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On Monday, May 1, 2017 10:53 AM, John McMillan wrote (and sent the  following e-mail letter to numerous cited government-agency recipients, public officials, civic groups,  religious groups, and individuals):

A respectful FYI to each of you on the following(:)


--What prompted Texas Rangers Division Lt. Jesse Valdez of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state law-enforcement agency in Austin to talk on the telephone in 2013 with myself, criminal-law complainant and self-identified crime victim John Kevin McMillan, about my strong belief that the Austin Police Department ever since the spring of 2011, in particular, had allegedly failed to enforce the laws that would have protected me against being victimized by alleged anal-rape-crimes and other alleged personal-injury crimes that were in fact allegedly being inflicted on this particular always-sober single adult white gentleman on a daily and year-round basis during periods when I myself was sleeping on my own bed, with I as a longtime-celibate and always-sober gentleman ALWAYS sleeping ALONE on his own bed as I emphasized in my crime reports to APD and the DPS, inside my bolt-locked private apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin?

---What prompted the Austin-based Communications Director for the Austin Diocese of the Catholic Church, Mr. Christian R. Gonzalez, to send me the following written e-mail request on January 16, 2013, that I myself permanently refrain from ever again contacting his local office at any time:

--- On Wed, 1/16/13, Christian Gonzalez wrote:

From: Christian Gonzalez
Subject: RE: 1-15-13 note re: reply sought fr. County Atty's Office Open Records Rep.Bradford
To: "'John McMillan'"
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 9:48 AM

Please remove me from this list.



Christian R. Gonz√°lez
Director of Communications
Diocese of Austin
(512) 949-2456 O (Office phone number)
(512) 949-2523 F (Office FAX number)

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle ...
St. Matthew, pray for us
St. Julian, pray for us 

----What prompted the Office of the Police Monitor of the City Government of Austin under the tenure of reported lesbian activist and former Travis County Sheriff Margo Frasier as Police Monitor, to issue on July 10, 2012, a signed official "cease and desist" order to me after I complained to her office in writing about the alleged failure by the Austin Police Department to investigate the continuous alleged anal-rape-crimes and alleged personal-injury-crimes case in Austin in which I myself was, and am still today, the victim of truly heinous alleged felony personal-injury-crimes in Austin, with the exact verbatim text of her 'cease and desist' order having been as follows:

"City of Austin
"Office of the Police Monitor P.O. Box 1088, Austin, TX 78767
"(512) 974-9090, TTY (512) 974-9144, FAX (512) 974-6306

"July 10, 2012

"John McMillan
"11411 Research 325
"Austin, TX 78759
"Request to Cease and Desist Contact
"IAD Case #2011-0787

"Dear Mr. McMillan,

"The Office of Police Monitor is in receipt of numerous e-mails, telephone calls and voice mail messages sent by you since July 1, 2011. Most recently, between the dates of July 5, 2012 and July 8, 2012, you sent nineteen (19) e-mails messages to our office and called on four (4) separate occasions. Moreover, on Monday, June 25, 2012, our office received a total of fifteen (15) e-mails and one (1) facsimile, you sent over the weekend."

"This letter is a formal request for you to cease and desist your contact with our office related to the matter you have identified with Austin Police Detective, David Silva. 

"It is our understanding that the Austin Police Department (APD) has repeatedly reviewed your claims of sexual assault and has made a determination, based on the information you have provided, not to pursue an investigation. In communications with the Austin Police Department, we have also learned that police officers from the Crisis Intervention Team spoke with you on May 24, 2012 at your apartment, through your closed door. The officers explained to you their belief that the events you allege are a product of your delusional thinking. 

"The officers offered to assist you in securing mental health services; you declined. Prior to leaving your apartment on May 24, 2012, the officers instructed you to stop contacting City officials and to not send any more photographs of yourself to City officials. You were told that your failure to comply could result in criminal charges being filed against you."

"In light of the forgoing, OPM has provided all of the assistance that is appropriate in this matter and considers this matter to be closed. The OPM will not assist you in filing an administrative complaint against Det. Silva or the APD related to your assertion that APD will not conduct an investigation into your alleged sexual assault."


(Margo L. Frasier, a personal handwritten signature including the middle initial of her legal name was provided here)
"Margo Frasier, Police Monitor."

