Sunday, July 30, 2017


---My implicitly deistic religion politely opposes atheism for a reason that other denominations don't generally emphasize. Atheism exhibits an intolerance toward the freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of assembly and freedom of association legal and Constitutional rights of those who, like me in that way, are NOT themselves atheistic. My own cheerfully optimistic and resourceful religion also opposes the negativism and bleakness that are pervasive in atheism and agnosticism.

--My implicitly-deistic, non-Christian, non-Unitarian, non-Judaistic, non-Moslem, new and fully-independent religion maintains that any and all deism-related statements about the origins of the universe, for instance, that are ever offered by this particular religion must be based on factual evidence that was obtained in the 20th Century or beyond, since scientifically-verifiable and modern and precise and potentially-applicable factual-evidence gathering techniques and technologies relating to the Universe and any possible or hypothetical supernatural phenomena began in the 20th Century.

---My implicitly-deistic religion emphasizes rational goal-setting as an alternative to prayer, with no prayer of any type ever being sponsored at any time by this particular non-atheistic, non-agnostic new religion.

---My implicitly-deistic religion is a non-proselytizing "Honor Society" religion with membership-eligibility criteria so stringent that at least 99 percent of all of the current adult residents in this capital city of Texas would not qualify for or be appropriate as prospective new members in my own religious denomination.

--My conscientious religion supports random-drug testing of all employees and all work supervisors by as many employers as possible in this notoriously drug-addicted state-capital city of Austin, with failure of a drug test on more than one occasion serving as a proposed basis for automatic termination of an employee.

--My public-health-minded and very conscientious religion maintains that anyone testing positive for the HIV virus should immediately lead a completely and permanently celibate lifestyle in which that HIV-positive person refrains from having intimate physical contact of any type with any other human being, and, when he or she feels a need to give or receive a hug, directs that hug instead toward a pet dog that the HIV-positive person might choose to raise or help raise. It has reportedly been determined that pet dogs cannot be infected with the HIV virus by human beings.

---My public-health-minded Progressive Prohibitionist Religion supports a legal requirement from the U.S. Government or the State of Texas that any nightclub serving alcohol must post a clearly visible announcement in the lobby of that establishment which states: "WARNING: The U.S. Government has determined that drinking alcohol inside a nightclub can increase your risk of contracting either the often-fatal HIV-virus or another sexually transmitted disease."

---My public-health-minded Progressive Prohibitionist Religion supports the government-ordered closing of any and all commercial sex parlors or houses of prostitution or so-called "bathhouses" where sexual activities occur in public places.

to be continued.

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