Sunday, July 23, 2017


(1) Offer to help that younger person obtain an affordable comprehensive health insurance policy that could save his or her life.

(2) Offer to help pay for the financial expenses they might incur if they ever decide at any time to enroll in an illicit-drug-addiction or licit-drug-addiction or tobacco-addiction or alcohol-addiction treatment program.

(2a) Politely mention to that younger person that you have a "friend" (if true) who is a drug-addiction treatment counselor, and you feel sure that friend of yours would be willing to provide that younger gentleman or lady with a confidential in-person consultation session at that friend's office or clinic.

(3) Find and give that younger person a copy of an incisive and factual book that bears a title such as, "Are You Someone Who Has an Ongoing 'Relationship' with a Drug Dealer, but You Feel Sure That You Yourself 'Have No Ties to Organized Crime'?", with that book exploring the various ways in which a "relationship" with an organized crime dealer can increase a person's risk of being charged with a crime or having extensive ties to organized crime or can pose a safety hazard and health hazard to the "client" of that drug dealer. The factual book or booklet could contain numerous real-life horror stories about cruel and injurious conduct that real-life drug dealers have inflicted on clients of theirs, including the sale to their clients of illicit drugs that the drug dealer knew in advance to be laced with a potentially lethal ingredient that would put their client in an emergency room of a hospital.

(4) Find a factual book of statistics that provides information for the younger person about a wide variety of categories of lifestyle conduct that have each been found to increase the risk of a person being robbed of a full and creatively vital medical longevity or lifespan. Among the high-risk activities that the book might cite, along with statistics on increased risk of dying young or being permanently injured for life from that activity, are: sky-diving; rock-climbing; mountain-climbing; skiing; water-skiing; boxing; race-car driving; riding a motorcycle; jaywalking; jaywalking across a street during a period of heavy traffic; crossing the street late at night while wearing dark clothing; driving above the speed limit on the roadway; binge drinking on a frequent basis; smoking tobacco cigarettes; smoking marijuana cigarettes; and consuming cocaine.

(5) Provide that younger person with a factual information sheet citing each of the medically documented ways in which their obtaining a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night will benefit their own medical and emotional health and intellectual vitality.

(6) Provide that younger person with a factual pamphlet or information sheet that cites each of the ways in which sustaining an unwanted pregnancy or subjecting a female person to an unwanted pregnancy can be harmful to individuals, as well as to others.

(7) Provide that younger person with a factual information sheet about the harmful effects from an addiction to gambling.

(8) Offer to help pay for a comprehensive medical-wellness exam on that younger person by a first-rate medical doctor, with that exam to include tests for each and every possible sexually transmitted disease, including the HIV virus.

(9) Provide that younger person with a factual pamphlet that bears a title such as, "Safety Risks and Medical Health Risks that Anonymous Sex Partners and Pick-up Bars Inflict On Your Own Life."

(10) Offer to help that younger person find a safer vehicle for transporting himself or herself around town, regardless of whether that safer vehicle is a car or a truck, that is also comfortable and consumes as few fossil fuels as possible.

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