Sunday, April 16, 2017


(1) If he discovered you unconscious and lying on the floor, are you completely and fully sure that he would immediately get on the telephone and dial 911 to request emergency medical assistance for you?

(2) Are you completely sure that he enjoys you as you are, and not primarily as a prospective source of financial wealth and property wealth for him through your own admittedly sizeable estate that features a savings account with millions of dollars in it?

(3) Are you completely and fully sure that he does not have any ties to organized crime (and keep in mind that if he has any relationship of any type with an illicit drug dealer, this by definition means that he does in fact have ties to organized crime)?

(4) Are you completely and absolutely sure that he is not currently addicted, and was not previously addicted, to marijuana or any other illicit drug, and that he is neither currently an alcoholic nor a "recovering alcoholic" who sometimes has alcohol on his breath on a day when he claims to be alcohol-free?

(5) Do you notice inconsistencies in the statements he makes to you about his own conduct and his own beliefs and his own background (such as if he states to you that he is originally from "Minneapolis, Minnesota" and then days or weeks later states to you that he is originally from "Delaware"), inconsistencies that make you uncomfortable, since you sense that this could indicate he knowingly and deliberately tells lies to you?

(6) In the back of your mind, do you ever sense that if he agreed to take a lie-detector test or polygraph test, he might fail that test?

(7) When you hear others refer to him in their everyday conversations or online statements about him, do they ever describe him as being "honest" or "kind" or "nice" or "friendly" or "diligent" or "industrious" or "generous" or "idealistic" or "conscientious" or "honorable", or, alternatively, do they describe him using possible antonyms for each of those respective descriptive words, such as "dishonest", "thoroughly immoral", "shamelessly unethical", "cruel", "a possible Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde type of guy", "a snake in disguise", "a psychopath with a flashy smile", "sadistic", "hostile", "defiant of orders he gets from a supervisor of his at his workplace", "predatory and parasitic", "stingy", "crassly materialistic", "not conscientious", or "dishonorable"?

(8) Does he ever state or clearly indicate what motivates him in his everyday conduct?

(9) Does he ever state or clearly indicate that his "desire to get rich as soon as possible" is an all-consuming ambition for him?

(10) Does he ever express what appears to be sincere concern or sincere dismay in your presence about conduct by anyone that he himself criticizes as "immoral" or "deplorably illegal" or "very unethical to the point of outrageous"?

(11) Does he ever exhibit in your presence a convincing and healthy "moral indignation" by himself toward some type of conduct by another human being that he might have learned about or he currently knows about?

(12) Does he express support for your own and others' privacy rights and Constitutional rights and legal rights as human beings?

(13) Do you get a strong sense from him about what truly gives him a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment in his own life, and if not, does this possibly indicate to you that he is withholding his deeper emotions and what his actual motives and guiding values are in his conduct toward you?

(14) Have you ever had a heart-to-heart talk with him in person inside a coffeehouse or teahouse or some other alcohol-free environment where you could get a deeper sense of who he is, what his beliefs are, and what motivates him as a human being?

(15) Do you truly sense that you experience a profound and authentic intimacy or bond with him when you have in-person conversations or in-person meetings with him?

(16) Have you ever considered the possibility that he might be an associate or close friend or relative of someone else who dislikes you intensely and seeks to harm you, in which case it might also be possible that he himself may dislike you in his own way, whether intensely or otherwise, and he himself may allegedly or possibly seek to harm you, or, alternatively, he himself may be "paid" or "ordered" or "asked" by the cited third party to "pose" as a "friend" or "friendly acquaintance" to you, when in fact his own motives toward you reflect the alleged possible criminal intent toward you by that third party?

(17) Do you yourself feel more dignified and calmer and more graceful as a human being during and after your in-person conversations and personal interactions with him, a sign that he is, in fact, trustworthy for you, inspirational to you, and a good person for you to associate with.

(18) Do you ever get the impression that if he somehow learned that you are a victim of crime or a victim of continuous crimes in the same city or urban area where he himself is residing, he might NOT be willing to ever in the foreseeable future directly contact your city's municipal police department or your county's sheriff's department or the state law-enforcement agency in your U.S. state and himself provide a crime tip on your behalf to that law-enforcement agency that could help to save your own life?

(19) Do you find that you yourself have a natural smile on your face when you interact with him in person or when you directly observe him in everyday life?

(20) Does he himself appear to have a natural and authentic smile on his own face when he interacts with you in person or when he directly observes you in everyday life?

(21) Does he establish good eye contact with you during in-person conversations with you, indicating that he may feel an authentic inter-personal warmth toward you or a deep and sincere interest in you as a human being?

(22) Do the questions that he asks you about yourself and your own background indicate that he has sincere and profound interest in your as a human being, and that he is guided by healthy moral values and other healthy values in his own evaluations of or outlook toward yourself and any other human being?

(23) Does he make comments or exhibit conduct that show a profound and strong support for freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of association and freedom of assembly rights and privacy rights for anyone, including yourself?

(24) Have you jotted down for further reflection the phrases and slogans he verbalizes the most frequently in your presence, such as "I can't stand him!" or "I blame him for..." or "I couldn't care less about that individual" or "I promise I'm not lying, this is what I saw the other day" or "my bad (sic)" or "that guy thinks he's special, but he isn't" or "people like him are a dime a dozen", "I hate...." or "I'm not a fan of...", and do those most-frequently-repeated phrases and slogans of his indicate that he is (or alternatively, IS NOT) generally well-intended and kind and conscientious and appreciative toward others?

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