Monday, July 10, 2017


Please write to me as soon as possible if you know of a public institution of higher education anywhere in the United States or a British Commonwealth nation that you believe might be compatible with my own conservative left-wing ideology as the founder and only current member of the lawfully non-Christian "Progressive Prohibitionist Religion".

My E-mail address is: 

I will welcome a letter from any applicable conservative left-wing university or college in the USA or a British Commonwealth nation that might be interested in employing me. 

I would then give full consideration to myself (a single-by-choice, unencumbered, very unattached, longtime-celibate-by-choice, always-sober, white adult English-speaking gentleman) moving to that campus in a U.S. state other than Texas, or in a British Commonwealth nation, or possibly even in the Republic of Ireland if it seems friendly enough toward me, at some point in the foreseeable future.

I am looking for a college or university that is receptive to:

--my strong support for a factual approach to "implicit deism" in which I abstain from prayer and refrain from directly referring to a "God", and I focus instead on obtaining modern factual information and pursuing rational goal-setting in the 21st Century.

--my own emphatic opposition to atheism, which expresses a deplorable and very severe intolerance toward the Freedom of Speech rights, the Freedom of Religion rights, the Freedom of (Mutual-Consent) Association rights, and the Freedom of Assembly rights of persons who, like me, are in fact religious and deistic, with atheists in a very irresponsible manner denouncing any and all religious activities as "insane" and "offensive", in the view of those outrageously censorious atheists.

--my religious and political and personal beliefs and accompanying conduct that are permanently-drinking-alcohol-free, always-tobacco-free, permanently-marijuana-free, anti-medical-marijuana-minded, anti-tobacco-minded, anti-facial-hair-minded, anti-tattoos-minded, anti-gambling-minded, anti-pranks-minded, anti-rape-minded, anti-profanity-in-everyday-speech-minded, anti-thought-control-projects-minded, anti-fraudulent-communications-minded, anti-fraudulent-medical-care-services-minded on my part.

---my very emphatic religious and political belief that professional boxing and professional race-car contests are both unconscionably sadistic and injurious, and, in the latter case, needlessly rob this entire planet of millions of gallons of fossil fuels each year, fossil fuels that all current and future generations of human beings are denied access to as a result.

---my view that some types of alcohol should be used as an ingredient in cooking by a person who is not a current or former alcoholic, since wine or cooking sherry and some other types of alcohol can add lots of flavor to culinary dishes, with the clear understanding that the alcohol itself will evaporate during the cooking process. I might add that I myself have yet to confirm with my own tastebuds that use of beer in cooking enhances the flavor of a bread or culinary dish; but I of course am willing to consider the possibility, however unlikely, that beer could be used to enhance the flavor of a bread or culinary dish, with the clear prior understanding that the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process.

---my religious and political belief that as many employers as possible, including universities and colleges, should feel fully honorbound to nobly contribute toward the global anti-illicit-drugs campaign by themselves sponsoring random drug-tests on any and all of their employees, regardless of whether they are tenured faculty members or administrators, with failure of a drug test on at least two consecutive occasions serving as an adequate basis for a lawful dismissal of that employee (or, in the case of a university or college, a lawful termination of that tenured professor or administrator or researcher from employment by that university or college).

--my emphatic view that the U.S. Government should approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that authorizes in advance any municipality, any county, any multi-county or multi-city regional government, or any U.S. state to impose at any time a temporary or permanent ban on the commercial sale of any specified type or types of drinking-alcohol or tobacco products or marijuana or medical marijuana anywhere and everywhere in that city, county, region, or state. 
The intent behind this type of amendment to the Constitution would be to promote greater civility and reduced traffic accident rates and significantly enhanced medical health and medical lifespans in each of the cities, counties, regions, and states choosing to impose a temporary or permanent ban, however limited in nature, on any such cited categories of commercial sales.
This "local control" amendment to the U.S. Constitution would emphasize the freedom of residents at the local level or state level to decide for themselves whether they want their city, county, region, or state to restrict commercial drinking-alcohol sales, tobacco-product sales, marijuana, or medical marijuana in that particular geographical area.

--my religious and personal opposition to sex-change operations per se.

---my religious and personal opposition to government-ordered castration of male rapists, it being the view of myself and my own religion that government should NOT be officially sponsoring and officially advocating medical injury to anyone, with any such medical injury inflicted on a convicted rapist by government comprising a form of cruel and unusual punishment that is in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution.

---my strong support for revision of state law and the U.S. Constitution or state constitution that authorizes court-ordered capital punishment for attempted homicide, the attempt itself being every bit as heinous and unconscionable as the crime of homicide.
This support of mine for an additional basis for court-ordered capital punishment is also accompanied, of course, by strong support for humane and safe living conditions involving first-rate medical services for each such convict on Death Row inside a state prison facility in the United States, with a full opportunity being granted to each such convict to file appeals to the death sentence that had been imposed on them by a court in the United States.


to be continued.

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