Monday, February 27, 2017


---Keep in mind that you may be responding to charismatic traits, such as facial expressiveness or intriguing adroitness in their use of arms and hands and in their gait, that may distract you from other, more rational, ways of evaluating that individual and their conduct.

---Keep in mind that if you find them "entertaining", this does NOT mean that they would also find you to be interesting or entertaining. Nor does their ability to come across as entertaining necessarily mean that you yourself as an admirer of theirs might be compatible as a human being with that individual. 

The world is full of very entertaining and "intriguing" persons who are often volatile, defiant of the law, dishonest, sly, hyper-competitive, very impatient, and prone to fits of anger or rage. 

Anyone who studies the front cover of "People" magazine is reminded each week of yet another "entertaining" Hollywood actor or celebrity who is not morally solid enough or kind enough to be someone you would want to invite into your own home for tea and conversation.

---If you yourself consume alcohol or any illicit drug in your own chosen "lifestyle", AVOID DRINKING any alcohol and AVOID CONSUMING any marijuana or any other illicit drug on a 24-hour-a-day and continuing basis IMMEDIATELY after you identify possible signs that you are "developing an obsession with" or "developing a fascination with" a cited individual. 

If you are sober and never "high" at all times, this will help to protect you against any risk of being improper in your own conduct toward that individual.

--Make a point of NOT posing "very personal" or "intimate-sounding" questions to that individual, as this might trigger alarm in that individual and come across as "too nosy" or "too intrusive" or "too intimate", in their opinion.

---On a piece of paper in the privacy of your own home, jot down each objective fact or observable tangible impression you have noted internally about the cited individual. Then when you review that list of traits you observed, ask yourself whether that information about the cited person is so minimal that your own temporary emotional obsession with them is completely out of touch with reality.

---Keep in mind that if you yourself are currently a crime victim in a case that has not yet resulted in the arrest of an suspect by your local police department, you may be subconsciously projecting onto themselves a "super-hero" Batman role in which you are secretly hoping that they themselves are actually an FBI agent or law-enforcement officer posing as someone in an everyday role, when the fact of the matter is that FBI agents, for instance, do not generally play "covert-operations roles" of that type.

---Strive to speak slowly and calmly and smile in a polite manner whenever you interact with themselves. This will convey the right message to them that you are even-keeled and proper toward them at all times.

---Make sure that if you happen to glance at them or gaze at them, your focus at all times is exclusively on their face or their arms, and nothing whatsoever at or beneath their waistline. Also, strive to ensure that your own facial expressions around them are completely devoid of any hint of emotional intensity or anxiety toward them. If you appear to be casual and kind toward them at all times, this will convey the right message to them that your own interest in them is that of a well-intended and privacy-respectful bystander or acquaintance, so you should not be perceived by them as threatening to them in any way.

---Do not shy away from having polite interactions with them, when appropriate. If you appear to be intimidated by them or afraid of them, this could be alarming to them, since it could prompt them to suspect that you are possibly obsessed with them or emotionally preoccupied with them.

---Make sure that if they ever overhear or hear any comment from you at any time, your own demeanor or conduct is so wholesome and G-rated and decent that it is well-suited for a role in a Disney movie, as distinct from a role in a nudity-filled and endlessly orgiastic X-rated movie. 

--Identify any aspects of their own values and conduct that you sense might be significantly incompatible with what you yourself believe and do. These types of critical awarenesses will help you to "de-sentimentalize" your own very apparent idealization of who they are, with the understanding that you of course will strive to be consistently polite and, when appropriate, helpful toward that individual after you develop those critical insights for yourself that protect you against any form of idolatry toward that individual.

For instance:

(a) Do they consume tobacco products, when you yourself are a lifelong abstainer from any and all tobacco products, and you would even welcome a new Constitutional Amendment granting each U.S. city and each U.S. county the legal option to each choose through a majority vote in a local election in that city or county whether that city or county seeks to officially and permanently prohibit the sale of tobacco products anywhere and everywhere in that city or county.

(b) Do they frequently verbalize foul or obscene language in your presence, when you yourself take pride in NOT verbalizing foul or obscene speech in your direct conversations with anyone?

(c) Do they state or indicate that they pursue conduct in their own life that you yourself regard as being very dangerous to the point of self-destructive? 

For instance, do they state that they pursue "parachuting from airplanes" or "climbing cliffs" or "driving 10 miles above the speed limit on the roadway" as a "favorite pastime" of theirs?

(d) Do they frequently verbalize statements in your presence such as "f-ck (obscenity) them" or "they can go to hell" or "I hate that individual" or "a pox on them" or "scr-w (obscenity) that person", and you yourself take pride in NOT verbalizing flagrantly misanthropic statements of that type?

(e) Do they generally choose not to say "thank you" to others when the latter individuals go out of their way to be helpful or nice or generous to themselves?

(f) Do they frequently come across as irritable or annoyed or emotionally "out of control"?

(g) Do they directly state that they consume marijuana or some other illicit drug, and you yourself are a complete abstainer from marijuana or any other illicit drug?

(h) Do they state or indicate that they are a heavy drinker or frequent binge drinker, when you yourself are either a light drinker or a complete abstainer from alcohol?

(i) Do they possibly appear to be cynical or skeptical about your own motives toward themselves, when you are very sure that idealism and kindness toward others and your own freedom-loving nature are among your strong points?

