Wednesday, April 5, 2017


(1) Insist on the United States striving to become the number one nation in the entire world in per-capita quantity of recyclable items that are, in fact, being recycled in this nation. That policy will enhance the credibility of American society in a world where many nations regard the U.S. as destructive toward the environment.

(1a) Ask Congress to approve a nationwide program of financially compensating low-income Americans, among others, in exchange for their contributing fully toward natural-resource recycling programs as part of their everyday lifestyle. In this way, the U.S. Government can promulgate the message to poor people throughout this country that "it makes solid financial sense for you to participate in recycling on a year-round basis."

(2) Insist on approval by the U.S. Congress of a new "local control" Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will specifically guarantee in writing that each and every municipality, county, or U.S. state has the legal right to impose a temporary ban or permanent ban, if any, on the sale of any and all drinking alcohol, the sale of any and all hard liquor per se, the sale of one or more specified types of hard liquor or alcohol, the sale of tobacco products, the sale of marijuana, or the sale of medical marijuana, or the sale of body-piercing tattoos, or a temporary or permanent ban on any and all gambling-casino business operations, or on any and all professional auto-racing contests, or on any professional or amateur boxing matches, anywhere and everywhere in that municipality, county, or U.S. state.

This proposed new Constitutional Amendment might also state that it is the legal right of the federal government, state governments, regional multi-county governments or county governments, or of non-profit foundations, to choose to offer preferential treatment in funding priorities toward municipalities, counties, and states that vote to impose a temporary or permanent sales ban of any of the above-cited types. Those sales-ban-imposing cities, counties, and states should be rewarded for their noble decision through a sales ban or business-operations-ban of the above-cited type to help significantly reduce the incidence of violence and the incidence of organized crime in their own city, county, and state.

(3) Insist on a public policy aimed at helping the United States to become the Lifelong Sports Haven or Hub of the entire world in many of the healthful lifelong sports.

(4) Help to promote documentary educational films and documentary educational films theaters throughout the United States, it being clear that documentary educational films can help to boost the quality of life of many Americans and moral integrity and level of insightfulness of American society.

(5) Help to promote a doubling or tripling in the total number of American workplaces where random drug-testing on any and all employees is sponsored on a semiannual basis, with failure on two consecutive drug tests, or failure on two out of three drug tests, being an automatic basis for dismissal of an employee, regardless of whether he or she is a tenured professor at a university or college.

(6) Insist on a doubling or tripling of federal funding and private foundation research grants for research projects about the Middle East, research projects focused on the former Soviet Union, and research projects focused on mainland China, and research projects focused on North Korea and South Korea. The more that American society can understand occurrences in foreign nations, the better our nation can address and protect its own national-security interests.

(7) Help to promote greater excellence in G-rated Hollywood movies as well as other G-rated movies that are being offered in movie theaters in the United States. In this way, the U.S. President can effectively promote abstention from profanity in Americans' everyday conversations and in Americans' everyday written communications.

(8) Help to put an immediate end to any and all alleged thought-control projects currently occurring anywhere in the United States, with Austin, Texas, being one Democratic Party-identified and libertarian-ideology-identified state-capital city with an obvious need for an immediate federal investigation of a flagrantly illegal and very injurious thought-control project that some entity allegedly operating in Austin, Texas, has allegedly permitted or been permitted to pursue or has allegedly directly or indirectly sponsored or been permitted to sponsor for many years, despite repeated protests from the very honorable and law-abiding single-by-choice, longtime-celibate-by-choice, Anglo-Saxon white (non-African-American, non-Carribean, non-Arab, non-Jewish, non-Hispanic) gentleman being victimized by that very outrageous and very alienating thought-control project that is in flagrant violation of my own Freedom of Religion (I am NOT an atheist, I am NOT a Unitarian, I am NOT an "MCC" member, I am NOT a Mormon or "LDS member", I am NOT a Christian, I am not a Baptist, I am not a United Methodist Church member, I am not a member of the Catholic Church, I am NOT a subscriber of Judaism, I am NOT Moslem; but I am the founder of a new and implicitly-deistic and privacy-respectful religion, the Progressive Prohibitionist Religion with very stringent membership-eligibility requirements in which I myself am the ONLY approved member) and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Strictly-Mutual-Consent Association legal and Constitutional rights.

to be continued.

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