Monday, July 31, 2017


---Evan Judd of Westlake Hills, Texas, in the late 1960s during a period when each of us were students at Eanes Elementary School of Eanes Independent School District. Evan's father, Dr. Burke Judd, was a zoology professor at The University of Texas at Austin.

--Mark Sparks, a calm and personable classmate of mine at Eanes Elementary School of Eanes ISD in Westlake Hills, Texas, was consistently very respectful and polite toward me, and kindly volunteered to me one day inside our classroom that he recommended a James Bond movie that he had particularly enjoyed watching at a movie theater in Austin. The cited movie featuring Sean Connery as the lead male actor may have been "Thunderball".

--Bob Percy, a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, Massachusetts, who very kindly and generously met with me over coffee inside restaurants in Worcester and had philosophical-minded idealistic conversations with me in the 1980s. I appreciated the high estimation of my intellectual capabilities that Bob Percy very generously expressed.

--Danny Kjems, the youngest son of Jane Kjems of Auburn, Massachusetts, who greatly impressed me with his calm and respectful and constructive style in my conversations with him in the 1980s.

---Meredith McNabb, a friendly colleague of mine in the 1980s who was herself employed as a science-beat reporter at "The Minnesota Daily" student newspaper on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I was stationed at that student newspaper as a faculty-appointed training director for individuals hoping to become new reporters for the "Minnesota Daily".

--Ellen Thorne, a very respectful and articulate female schoolmate of mine in the 1970s at Stephen F. Austin High School of Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas. I will always be grateful for the very kind and incisive signed legal letter on her Albuquerque law office's legal stationery that Ellen Thorne Skrak (her married name) in 1997 took the time to write and mail to me from her law firm office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a reply letter to me in which Ellen politely advised me at that time to myself contact the American Civil Liberties Union and request legal assistance from that non-profit organization in regard to alleged violations of my own Constitutional rights or civil rights that were allegedly occurring in Austin, Texas, in the late 1990s. (On a parenthetical note, when I later contacted the ACLU in Texas on numerous occasions, I was very surprised to find that the ACLU of Texas repeatedly and consistently sent me a rejection letter, though in at least one surprising case I can recall, the ACLU in Texas did not send me any reply letter of any type relating to a possible cited Constitutional-rights issue or civil-rights issue I had mentioned in writing to the ACLU that related to my own living conditions in Austin, Texas. In any event, I will always be grateful to my very honorable former schoolmate Ellen Thorne Skrak for the incisive and well-intended legal referral she offered me in writing in 1997 to the ACLU in Texas.)

--Ernie Motloch, a former work supervisor of mine at Souper Salad Lakeline corporate-owned chain restaurant in Austin, Texas, who very kindly volunteered to me on the telephone about 10 years ago: "You (John Kevin McMillan of Austin) have been slandered (in Austin, Texas)!" Ernie was the only person of the dozens of persons I have consulted or spoken with in the last 30-year period who ever once stated to me that he sensed or believed or suspected that I myself have been victimized by alleged slandering of myself in either Austin, Texas, or some other cited city or town or county.

--Sean Reilly, a calm and very personable and hygienic waiter coworker of mine at IHOP Duval restaurant, was immaculately polite and friendly and warm toward me at the workplace on a very consistent basis during the period when I also worked as a waiter at that franchise-owned chain restaurant in northwest Austin near Duval Road. Within days after Sean's tenure at IHOP Duval ended, that handsome younger gentleman visited the restaurant and approached me while I was on duty and then enthusiastically stated to me: "You (John Kevin McMillan) are the greatest person I have ever met!" I felt very honored by that wonderful compliment from Sean. Later, when I dined alone inside Macaroni Grill chain restaurant near the Arboretum shopping center in northwest Austin, I was very impressed when a polite male host on duty there who directly indicated to me that he was the same Sean Reilly I had worked with before at IHOP Duval, briefly sat at my dining table and very briefly held my hand in a polite display of very kind empathy toward me during a challenging period for me in Austin that involved alleged anonymous communications I was being subjected to by others against my wishes. 

--Catherine Williams, editor of "Texas Journal of Ideas, History and Culture," a Humanities Texas publication in Austin, who very kindly volunteered to me on the telephone in the 1990s during a local phone call I made to her office from my parents' home in Westlake Hills, Texas: "I (Ms. Williams) read 'The New York Times' every day, and I do not believe that alleged violations of your (John Kevin McMillan's) own privacy rights currently occurring in the Austin area are justifiable" (approximate quote, with the phrase 'I read 'The New York Times' every day' an exactly quoted portion of the first portion of that one-sentence observation she kindly verbalized to me on the telephone.)

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