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On Monday, January 2, 2017 2:17 PM, John McMillan wrote:

January 2, 2017---eight days before you are sworn into elective office here in Austin.

Dear Texas House District 49 State Representative-Elect Gina Hinojosa,

As a future constituent of yours beginning January 10, 2017, I would like to thank you again for what I assume is your very diligent and very industrious style as you prepare to be sworn into elective office in the Texas Legislature House of Representatives on January 10, 2017.

On behalf of my one-member (myself, only) and quality-of-life-minded, modern and non-Christian, implicitly-deistic and non-atheistic "Progressive Prohibitionist Religion" --- a factually-based new religion with very stringent membership-eligibility requirements---I would like to ask you to please consider authoring proposed new legislation in the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature that:

---generously funds a statewide study to identify which bridges and elevated roadways and dams in our state are most likely to collapse in the next 24-month period; and that, in addition, provides adequate and prompt funding by the Texas Legislature that is specifically earmarked for repairing or renovating or replacing each of the highest-priority infrastructure-repair needs anywhere in our state.

---provides generous funding for forensic-medicine research in Texas that is aimed at increasing the total number of retroactive days for which a forensic DNA trace to a possible crime-perpetrator suspect can be obtained from a rape victim's body, or from the body of a victim of any other type of personal injury crime in Texas, at each and every one of the state or local government forensic DNA labs situated anywhere in Texas.

I was told on the telepone by Austin Police Department Sex Crimes Unit Detective David Silva in May (?) of 2011 that DNA traces from DNA lab testing by APD on doctor-ordered sexual-assault forensic exam kits can only extend backward for a total of 190 days, he stated to me on the telephone.

If a Texan resident (myself, for instance) is a self-identified victim of alleged continuous-and-continuing-daily-and-year-round personal-injury-crimes-and-sexual-assault crimes allegedly being inflicted on that Texan resident in our state, I feel very strongly that it would be potentially-life-saving to the crime victim, through increased crime-evidence retrieval on criminal-investigation and criminal-prosecution, if the DNA trace retroactive-days maximum capability by any and all state and local government forensic DNA labs in Texas could be doubled or tripled, such as to 380 days or 570 days, with help from generous funding by the Texas Legislature as soon as possible during the legislative session that begins January 10, 2017.

Immediately below, please find supporting legal documentation in the form of an e-mail letter I wrote and sent in 2012 to Annie Gonzalez, a cited Austin Police Department Constituent Services Liaison to whom I had been referred, that specifically quotes APD Sex Crimes Detective David Silva about the 190-day retroactive DNA-rape-evidence tracing maximum capability for the Austin Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit:


11/25/12 at 7:53 AM

To: Annie Gonzalez, Constituent Services Liaison for the Austin Police Department.

Dear Ms. Gonzalez,

I was told by Philip, a supervisor for APD's 311 phone-line service today, that you are currently the designated Constituent Services Liaison for the Austin Police Department.

I am writing you today to politely request permission from you for the opportunity to submit my daily crime reports to you yourself about additional legal evidence I'm obtaining each and every day about one or more illegal intruders having illegally entered my bolt-locked apartment unit at Wind River Crossing Apartments in northwest Austin, and having allegedly subjected me to personal injury crimes and gastrointestinal-rape or anal-rape crimes during my sleep---ALWAYS in a context in which I myself am sleeping alone on my bed in my bedroom. 

I live alone in my apartment unit, and I'm the only approved current leasee and only approved current occupant of my apartment unit at Wind River Crossing.

Below, please find related correspondence of mine, including a reply letter from APD official Don Field that I am also carbon-copying to himself as a courtesy to Mr. Field, on behalf of my request to yourself.

I maintain that since I am definitely a psychologically healthy and gainfully-employed single adult gentleman who myself has no need for ANY "mental health" services or ANY "psychiatric services" of any type, and in fact my non-Christian and very modern Progressive Prohibitionist Religion that I've founded, a religion in which I'm the only member at present, respectfully opposes thought-control actions of any type, including thought control attempts by psychiatrists or psychologists, I myself should NOT be asked by APD to myself have any client-services relationship with Officer James Turner or any other designated "mental health" officer of APD.

Ms. Gonzalez, I would prefer to share criminal-law evidence I've obtained with yourself on an ongoing basis, and ask you to please forward any and all pertinent items I share with you with the appropriate crime investigators or criminal-investigations division of the Austin Police Department---or, if applicable, a federal law-enforcement agency or state law-enforcement agency or county law-enforcement agency.

Thank you in advance for your helpful reply note on this. This morning, for instance, I was awakened on my bed at about 6 a.m.---a full one hour before my alarm clock went off at 7 a.m. this morning---with pain in my anus, constriction of my anus that was not something that would have normally occurred for me from my sleeping overnight on my bed, and some pain in my legs and possibly my hips as well.

This was additional evidence that an alleged illegal intruder inside my bolt-locked apartment unit has allegedly had illegal physical contact with me during my sleep as I slept alone on my bed.

Ms. Gonzalez, I would welcome ANY and ALL DNA testing on me or on my bedsheets (which do have stains on them that I maintain did not come from myself) that the Austin Police Department is willing to order at this time, with the advance understanding that test results would obtain criminal-law evidence of any and all alleged anal rapes of me (or oral rape of me, I might add at this time) from at least 190 days back from the date of the testing, according to what Detective David Silva of APD's Sex Crimes Unit assured me on the telephone back in 2011.

I had gone to bed at about 12:10 a.m. this morning (Sunday, November 24, 2012).

As a law-abiding gentleman, I would also welcome any and all secret electronic surveillance containing photographic images that APD is willing to sponsor on my behalf at this time, as that would definitely obtain much-needed criminal-law evidence of who the alleged illegal intruder or intruders inside my bolt-locked apartment has been, or currently is or are.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely and Best Wishes,
John Kevin McMillan, a tobacco-free, alcohol-free, illicit-drug-free, clean-talking, civil and law-abiding, single adult gentleman living alone.
11411 Research Boulevard, Apt. 325, Austin, Texas, 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.
My Blog:

with a courtesy carbon-copy to two relatives of mine who HAVE very kindly expressed support for my legal right to myself enjoy freedom from molestation and rape and personal-injury crimes during my sleep inside my bolt-locked apartment unit where I live alone and always sleep alone.

with a courtesy carbon-copy to Leander Davila, the most recent previous Constituent Liaison for APD, in the hope that he will kindly forward this to another APD staff member as well whom I believe Mr. Davila had cited to me earlier this year as possibly being the new constituent liaison director for APD.


Thank you in advance, State Rep.-elect Hinojosa, for your very kind assistance on all of this.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,
John Kevin McMillan.
My home address ever since late September 2015:
Village Oaks Apartments, 10926 Jollyville Rd., Bldg. 9, Apt. 902, Austin, TX 78759.
Home phone: (512) 342-2295.
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John Kevin McMillan: A 21st Century Conservative Left-Wing Agenda
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