Monday, July 24, 2017


---Has there been a trend in the last few decades toward American society publicly praising and financially rewarding American citizens who consume as few fossil fuels as possible in their everyday lives?

---Is there any trend emerging on U-Tube in which various Americans each give a "show-and-tell" speech devoting several minutes or longer to describing the "story" behind each and every one of the tattoos that have been emblazoned on their own bodies?

---Which American sociologist or social psychologist has studied the trend toward an increasing percentage of all Americans having tattoos emblazoned on several organs or parts of their own bodies? How does that sociologist or social psychologist explain the addiction to tattoos by millions of Americans of today, and especially by adult younger Americans?

---Has Columbia University's research center that specializes in the study of addictions added "an addiction to getting tattooed" to that center's list of potentially harmful or very harmful addictions that many Americans develop or sustain?

--Are there any professional artists or art professors who maintain that the trend toward Americans getting tattooed all over their own body bears any similarities to the trend toward Americans pursuing "graffiti art" on the walls of public restrooms or subway stations or public buildings? Are heavily tattooed Americans exponents of a form of "mobile graffiti art", as they may see it, with those heavily tattooed Americans possibly making the statement to anyone and everyone, no matter where they travel to or visit, that "I myself am a Work of Art, and also a Traveling Work of Art since I am human and I walk around and travel quite a bit."

--Does any archaeologist maintain that Americans exhibiting tattoos all over their bodies are possibly exhibiting conscious or subconscious empathy toward 19th Century African-American slaves, who were forced to endure welts on their own body that were inflicted on them by slave-owners wielding branding irons?

--Does any archaeologist maintain that Americans bearing often-cryptic tattoos on their own bodies remind that historical researcher of the symbol-filled and mysterious artworks that ancient persons often pursued on the walls of caves?

--Are there any scholars of the American Presidency who are dreading the day when the first Presidential candidate in the United States announces publicly that he or she is "very proud to have numerous tattoos emblazoned on my own body"? Or has that "historic first" in the history of American Presidential campaigns and American Presidential Primary campaigns already occurred?

---Has the genealogy-DNA-trace service that charges a minimal fee in exchange for a thorough racial and national ancestry DNA trace on a person, triggered an increased ancestral pride for many of the Americans who were not completely sure about their own racial and national ancestry?

---Has the genealogy-DNA-trace service that advertises on television also contributed to a growing awareness by millions of Americans that their own racial ancestry and national ancestry was far more varied than they had previously assumed? Has this modern information from DNA traces played any role in reduced racism or reduced national-heritage or ethnic-heritage chauvinism by many Americans?

---Which U.S. state, if any, has been the most successful at preventing or deterring abuse of "power of attorney authority" by any particular private citizen in that state toward another private citizen in that state?

--What has been the long-term trend in the percentage of all Americans who married an individual whom they had first become acquainted while employed at the same workplace as that person? Are the marriages resulting from "office romances", as they are sometimes called, more likely to fail than other marriages?

--Has there ever been any comprehensive or in-depth nationwide study on Americans of Palestinian ancestry who reside in the United States? What might explain why there has been so little news media attention about the lifestyles and accomplishments and aspirations of Palestinian-Americans of the 21st Century?

--Does any member of Congress want to see federal immigration laws revised to assign high priority to permitting Palestinians in the Middle East to emigrate to the United States?


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