---What might explain why the Office of Police Monitor of the City Government of Austin has never at any time sent me any form of revocation of the "cease and desist' order that office had sent to me on July 10, 2012, and, in fact, on several occasions over a multi-year period also stated to me through another City of Austin official that a new complaint I had generated about alleged misconduct toward me by another cited APD officer was also included in the scope of the original "cease and desist" order from the Office of Police Monitor, according to what I was told by two or more respective City of Austin officials who each stated to me that they had directly contacted the Police Monitor on my behalf in regard to that additional legal complaint from me against an APD officer.

--What prompted John Schlueter, a friendly neighbor of mine in northwest Austin, a married gentleman, a reputable business owner, and also a staff member at the ABC-affiliated KVUE Television Station in northwest Austin, to volunteer to me on the telephone in February 2012, during an Austin Police Department-imposed 48-hour involuntary hospital stay "APD-ordered detention" for me inside Austin Lakes psychiatric hospital (where no psychiatric medications were forced on me or consumed by me at any time, since I was a model patient there and was consistently civil and honest and polite and factually consistent in my conduct or statements I made there) near UT-Austin's Law School, that "No matter where you (John Kevin McMillan of Austin) go in Austin, you will always be getting raped!" (exact quote), with John Schlueter also mentioning in that same February 2012 phone conversation I had with him that "violations of your (John McMillan's) own privacy rights in Austin far exceed anything that anyone else has ever been subjected to in this city at any time during my own lifetime as a longtime resident here." (approximate quote)

---What might explain why Mr. Israel Rios, a very polite Hispanic male adult work supervisor of mine and Assistant Manager inside Luby's Lakeline corporate-owned cafeteria, a chain restaurant workplace for me in Williamson County, Texas, with himself also having been a kindly gentleman and married man and father residing with his wife and children in the Williamson County city of Pflugerville (or possibly Cedar Park or Round Rock), during a workshift of mine for Luby's volunteered to me inside the general manager's office of that corporate-owned cafeteria workplace for me in 2011 or 2012 (with Luby's being a multi-state southern restaurant corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas):

"It's obvious to me (Luby's Lakeline Cafeteria or Luby's Store #131 or Austin #5 Store Assistant Manager Israel Rios of Williamson County, Texas) that ORGANIZED CRIME (exact quote on that particular two-word term verbalized by Mr. Rios on his own initiative) is involved in the alleged personal-injury-crimes and anal-rape-crimes victimizing you (Luby's Lakeline cafeteria waitstaff employee John Kevin McMillan of Travis County, Texas) during your sleep (as you lie alone on your own bed) inside your bolt-locked rental apartment unit in Austin!"

----What prompted former Harris County Sheriff's Office crime investigator Jerry Moore---himself an Anglo male resident of Cedar Park or Round Rock in Williamson County and a married man and father, and also a work supervisor of mine employed as an Assistant Manager at a corporate-owned Luby's cafeteria chain restaurant workplace for me in Williamson County, Texas----to state to me at the start of a workshift for me one day in 2011 or 2012 from inside the general manager's office of that Luby's restaurant workplace, that after examining several spy-camera photos I had handed him with his prior permission that day inside the general manager's office of Luby's Lakeline (photos that had been obtained for me from inside my locked private bedroom during periods when I was asleep and unconscious), Mr. Moore had determined that the one spy-camera photo that struck him as the best apparent crime evidence showed an apparent light-skinned male suspect with very muscular arms and apparent tattoos on at least one of his arms, Mr. Moore said.

"Since you (Luby's Lakeline waitstaff employee John Kevin McMillan) don't have any tattoos on your own body, and the featured arm is very muscular, this indicates to me (Luby's Lakeline Cafeteria Assistant Manager Jerry Moore) that this particular (spy-camera) photo is of a likely intruder (in your own private bedroom of your bolt-locked apartment unit)", (approximate quote), Luby's Lakeline Assistant Manager Mr. Jerry Moore, a self-identified "former crime investigator for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston", helpfully stated to me during that workshift of mine for the Houston-based Luby's restaurant chain.

---What prompted Michelle, a hard-working and very successful and highly-intelligent Scottish-American Anglo female waitress coworker of mine at Denny's Lakeline franchise-owned chain restaurant near Lakeline Mall, to pay a leisuretime visit to my rental apartment unit at my request one day several years ago in which she stated to me inside my apartment unit after reviewing three or four infrared spy-camera photos I had obtained for law-enforcement purposes from inside my private bedroom of my bolt-locked apartment unit:

"All of those infrared photos you have obtained here are of someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF", with Michelle also indicating to me during her day-time-only visit inside my apartment that she herself politely disagreed with repeated statements to me by APD officers from the period ever since 2011 that ALL of the spy-camera photos of mine I had showed to APD officers were "of myself (John McMillan) only, and no one else", according to official APD reports and official APD e-mail communications to me during that time period.

