is the passenger in a motorcycle being frequently driven by someone else at beyond the speed limit, this should serve as a a red flag to him that his chances of being in a motor-vehicle accident involving that motorcycle are alarmingly high.

(12) Remind him of several of the persons he himself admires the most in his own life who each drive or ride in a conventional motor vehicle featuring air-bag-safety support inside that car or truck.

(13) Remind him of famous cases of very popular or celebrity persons he himself has admired or liked who each drove or rode on motorcycles, and who were each either permanently injured or fatally injured in a motorcycle accident.

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