(j) Do they appear to regard you as being "too old" for them to have any personal interest in you, when you yourself strongly support the human and legal right of legal-status-adult individuals in Texas ages 17 or older to develop strictly-mutual-consent and intimate personal relationships or strictly-platonic-only-personal relationships or strictly-mutual-consent personal acquaintanceships with law-abiding persons of any adult age, the legal age in the U.S. state of Texas being 17 or older.

(k) Do they appear to be so financially motivated and career-minded that even if they agreed to meet you for tea and conversation, it would not be clear whether they would be patient enough with you for you to establish a good rapport with them over tea unless you had a specific career-related prospect to cite to them?

(l) Do they appear to suspect you of having possible "sexual intent" (SI) or "romantic intent" (RI) toward them, even though you are very sure you have the very finest of platonic credibility with anyone you actually regard as attractive, so much so that you could be living with the most physically attractive gentleman or lady in your entire metro area or state or nation, and you would still have very good platonic-politeness credibility with that person.

(m) Do they mention within earshot of you that they recently rejected someone "because they were too socially conservative for my tastes", and you yourself take pride in leading a conservative left-wing lifestyle in which you do not spend any of your own financial earnings on gambling, and you are always astonished when you observe any display of naked human flesh, such as a naked abdomen, in public places, since you yourself are of course fully clothed at all times whenever in the presence of any other human being either inside your own private residence or in public places.

(n) Do they ever state or indicate within earshot of you that they DO NOT support full freedom from home-invasion crimes and violent crimes for everyone?

(o) Do they state or indicate that they are intolerant of another person's human right to politely disagree with themselves?

(p) Have they themselves already made comments within earshot of you that were significantly critical of you yourself, such as if they labeled you as "obnoxious" in a comment they made to a third person that you happened to overhear within minutes or hours or days of having met the former individual in person for the first time in your own life?

(q) Do they often appear to avoid interacting with you, which is a possible indication that they do not feel comfortable with you or they possibly even dislike you as a human being?

(r) Do they appear to be nervous and a bit agitated in your presence, when you later notice from a distance that they appear to be calm and cheerful in the company of someone OTHER than yourself?

(s) Do you ever hear them comment to another person within earshot of you, "I don't want to deal with that individual", and the "that individual" to whom they refer in that particular context appears to possibly be you yourself?

(t) Do they ever state within earshot of you that they dislike the Batman movies and the Superman movies, "since I myself don't identify with super-heroes who combat evil on this planet", when you yourself are very aware of having been and continuing to be a big fan of Batman and Superman movies, and, in addition, a self-identified victim yourself of alleged felony crimes in a continuous-and-continuing-daily-and-year-round personal-injury crimes case in regard to which no law-enforcement agency with possible jurisdiction or legal authority, such as Scotland Yard or the Australian National Police or the FBI or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or the CIA or ICE or the Texas Rangers Division of the Texas DPS or a local police department or a county sheriff's office or the police department of a cited school district or university or college, has ever arrested any crime suspect at any time?

(u) Do they themselves exhibit any hint of deliberate mental cruelty toward yourself or anyone else, such as might occur if they pull a mishievous prank on someone that you yourself learn about or if they appear to sneer at someone (yourself, for instance) with a hint of possible neo-Nazism or Nazism to their sneer?

(v) Does he or she ever mutter or comment to another person within earshot of you, "They're a Fascist!", when it was possible from that particular context in which he or she had just spoken that the individual being labeled that way was possibly yourself?

(w) Do they themselves never at any time pose any personal or intimate-sounding questions to yourself, such as "Were you born in Texas or some other state, such as Nebraska?" or "Do you mind if I ask you what your favorite sports are that you like to pursue in your leisuretime?" or "Which type of music do you enjoy listening to in your leisuretime?" or "Have you ever traveled to Canada or Australia or England?" or "Do you remember the happiest day of your own life so far?" or "Have you ever been married to anyone?" or "If you could visit any country in the world, which country would you pick and why?" or "Do you keep a blog, and if so, what topics do you especially enjoy writing about?" or "If you could someday live with someone you actually enjoy rooming with, could you please describe that type of person to me?" or "Do you have any personal friends in Austin these days?" or "If you could describe your entire life in resume form, what would be your leading accomplishment as a human being that you would cite for yourself at the top of that resume?" or "Is it true that honesty is one of your leading attributes?" or "Have you ever worked for a law-enforcement agency, and I ask this question because you appear to have an impressive devotion to law-abiding conduct at all times" or "Is Austin your all-time favorite city in which you have lived, and if not, how would you rank Austin among the various cities of  the United States where you have lived? For instance, would you rank Austin as your second-favorite city in which you have lived or your fifth-favorite city or your least favorite city in which you have lived, in which case I'm curious to know which previous cities of yours would you rank above Austin, and in which ways has this capital city of Austin been a disappointment to you?" or "Do you remember what you minored in at UT-Austin? I'm asking that question because no one ever asks anyone what their minor was in their undergraduate days, and I'm curious" or "You must get called 'nice' a lot, since you smile more than most people do and you seem to be completely lacking in malice or 'CI' toward anyone and everyone, is that correct?" or "If you could be Mayor of Austin for a day, what one thing would you change about the City of Austin?"

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