Sunday, February 19, 2017


From: Alter, Alison

To: Goode, Robert; Rivera, Osiel; Cadena-Mitchell, Kurt; Diaz, Elaine

Subject: Fw: Harvard alum Council Member Alter silent on apt. security issue

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017 9:46:53 AM

Robert, Can you please provide further guidance to my office on how to respond to this gentleman?

I know you had advised me that city officials were aware of this matter and to not respond.

I was not aware that my staff was also receiving these messages until now.


Alison Alter
From: John McMillan

Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2017 8:17 AM

To: Alter, Alison; Rivera, Osiel; Keyetv News; KXAN TV News Investigations; FBI Dallas Bureau; CountyAttorneyDavidEscamilla; Dayna Blazey; Thornton, Brian; McGiverin, Brian; Unknown National; Matt Bernstein Boston Globe (2016); Boston (MA) Mayor 2016; Harvard Law School Human Rights Program (2016); Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center for Human Rights Policy; Harvard Govt School Dean Ellwood; Harvard Political Review (Cambridge Mass.); Joyful Heart Foundation for Rape Victims; Texasadvocacyproject Info; Rape Abuse and Incest National Network; Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (2016); Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault; Attorney General of Massachusetts; Mass. Dist. Attorneys Assn.; Massmed Info; Mass.Assn.ofHumanRightsCommissions; Austin Chronicle Editors; Statesman News; Dailytexanonline News; Texas Observer Editors; Governor's Office of Texas Open Records Administrator; David Maxwell; District 8; District 5; Garza, Delia; Huff, Nicole; Adler, Steve; Letters To the Editor; Houston Chronicle Letters To the Editor; Houston Police Dept (2015); Dallas Police Chief David Brown; Gerald Daugherty; Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt; Hernandez, Sally [TCSO]; Texas Association Against Sexual Assault Atty Kaiser 2016; Debbie Bolton; ACC President Richard Rhodes; CBS News '60 Minutes' Editors and Reporters; CBS News Story Ideas Editors; NBC Nightly News Headqrtrs 2016; Center for Investigative Reporting; Office for Victims of Crime (U.S. DOJ); Crime Report Ed. Stephen Handelman (2016); Miami Herald Letters To Editor; Atlanta JournalConstitution Newstips; San Jose Mercury News Editors; Minneapolis (MN) Mayor 2016; Quincy (MA) Mayor (2016) Thomas P. Koch; Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Assoc (2016); Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (2016); Florida Sexual Crimes Investigators Assn VP Harrigan (St Johns Cty) (2016); Florida Sexual Crimes Investigators Assoc Pres. Minton (2016); California Sexual Assault Investigators Assn Board (2016); California Attorney General; Traviscountydemocrats Info; Human Rights Law Society (U of Chicago); U.S. Representative Michael McCaul; Congressman Michael T. McCaul; U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (2015); U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Ballesteros, Joe [TCSO]; Texas Rangers Division of DPS; State Rep. Dawnna Dukes; Rudy Magallanes; TWC Ombudsman; WallStJournalNewstips; DMN Austin Bureau Reporter Robert Garrett; Trevor Glynn; Jason's Deli Officials; Kurt Verhulst; Christian Hawley; Senator Kirk Watson Constituent Services Rep. Walcott (2016);; State Rep. Celia Israel (Central TX); Huffington Post Editors; Texas DPS Office of General Counsel; Leslie DeGraffenried; Sona Nast; Aurelio Contreras;;;; Public Information;; The Daily Beast (2016); ChristianScienceMonitor Editors; International Center for Investigative Journalism; Austin AmericanStatesman Investigative Reporter Andrea Ball; Investigative Reporters and Editors Board Pres. Sarah Cohen (NYT); Scotland Yard (England); Kut News

Subject: Harvard alum Council Member Alter silent on apt. security issue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND NEWS MEDIA, FROM DISTRICT 10 CONSTITUENT JOHN KEVIN McMILLAN OF NORTHWEST AUSTIN IN THIS STATE CAPITAL CITY OF TEXAS, WITH MY HOME ADDRESS BEING: VILLAGE OAKS APARTMENTS, 10926 JOLLYVILLE ROAD, BUILDING 9, APARTMENT 902, AUSTIN, TEXAS, 78759; MY HOME PHONE NUMBER BEING: (512) 342-2295; MY E-MAIL ADDRESS BEING: ; and my website address being: John Kevin McMillan: A 21st Century Conservative Left-Wing Agenda John Kevin McMillan: A 21st Century Conservative Left-Wing Agenda Observations for a rationally religious and implicitly deistic modern religion, public-policy writing, creative ...

A respectful FYI to each of you on the following: District 10 Austin City Council member Alison Alter, who has been in elective office for nearly one month, has chosen ever since January 12, 2017--- when I first politely contacted her City Hall office by telephone to pose that question to her---NOT to send any reply letter or e-mail reply of any type to myself that offers her own answer to the above-cited one total public-policy question (that one question having been: Council Member Alter, do you support full freedom from crime for me inside my locked private bedroom of my rental apartment unit in your District? (this clarification added here 2/19/2017 by myself, jkm).)

Osiel Rivera, a temporary assistant to Council Member Alter in her City Hall office, did state to me on the telephone on Monday, January 23, 2017, at about 4:56 p.m. that Kurt Cadenas---reportedly the very first permanent staff member whom Council Member Alter has hired for her City Hall office---will himself be sending me an e-mail reply letter this week in response to the cited question from myself.

As of Saturday, January 28, at 8:13 a.m., no e-mail letter or letter or return phone call to myself from Kurt Cadenas--or from Council Member Alter or any other staff member of hers---has, in fact, been sent or made.

Dr. Alter, who holds a PhD in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., was reportedly sworn into her new elective office as Austin City Council District 10 representative on January 6, 2017, according to an "Austin American-Statesman" online report.
I myself am a law-abiding, gainfully employed, always-sober, single adult male constituent of Council Member Alter, and I have lived in northwest Austin as a tax-paying and apartment-rent-paying resident on a continuous and uninterrupted basis ever since August 2001.

Throughout the month-long period immediately before Dr. Alison Alter assumed elective office on January 6, 2017, I sent her numerous e-mail messages at her political campaign's official e-mail address of "", that each referred to my being a victim of alleged personal injury crimes on a daily and year-round and continuing basis inside my locked private bedroom of my bolt-locked rental apartment unit in District 10.

The first message of that type, which I sent to then-Candidate Alison Alter on Dec 5, 2016, bore the following subject heading: '12-5-16 possible new angle for APD on alleged continuous-anal-rape-crimes case'.

During the campaign, Candidate Alter chose not to send me any reply letter or make any phone call to me at any time in response to any of the numerous e-mail letters I wrote and sent to her about myself being a self-identified victim of alleged felony crimes allegedly occurring on a frequent and daily and year-round basis in District 10 of the city of Austin.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

from gainfully employed and always-sober, dependably civil and law-abiding and honest, District 10 constituent in Austin and former Boston (Mass.)-area newspaper journalist John Kevin McMillan of northwest Austin.

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