Wednesday, January 4, 2017


(1) It is impossible to reflect on the legacy of the incoming U.S. President, Donald Trump, without recalling the famous story of the emperor who has no clothes. 

The naked truth is that Donald Trump has no prior experience in elective office. And every day of his one total term of elective office, millions of persons throughout the world will each be watching our nation's elegantly attired head of state on television news reports and declare, "This emperor of America has no clothes!"

The one consolation from it all is that people the world over will be fascinated and entertained and possibly even humored by the public spectacle of defacto nudism that Donald Trump will clearly present to the entire world on a daily and year-round and possibly multi-year basis.

(2) A Donald Trump in the White House means that every day of his one total term in that elective office, he will be getting irate phone calls from tenants of his in Manhattan and elsewhere who demand to know why their toilet was not properly repaired by the maintenance staff for Mr. Trump.

How Mr. Trump plans to juggle his role as Landlord to the World with his new apparent role as Lord of America, is unclear. It is likely, in fact, that in his first State of the Union address, Mr. Trump will depart from his prepared script in order to gleefully note that "I'm proud to say that our maintenance staff repaired 1,000 toilets last week alone", before President Trump is suddenly reminded by one of his attentive aides standing near the TV camera that his seemingly clever ad-lib referred to Trump Enterprises, and not to any actual accomplishments by the federal government that Mr. Trump ostensibly heads.

(3) Any day now, some fashion magazine will be profiling Donald Trump in terms of his having "dressed for success" in the Presidential Campaign. The focus will be on which fashion designers should be given credit for Donald Trump's triumph on election day. 

And one angle being pursued by fashion journalists will obviously be that Mr. Trump was wearing just the right business suit on Election Day to earn his first-ever position of elective office in his entire life.  That business suit, the magazines will breathlessly note, was "Donald Trump's Triumphant Fashion Statement on Just the Right Day, Election Day," as Gentleman's Quarterly might possibly declare.

(4) You have to feel a lot of sympathy for each of he leading corporate business rivals of Donald Trump who are painfully aware these days that auditing of their financial records during the Trump Presidency will be twice as extensive and twice as criminal-prosecution-minded as during the pre-Trump era. Those business rivals of Mr. Trump no doubt grimly refer to his presidency as "TRO", or "Trump's Revenge Opportunity."

(5) It seems that our entire nation has now entered the Trump Era. Whether the Trump Era lasts an entire four years, or even four months or a mere four weeks or just four days before Donald Trump resigns in disgrace, is impossible to say. 

There are many Americans who seem to look upon the Trump Presidency as nothing but a prelude to impeachment hearings. 

That outlook might be unfair, though, since it seems to be generated by persons who believe in Voodoo Politics. They are hoping that if they put a hex on our incoming head of state, Mr. Trump will suffer the curse of scandal so severe he is blown away from D.C. through a metaphorical hurricane of outrage that forces him to retreat. And his retreat, ironically, is expected to be to the very U.S. state, Florida, that is most associated with hurricanes of the non-figurative type.

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