--What prompted Jason Pastrano, reportedly an Italian-American San Antonio native and the sole proprietor at the time inside Outback Arboretum Steakhouse in northwest Austin, to volunteer to me inside that restaurant one day in 2011 during a workshift of mine as a busboy there: "You (Outback steakhouse part-time employee John McMillan) should buy an infrared motion-sensitive Hunter's Camera from the Academy store near here, which should help you to get the crime evidence of illegal intruders inside your bolt-locked apartment unit that you need as a complainant for the Austin Police Department" (approximate quote).

---What prompted Texas Rangers Lt. Jesse Valdez of the Texas Department of Public Safety state law-enforcement agency on Wednesday morning, January 23, 2013, to write and send an e-mail letter about the cited crime case in northwest Austin to myself, self-identified continuous daily-and-year-round anal-rape crimes victim John Kevin McMillan, then a tenant residing alone in my one-bedroom rental apartment at Wind River Crossing Apartments (a complex reportedly owned and managed by the nationwide for-profit realty corporation Westdale of Dallas, Texas), with the exact verbatim text of that e-mail letter to me from Lt. Valdez having been:

"On Wed., 1/23/13, Valdez, Jesse wrote:
"From: Valdez, Jesse
"Subject: REPLY: urgent request to Texas Rangers
"Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 9:17 a.m.

"Mr. John McMillan,
"We have received your email dated 01-01-2013 regarding your alleged allegations/complaints and your request to investigate Austin Police Department. Furthermore, I also have received an additional thirty (30) emails from you regarding the same. We are not investigating Austin PD. Please continue to refer to Austin Police Department complaint process.
"Jesse Valdez, Lieutenant
"Texas Rangers, Company 'F'

---What prompted Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jesse Valdez of the Austin area on Friday, January 18, 2013, at 11:19 a.m., to leave the following exact verbatim voice mail message on the private landline home phone service for myself, self-identified continuous-daily-and-year-round anal-rape-crimes victim John Kevin McMillan of northwest Austin:

“John, this is Texas Ranger (Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety) Lieutenant Jesse Valdez, just calling with response to your e-mail sent to the Rangers e-mail---referral, I guess it was titled 'request for Texas Rangers after referral from a State of Texas law-enforcement official'.

"I will try to get a hold of you at a later date. It is approximately 11:19 on the 18th of January. Thanks.”

---What prompted a courageously honest restaurant-industry male adult coworker of mine at Outback Arboretum corporate-owned chain steakhouse, Trevor Glynn, to state to me in 2011 or 2012 outdoors on the property of our restaurant workplace in Travis County, after I had complained to him repeatedly about my being victimized by alleged anal-rape crimes and alleged personal-injury-crimes during my sleep on a daily and year-round basis inside my locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin:

"I (male adult restaurant-industry coworker Trevor Glynn, a waiter himself at Outback Arboretum corporate-owned chain steakhouse in northwest Austin) know for a fact that it's (the anal-rape-crimes victimizing you are) going on!".

----What prompted Lt. Richard Andreucci of the Sunset Valley Police Department in Sunset Valley, Texas, at about 3 p.m. Tuesday, January 22, 2013, to make a phone call to me on my landline phone line inside my rental apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments, and then immediately begin the phone conversation in a very direct manner by asking me without verbalizing the word 'alleged' in this question to me: "Do you have any reason to believe or suspect that Sunset Valley Police Officer Josh Simon (exact name cited) has had any involvement in the anal-rape crimes victimizing you inside your rental apartment unit at Wind River Crossing?", with myself replying to Lt. Andreucci on the phone that at that time, I myself had no reason to regard Sunset Valley PD Officer Simon, who also was employed during nighttime hours as a live-in male security guard for Wind River Crossing, as a possible suspect in that alleged continuous crimes case.

-------What might explain why Houston-based private attorney John Mayer volunteered to myself, John Kevin McMillan of Austin, on the telephone during a legal consultation phone call I made to his hotline-service Ross Banks law firm in Houston, Texas, in 2011 or 2012: "It seems to me (State Bar of Texas member first-rate private attorney John Mayer of Houston) that you (Texas Legal Protection Plan legal-aid-services client John Kevin McMillan) are apparently being victimized by an Austin-based satantic devil-worshipping cult (sic) inside your rental apartment unit in Austin!"

