Monday, April 24, 2017


Since one goal of American society, and this entire planet, should be to achieve zero population growth in a kind and law-abiding manner, it makes good sense for some philanthropist to donate money toward establishment of a "Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies Research Institute" with that very incisive and exclusive focus.

Among my suggestions on how to help promote that specific goal:

---Urge single persons in their romantic-dating practices to automatically exclude consumption of any drinking alcohol at any time during their first 10 romantic dates with the same prospective new boyfriend or prospective new girlfriend.

After 10 consecutive mutual-consent and in-person romantic dates together, if both partners still feel they are very compatible with each other, and if they are both of legal drinking age, they might possibly choose to consume a small amount of alcohol together.

However, they should very carefully avoid reaching the point of actual intoxication, as that could trigger an unwanted pregnancy scenario. Single persons who are drunk are much more likely to impregnate or get impregnated by their mutual-consent dating partner.

--Urge single persons to make a list of the muttered barely-audible criticism or otherwise-verbalized criticism of themselves and the criticism of their dating partner or sex partner that they have either heard or overheard or verbalized.

That list, when reviewed in a sober context, can help to spare a lady from any tendency she might have to spread her legs suggestively on a romantic date, or to otherwise put her at risk of "going all the way" with a male dating partner.

Single women are less likely to agree to get impregnated out of wedlock by a male dating partner if those ladies carefully and diligently review the full list of unflattering traits that were apparently attributed to themselves, for instance, at various times by their male dating partner, with "obnoxious", "too intense", "too serious," "politically Fascist", "too loud,", "an older person", and "wobbly gait", for instance, serving as red-flag warnings to those ladies that they should refrain from "going all the way" with a gentleman (no matter how dazzling and often-heartfelt he may be) who mutters comments of that type within earshot of themselves or directly to themselves.

---Urge single women to seek counseling from an expert on human relationships if they notice a tendency in themselves to "want to get pregnant by him, even if it is out of wedlock, since I secretly would like to get married to him, even though we haven't discussed this yet and I don't claim to know him all that well. I feel confident that if I get pregnant by him out of wedlock, he will say 'yes' to wedding bells in our future. I'm persuading him to say 'yes' to marriage, with help from a bulge in my belly that resulted from my faking forgetfulness about putting the right contraceptive foam on my body before our love-making together."

--Urge single persons to ask themselves, "Are you completely sure that you would make a good parent at this particular point in your life?"

--Urge single persons to review an authoritative fact sheet that cites the average amount of money that a biological parent spends to raise a new child from infancy into adulthood. "Are you completely sure that you will be earning enough of an income through your career to afford to take care of and fully nurture the growth of your biological offspring?", you might ask single persons.

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