Monday, January 9, 2017


(1) Which steps are you taking to help the United States and American society convert to the metric system as our official system of measurements as quickly as possible?

(2) You have stated that you will not accept the salary payment to you that a modern U.S. President would normally receive. Did it ever occur to you that the next time a rich person gets elected to the Presidency, you have set a precedent that might pressure him or her into declining to accept a regular Presidential paycheck from the federal government, meaning that his or her job will be re-defined as "charity work", so to speak? Also, are you yourself planning to deduct from your personal income taxes the total time and effort you spend in the White House, since you yourself may now be claiming it as "charity work" you are doing for the sake of philanthropy?

(3) Are you completely sure, Mr. President, that your designation of your new job as "charity work" won't undermine your ability to devote 100 percent effort at all times toward this very serious new role you have, a role that affects the personal safety and quality of life of billions of people all over the world?

 And if you end up resenting the federal government for paying you the $1 or zero dollars per year, I believe you have stated as your so-called "income" in the White House, even though it was the level of compensation you yourself asked for, might this also undermine your ability to devote 100 percent effort at all times toward your new job as President?

(4) Are you a scholar of the American presidency, and if not, do you plan to enroll in a crash course on the history of the U.S. Presidency in order to draw upon strategies you like that previous Presidents have wisely pursued? Also, who will be your crash-course instructor on the history of the Presidency, if you do choose to learn more about the history of the Presidency ASAP?

(5) Is it perfectly clear to you at this time that your Presidency will be limited to no more than four years? Or are you entertaining the possibility that you might actually run for re-election in 2020?

(6) In view of the distinct likelihood that yours will be a Presidency of four years, at most, and many members of Congress of course also believe this is the case, do you agree that this makes it all the more imperative that you consistently show full respect toward any and all members of Congress from either major political party throughout your undeniably brief tenure in the White House, with yourself having an obvious need to exhibit a bipartisan statesmanship at all times in view of your time limitations?

(7) Historians of the Presidency might point out that you are the oldest person ever to assume office as U.S. President. Will this legal and medical fact about yourself have any bearing on how you conduct yourself? Will you take frequent naps in the White House, as President Reagan, a previous President you admire quite a bit, habitually did during his meetings with Cabinet secretaries in which he reportedly dozed off in the middle of discussions?

(8) When your Presidency finally comes to an end, regardless of whether that occurs four years from now or before then should you ever decide to resign in disgust or in disgrace, how do you want to be remembered in the history books of this country? For instance, do you want Presidential historians to sum up your Presidency as one in which you brought the United States closer to Russia, as perhaps your leading accomplishment? If so, which new treaty between the United States and Russia, a treaty that your friend Vladimir Putin might also like, do you plan to seek on behalf of your "Alliance with Russia Project", as you might yourself refer to it?

(8a) If a nuclear war ever breaks out during your Administration, and let us all hope that it won't, do you ever imagine a scenario in which a military alliance you possibly hope to forge between the United States and Russia would then jointly defeat mainland China? In that scenario you possibly have in the back of your mind as our new head of state, do you imagine yourself after a peace treaty is signed with the vanquished Chinese Government, then personally proposing a non-alcoholic toast of some type, since you reportedly are teetotaler, to your friend Mr. Putin inside the Kremlin after the two of you in that scenario somehow succeed at jointly defeating the Chinese? And in that scenario, which country, the U.S. or Russia, would then send in troops to occupy the vanquished nation of China, as you see it?

(9) Do you believe it to be anti-American, and possibly a form of treason against the United States Government, if an American citizen ever publicly criticizes Vladimir Putin or the Russian Government in a manner that you regard as being excessive or impolite or disrespectful?

(10) How much progress do you expect to achieve on behalf of eliminating the budgetary deficit that the federal government of the United States currently has? Are you planning to ask your friend Mr. Putin to help you come up with ideas on how to reduce our own nation's budgetary deficit?

(11) Do you believe that the President of the United States should spend more time than President Obama did in holding one-to-one Presidential meetings in the Oval Office with chief executive officers of for-profit corporations that are headquartered either in the United States or in a favorite foreign country of yours, such as Russia? 

(12) Do you agree with then-Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who famously observed during the Administration of President Eisenhower in the 1950s that "What's good for General Motors, is good for this country", or words to that effect?

(13) Do you agree with those who say that offering as many forms of energy-efficient mass-transportation  services as possible throughout this entire nation will help to protect the national security of American society for two major reasons---first, by conserving fossil fuels, and second, by providing back-up transportation systems in the event of natural-disaster-related or terrorism-related destruction to any particular roadway or other transportation system in this nation?

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