---What prompted Senior Police Officer James Turner of the Austin Police Department to volunteer to me on his own initiative on the telephone in 2011 or 2012 from his APD office in downtown Austin, this during a multi-month period in which I myself was repeatedly informing Officer Turner and his APD colleagues in writing, and through 311 and 911 phone calls, that I was being subjected against my wishes on a daily and year-round basis to alleged anal-rape crimes and alleged personal-injury crimes allegedly being inflicted on me by alleged illegal intruders as I lay alone on my own bed, sleeping and unconscious, inside my locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin:
"These types of things can turn around overnight, and can lead to a very fast out-of-court settlement!" (approximate quote).

---What prompted Senior Police Officer James Turner of the Austin Police Department in Austin, Texas, to state to me in person at my apartment complex in 2011 or 2012, during a conversation in which I complained to Officer Turner about my being medically harmed and injured by alleged anal-rape-crimes-and-personal-injury-crimes allegedly being inflicted on me on a daily and year-round basis by alleged illegal intruders during my sleep as I lay alone on my own bed inside my locked apartment unit in Austin:
"They can't damage or harm you that much (approximate quote, with the word 'They' being a verbatim exact quote and the term 'that much' being a verbatim exact quote).

---What prompted APD Senior Police Officer James Turner, during a 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 14, 2015, unannounced visit by himself, accompanied by his APD colleague "Vic", on the outdoor balcony directly in front of my second-floor rental apartment unit in Building 3 at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin (an APD visit in which I politely stated to the two APD officers that my rental lease in that unit would automatically expire 11:59 p.m. July 29, 2015), to himself pose to me the very surprising and unsolicited question:
"Are you (John Kevin McMillan) planning to move out of (Travis) County?"

---What prompted APD Senior Police Officer James Turner, during that same July 14, 2015, visit he made to my apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin, to state to me: "I (Officer Turner) never said that you (John Kevin McMillan) have to move out of state. I (Officer Turner) hope you will choose to live somewhere in Texas."

--What prompted David Ferris, then the Civil Probate Division Director for the Travis County Clerk's Office in downtown Austin, to volunteer to me on the telephone in August 2001, during a polite local phone call I made to his county government office from my new rental apartment unit at that time, Apartment 1638, in Building 16 at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin: "There appears to be an attempt by numerous persons in the Austin area to drive you (John McMillan) OUT OF THE GREATER AUSTIN AREA" (approximate quote).

--What prompted APD Senior Police Officer James Turner, during a March 9, 2017, surprise on-duty official visit he made to my two-bedroom second-floor apartment unit in Building 9 at Village Oaks Apartments, 10926 Jollyville Road, in northwest Austin, to state to me in person inside my private bedroom of Apartment 902:

"You (Austin District 10 resident John Kevin McMillan) could do a Google search to find out which places in Texas are the safest cities or towns in which to live", with APD Officer Turner indicating in person that he himself might support an expected decision by myself to myself move in the very near future to one of the reportedly safest cities or safest towns of Texas in which to reside.

--What prompted the Austin-based University of Texas System Police Department Assistant Director, Officer Ruben Puente, to send me an August 1, 2016, e-mail letter in which he ordered me in writing to permanently refrain from ever again contacting the UT System headquarters in downtown Austin or from ever again contacting any of the outlying UT-System institutions in any context, with the following having been the entire exact text of that rejection letter to me from the UT System headquarters:

(The subject heading:) "Removal of All 'UT System' Recipients from the Email Chain

