Saturday, February 25, 2017


---I take pride in the fact that I have never consumed cocaine on any occasion in my entire life, and I am shocked and offended when I hear an Anglo-American person 
comment in my presence that he has consumed that illicit drug on one or more occasions.

---The only two nations of the world I myself have ever been in or visited are the United States and Mexico, but I of course would like to someday visit Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Greece, and Czechoslovakia.

---many of my favorite songs during my childhood and teenage years were written by a very talented female native of Canada, Joni Mitchell. My favorite albums of hers during my childhood and teenage years were: "Song to a Seagull", released in 1968; "Clouds", released in 1969; "Ladies of the Canyon", released in 1970; and "Blue", released in 1971.

--I was very fortunate during my childhood that Father took me to the "Viking Bakery" in north Austin on a frequent basis, generally as a reward if I had had a successful day in kindergarten in the view of either Father or my private-school kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Watson.  I was grateful not only for the tasty Swedish-style cookies in the Viking Bakery that Father treated me to, but also for the wonderfully delicious moist and sweet-tasting Swedish Pumpernickel bread from that bakery that Father purchased on many occasions and brought home to share with everyone in our family's household. 

And today, as if to continue to honor my great love for Sweden and Scandinavia that Father encouraged in me during my kindergarten years, I still own a blue-colored Viking-theme stein that I had purchased during my childhood. That stein depicts a Viking Warrior.

--if you are at all curious about someone, or about some topic, you can learn a lot by immediately or promptly that same day googling that subject in quotation marks along with "Wikipedia" in quotation marks. 

This morning, after decades of delay on this, I finally glanced through much of the text of the very impressive Wikipedia biographical entry about Candian-born songwriter and singer Joni Mitchell. She is one of the greatest female song-writers and singers of all time, according to that Wikipedia biographical account about her.

--procrastination at pursuing a Google search about leading passions and leading affinities of yours, is a huge mistake.

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