Tuesday, April 18, 2017


---Before your first date with that gentleman, try pursuing a Google search on him using his full name. That may help you to identify his various passionate interests and hobbies and favorite sports, information that will help you to better appreciate that gentleman as a unique and intriguing human being.

---Pretend you are a very talented talk-show hostess who is seeking to pose questions and make comments that elicit thoughtful replies from an honored male guest on that talk show. Which types of questions do you plan to ask your dating partner on your first-ever date with him?

---Keep in mind that when you pose polite questions to that gentleman in your first-ever date with him, you should strive for a creative angle. For instance, instead of asking him "where where you born?", you could comment to him, "I am so proud of the foresight the people of Nebraska showed when they named their state capital after the greatest U.S. President ever, and I'm so honored to have been born there for that reason. What about your own city where you were born? Is there also an intriguing story behind how your birthplace city got its name?"

----Politely mention to your dating partner on your first-ever date with him that "Even though I am at least age 21, I won't be ordering any alcohol during our first month or two of our going out on dates. I feel I should stay completely sober during this initial period in which I am getting to know you better. I hope my sober-dating-only style for this first two months of getting to know you does not offend you in any way. And if so, I can only say that I'm far less likely to get pregnant out of wedlock if I abstain from alcohol in our first two months of dating together."

---You could make an intriguing comment such as, "I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is tactful honesty. I take pride in being honest. In fact, I am one lady who welcomes any lie-detector tests that I ever get the opportunity to take and then pass with flying colors. What about yourself? Are there any pet peeves for you that especially stand out?"

---Throughout your first date or two with the cited gentleman, make sure that you focus your gaze on his face and arms and upper torso throughout. Otherwise, you might risk being perceived as somehow lewd toward the young legal-status adult gentleman whom you are dating.

to be continued

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