"Puente, Ruben

"To John McMillan Lori CarterFreedomofInfoFdnofTexas National Freedom of Information Coalition (2016)Texas Rangers Division of DPS U.S. Dept. of Education Civil Rights (2016)U.S. Department of Education Texas Civil Rights Office (Dallas)Texas Education Agency Civil Rights Complaints Office Civil Rights Project (2016)Burgdorf, Barry D. Public Information David MaxwellGovernor's Office of Texas Open Records AdministratorCountyAttorneyDavidEscamilla FBI Dallas Bureau Fox 7 (Austin TX) TV NewsKXAN TV News Investigations NBC Nightly News Headqrtrs 2016CBS News '60 Minutes' Editors and Reporters Unknown National Statesman NewsAustin Chronicle Editors Dailytexanonline NewsState Comptroller Criminal Investigations Division Chief Martin WallStJournalNewstips Society of Professional JournalistsTrevor Glynn Aurelio Contreras Kami (Denny's Lakeline Manager)Outback Asst Mgr Nick Burton John Cannon (2016)Rep. Naishtat Chief of Staff Dorothy BrowneState Rep. Donna Howard Constituent Services Dr. Scott DaigleAPD Officer James Turner City of Austin Interim City Attorney Anne MorganCity of Austin Open Govt. Compliance Chief Gayle (2016)Miami Herald Letters To Editor lpitts@miamiherald.comHouston Chronicle Letters To the Editor Tdna Info AmerSocietyofNewspaperEditorsTraviscountydemocrats Info Texas Tribune Editor In Chief Evan SmithTexas Legislative Council Legal Director Deborah Fulton Sona Nast Debbie BoltonYessenia (Denny's Lakeline)Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Los Angeles TimesSan Jose Mercury News Editors San Antonio Express-News Letters To EditorHuffington Post Editors Texas Monthly Story-Assignments Editor John BrodersAustin Mayor Steve Adler Austin City Council Member Delia Garza (2015)Council Member Kathie Tovo DMN Austin Bureau Reporter Robert GarrettU.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (2015) Kut News Chronicle of Higher Education 2016Chronicle of Higher Education Letters 2016 newstips@usatoday.comHuman Rights Law Society (U of Chicago) oprahnewsletter@oprah.comCNN.Viewer.Communications.Management State Rep. Dawnna Dukes Liz LaurenceLeslie DeGraffenried Austin City Auditor QA Coordinator (2016)Travis County Commisioner Ron Davis Travis County Commissioner Brigid SheaTravis County Auditor Nicki RileyTravis County Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator Eckstein Christian HawleyAnnie Arnold Lancaster Bruce Garrison Eric Jones Eric PolakLetterstoed Internet DropBox Dayna Blazey Nicole WaggonerState Rep. Todd Hunter State Rep. Senfronia Thompson State Senator Carlos UrestiHubert Vo Seliger, Honorable Kel Nelson, Honorable Jane Huffman, Honorable Joan
"CC Puente, Ruben

"Aug 1 (2016) at 4:45 PM

"Good afternoon John, it’s been several years since we’ve spoken by phone. First, I would like to thank you for maintaining your end of our agreement not to expand your recipient list by adding anymore UT System representatives to your email chain. Secondly, I would respectfully ask that your remove my name as well as Mr. Barry Burgdorf’s name from your recipient list. Mr. Burgdorf is no longer with the UT System. If there’s other UT System representatives I’ve missed, please remove them as well. At this juncture, I do not foresee any impact the UT System can have on your behalf. Thirdly, I wish you well.

"My Regards, Ruben Puente

"Ruben Puente
"Assistant Director
"Office of the Director of Police
"The University of Texas System
"201 West 7th Street, ASH 416, Austin, TX 78701
"512-499-4686 Office, 512 499-4684 Fax
"Follow Us:"

---What prompted Shoreline Church, an Austin-based "mega-church" with more than 1,000 members in its non-denominational Christian-theology congregation, to send me on May 11, 2016, an E-mail request that I never again contact that particular church, with the rejection letter to myself having stated as follows:

"(From:) Shoreline Inquiry (at the Austin-based Shoreline Church's official E-mail address of "", with "" being another cited official E-mail address for Shoreline, according to that church's website)
"To John McMillan (at my personal E-mail address of: "")
"On Wednesday, May 11, 2016 9:26 AM, Shoreline Inquiry wrote:

"Mr. McMillan – This is a business email address, and we are requesting that you remove it from your list ASAP."

---What prompted Bea Dela Rosa, Director of Parish Social Ministries for the St. Louis King of France Catholic Church, a Catholic Church in north Austin with a very large total membership size, on Dec. 22, 2015, to write and e-mail to me the following rejection letter that I have fully honored ever since:

(From) Bea Dela Rosa (at her cited professional E-mail address of: )
To(:) 'John McMillan' (at my cited personal E-mail address of: )
Today (Tuesday, December 22, 2015) at 11:11 AM

I’m not sure how or why I’m on this list but if you could please take me off I don’t have anything to do with public records.
Thank you and good luck
Bea Dela Rosa
St. Louis King of France Catholic Church
Director Parish Social Ministries
Director St. Louis Mobile Loaves and Fishes
(Phone:) 512-454-0384 ext. 265

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