Saturday, July 15, 2017


---Help promote a nationwide network of foundation-backed financial support to Americans seeking to help create new inventions or machines or ideas or products or services that can be patented. 

---Promulgate the message to the entire world that "America is the Hub of Creative Entrepeneurialism", and that this creative entrepreneurialism thrives on a vigorous exchange of information and ideas and a capitalistic economy.

---Urge nationwide and comprehensive transition into the metric system as soon as possible.

---Propose a comprehensive and easy-to-use recycling program for all residents in and all visitors to the United States and all businesses and all non-profit groups in the United States that conserves natural resources on a year-round and ongoing basis.

---Propose that American society establish and maintain the very finest network of illicit-drug-treatment and alcohol-addiction treatment and tobacco-addiction treatment programs and services of any nation in the entire world.

--Confer Presidential awards each month on a counselor or owner or manager of a drug-treatment or alcohol-addiction-treatment treatment program anywhere in the United States whom I as President believe to be especially honorable and successful in their role. In conferring a special Presidential Award each month at a special White House lawn ceremony, I would always emphasize that success in this crucial area has a huge and pervasive bearing on the moral caliber and quality of life and medical health of all facets of American society, including the future of the United States. "The fewer CURRENT drug addicts in our nation there are, the healthier and more vibrant and more creative and productive and more honorable our entire nation will be," I might publicly declare with emphasis at each of those White House Lawn ceremonies.

---Propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that authorizes imposition of additional local restrictions or Prohibitions at the city, county, multi-county region, or state government level in regard to whether any of the following products or services or public events can be sold or marketed commercially, and to what extent or in which context or under which restrictions, in any given city, county, multi-county region, or U.S. state: (1) any and all categories of alcohol that are sold for use as a beverage to actually be drunk by human beings; (2) marijuana; (3) so-called "medical" marijuana; (4) any illicit drug other than marijuana; (5) tattoo parlors; (6) hookah lounges; (7) professional boxing matches; (8) professional race-car contests; or (9) tobacco products; (10) the raising of the legal age for purchase of any or all cited categories of drinking alcohol or cooking alcohol or tobacco products; (11) sale to individuals of firecrackers at any time of the year.

---Propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that authorizes any U.S. state to impose a court-ordered death penalty on any person convicted in a jury trial of having committed the unconscionable crime of either attempted homicide or homicide in that U.S. state.

to be continued.

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